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Scarab 21 game guide Cheats for NeoP
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Scarab 21 game guide NeoP Cheats

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Scarab 21 game guide

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Cheats 100%
The object of the game is to play the current face up card into one of the five columns in order to get that column's sum to equal 21. By doing
so, the column is cleared and you can continue to make plays in order to
get more points. You cannot, however, play a card into a column if it
would cause the sum to be more than 21.

The game will continue until you cannot play your current face up card
into any of the columns. For example: Say your current face up card is a
King, and the sum of all five columns is over 11, then you would not
have any place to play the King, so the game is over! Once the game is
over, click on the "Collect Points" link to get your points. This will
update your total scores and game records.
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Bonus moves 100%
Jack and Ace Spades = 50 points

Two black Jacks in a row = 50 points
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Straight 100%
The five columns total (in any lorder): (16,17,18,19, 20) =
100 points
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Tips 100%
When trying to get the highest possible score, keep in mind the above
Bonuses, but more important, follow the maximum 21's list. It is more
important to keep clearing the deck, than to get the odd 'great' bonus.
Sometimes you have little choice, take the bonuses as they come.
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Full House 100%
Three 3's and 2 6's = 200 points

Maximize your 21's:The maximum number of 21's from a standard deck of
cards uses 51 of the 52 cards. While there is some randomness when you
clear a deck, the following sets are good to keep in mind

4 aces + 10 = 4 sets of 21 (8 cards used)

11 + 10 = 12 sets of 21 ( 36 cards used)
(11 can be 2 + 9, 3 + 8, 4 + 7, 5 + 6)

6,7,8 = 1 set of 21 (3 cards used)

3,4,5,9= 1 set of 21 (4 cards used)
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Full House 100%
Three 5's and 2 3's = 200 points
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5 of a kind 100%
Five cards of the same face value = 100 points
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''''''''''''''''''''' 50%
If you put a card in a row but then see that the next card could have made 21 if you had put the last card into another row then you can change it in the search bar at the top
remember that row one is 0
row two is 1 etc
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