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tUltimate Bullseye Cheats for NeoP
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tUltimate Bullseye NeoP Cheats

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tUltimate Bullseye

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Cheats 100%
Type catapult for a random power-up. (You do know
that when you combine 2 of them, it can sometimes be

Press the space bar and release it at the right time. Timing is crucial so play
around with it until you figure out what works best for you.(TIP: Do not release
the power until about the 3rd or 4th line)
Bullseye - 10 points
4th Ring - 5 points
3rd Ring - 3 points
2nd Ring - 2 points
Outer Ring - 1pt

Each time you hit the bullseye (the little red circle in the middle) you get 10
pts and a powerup.
B- Bullseye circle gets big and small (if arrow is fired at the right time you
will hit the bullseye earning 10 points )
P-Punchbag Bob (hit the apple and get 20 points )
C- Moves closer to you
F- Fire Ring (2x points )
-Be sure to type in 'catapult' close to the beginning of the game. This will
earn you an extra powerup. To use/activate a powerup, just click on the letter.
-Save all your powerups until your last shot. If you do this, you will get an
extra shot in the end as well as another powerup. Many people get high scores
and the avatar by doing this.
-You can combine your powerups. Below are some suggestions (points are according
to if you hit the bullseye when using the combination):
B+C= 10 points
B+C+F= 20pts
B+C+F+P= 40pts
B+P= 20pts
C+F= 20 points
C+F+P= 40pts
F+P= 40pts
P+C= 20pts
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