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Attack of the Slorgs Guide Cheats for NeoP
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Attack of the Slorgs Guide NeoP Cheats

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Attack of the Slorgs Guide

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Brown: Super Slorgeriser; 100%
Good. It causes a few slorgs to be destroyed where you
shoot it regardless of color. Its a nice thing to use when the slorgs are
troubling you.
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The Game 100%
The point of the game is to eliminate the slorgs. To eliminate the slorgs, you
must aim the Slorgeriser at the slorgs like so. Then press the spacebar to
shoot. Its gone. Do that a couple 100 times a game, and you may be able to
get the slorg avatar.

At many points in the game, you will get powerups. ^ Up there is slorg block.
You can identify the power-ups when text appears and when the slorg in the
Slorgeriser is inflating and deflating.
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LEFT = Move Slorgeriser Left
Right = Move slorgeriser Right
Spacebar = Shoot a Slorg

you have to link 3 slorgs in a row to make that part disappear.
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Red Multislorg; 100%
Bad. it causes about 10 slorgs to appear at the front of the
Slorg line.
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The types of Power-Ups are 100%
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Grey: Puddle Water 100%
This power-up is INSANELY RARE. You may see it
around...once every 15 levels. It causes the whole line to change to one same
color. There. Easy points.
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Pink: Slorg Destruct; 100%
It causes all the slorgs behind the shooting spot
to be destroyed. Save it till the slorgs get a little close to the Crops. Boom.
You beat all of them if you hit the front. This power-up is easier to catch than
the Puddle Water.
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Green: Slowdown; 100%
It causes the line of slorgs to slow down temporarily.
If you shoot a Super Slorgeriser, or a Slorg Destruct, it'll cause the line to
speed up again.
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Light Purple: Slorg Block 100%
; Okay. It blocks the slorgs behind where you shoot it.
The block can break if you shoot at the blocked line. The slorgs ahead of it may
move though.
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