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Deckswabber Game Guide Cheats for NeoP
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Deckswabber Game Guide NeoP Cheats

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Deckswabber Game Guide

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Other Items 100%
These are the other items you will encounter while playing:

Treasure will give you extra points in each level to help boost your score,
get these if possible. Every 10 points you get will give you one bonus point:
= 5 = 10 = 20 = 50 = 75 = 100

This will restore your health, so watch out for them. If you see one, but have
full health sometimes it is good to save it until your health goes down, so
avoid them until then.

This (sword mentioned earlier) will make enemies disappear. You can coax the
red guys and pure evil guys onto them to get rid of them, which is very

This will turn some of the spaces you have changed back to brown, very
annoying in later levels. If you see it, land on it to aviod it changing your

Next, here are some general tips to help you out with the game:

There is a total of 40 points you can make on each level.

Level bonus you get for finshing every level. Health bonus depends on how
high your health is at the end of every level. Time Bonus is by how fast you
finish each level. Treasure bouns is how much treasure you get every level.
You should try to get an average of 30 points per level.
It is better to get a lower score and finish a level than it is to die and
try again. Since you lose 30 points if you die.
Try and find paths that will let you avoid "redoing" squares you have
If there are squares you cant change becasue of bad guys, wait for them to
move, lead them to a sword(if possible), or wait for them to disappear. In
the mean time you can try and collect treasure to make up for lost time.
If you make it to round 7-9(depending how many times you die and how close
you keep your average score at 30), you should be able to get the av.
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Bad Guys 100%
There are 4 different bad guys you will encounter. They lower your health,
which lowers your score, and will kill you(you get 3 extra lives, but
rebegining takes 30 points off your score):
These are annoying, but easy to avoid because they dont really follow you. The
bad thing about that is you cant lead them to a sword to disappear:

This guy will follow you around so be careful to avoid him. He is easy to lead
onto a sword(which will make him disappear):

This guy is pure evil and will instantly kill you if he touches you. But
luckly he doesnt usually show up till round 6 or 7:
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