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Call of Duty 2 Cheats for PC
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Call of Duty 2 PC Cheats

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Call of Duty 2

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Level names 93%
Use one of the following entries with the map code to advance to the
listed level.
88 Ridge 88ridge
Armored Car Escape toujane_ride
Assault On Matmata matmata
Bergstein bergstein
Comrade Sniper downtown_sniper
Crusader Charge libya
Defending The Pointe duhoc_defend
Demolition demolition
Downtown Assault downtown_assault
El Alamein elalamein
Holding The Line decoytown
Prisoners Of War beltot
Railroad Station No. 1 trainyard
Rangers Lead The Way hill400_assault
Red Army Training moscow
Repairing The Wire tankhunt
Retaking Toujane toujane
Stalingrad City Hall cityhall
The Battle For Hill 400 hill400_defend
The Battle Of Pointe Du Hoc duhoc
The Brigade Box breakout
The Crossing Point rhine
The Crossroads crossroads
The Diversionary Raid decoytrenches
The End Of The Beginning eldaba
The Silo silotown
The Tiger newvillers
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Veteran mode 91%
Veteran mode cuts life expectancy to 3 or 4 shots until you
die. However, Veteran mode does not improve the enemy's aim or
strategy. Use small blocks or small bulges of hills as cover and
crawl. Because you do not get points for kills, do not take the
Nazis head on. Let your allies lay some fire, if there are any. If
not, throw a smoke grenade and shift between crouch and crawl
positions, laying cover fire and stall some time for the smoke
grenade to spread before the Nazis rush in. Use this smoke cover to
fall back to the nearest safe position where you can regroup or hide
and pick the Nazis off from afar.
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Mission set names 91%
Use one of the following entries with the /seta code to unlock the
listed set of missions.
Crossing The Rhine: mis_10 9
D-Day: mis_07 9
Fortress Stalingrad: mis_04 9
Hill 400: mis_09 9
Not One Step Backwards!: mis_03 9
Rommel's Last Stand: mis_06 9
The Battle For Caen: mis_08 9
The Battle Of El Alamein: mis_02 9
The Tank Squadrons: mis_05 9
The Winter War: mis_01 9
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Determining if enemies are still alive 91%
Even if you shoot the enemy, he may still be alive. Make sure to aim
your crosshairs at him and see if it turns red. If it does, it
indicates that the enemy is still alive, and you must shoot him down
more. Do not give the enemy the chance to shoot you from behind
while he regains consciousness.
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Recommended weapons 90%
Whenever you have the chance, pick up a Kak 98. It is one of the
most powerful guns in the game. There is a scoped-Kak 98 in the last
level (Dragon's Teeth) in the 2 bunker in the building.
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Grenades 89%
The grenade indicator is useful, however, you do not have to run
away from it every time. If the indicator points that a grenade has
landed near you, but you are taking cover behind a wall, you do not
need to run away. Instead, the grenade will explode and not damage
you at all.
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Kill types 89%
Head shots are instant kills. Body shots require 2 or more shots
for a kill.
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Cheat mode (demo version) 88%
Select "Game Options" at the MAIN MENU, then choose the option to
enable the console. Press ~ to display the console window then enter
seta thereisacow "1337" as a command. Now, enter spdevmap eldaba as
a command to begin the demo with cheats enabled. Press ~ during game
play to display the console window, then enter one of the following
codes to activate the listed cheat function.

Cycle through weaponsgive all
Ignored by enemiesnotarget
Unlimited health god
Set jump height( 39 is default)jump_height
Refill ammunition and grenadesgive ammo
Slow motion; 1 is defaulttimescale <.01-1.00>
No clipping modenoclip
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Cheats Demo Version 85%
NOTE: These cheats are for the demo version of Call of Duty 2.

Enable the console from the game's in-game options. Hit the tilde key (next to
the numeric 1 key on the number row) to drop the dev-console. Input seta
thereisacow "1337" and then press ENTER. Input spdevmap eldaba. and then press
ENTER. This will start the demo with cheats enabled. When playing, drop down the
dev-console and enter the following codes and hit ENTER to activate or toggle

give all Attain 2 random weapons
give ammo Portable ammunition dump (just add water)
god Player invulnerablity
noclip Ghost/clipping mode toggle
notarget Enemy AI toggle
jump_height <039> Adjusts gravity. Value 039 is default
timescale <1.00> Adjusts passage of time. Value 1.00 is default
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Cheat mode 81%
Select "Game Options" at the MAIN MENU, then choose the option to
enable the console. Press ~ to display the console window then enter
developer 1 as a command to enable cheat mode. The "Load" button
will now appear. Click it and select the desired level. After the
level loads, press ~ to display the console window again, then enter
devmap as a command. Press ~ during game play to display the console
window, then enter one of the following codes to activate the
listed cheat function.

God modegod
Refill ammunition and grenadesgive ammo
All weapons, full ammo, health and armorgive all
Spawn listed itemgive
Flight modeufo
No clipping modenoclip
Ignored by enemiesnotarget
Suicide kill
Teleport to a nodejumptonode
Level selectmap
Mission set select/seta
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IF cheats dont work 50%
Most of the time, Cheats dont work, This Readthrough will WORK, Now, you have to load it up and Enable console, in multiplayer options, And type in /seta thereisacow 1337, And then spdevmap eldaba, (if nothing comes up in console do A _ between eldaba, and spdevmap), After that, Quit the game, and hopefully, type in /developer 2, (The right Bottom corner, Should say LOAD, YOU HAVE TO LOAD UP A SAVE TO PLAY WITH CHEATS, IF YOU DONT HAVE ANY SAVES, GET ONE, BY JUST REACHING A CHECKPOINT) And you should have cheats enabled : Now Some console cheats, and the basic cheats, Basic cheats: God, You cannot die, Noclip, You can go through walls like a ghost, Theres more, just look on the websites, I cant Rermb, The Console cheats: (type these in consoles)

/G_speed (Any Number) This is the speed default speed is 190, SEt it To like 500000,
And your off, lol, Next is my fav, SLOW MOTION, ( : Type in /timescale .25, OR
if you wanna go realllly slow mo, Type in /timescale 0.01, Anywhere between 0.01 .25

will still work, Next, Ever want to float,? /G_Gravity (any Number, IF you do say

999, You cant jump, cuz its just to much gravity to jump UP against, so do like 1, 2 3,


Bind keys, Now simple, Do /bind K (or Anythin else) say (Whatever you want) (U CAN SAY WORDS ON MP)
But Not on sp, But the reason why it works, cuz You spell it like ( /Bind (w/e) say, But

Thats for words, so you can repeat them, Type IT without the SAY, YOu can bind

Console commands, So, if you want 1 gravity, Then Normal, DO /bind (w/e) g_gravity 1

same again, For the Normal /bind w/e G_gravity (whatever you want)
, IF you enable Gravity, U cant jump, so you dont get a very good " LIFT OFF"
So if you Jump Then press a bind key for g gravity 1, You will float off, And away, IF This

dont work, or you dont understand easy, Look on other websites. NExt /jump_height

( Oh btw, When you say /bind (w/e) g gravity, you dont need a slash On g_Gravity
+RIGHT+ /Bind (W/e) G_gravity (W/e) -WRONG- /Bind (W/e) /G_Gravity (W/e),)

To edit jump_height, just do JUMP HEIGHt 9000, THen you JUMP LIKe, idk, BUt something

With UNBEATABLE Leg power, When in console You type a Command, IT will automatically

Tell you what the default Number/Word is, Enjoy GLITCHING out there -Bazooka
By: bazooka(77)
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Unlockables and Cheats 47%
Call of Duty 2 Cheat CodesCheats
At the main menu screen of the demo enter the "Game Options" and Enable the Console. From there, push your tilde (~) button to bring down the console and type the following:
seta thereisacow "1337"
followed by
spdevmap eldaba

This will start the demo level with devmap and cheats enabled. This allows you to use any of the commands in game without restriction. When in game, bring down the console and enter any of the commands from below to activate the 'cheat'.

Cheat Effect
jump_height 128 Moon jump (jump_height 39 for default).
timescale .25 Slow motion (timescale 1 for default).
give ammo Refill your ammunition / grenades.
notarget Enemies ignore you.
noclip Walk / Fly through walls.
god Infinite health.
give all Each time it's entered you'll be given 2 different weapons from the demo.

Play Any Mission
Bring down the console in game with your tilde key (the key to the left of "1") and enter the following to play your desired mission. This will allow you to play missions you are yet to unlock.
Cheat Effect
map moscow Play "Red Army Training"
map demolition Play "Demolition"
map decoytrenches Play "The Diversionary Raid"
map decoytown Play "Holding The Line"
map elalamein Play "El Alamein"
map eldaba Play "The End Of The Beginning"
map tankhunt Play "Repairing The Wire"
map trainyard Play "Railroad Station No. 1"
map downtown_assault Play "Downtown Assault"
map cityhall Play "Stalingrad City Hall"
map downtown_sniper Play "Comrade Sniper"
map libya Play "Crusader Charge"
map 88ridge Play "88 Ridge"
map toujane_ride Play "Armoured Car Escape"
map toujane Play "Retaking Toujane"
map matmata Play "Assault On Matmata"
map duhoc_assault Play "The Battle Of Pointe Du Hoc"
map duhoc_defend Play "Defending The Pointe"
map silotown Play "The Silo"
map beltot Play "Prisoners Of War"
map crossroads Play "The Crossroads"
map hill400_defend Play "The Battle For Hill 400"
map hill400_assault Play "Rangers Lead The Way"
map bergstein Play "Bergstein"
map breakout Play "The Brigade Box"
map newvillers Play "The Tiger"
map rhine Play "The Crossing Point"

Unlock Any Mission
The following cheats will allow you to unlock any mission of your choosing in the mission select screen. Bring down the console with the tilde key (button to the left of "1") in game and type the following commands to unlock your desired mission sets.
Cheat Effect
/seta mis_06 9 Unlock "Rommel's Last Stand" Mission Set
/seta mis_07 9 Unlock "D-Day" Mission Set
/seta mis_08 9 Unlock "The Battle For Caen" Mission Set
/seta mis_09 9 Unlock "Hill 400" Mission Set
/seta mis_10 9 Unlock "Crossing The Rhine" Mission Set
/seta mis_05 9 Unlock "The Tank Squadrons" Mission Set
/seta mis_04 9 Unlock "Fortress Stalingrad" Mission Set
/seta mis_03 9 Unlock "Not One Step Backwards!" Mission Set
/seta mis_02 9 Unlock "The Battle Of El Alamein" Mission Set
/seta mis_01 9 Unlock "The Winter War" Mission Set

Command to Show FPS
Shows your Frames Per Second in the game. Useful for benchmarks and likewise.
Cheat Effect
/cg_drawFPS 1 Simple FPS Display
/cg_drawFPS 2 Verbose FPS Display
/cg_drawFPS 3 Time FPS Display
/cg_drawFPS 0 Display Off

Devloper 2 - console enabled
In SINGLE PLAYER / RETAIL VERSION of the game, from the options menu under SYSTEM and select GAME OPTIONS and ENABLE CONSOLE click until YES is displayed. Then click back until you get to the main menu. Type the "~" tilde symbol, upper left character to the left of the "1" key. The console will be displayed, next type "developer 2" omitting the double quotes and strike the "Enter" key. A new menu item will apeear labeled "LOAD" in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. It will take a few seconds before the list of games are retrieved and displayed. Scroll through the list and select a game. Once the game/scenario has been loaded, left click on your mouse to start the sceneario. Once you have reached a point in the game where you have the desired weapons to finish the scenario, bring up the console by typing the tilde "~" aymbol. Now type "give ammo" omitting the double quotes. This should provide a ffull load for all weapons and the max loadout for both fragmentation grenades and smokew grenades. Now that you are at developer 2 level, all level difficulties will be enhanced. Remaining enemies still aftive in the scenario will fire upon you and attack you unless they are tied down by territorial or restrictive code. You may also type any other applicable code. For a list of commands, with the console enabled, type "AI ~ cmdlist" omitting the double quotes and this will list all commands as well as all messages up to that point in the game. Use the "Page Up" and "Page Down " keys to scroll through the list. I do not have a full explanation of all commands and cannot provide support at this time. Please advise me of any discrepancies. I have played all scenarios except for the TANK BATTLES with "developer 2" active and have noted a mrked increase in difficulty over the "developer 0" default level.
Cheat Effect
developer 2 inreased difficulty level, allows cheats
give ammo provides full ammo loads for all wepons including grenades
give all random weapon selection loads new weapons
god invinciblity
By: CheatMaster(6056)
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