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Meerca Chase II Cheats for NeoP
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Meerca Chase II NeoP Cheats

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Meerca Chase II

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Cheat Codes 91%
Typing the phrase ferociousneggsareontheloose . This will give you a hidden Level to play, I prefer it to the regular one!

superextrahypergravitymode on the screen where you chose Game Type and Level, will unlock the Gravity Level. Essentially the Meerca will travel the path of water going down a drain. Fish Neggs are worth 900 points here, but it is VERY challenging!

After the game loads, instead of clicking to play or choosing a level, just click on any 'non-clickable' space and then type in the phrase
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Picture 63%
Klik on right eye to change picture
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Hint 61%
Try clicking the meerca's eye. It then turns into a person with two fish neggs in his hand.
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Superextrahypergravitymode / ferociousredneggsareontheloose 56%
Makes negg values better, but also makes the level WAY harder.

negg values:
normal mode super extra mode

yellow(regular)=3 yellow(regular)=18

blue=9 blue=54

green=12 green=72

grey=15 grey=90

yellow(special)=30 yellow(special)=180

rainbow=60 rainbow=360

fish=150 fish=900

seems reasonable after all, dosn't it?

Oh, yeah, about ferociousredneggsareontheloose,
all it really does is make the red neggs move around, bouncing off the walls.
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Ferocious level meerca chase 37%
Ferocious neggs are on the loose
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