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Grand Theft Ummagine Guide Cheats for NeoP
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Grand Theft Ummagine Guide NeoP Cheats

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Grand Theft Ummagine Guide

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Level 16 100%
This level is one of the most tedious levels in the
game. Start out by heading right and then down - do not worry about
the cracked tile, it is not real. When you come to the ledge-looking
part of the boardwalks, go left and follow that path all the way
around until you get to the potion. Wind your way back around to
where you started, then head down-left. Just follow the path around
until you get near the guard, then ready the potion. Hopefully in
your endless circling, with him following you back and forth, you
got the guard to stand directly over the Ummagine back where he
started. If you didn't, then do so, because you will need to.
When you are ready, make that last turn and use your potion precisely
where marked on the map - too soon and it'll wear off before you
grab the Ummagine and race back to safety; too late and you will be
caught. And DO try not to get caught - it would be awful to have to
do this level again. Once you have your prize and are safely hidden
behind a corner, wind your way alllll the way back around to the
ridge. This time do not take it, but continue on down. Make one last
round of zigzags to reach the exit, and you are done. Phew.
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Level 9 100%
Three Halls of Insanity.
This one is actually
easier than Level 8, just more tedious. You simply zigzag back and
forth, and if you make a misstep you fall through the trap tiles.
For the 1st small rooms it is right, up-left two, cross, up-left
3 and repeat the crosses and up-left threes after that. For the
2nd room, just head left at the beginning instead of right.
Crossing the boundary in the 2nd hall, make sure you head
up-right immediately, as the screen changes and you might walk too
far accidentally. Don't forget the 2nd secret room in the left
corner, the map of which is below. For the big room, simply follow
the path as exactly as you can. When getting the Puntec, feel free
to take short steps (press the button twice quickly, once to go and
once to stop) if you want to.
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Level 18 100%
Walk around the front and get both the Puntec and the 1st guard's
attention. Move to the back wall and trap him against the pillar in
the usual way, and then sneak into the secret area he was guarding.
Walkthrough for this area below. Once you return, get the Ummagine
and walk forward a bit to attract the guard's notice, then trap him
against the bottom pillar and hurry on over to the exit.
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Level 7 100%
Ok, just cross the top bridge and climb the steps to the magic ring.
Don't fall through that cracked floor. Cross back across the top
bridge with the ring in your possession, carefully navigate the
lower bridge (do not go too far up-left or you will fall off the bridge
onto the ring island) until you are almost at the end, and get ready
to use your potion (you have to click on it, remember? So to get it
ready, hold your mouse over it while you move into position). Use
the potion, grab the Ummagine, reverse and haul booty out of there
before the potion wears off. Then just head for the exit. Watch out
for the cracked tile
Also, something weird...if you leave the steps going up-right and
keep walking, you walk ONTO the water and jump into the air, then
hover there. When you move off of the water you fall back down, but
that is still pretty odd.
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Level 8 100%
This is a BIG level. Head to the 2nd palm tree and wait
for the guard to chase you, then lead him down to the
plus-sign-looking walls group. While you are there grab the Ummagine,
if you didn't do it when you trapped the guard. The go between the
2 obelisks - it is an entrance to the Hidden Pit level, the guide
for which is below.
After you are done there, sneak back up to grab the potion (see why
you used it and not the ring last level?), then go all the way down
to the stone bridge at the bottom. Ready your ring, then cross, slip
it on, grab the Puntec Fruit and go down-left. Do NOT touch the
guard - remember, they will still catch you if you use the ring and
walk into them, unlike the potion. Wait for the invisibility to wear
off, then let the guard chase you onto the bottom left bridge. Trap
him in the bend, then exit the bridge and cross in the shallow water
(it is a thin strip of lighter-colored water all the way to the
left). Don't fall into the whirlpool. Grab the ring from the broken
bridge without falling through, then ready it, head for the door,
use it and escape
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Level 15 100%
First, step into the square of water marked to go to the fourth
secret level. Don't step into any of the others, you will sink. The
guide for this level's secret area is below.
After you return, you WILL be caught - no way that I've found to
avoid it, but it doesn't matter anyway (you do not have lives and
dying doesn't cost you any points). When you restart, lure the 1st
guard closer, then zip around the back to steal the Puntec. Grab the
Tchea next - he'll come after you, but he'll get stuck. Get the
Ummagine, ignoring Guard#2 completely. Lastly, to avoid Guard #3, go
to the right edge of the screen and then race to the exit. It'll be
close, but you will make it.
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Level 17 100%
Another maze. What's worse is, THIS one has the path surrounded
by water instead of hedges or walls, so one false step and it is
gurgle for you. Just walk carefully and stick to a direction and
you will be fine. Or if least you do not have penalties for
dying. :-P At least this level seems somewhat smaller, as
compensation for the increased danger. My biggest hint for this
level is, when you get close to the very edge of the screen, tap the
button for whichever direction you are headed in to stop, which also
usually jumps you to the next screen if you are close enough to the
edge. This lets you get a view of what's ahead, and also keeps you
from toppling off the path if it turns suddenly.
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Secret 1 100%
Now that you are here, just grab all the fruit and head to the blue
tile. I do not care how you do it, there aren't any guards or tiles
to watch out for.
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Level 10 100%
the guard starts chasing you immediately, so do
your best to move so that he walks into the opening in the crates.
You're safe from him then, so head to the lower right corner, ready
your potion, and dash through the narrow corridor of boxes. Use your
potion as late as you can to give yourself ample time to grab the
Ummagine and potion and still escape the corridor of boxes before it
wears off.
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Level 5 100%
The Gardener's Revenge hedge maze is random each time, so simply
keep to your left or right to get to the exit. It might take a
while, but you will find the exit eventually. And, of course, head for
the exit if you see a clear path to it regardless of whether or not
it is a right or left turn.
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Level 6 100%
Level 6, Alternate

Like level 3, level 6 contains 2 possible layouts. For this one,
grab the potion (you will not need it this level, contrary to what they
say). Trap the guard with the obelisk (you should be getting pretty
good at this now!), grab the Ummagine and exit to the left.
Same basic routine - grab the potion, trap the guard with the well,
nab the Bagguss and exit. You might not need to go so far out of
your way to trap him;
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Level 13 100%
Another random maze like Level 5, only bigger. Just keep to either
your left or your right and you will eventually escape.
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Level 14 100%
The only trick in this level is the hidden path across the water.
Don't step in the normal water, or you will sink.
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Level 2 100%
Ok, go left, down and stop long enough for the guard to reach that
awning. Then go right and down to trap him, then you are free to nab
the Puntec Fruit and exit!
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Level 3 100%
Level 3, alternate

just use the one for your own game.

Head to the middle wall and wait for the guard to notice you, then
slip around, double back to that block and wait for him. When he
gets close enough, go up to grab the Ummagine, double back around
again and make a break for the exit! (there are easier ways also -
why not invent your own?
This level is similar to its counterpart on the left - lure him to
the block then sprint around the side to trap him, go grab the Tchea
Fruit, then slip around the guard the long way and head to the exit.
As always, there are often multiple ways of finishing the level - do
what suits you.
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Secret 4 100%
Just walk along the ledges. Don't fall until you have collected every
fruit from that side's ledge, or you will have to take the stairs back
up. You can also walk on top of the crates on the left ledge.
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Level 1 100%
Ok, First level - very simple. Go down, head right to the Ummagine,
and wander off to the exit. You should have no trouble in this
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Level 19 100%
Second-to-last level now -
For being such a high number,
this level is a piece of cake, especially if you found the potion
from the last level's secret area. You did, didn't you? If not, this
level can still be completed if you get the ring from the top-left
quadrant, you just have to be careful not to attract the guard up
top or touch either guard below. The potion makes it much simpler,
trust me.

down-right, then down-left, and carefully lure the guard in the
bottom quadrant through the narrow opening into the bottom-right
quadrant. Stay put long enough for him to thoroughly trap himself in
the corner, as you will want as much of a head start as you can get.
Go into the bottom quadrant after that, taking care not to step in
the whirlpool by the bridge. Grab the Ummagine, and ready your last
potion. (Aww...) Dash through the entrance, timing your potion-click
carefully so that you change right when the guards are closest
together. You do not HAVE to, of course, but the closer they get to
each other before they touch you and stop, the farther away they get
from you when your potion wears off and they come after you again.
Grab the ring, grab the Tchea Fruit, then book it through the top
entrance. The guards should trap themselves against the wall, just
do not let them get through the entrance and you will be fine.
Now, carefully move left - you want to move just enough so that the
final guard sees you and tries to come after you, but winds up on
the wrong side of the fence. Once he's there, lure him to that bench
alcove where he'll conveniently trap himself against it. Tired from
chasing you, I suppose? In any case, that leaves the last Puntec,
the last ring, and the second-to-last exit wide open for you. Again
though, do not fall into the whirlpool.
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Level 11 100%
Walk forward to lure the guard, but do not fall
through the cracked tile. Trap him in that middle wall group for
now, then take the Bagguss as you please. Now the tricky part - walk
to the bottom part of the wall group, ready your potion, then race
for the ring. Use the potion as late as you can and do not waste any
time, for both the wall-trapped one and the ring guarding one will
soon be on your tail. That top one traps himself, so you do not have
to worry about him. When the potion wears off they will chase you
some more, but you should have enough of a head start to grab the
potion by the obelisks and escape.
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Level 12 100%
It is highly complicated
walkthrough helped me out, and hopefully my visual guide can
clarify things further.
Walk down-right initially - you are about to make a break for safety
and you will not have time to do it later. Then walk the straight shot
left, and the guard will race after you, doing a weird sort of
zigzaggy move. If you are extremely fast and accurate, you can dart
into the alcove and move back to the right just before he reaches
you. You want him on the OTHER side of the wall, not trapped in the
doorway (and certainly not THROUGH the doorway). Get the secret
behind the toilet - ah, those crazy Sakhmetians, who would have ever
thought to check there? Who would have WANTED to, more like it.
Walkthrough for the 3rd secret level is below.
Once you return, walk quickly past the doorway and stop, to give
that other guard a chance to notice you. Then walk back to the
up-right and carefully get the guards stuck in the doorway - I guess
the high life of a palace guard is hard on the waistline. I imagine
this little gag looks an awful lot like something the Three Stooges
would do, heh. Head left, down, then left again - the 3rd guard
should start to notice you, but you do not have to worry about him
yet. Take the time while he's still stuck in his alcove to position
yourself right across from the Tchea Fruit - you do not want to take
time out to do it later. Then just dash across to it, and time your
motion so the guard traps himself against the wall. I've listed
where he should end up on my map, if that is confusing to you.
With Guard #3 out of the way, head to the center room and get the
Ummagine, being careful of that cracked tile by the throne. Then
retrace your steps to get right in front of the Bagguss, and ready a
potion. Walk down and immediately use the potion, as the guard is
waiting for you. Walk to the base of the stairs and then wait for
the effect to wear off. Walk up the stairs, luring him with you, and
eventually Guard #4 as well. Replenish your potion supply at the top
of the stairs and ready it again, then use it, hop down, get the
Sphinx Links - hope they haven't spoiled - run down-left, and
hopefully you will be out of range by the time you change back. If
not, no big deal, you will just have a chase to the finish. Finally,
ready your ring, and continue down-left. Use the ring when the
screen changes to stop the guard, dodge him, take the Puntec Fruit
and exit the level.
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Secret 2 100%
Not as tedious as Three Halls, but almost. Just wind your way around
the path, collecting Ummagines as you go, and then wind your way
back to leave.
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Hints 100%
Level 1 - The End of the Desert
Level 2 - The Outskirts of the City
Level 3 - The Last Oasis Before the City
Level 4 - The Entrance to Sakhmet
Level 5 - The Gardener's Revenge
Level 6 - Avenue of the Palm Trees
Level 7 - Bridges Over Troubled Waters
Level 8 - The Royal Gardens of Sakhmet
Secret 1 - The Hidden Pit
Level 9 - The Three Halls of Insanity
Secret 2 - The Secret Temple
Level 10 - Kyrii Stan Meets the Kong Beast (???)
Level 11 - The Treasure Chamber of Death
Level 12 - The Chambers of the Guards of Death
Secret 3 - The Hidden Chamber
Level 13 - The Dungeons of Madness
Level 14 - Water World
Level 15 - The Garden of the Holy Shrines
Secret 4 - The Hidden Cellar
Level 16 - Endless Boardwalks
Level 17 - Raging Rivers
Level 18 - The Swamps of Oblivion
Secret 5 - The Holy Fishing Grounds
Level 19 - Eerie Suburbs
Final level - the one you all want to see
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Secret 5 100%
Don't worry about the crack in the path, just keep walking. Make
sure to get the potion - well, you HAVE to, in order to exit the
area. But it is going to be really nice to have in the second-to-last
level, I can tell you that much.
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Level 4 100%
The guard starts walking towards you when you start, but Don't
Panic! simply make him trap himself in that corner there and you
are home free. Just make sure not to walk on the cracked tiles, as
you fall through. There's one near where the guard gets trapped and
one by the top left Ummagine, so watch out
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Secret 3 98%
If you have trouble with this level you should be playing a
different game, seriously.
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Level 20 98%
Basically, some of the tiles which look cracked, aren't. Just follow
the map carefully and you should reach the end of the level, and the
game, hopefully with a high score and maybe even a trophy to boot.
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