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Radiata Stories Cheats for PS2
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Radiata Stories PS2 Cheats

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Radiata Stories Cheats

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Radiata Stories

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Recruit All Guild Leaders 98%
How to: You must recruit all members of theater Vancoor. Then chat to her from 11:30 PM to 7:00 AM in her office. She will challenge you. Defeat her and she can be recruited.
To recruit Curtis you must recruit all members of the Vareth Magic Institute and then speak to him when he is in the observatory.
To recruit Kain you must recruit all Olacian Order members then chat to him.

To recruit Nyx you must 1st recruit Ortoroz. Speak to Nyx in the Void Community Abyss with all other guild leaders in your party and then defeat him in the subsquent battle.
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Fayt Liengod Armor 98%
Go chat to Dynas after defeating the wind dragon and he will allow you back into the knights. Once you have this event secured, go to Ridley's room and there will be a ghost like figure and the screen will flash. After that Jack will wake up in his room and have an armor that looks like Fayt from Star Ocean 3.
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Secrets 98%
400 dollars
To gain $400, keep kicking the big guard outside your 1st training room(where you get your 1st outfit) you start with $100 and if you keep kicking the guard, he'll "drop" a dollar but will stop when you reach $400,($500 total) Easy free money, just have your kick button(X) finger flexed.
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Unlock Tri-Emblem Skill 98%
The skill "Tri-Emblem" is the only skill not aquired by linking with your
party. It gives you +50 to strength, defence, evade, luck, and HP when
maxed out.

Tri-Emblem Skill-Beat Ethereal Queen at the end of the secret
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Unlock Quasar, the Gold Dragon 98%
Beat the boss of the Bonus Dungeon, the Ethereal Queen. Do this and the Bonus Dungeon will reset, and respawn all treasure chests (except those that contain weapon and armor).
But if you beat all 5 dragons and make your way back to the place where you fought Valkyrie in the Distortion Corridor, you will fight Quasar instead. Beating it will net you the Final Battle music disc, and a Growth Stone.
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New Game+, Unlock Optional Dungeon 98%
Win the game to unlock New Game + and the optional dungeon, Dragon Lair Cave. The cave has five boss', 4 of which you already have encountered.
To get to the cave, chat to one of the journey pigs located infront of any town.
New Game+ rolls over some items, all skills (including weapon techs), friends list, links, money, and play time. UnlockableHow to Unlock Dragon Lair CaveWin the game at least once.
Fight Ultimate DragonBeat fire ,ice, earth and wind dragons at Dragon Lair Cave
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Easter Eggs 98%
Gantz wearing Claude Outfit
As you progress through the game, you will see mini events with Gantz. As it progresses, his costume/outfit will eventually change and look like Claude from Star Ocean 2. Unfortunatley, he will only use this costume/outfit in these scenes.
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Glitches 98%
Free Heal/Restoration
First, remove the character(s) whom you want to heal from your party and confirm. Next, take the character(s) back from the friend list into your party. They'llbe healed into perfect condition for sure. All status ailment (poison, blind, etc) will be removed.
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VIP Badge 98%
Know that golden turtle near the goblin cemetary? Most people think its only bonus is the 8888 dagols you get for killing it. But if you steal from it you will get the handy VIP Badge. This badge significently decreases the price in shops. Just put as many characters with the steal ability in your party as you can. I used Alba and Eon and got the badge no problem. Good luck!

VIP Badge-Steal from the golden turtle near the Goblin Cemetary
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Defeat Gerald and Nocturne Easily 98%
This is a two-part trick:
1) Poison Gerald/Nocturne using the Toadstool expendable item (can be purchased from some general stores). This may take a few attempts so have several on hand.
2) Lock onto Gerald/Nocturne using the R1 button, then run in very close and hold the analog stick in the up/right position so that you run around the target in a very tight circle. While you are doing this they will not attempt to hit you, but they will continue to take damage from the poison (which does not wear off).
If you use a rubber band or tape to hold the stick in the UR position you can safely walk away from the game while the poison ticks away their health.
(Though I discovered the poison trick prior to reading the GF board for RS, I'd like to extend credit to its membership as they almost certainly figured it out before I discovered it)

Experience trick

Training Mission 19 of the spear and axe training dummies are the single easiest way in the game to level up Jack early on. Just run in with the weapon and do a move with a 360 degree range of attack and they'll drop like flies. Over 5k experience will be your reward(over 8k with 2 training devices).
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Picture of Ganz, Ridley, and Jack 98%
Find all the friends and complete the friends list opens an option in the friends list called Extra. Selecting that shows an image with Ganz, Ridley, and Jack.
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Recruiting Lenneth Valkyrie to your party 98%
Lenneth Valkyrie-Beat the optional dungeon "Corridor of Distortion".
Lenneth will join you after the battle.
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Tamaki Nami mini concert (Japanese Version) 98%
Witness Nami's transformation and chat to her immediately in the Night and desire street during 6:00pm and she will join you. Visit the Red Lotus Bar in the same area during night time and she will perform the game opening theme "Fortune".
***You cannot have her in your party when visiting the Red Lotus Bar.
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SO3's Fayt Costume 98%
Only avalible if you chose the human side. Once youre allowed back into the castle go to Ridley's room at night. You'll see a ghost and then be teleported back to your room dressed as Fayt. You also hear a broken up message about undeveloped planet. This seems to only work at night.
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Ethereal Queen 98%
I had a lot of trouble the 1st 2 fights with the Etheral Queen and looked up on here that you must be at least lvl 99. I'm sorry but thats not true, I kept reading the other boards and it kept on saying they were on the non-human side, (believe me wasnt much of a help for me, since I chose human).
First things 1st go to the maze-ish stairs place and remember the way to her Path of Chaos. Go to that maze-ish place right after midnight kill everything in sight and get to the Path of Chaos. But remember DO NOT GO IN YET, by the time you get to her place it should be roughly about 12. Head back down and get out of the damned place, go home and save and stalk up on nectars and healing items.
I set my ability to STOP AFFILICTION, which didnt really help (so just put anything you feel like). My team was lvl 93 Jack, lvl 89 Curtis, lvl 90 Valkyrie, and lvl 91 Kain. (these 3 characters are immune to affilictions, which is a great advantage for this fight). I just made Valkyrie fight along side with Curtis.
and made Kain just heal Curtis since Curtis gets hit often.
The Ethereal Queen will run around wacking and shoot needles and do some meteor dances, homing magic thingy, and for her strongest magic Armagedon, which blows everything up that lights up on the ground and WILL KILL YOU NO MATTER WHAT YOUR HP. Let Val and Curtis, fight and make Kain heal as much as possible, you (Jack) just run around the purple ring on the stage.
When she does come try to cause your wonderful death, just run the opposite direction she is coming from and take the target off (R1) so you can have a decent idea of where the heck your going. Somtimes for me that little prick attacked me with that needly thingy and stoped me just move you analog stick like mad and run and if you need it cure your life.
When ever your team member dies, keep reviving and use the Full Cure on all team member thingy (majigy). The Queen will somtimes do Armagedon twice in a row which is very very annoying. When your volty gauge is full use Val's Volty Blast ONLY. Eventually you should be able to beat her.
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Paya Paya Dance 98%
How to unlock: Defeat Pinky.
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Lenneth Valkyrie 98%
How to unlock: You must complete the optional dungeon "Corridor of Distortion". After that,Lenneth will join you after the battle.
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Dragon Radian Theme 98%
How to unlock: Defeat Dragon Radian.
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8888 Dagolas 98%
When going to the Goblin Cemetary there is a hidden golden turtle that you can fight that gives you 8888 Dagolas everytime you fight it. When you 1st enter the Dorse Region there should be 2 paths, one that takes you to the goblin cemetary and the other to Shangri La. Take the path to the Goblin Cemetary and look in the bushes on Jacks right(it should be in the bush right after you pass the path to Shangri La). It will look like a gold flower growing next to the bush, kick it and you will fight a turtle.
Its very easy to kill but may cause quite a bit of damage when it spins around and hits eveyone. When you beat it, you will get 1 EXP and 8888 Dagols.
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Unlockable: Ridley's Theme 98%
You must go and kick the Dresser in Ridley's Room in Radiata's Castle.
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Unlockable: Jack's Theme 98%
You must go and kick the Crate in Jack's House.
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Unlockable: Ganz's Theme 98%
You must go and kick the Dresser in Ganz's Room in Radiata Castle.
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Dragon Lair Cave Theme 98%
How to unlock: It randomly drops from monsters in the region.
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Unlockables 96%
Music Tracks
Algandars CastleSend the Demon in Algandars castle back to it's realm
Corridor of DistortionRandom drop from monsters there
Dragon Lair Cave ThemeRandom drop from monsters there
Dragon Radian ThemeBeat Dragon Radian
Ethereal QueenBeat Ethereal Queen once
Gabriel CelestaBeat Gabriel Celesta once
Ganz's ThemeKick the Dresser in Ganz's Room in Radiata Castle
Gold Dragon CastleBeat random monsters in Dragon Lair
Jack's ThemeKick the Crate in Jack's House
Paya Paya DanceBeat pinky
QuasarBeat Quasar once
Ridley's ThemeKick the Dresser in Ridley's Room in Radiata's Castle
Shrine of FrayBeat any element crystal in Dragon Lair
Solieu Village themeKick Adele twice, then win the fight against her
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Easy Dagol 96%
How to: The 1st time you get to go to the goblins' place at Shangri La, you will come to a fork in the road. look at the top part of the fork and you will see a golden bug. Just kick it and fight it. You get only 1 experience but you will get 8,888 dagols. Go back to town and sleep. Then teleport back there and the enemy should be there again. Fight it multiple times and you will have few money problems.
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Ethereal Queen 96%
How to unlock: You must beat Ethereal Queen once.
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Gold Dragon Castle 96%
How to unlock: Defeat random monsters in Dragon Lair.
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Where 2 find the best Weapon and armor. 56%
Complete game and defeat Ethereal Queen to recieve the best armor.
Go 2 first bonus dungeon after defeating Aphelion in Gold Dragon Castle and there in the caves is the Ancient Axe. str. 185
By: fireheart708(556)
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How 2 get Strongest fighter? 50%
Defeat game and go into the shrine of Fray and Valkrie joins you after you defeat her.
By: fireheart708(556)
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Strongest Party in the Game? 48%
Recruits for the human side:

Recruits for nonhuman side:
By: fireheart708(556)
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