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Ultimate Spider-Man Cheats for Xbox
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Ultimate Spider-Man Xbox Cheats

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Ultimate Spider-Man

Rating: 1/5 VOTE

Extra difficulty settings in City Event Mode, and extra difficulty settings in Combat Tour 100%
Complete the following to unlock extra difficulty settings.

Medium difficulty for City eventsComplete
10 City Events and Chapter 6: Inexpugnable.
Hard difficulty for City eventsComplete 20
City Events and Chapter 8: Class Trip
Medium Combat Tours and Health BonusSuccessfully
complete 8 Easy Combat Tours after Chapter 4: Hell Of A
Hard Combat Tours and Health BonusComplete
12 Medium Combat Tours
Insane Combat ToursComplete all Hard Combat
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Unlockable: Switch Hero Option 96%
Finish all of the story missions.
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Unlockable: Arachnoman 96%
Finish 90 City Events, gather 90 Tokens and finish 48 Combat Tours.
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Unlockable: Symbiote Spider-Man 94%
Finish 100 City Events, gather All Tokens and finish all of the Combat Tours.
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Unlockable: Parker Hoodie 94%
Finish 75 City Events, gather 75 Tokens and finish 32 Combat Tours.
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Unlockable: Venom Races 94%
Finish all of the Story Missions.
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Unlockable: Spidey Wrestling 92%
Finish 30 City Events and gather 30 Tokens.
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Unlockable: Peter Parker 91%
Finish 50 City Events, gather 50 Tokens and come in 4th Race Against Johnny
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Free play venom 42%
When venom enter unlockables
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