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Frogger: Ancient Shadow Cheats for Xbox
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Frogger: Ancient Shadow Xbox Cheats

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Frogger: Ancient Shadow

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To unlock 2 extra costumes/outfits, enter the following passwords at the cheat-password screen 100%
Lilly, Lilly, Lilly, Lilly Bird's nest costume/outfit
Frogger, Frogger, Frogger, Frogger Ship costume/outfit
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Painting 100%
At the cheat-password screen
Lumpy, Lumpy, Lumpy, Lumpy Painting
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TONS of cheats and play info! 43%
Here are some cheat codes which can be entered and used at different stages of the game. Enter these on the title screen under "secret codes": Wani, Wani, Berry, Frogger. Frogger, Finius, Lilly, Lilly. Wani, Frogger, Lilly, Berry. Lilly, Lumpy, Frogger, Finius. For those who aren't familiar and just starting out, the Alligator is Dr. Wani and Finius is Froggers Grandfather. Frogger himself is all the way over on the left, and Lilly (Froggers g/f) is pretty obvious which one she is. Most of these codes provided unlock the use of Froggers buddy "Berry", who has the unique ability to climb walls on certain boards leading to areas that can't normally be accessed where there are rewards to be found (usually in the form of Gold colored chests ... the contents varies. This adds additional play value and a new dimension to the game. Elsewhere on the internet you will find codes which provide the player with numerous extra costumes Frogger can wear - I won't bother reiterating those here. Regardless of the critics universally panning this game, given a bit of acclimation to learn its unorthodox control movement, it's actually fun for all ages. The colors are outstanding, graphics are quite good overall, and cut-scenes throughout the game help explain the story of Frogger saving his swampy homeland. Kids especially seem drawn to it and the 28 challenging levels, dozens of hidden rooms and numerous items to buy lead to a long-lived game. Early in the game, 'Mohan the Penguin' suggests you "buy everything!" from his vending machine. This is sound advice as it adds measurably to the entertainment of the game as it progresses. He also won't replenish the machine consistently unless you buy what he already has in there, so go grab some coins! Here's the way to do it quickly: Get very familiar with the practice board which will reward you with a total of 67 gold coins each time you complete it. With some practice this board can be completed in under 2 minutes, so 20 minutes worth of play yields nearly 700 coins. Not too shabby. The coins can be utilized to purchase all sorts of items including extra lives at different stages of the game (you'll be needing them for certain in the later boards). A maximum of 8 lives can be earned in total. As you progress through different boards, keep an eye open for odd markings on the ground such as cracks or dark areas that are sometimes very easy to miss - these can be 'butt-bounced' (Y-button pressed twice) and lead into challenging hidden rooms which always present a reward of some sort upon completion (usually another costume which Frogger can wear during the game). Again, many have lambasted this game for the clunky controls, but after a couple of hours of continuous play I rarely made a control error. My 9 year old cousin picked it up pretty quickly as well. Due to the incredible overall complexity of the game, I can't really provide a true "walk-through" as some reviewers have for other games, but the game is definitely fun and has many fairly difficult areas which certainly cause you to think or make multiple attempts to clear a section. Persistence pays off. The extras such as the multi-player games and retro-original-Frogger emulation are definitely icing on the cake. It's not Halo, but it IS good, clean non-violent fun for any player regardless of age. Overall, 7 out of 10 stars. Enjoy!
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Frogger: Ancient Shadow 471498Im stuck in level 1 on hidden caves what is the music code please help me thank you Answers: 1
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Frogger: Ancient Shadow 780902How do you get past the practice level? Answers: 0
Frogger: Ancient Shadow 290370In the multiplayer part it will only let me play Bugs Samba. I tried to get other ones but it wont show any of the games... how do I find the different games? Answers: 1
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Frogger: Ancient Shadow 89815In Elder ruins level 2, what do you do. I am stuck on the island with those 2 purple skeleton thingies, where do I place the stones, or how do I get up to that next platform, please help. thank you very much. Answers: 1
Frogger: Ancient Shadow 450242What cheat allows you to walk on walls Answers: 0
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