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Rapala Pro Fishing Cheats for PS2
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Rapala Pro Fishing PS2 Cheats

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Rapala Pro Fishing

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

How to cach silver salmon 100%
Use the dives two to cach a silver salmon
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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King Salmon 97%
King Salmon love the Long Cast Silver Minnow.
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Getting Fish Past Obstructing Rocks 95%
Description: When you get a fish stuck you canbe successful at removing them by increasing the drag and pulling up on the rod while reeling. It works about half the time, but it will be worth trying with the big ones on the line.
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Far-Casting 95%
Set the joystick's sensitivity to high or very high to cast your line further
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Reeling in king salmon on the kenai river,WHICH IS HARD 71%
ALRIGHT,im up,its three in the morning and I just had to get on this thing and tell you,i have a method to catch king salmon on the kenai river,hasnt failed me YET!

alright first of all I use the lure called lc minow put it on blue if you are there yet if not put it on silver,or you can use the joint lure thats best for cold waters put it on silver or blue

NOW,when a salmon is on your line all you need to do is push the joystick up ^,now hes gonna put up a good fight but it works trust me,now when hes coming in wait until he has reached 20 feet then PULL BACK AS HARD AS YOU CAN he might go out again but its fine
when hes in 20 feet do it again pull back do this until you can reel him in


zach zyla
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Where the majority of king salmon is 44%
It is right pass the first waterfall on I think the left side
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Unlock all tournaments 30%
Unlock all tournaments
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Rapala Pro Fishing 407280What lure works best for catching stripe bass? Answers: 8
Rapala Pro Fishing 462785How to catch a salmon Answers: 5
Rapala Pro Fishing 321109I cant seem to caych a trout over 7 pounds in the trout tournament any hnits on a lure that I shld use? Answers: 10
Rapala Pro Fishing 418017Where do you find catfish Answers: 2
Rapala Pro Fishing 485804How do you let out the line when it sas let out the line in the fishing mode Answers: 5
Rapala Pro Fishing 531746How and where to catch a catfish Answers: 3
Rapala Pro Fishing 604263How do I catch a 16 lb. peacok bass Answers: 4
Rapala Pro Fishing 642853How to use muskie hunt cheat codes Answers: 1
Rapala Pro Fishing 671924Were is the the best place to catch carppie in texas Answers: 3
Rapala Pro Fishing 687141What do you do when the fish bites Answers: 2
Rapala Pro Fishing 691560Tell me how to put the cheats in and where? Answers: 2
Rapala Pro Fishing 696153On the Kraken Peacock Bass challenge, I've tried all the answers for the 16 pounder on easy. Must I compete it on easy, normal or hard. On easy I'm just catching 12 pounders and smaller. Answers: 3
Rapala Pro Fishing 875435Ok here's a real question, how to catch a King salmon on hard mode. Answers: 2
Rapala Pro Fishing 785848I need to catch a less than 5lb fish with the floater, where can I find these fish, all I seem to attract are musky's and larger fish Answers: 0
Rapala Pro Fishing 409886I need to catch a 2lb or over crappie in the texas fishing what lure must I use Answers: 5
Rapala Pro Fishing 416461What lure do I use to catch arctic grayling in rapal profishing for ps2 Answers: 5
Rapala Pro Fishing 437023Do you need special techniques for every type of lure to attract fish? Answers: 3
Rapala Pro Fishing 526636Why in the muskie tournament when I get a bite I set the hook and fight for a while it all of a sudden spits it how do I stop them from spitting it Answers: 2
Rapala Pro Fishing 576341What is the best lure for small mouth base? Answers: 3
Rapala Pro Fishing 595197How do you set the line Answers: 1
Rapala Pro Fishing 631800What lure would you use to catch a rainbow trout? Answers: 4
Rapala Pro Fishing 716515Where should I catch walleye in easy mode Answers: 2
Rapala Pro Fishing 707808What is the best lure for walleye Answers: 3
Rapala Pro Fishing 714443What is the best way to catch the peacock bass? Answers: 2
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