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Burnout Revenge Cheats for PS2
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Burnout Revenge PS2 Cheats

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Burnout Revenge

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Unlockable 80%
Black Elite Racer: Achieve ELITE Rank
Criterion GT Racer: Finish the White Mountian Challenge.
Custom Classic: Finish the Sunshine Keys Challenge.
Dominator Assassin: There must be a Burnout 3 gamesave on your memeory card.
EA GT Racer: Finish the Central Route Challenge.
Etnies Racer: Finish the Motor City Challenge.
Euro Classic LM: Finish the Eternal City Challenge.
Hot Rod: Finish the Lone Peak Challenge.
Logitech World Racer: Finish the Rank 10 Ultimate Revenge GP.
Low Rider: Finish the Angel Valley Challenge.
Nixon Special: Finish the Eastren Bay Challenge.
Revenge Racer: Finish 100% of the game.
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Hidden cars 56%
When you're in the middle of a race, all of a sudden you might see a cool car pass by you or come close. Usually if it turns out to be hidden car and you take it down you unlock it.
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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Earn an AWSOME car easy 54%
Just have a save game from Burnout 3: Takedown
n ull get a car that is fast n has a crashbreaker of 6!
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Sick hints/cheats 53%
Infinite Boost
When you are racing stay on the wrong side of the road. When you're on the wrong side, you'll see that your boost will fill up. When you hit it you won't loose any boost because what you'll gain is more than you loose

when you're racing and you want to pass an opponent just look for the blue lights.
They are shortcuts

Payback time
If some one shunts you and he's still following you, just slam on the brakes then he'll crash into the back of your car and he'll go flying and you'll get the boost

How to beat the burning laps
The only way to pass the stage is to pass shortcuts but not all of them
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Unknown new auto 51%
To get a new auto before you made a profile there must be a save from madden nfl 06 make a profile and you will get a new auto
By: gamefreak1(590)
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Easy takedowns 51%
During takedowns, try to pummel your opponent's car to the wall, fence of just go head on with a burst of nitro
By: gamerstormz67(5231)
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Unlock every thing 50%
When you are doing race type:xx,triangle,cilcle,xx
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Rank up 42%
If you don't have enough stars to rank up.
Then this hint is useful.
1.Go to an event that has a ok,good or great rating.
2.Play it and then you will have a good chance to rank up.
By: cheatmaster500(64)
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If you want to win a race and your losing then use alot of shortcuts if you want know where the shortcuts are there are the flashing blue lights
By: cheatmaster500(64)
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Black Car. 41%
To unlock a black car you must have a saving of the game BLACK.
By: Sumner(141)
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Get car 37%
Win a limited M-Type DX by winning a medal at this race short Reversein rank 6 Central Route
By: cheatmaster500(64)
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Unlock all cars. 34%
Press square,square,square then x when you are in the title screen.
By: phoenixboy(723)
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