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Destruct-o-Match II Guide Cheats for NeoP
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Destruct-o-Match II Guide NeoP Cheats

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Destruct-o-Match II Guide

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

destroyboulders 100%
once during the game to remove all boulders of one
colour ONE USE ONLY.
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Played on Normal Mode 98%
1. Restart if you do not get the full 250 point cleared level bonus on the
FIRST TWO LEVELS, when you get good at the game Try to
get the bonus for the 1st 3 levels at least.

2. Try to clear as many of the Blocks, which are the same colour as the
Overkill Block BEFORE you use it.

3. Try to save the Fire Block until the end to help you get the end of
level bonus.

4. Your 1st priority should be the Morph Block – it will become

5. try to get as many of the same colour as the Multiplier
Block (x3) linked – this will make a huge difference to your score
6. The Fill Block (?) is usually best left until you are down to the last
row – preferably when you have only one colour of block left. If this
isn’t possible then wait until you have cleared about half the
blocks on screen

7. Be aware of the consequences of your moves – for example make sure that
what you do will not reduce a Multiplier Bonus.

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