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Burnout Legends Cheats for PSP
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Burnout Legends PSP Cheats

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Burnout Legends

Rating: 3.5/5 VOTE

Unlock Randome Muscle collector 98%
Awarded for gold in harbour town eliminator
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Unlock Muscle cop 97%
Awarded for bronze in harbour town or sunrise valley pursuit
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Unlock Ledgend j-muscle 96%
Awarded for gold in airport 1+2 legend face-off
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Unlock Classic legend 96%
Awarded for gold in big sure shore legend face-off
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Compact series Unlockables 95%
*** the Compact collector car varies from each UMD disk.

Compact cop - Awarded for bronze in silver lake or airport T1 & T2 pursuit
Legend compact - Awarded for gold in interstate loop legend face-off
Gangster legend - Awarded for gold in palma bay legend face-off
Dominator compact - Awarded at 10.000 burnout points
Tuned compact - Awarded for 5 gold medals
Assassin compact - Awarded at 15 takedowns
randome Compact collector - Awarded for gold in silver lake eliminator
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Unlock Assassin Cars 95%
Assassin Compact Car - Get 15 Takedowns
Assassin Coupe Car - Get 60 Takedowns
Assassin Muscle Car - Get 30 Takedowns
Assassin Sports Car - Get 100 Takedowns
Assassin Super Car - Get 150 Takedowns
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Unlock Tuned muscle 93%
Awarded for 20 gold medals
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Unlock Assassin muscle 93%
Awarded at 30 takedowns
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Special Vehicles 92%
Play through the game on World Tour.

Firetruck - Get Gold on all Crash Events.
Gangster Boss - Get Gold in all Race events.
Cop Racer - Get Gold in all Pursuit events.
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Unlock Dominator muscle 91%
Awarded at 25.000 burnout points
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Help for pursuits 83%
Are you always annoyed when you can't catch the bad guy? Well, I have some good advice to put your targets behind bars. These are usually only needed once you reach the Coupe Class.

Tip #1: It is almost impossible to score a takedown on your target, so you must get your boost from the rivals in this event, if any. Remember, you start out with about 20% boost, and with 80% more, you'll make catching up to your bad guy no problem at all. Besides, taking out your target automatically ends the chase, so you'll receive no boost from taking him down, but the game makes up for that by rewarding you with new events and cars.

Tip #2: If you want to score a takedown against your target, you must ram them into a wall with full force, like you're pushing them without taking away the force you're applying. It works even better when you ram him into a wall that usually takes out drivers, which are usually found before one or two hairpin turns. This can sometimes end the chase without even sweating it.

Tip #3: If tip #2 doesn't work, this can. Make sure you're in front of your target and crash. Steer your crash right into him to automatically end the chase, no matter how much health he has.

Tip #4: When catching up to your target, use as much boost as possible and don't crash. It will help when your target is far away and works better the higher the class you're preforming the chase in (with the exception of Muscle cars).

Tip #5: If you're in a busy street with numerous commonly crashed into hazards, it's best to get out of there before you chase the bad guy, but you can try to use tip #2 to your advantage to try and run him into a hazard (i.e The pillars found downtown, which is required to get the "Pillar Driller" Signature Takedown, but it doesn't work in Pursuit Mode).
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Boost at Beginning 64%
At the countdown of the start of the race hold the acceleration and while its counting down before it gets to one hit the brake and release (while holding onto the acceleration. Then just before it says go (around the time 1 is appearing) let go of the accelerate and hit it again and you should start off with boost.
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Having Trouble with takedowns? 57%
There are three easy ways to takedown your opponents. numbuh 1... AIM>>>BOOST>>>RAM. thus sending them into a nerby wall. NO 2... BOOST>>>TURN SLIGHTLY>>>SIDESWIPE. easy eh. nomber 3... its harder but can get real easy with practice. try this: POWERSLIDE>>>BOOST>>>SIDESWIPE. works 4 me!
By: pieman161(788)
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Be a cop without having a cop car 22%
Go on single event and go on pursuit then select a car thats not a cop car on your of
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Mystary car 19%
Go to the codes menu and enter r, l, x, triangle.
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