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Empire Earth II Cheats for PC
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Empire Earth II PC Cheats

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Empire Earth II Cheats

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Empire Earth II

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Cheat List 98%
Toggle God mode play god
Toggle instant construction sea monkeys
Toggle fog of war toggle fog
Additional 10,000 of all resources loot
Additional 50 technology points give tech
Advance one epoch epoch up
Convert selected unit convert
Give 20 damage points to selected unit punish
Recharge power for selected unit recharge me
Win scenario win
Lose 100 of all resources taxes
Disable all active codes idontcheat
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Easy win 100%
Select a huge map then select 3 players all (also you) epoche 1 the start the game input these cheats (i cheat)(play god) then try to ally with all the build as much universiteis as you can and fill them then advance quicly to epoche 15 they will be max at epoche 5 the attack the stongest then the weak one (excuse me if there is miss spelling)
By: abo 3ali(174)
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Resourse 67%
Food: cheese steak jimmy's
Gold: robin hood
Stone: rock on
Wood: lumberjack
Fast process: aegis, toggle off enter again aegis
By: Abdipr(14)
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