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Indigo Prophecy Cheats for PS2
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Indigo Prophecy PS2 Cheats

Rating: 3/5 VOTE
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Indigo Prophecy

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Credits Points 100%
Watch the credits to the end to receive 200 bonus points.
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Bonus points 100%
After completing the game, watch all of the credits. You will be
rewarded with 200 bonus points.
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[Easter Egg] Sox The Robot 100%
arly in the game when you wake up as Tyler there is a desk in the bedroom with
an action figure on it that when checked he says "This is a figurine of Sox, a
character from my favorite videogame." Sox is a robot from another great Quantic
Dream game, Omikron The Nomad Soul.

*** This game is also titled Fahrenheit.
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Indigo Prophecy 612035In this a place is come which is as follow- we are under a army base and our friends got there and we have to save them so how we save them and how we get there unnoticeable ? Answers: 0
Indigo Prophecy 24607How do you get through the chapter where Lucas is at work being questioned by the detective? Answers: 1
Indigo Prophecy 44174How do u get past the guards to get tothe hanger kanes brother is in Answers: 1
Indigo Prophecy 21360How does carla get out of the asylum? Answers: 2
Indigo Prophecy 82760Do you have a map for Indigo Prophecy Answers: 0
Indigo Prophecy 55654How do you get passed the army base Answers: 1
Indigo Prophecy 31224How do u find the book with the chinese guy Answers: 1
Indigo Prophecy 114309How do you complete the hide and seek? Answers: 0
Indigo Prophecy 142562Anyone have any tips on how to control Carla's breathing? I completely failed in archives, but now im in the aslyum and even though I keep it centered the game wont move on _ Answers: 1
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