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Frumball Game Guide Cheats for NeoP
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Frumball Game Guide NeoP Cheats

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Frumball Game Guide

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Symbols that fall 100%
"C" is crazy ball makes it go all over, to your advantage (sometimes)
"L" slows down the ball
"P" speeds it up
"G" is glue ball that sticks to your paddle so you can aim
Flashing Capital "D" or computer type symbol is invisaball. Tiny..
computer (or a fancy Number 8) is double ball.
"F" is a 3 hit pt block (meaning takes 3 hits to pop)
A "C" of some kind is the Chokoto and it gives you 1000 nps!
Pant devil (avoid him at all cost) symbol unsure, may be "*" just can not
Fancy "M" (super multi-ball)
"W" is warp ahead a level, that's ok if you have a small point level
"I" (indescructaball) this is a Savior! It goes right through them.
"S" shrinks your paddle
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Hint 100%
Have a window to Brucey B. slots open as well.
It slows the frumball down dramatically. Spin it once and if it hits it
slows frumball down, speeds up a bit if you don't hit. I can play both
games at once

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kougra 100%
while playing allows you to skip the level, but any
points scored will disappear. This may be used unlimited times in the
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frumball 100%
while the game is counting down will give you an extra

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Game Tips 100%
There are 45 levels to this game.
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