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Wallace And Gromit Cheats for PC
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Wallace And Gromit PC Cheats

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Wallace And Gromit

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Guards 100%
When Wallace and Gromit get to the the maze (where the guards are
located) in Act 4 Part 1, go to the box at the end of the hall in
the maze. It will have a paw print. Go into the box. You will notice
a guard walking back and forth in his area. There are 2 guards,
and 3 buttons. When the guards are not looking, press the
button. If the guards see you, they will shoot you, even if you are
in the box. For this reason, if you block his pathway he will shoot
the box that you are in and you will have to start again, and the
buttons will be stationary. Also, if they cannot see you, you can
run, and not sneak. *** Once you are pressing the button, at the
end of the maze there will be a light blue cube. You will raise the
cube if you press the button. Press all 3 buttons in order to
escape from the guards.
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Destroying enemies 100%
Most enemies can be destroyed with Gromit's hand to hand combat
moves. Use them instead of your weapons. You might need to stockpile
ammunition for other tasks.
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Bonus level 100%
After you rescue the baby, go to the area where the elephant has
knocked down the doors. To the left of the doors leading to the next
part of the jungle is a water chute. Jump into that water chute and
go into the hole. You will reach a bonus level.
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Defeating Feathers McGraw 100%
When Wallace and Gromit leave the Ancient Temple level (Act 1 Part
1, after Wallace invents the shoes with the springs), go to the room
where you fight Feathers McGraw. To begin the fight, run around the
room when Feathers runs into the wall. When this happens, a gadget
will be shown on top of Feathers' vehicle. Also, it is impossible to
double jump with your shoes with the springs. Instead, jump again,
then on the 2nd jump, he will jump higher after he hits the
ground. After you get on top of the gadget on the machine, butt
bounce on the gadget. *** You will have a limited amount of time
to get on top of the machine before you butt bounce on the gadget.
When this happens, you will see bolts appear from him. Keep doing
this until you defeat him.
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Octave Security puzzle 100%
When Wallace and Gromit get to the Octave Security in Act 4 Part 1
of the Warehouse level, shoot the large padlock on the big gates
with the turnip launcher. Afterwards, when Gromit walks up to the
large keyboard on the floor of the room, the keys on the keyboard
demonstrates the sequence of notes/keys that Gromit should stand on.
It is quite fast and a light comes on above the keys, but not
necessarily above the key that Gromit needs to stand on. Also, there
are 3 notes, then four, and finally five. When Gromit stands on
the 1st 3 correct keys, the next sequence will be quickly be
demonstrated, and the same happens with the 3rd and final
sequence. There are 8 keys on the keyboard. The 1st sequence
is 1 2 4. The 2nd sequence is 5 3 6 5. The final sequence is 4 6
7 5 3. Wallace and Gromit can now go through the doorway to the next
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Diamond-O-Matic 100%
To save Archie and Wallace from the Diamond-O-Matic, do the
following things. First, go into the factory. Afterwards, you will
get the remote control. *** The remote control is only usable when
you see a picture of a remote control. You will have to ride the

diamond carts. Once on the carts, torpedoes will begin shooting you.
Use your turnip shooter to destroy the torpedo makers. You will not
make it all the way up when the track is high, however an elevator
will. Get off the cart and go to the button. The button will help
raise the gate of the elevator, but robots will come after you. Kill
them if needed on the button. However, since you are on the button,
the production of the robots will not stop. Once you are on top from
the elevator, you will see Archie on a diamond cart. Enable your
porridge shooter and aim it at a spinning gadget. This will raise
the burner to keep Archie from burning. Do the same thing with the
others to save Archie from that part of the factory. You will then
run into an obstacle course. Cross it if needed. Note that the
obstacle courses will happen after rescuing Archie in a certain
area. You do not have to worry about the obstacle courses in the
factory. In some parts where you meet Archie, you will have to
shoot, push, or press certain objects to save him from burning or
from freezing. *** In the part where you have to press a button,
the combination is odd. The buttons are not in order as they are
arranged. The combo is 1, 3, 2. Press the first, third, and 2nd
button to keep Archie from freezing. To save Wallace, the tasks are
simple. Usually you must save Wallace from certain enemies when you
are up close. If your farther away Wallace appears when he is fixing
certain gadgets. If an enemy touches Wallace, it will disturb him
and he will die, even if you hit him. Once you have completed all
the stages in the factory, you will run into Feathers McGraw.
Wallace will be held captive by Feathers, and you must defeat him
and his machine. In the 1st part, when he jumps shoot him in the
butt. Do this a few times, and this time you will have to shoot him
in the eyes for a few times.
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