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Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town Cheats for GBA
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Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town
GBA Cheats

Rating: 4.8/5 VOTE
Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town Cheats


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Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town

Rating: 4.8/5 VOTE

Codebreaker!!!! 95%

WARNING! Using these codes may not only cause a few glitches, but it will
also take away a lot of fun from the game so it's your choice whether to use
these or not.

These are just some of my favorite codebreaker codes. You can find many more
through the internet. I dunno if all these work since I only use an emulator.
But so far, all these worked for me. ALL VBA USERS, if the code begins with a
zero, change that into 8. Also, I don't know how well these will work or what
glitches they may bring so be careful! If you encounter a glitch or if it
doesn't work, e-mail me. BTW, GBA USERS, if the code begins with an 8, turn it
into a zero. I'm not sure if that works well though...

Oh, and a bit of note. For GBA users, you can buy a codebreaker from
Toys 'R Us or from your local videogames shop. To VBA users, read the
instructions here carefully, as I will no longer answer e-mails that
ask for a step-by-step guide on how to activate the codes. It is already
stated here and it's already a step-by-step method.


Instructions (GBA Codebreaker):

1. Have a saved game file
2. Activate codes and turn GBA on
3. Turn off Codebreaker
4. Load your saved game file
5. Once you are able to move around, turn Codebreaker back on

Instructions (VBA Codebreaker):
NOTE: Most of the time, you don't need to do this. Just paste
the code in your codebreaker.
*Only VBA users with version 1.7.2 up can access codebreaker.

1. After starting your new game, save in the diary
2. Load the saved file from the diary
3. Reset the game and click on continue
4. Load your saved game file
5. Once you are able to move around, activate or load your cheats

While most codes are from Solomon Warrior, a lot of them are modified
by yours truly from the boy version. I worked hard on my codes
(specifically instant marriage, livestock affection, Max.Gold) so
I'd appreciate it if you don't steal.

Master Code:
Most people, like me, don't need this code but seems some still do.
I'm providing two codes:

(Original Boy Version Master Code)
0000E882 000A
100D1BF8 0007

(Master Code provided by timmytation)

999,999,999 Gold:
82004090 E0FF
82004092 05F5

Max.Gold:(do not activate unless you have full rucksack, basket
and blue feather)
82004090 FFFF
82004092 FFFF


All 3 Houses & Complete House & Farm Upgrades:
820027CC 009A
820027CD FF9A
820027CF FF00
820027D0 FFFF
820027D1 FFFF
82005000 009A
82005001 FF9A
82005003 FF00
82005004 FFFF
82005005 FFFF

Dog's max. crown & affection:
82004271 FFFF
82004273 FFFF
82004275 FFFF

Horse's max. crown & affection:
82002618 FFFF
8200261A FFFF

Max. feed for livestock
820029F9 FFFF
82002BD8 FFFF

All chickens max. hearts & crown
82002A2C fcff
82002A2e ffff
82002A5C fcff
82002A5e ffff
82002A8C fcff
82002A8e ffff
82002AbC fcff
82002Abe ffff
82002Aec fcff
82002Aee ffff
82002b1c fcff
82002b1e fcff
82002b4c fcff
82002b4e ffff
82002b7c fcff
82002b7c ffff

All cows and sheep max. hearts & crown (not sure how well these work)
82002C20 FcFF
82002C22 FFFF
82002C24 003F
82002C5c FcFF
82002C5e FFFF
82002C60 003f
82002C98 FcFF
82002C9a FFFF
82002C9c 003f
82002Cd4 FcFF
82002Cd6 FFFF
82002Cd8 003f
82002D10 FcFF
82002D12 FFFF
82002D14 003f
82002D4c FcFF
82002D4e FFFF
82002D50 003f
82002D88 FcFF
82002D8a FFFF
82002D8c 003f
82002Dc4 FcFF
82002Dc6 FFFF
82002Dc8 003f
82002E00 FcFF
82002E02 FFFF
82002E04 003f
82002E3c FcFF
82002E3e FFFF
82002E40 003f
82002E78 FcFF
82002E7a FFFF
82002E7c 003f
82002Eb4 FcFF
82002Eb6 FFFF
82002Eb8 003f
82002Ef0 FcFF
82002Ef2 FFFF
82002Ef4 003f
82002f2c FcFF
82002f2e FFFF
82002f30 003f
82002f68 FcFF
82002f6a FFFF
82002f6c 003f
82002fa4 FcFF
82002fa6 FFFF
82002fa8 003f

You still have to meet all Marriage requirements before you can marry the boy.
To change the heart colors, simply change the last four digits, represented by
an (X) for each boy.

(black) 0000
(purple) 3333
(blue) 5555
(green) 9999
(yellow) BBBB
(orange) DDDD
(red) FFFF

82004508 XXXX

820044C8 XXXX

Gourmet Judge:
820045A4 XXXX

820043C0 XXXX

82004548 XXXX

820045D0 XXXX

82004354 XXXX

8200458C XXXX

+Instant Marriage Codes+ (you must have fully upgraded house and big bed)

8200450a FFFF

820044Ca FFFF

Gourmet Judge:
820045A6 FFFF

820043C2 FFFF

8200454a FFFF

820045D2 FFFF

82004356 FFFF

8200458e FFFF

+Harvest Sprites+

Max. Affection:
82004608 FFFF
8200462C FFFF
82004650 FFFF
82004674 FFFF
82004698 FFFF
820046BC FFFF
820046E0 FFFF

Somebody e-mailed me and told me the codes didn't work. Since
they worked for me, I decided to keep it around but I'm also going
to put up the codes sent by this guy (I lost the name and e-mail
somewhere in the computer. I'll look it up.) Thanks!

NEW Max. Affection Codes:
820045F0 FFFF
82004614 FFFF
82004638 FFFF
8200465C FFFF
82004680 FFFF
820046A4 FFFF
820046C8 FFFF

Max. Work Experience:
82004614 FFFF
82004616 FFFF
82004638 FFFF
8200463A FFFF
8200465C FFFF
8200465E FFFF
82004680 FFFF
82004682 FFFF
820046A4 FFFF
820046A6 FFFF
820046C8 FFFF
820046CA FFFF
820046EC FFFF
820046EE FFFF

+Max. Affection of Townspeople+
These include your Rivals so expect to be invited at their weddings
I still don't know how well these work so don't blame me if your
game freezes up.

820044D4 FFFF
82004528 FFFF
8200441C FFFF
820044A8 FFFF
82004360 FFFF
820045B0 FFFF
82004408 FFFF
82004374 FFFF
820043F4 FFFF
820044E8 FFFF
82004514 FFFF
820043CC FFFF
82004458 FFFF
82004554 FFFF
82004444 FFFF
82004480 FFFF
82004334 FFFF
820043E0 FFFF
82004388 FFFF
8200439C FFFF
8200446C FFFF
82004494 FFFF
82004430 FFFF
8200456C FFFF


Here are the basic Mythic tools plus an extra Teleport stone
for your toolchest. WARNING! Remove code immediately after

82002958 0107
8200295A 0117
8200295C 010F
8200295E 011F
82002960 0127
82002964 012F
82002966 014D

+Items+ (You must not have anything in your rucksack. Also, if you keep the
codes activated, you will have an unlimited amount of the specific items
and not just 8)

GIFT WRAP - gift wrapping costs 100G per gift but it adds 125% to the original
"affection" value of the gift. The same is true if the person
dislikes the item. It slashes 125% and he/she may hate you more so
be careful! To gift wrap, just add +2 to the last digit of the code.
(e.g. fridge item: 0000 => 0002 shelf item: 2201 => 2203)

Slot: Code:
1. 82004224 xxxx
2 82004228 xxxx
3 8200422c xxxx
4 82004230 xxxx
5 82004234 xxxx
6 82004238 xxxx
7 8200423c xxxx
8 82004240 xxxx

Item codes (xxxx)

Item: Code:

Turnip 0008
Potato 0108
Cucumber 0208
Strawberry 0308
Cabbage 0408
Tomato 0508
Corn 0608
Onion 0708
Pumpkin 0808
Pineapple 0908
Eggplant 0A08
Carrot 0B08
Sweet Potato 0C08
Spinach 0D08
Green Pepper 0E08
Regular Egg 0F08
Good Quality Egg 1008
High Quality Egg 1108
Golden Egg 1208
P Egg 1308
X Egg 1408
Spa-Boiled Egg 1508
Mayonnaise (S) 1608
Mayonnaise (M) 1708
Mayonnaise (L) 1808
Mayonnaise (G) 1908
Mayonnaise (P) 1A08
Mayonnaise (X) 1B08
Milk (S) 1C08
Milk (M) 1D08
Milk (L) 1E08
Milk (G) 1F08
Milk (P) 2008
Milk (X) 2108
Cheese (S) 2208
Cheese (M) 2308
Cheese (L) 2408
Cheese (G) 2508
Cheese (P) 2608
Cheese (X) 2708
Apple 2808
Honey 2908
Bamboo Shoot 2A08
Wild Grapes 2B08
Mushroom 2C08
Poisonous Mushroom 2D08
Truffle 2E08
Blue Grass 2F08
Green Grass 3008
Red Grass 3108
Yellow Grass 3208
Orange Grass 3308
Purple Grass 3408
Indigo Grass 3508
Black Grass 3608
White Grass 3708
Queen of the Night 3808
Bodigizer 3908
Bodigizer XL 3A08
Turbojolt 3B08
Turbojolt XL 3C08
Wine 3D08
Grape Juice 3E08
Rice Ball 3F08
Bread 4008
Oil 4108
Flour 4208
Curry Powder 4308
Muffin Mix 4408
Chocolate 4508
Relaxation Tea Leaves 4608
SUGDW Apple 4708
HMSGB Apple 4808
AEPFE Apple 4908
Buckwheat Flour 4A08
Wild Grape Juice 4B08
Salad 4C08
Curry Rice 4D08
Stew 4E08
Miso Soup 4F08
Stir Fry 5008
Fried Rice 5108
Savory Pancake 5208
Sandwich 5308
Fruit Juice 5408
Vegetable Juice 5508
Mixed Juice 5608
Fruit Latte 5708
Vegetable Latte 5808
Mixed Latte 5908
Strawberry Milk 5A08
Strawberry Jam 5B08
Tomato Juice 5C08
Pickled Turnip 5D08
French Fries 5E08
Pickles 5F08
Ketchup 6008
Popcorn 6108
Corn Flakes 6208
Baked Corn 6308
Pineapple Juice 6408
Pumpkin Pudding 6508
Pumpkin Stew 6608
Happy Eggplant 6708
Sweet Potatoes 6808
Baked Sweet Potato 6908
Greens 6A08
Scrambled Eggs 6B08
Omelet 6C08
Omelet Rice 6D08
Boiled Egg 6E08
Hot Milk 6F08
Butter 7008
Cheese Cake 7108
Cheese Fondue 7208
Apple Pie 7308
Apple Jam 7408
Apple Soufflé 7508
Mushroom Rice 7608
Bamboo Rice 7708
Truffle Rice 7808
Sushi 7908
Jam Bun 7A08
Dinner Roll 7B08
Raisin Bread 7C08
Grape Jam 7D08
Curry Bread 7E08
Sashimi 7F08
Grilled Fish 8008
Sashimi Mix 8108
Pizza 8208
Noodles 8308
Curry Noodles 8408
Tempura Noodles 8508
Fried Noodles 8608
Buckwheat Noodles 8708
Tempura Buckwheat Noodles 8808
Fried Noodles 8908
Buckwheat Chips 8A08
Cookies 8B08
Chocolate Cookies 8C08
Tempura 8D08
Ice Cream 8E08
Cake 8F08
Chocolate Cake 9008
Relaxation Tea 9108
Toast 9208
French Toast 9308
Pudding 9408
Mountain Stew 9508
Moon Dumplings 9608
Rice Cake 9708
Roasted Rice Cake 9808
Elli Leaves 9908
Failure 9A08
Failure 9B08
Failure 9C08
Failure 9D08
Failure 9E08
Failure 9F08
Small Fish A008
Medium Fish A108
Large Fish A208
Toasted Rice Ball A308
Tempura Rice A408
Egg Over Rice A508
Rice Gruel A608
Pancakes A708
Fish Sticks A808
Candied Potato A908
Potato Pancakes AA08

**Some items from the boy version have new names and
purposes in MFoMT

Moon Drop Grass 0009
Pink Cat Grass 0109
Blue Magic Grass 0209
Red Magic Grass 0309
Toy Flower 0409
Wool (S) 0509
Wool (M) 0609
Wool (L) 0709
Wool (G) 0809
Wool (P) 0909
Wool (X) 0A09
Yarn (S) 0B09
Yarn (M) 0C09
Yarn (L) 0D09
Yarn (G) 0E09
Yarn (P) 0F09
Yarn (X) 1009
Junk Ore 1109
Copper Ore 1209
Silver Ore 1309
Gold Ore 1409
Mystrile Ore 1509
Orichalc Ore 1609
Adamantite Ore 1709
Moon Stone 1809
Sand Rose 1909
Pink Diamond 1A09
Alexandrite 1B09
Mythic Stone 1C09
Diamond 1D09
Emerald 1E09
Ruby 1F09
Topaz 2009
Peridot 2109
Fluorite 2209
Agate 2309
Amethyst 2409
Harvest Goddess Jewel 2509
Kappa Jewel 2609
Jewel of Truth 2709
Spring Sun 2809
Summer Sun 2909
Autumn Sun 2A09
Winter Sun 2B09
Bracelet 2C09
Necklace 2D09
Earrings 2E09
Broach 2F09
Weeds 3009
Stones 3109
Branches 3209
Recipe for French Fries 3309
Recipe for Ketchup 3409
Ball 3509
Pirate Treasure 3609
Fossil of Ancient Fish 3709
Empty Can 3809
Boots 3909
Fish Bones 3A09
Van's Favorite Thing 3B09 (Karen's Wine)
TV Changer 3C09 (Popuri's Mud Ball)
Shopping Master 3D09 (Ann's Music Box)
Riddle Book 3E09 (Mary's Great Book)
Goddess Gift 3F09 (Elli's Pressed Flower)
Album 1 4009
Album 2 4109
Album 3 4209
Album 4 4309
Album 5 4409
Album 6 4509
Album 7 4609
Album 8 4709
Album 9 4809
Album 10 4909
Album 11 4A09
Album 12 4B09
Album 13 4C09
Album 14 4D09
Album 15 4E09
Album 16 4F09
Album 17 5009
Album 18 5109
Album 19 5209
Album 20 5309
H.G High/Low 100 wins 5409 (Band-Aid)
All About Letters 5509 (Book from H.G.)
Perfume 5609
Cliff's Photo 5709
All About Books 5809 (Plant Encyclopedia)
Invitation to HS party 5909
Dress 5A09
Facial Pack 5B09
Skin Lotion 5C09
Sun Block 5D09
Lumber 5E09
Golden Lumber 5F01
Animal Fodder 6001
Chicken Feed 6101
Certificate of R-P-S 6201
Frisbee 6301
Rick's Watch 6401
Kai's Ocean Charm 6501
Cliff's Flower Decoration 6601
Gray's Brooch 6701
Doctor's Massager 6801
Mysterious ticket 6901
By: john cena619(78)
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Unlockable: Pumpkin seeds 94%
Ship 100 Corns, Tomatoes and Onions.
Unlockable: Spinach Seeds
Ship 100 Sweet Potatoes, Eggplants and Carrots.
Unlockable: Strawberry seeds
Ship 100 Turnips, Potatoes and Cucumbers.
Unlock Mini-Games (WON)
Won's stall is open from 11.20 to 4.20 p.m. daily. Give gifts to Won until you
experience 3 'heart' scenes. Almost any gift will work but give him
something every day if you can. In the first, he will give you one of his
special apples; in the second, he will tell you that he now will buy items from
you and in the third, he will offer his 'Challenge', a mini-game where you have
to guess the position of a specific apple. Winning the Challenge will give you a
ticket or tickets.

If you win a certain number of times, you win the ultimate prize: a Mystery
Flower worth 87,000. If you win a ticket, show it to Won to play his 2nd
mini-game, a slot machine game where you can win a random number of seeds
(random variety) or a Record. Records can be sold for up to 170,000G each. Once
Won offers to buy items from you, he will be willing to buy almost every kind of
item, including items that cannot be shipped with Zack.
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How to marry Gray 93%
If you want to marry Gray, make sure you have upgraded your house twice and have bought everything from the shopping channel. (Power Berry not included) You also have to have the vase you can buy from Won. (He comes to your house one day and says that this house needs something special:)

To raise his heart levels, talk to him everyday and give him what he likes:
1) Jewels
2) Ores
3) Chocolate
4) Branches

Helpful Hint: Try to avoid going into Saibara's shop because there is a scene when Gray gets cut and Mary happens to come in there and fix his wound. Then he starts going to the library everyday at 1:00pm because he is begining to like her.
2nd Helpful Hint: On the Fireworks holiday in summer, watch it with him.
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Recipe!!! 92%

These are the recipes which I've learned over experimenting and making friendly
with the people around you. All these dishes, I try to modify to the point of
giving you the most stamina and recovery from fatigue. I've even won Cooking
Festivals because of this! It may cost some, but it's worth it. Send
additions/corrections to my e-mail.

Name: Ingredients:

AEPFE Apple - apple, HMSGB & SUGDW apple
Apple Jam - pot, sugar, apple, Won's apples, honey
Apple Pie - knife, pot, rolling pin, oven, sugar, egg, butter, flour,
apple, apple souffle, Won's apples
Apple Souffle - frying pan, sugar, salt, apple, butter, oil
Autumn Sun - egg(X), mayonnaise(X), milk(X), cheese(X), wool(X), yarn(X)
Baked Corn - oven, sugar, salt, butter, corn
Baked Sweet Potato- oven, sugar, salt, sweet potato, butter, stone
Bamboo Rice - knife, pot, salt, soy sauce, bamboo shoot, rice ball
Bodigizer - pot, black grass, orange grass, red magic grass, honey
Bodigizer XL - mixer, Bodigizer, blue grass(can be bought in clinic)
Boiled Spinach - spinach, pot, soy sauce
Boiled Egg - pot, egg, salt
Buckwheat Chips - pot, whisk, rolling pin, soy sauce, buckwheat flour
Buckwheat Noodles - knife, rolling pin, pot, all seasoning, buckwheat flour,
noodles, egg, onion, mushroom, bamboo shoot, fish(s,m&L)
Butter - mixer, milk
Cake - oven, whisk, knife, sugar, butter, egg, flour, honey, apple,
strawberry, pineapple
Candied Potatoes - pot, sugar, sweet potato, honey
Cheese Cake - knife, pot, whisk, oven, sugar, cheese, honey, egg, milk,
Cheese Fondue - pot, knife, whisk, sugar, salt, bread, cheese, wine
Cheese (X) - cheese(s,m,L,G&P)
Chirashi Sushi - knife, vinegar, soy sauce, sashimi, rice ball,
scrambled eggs, bamboo shoot, carrot, cucumber, truffle,
Choco Cookies - rolling pin, oven, sugar, butter, egg, chocolate, flour,
Chocolate Cake - oven, whisk, knife, sugar, butter, egg, flour, honey, apple,
strawberry, pineapple, chocolate
Cookies - rolling pin, oven, sugar, flour, butter, egg, honey
Corn Flakes - knife, frying pan, rolling pin, milk, chocolate, corn,
strawberry, apple, pineapple, wild grapes
Curry Bread - knife, frying pan, sugar, salt, vinegar, soy sauce,
curry powder, bread, oil, honey, bamboo shoot, onion,
mushroom, eggplant
Curry Noodles - knife, pot, rolling pin, all seasoning, flour, curry powder,
onion, truffle, egg, eggplant, carrot, sweet potato
Curry Rice - knife, pot, sugar, salt, vinegar, soy sauce, curry powder,
riceball, egg, onion, carrot, truffle, tomato, apple
Dinner Roll - bread, butter, honey
Egg (X) - egg(reg.,good,high,G&P)
Egg Over Rice - pot, sugar, salt, soy sauce, egg, rice ball
Elli Leaves - knife, frying pan, pot, oven, all seasoning, turbojolt XL,
bodigizer XL, 6 failure recipes
Fish Sticks - mixer, salt, fish(L)
French Fries - knife, frying pan, oil, potato
French Toast - frying pan, sugar, bread, butter, oil, egg
Fried Noodles - frying pan, sugar, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, noodles, oil,
egg, bamboo shoot, mushroom, cabbage, carrot, onion
Fried Noodles 2 - frying pan, all seasoning, buckwheat noodles, oil, egg,
cabbage, carrot, fish(s,m&L)
Fried Rice - frying pan, knife, sugar, salt, soy sauce, egg,
spa-boiled egg, oil, rice ball, spinach, carrot, onion,
Fruit Latte - mixer, sugar, apple, wild grape, pineapple, honey,
strawberry, grape juice, milk
Fruit Juice - mixer, sugar, salt, honey, wild grape, apple, pineapple,
Fruit/Vege. Juice - mixer, knife, sugar, salt, strawberry, pineapple,
wild grape, carrot, cucumber, cabbage
Grape Jam - pot, sugar, wild grape, honey
Grape Juice - mixer, salt, sugar, honey, wild grapes
Greens - knife, pot, sugar, soy sauce, spinach, honey
Grilled Fish - frying pan, salt, soy sauce, fish(m), oil
HMSGB Apple - apple, AEPFE & SUGDW apple
Happy Eggplant - knife, frying pan, sugar, soy sauce, miso, eggplant
Hot Milk - pot, sugar, milk
Ice Cream - knife, pot, whisk, sugar, egg, milk, wild grape, apple,
honey, pineapple, strawberry
Jam Bun - bread, apple jam, grape jam, strawberry jam
Ketchup - mixer, sugar, salt, vinegar, tomato, onion
Mayonnaise - whisk, vinegar, egg, oil (instant with Mayonnaise maker)
*depending on the quality of the egg, mayo can
Milk (X) - milk(s,m,L,G&P)
Miso Soup - knife, pot, sugar, salt, soy sauce, miso, mushroom, truffle,
egg, turnip, potato, eggplant, corn, carrot
Mixed Juice - knife, mixer, salt, sugar, strawberry, pineapple, honey,
wild grape, carrot, cucumber, cabbage, green pepper
Mixed Latte - knife, mixer, salt, sugar, fruit juice, vegetable juice,
milk, honey, apple, Won's apples
Moon dumplings - muffin mix, sugar
Mountain Stew - knife, pot, sugar, soy sauce, bamboo shoot, carrot,
mushroom, honey, truffle, potato, oil, fish(L)
Mushroom Rice - knife, pot, salt, soy sauce, mushroom, rice ball
Noodles - knife, rolling pin, pot, all seasoning, flour, truffle,
onion, mushroom, eggplant, egg, carrot, sweet potato
Noodles w/ Tempura- pot, salt, vinegar, soy sauce, buckwheat noodles, tempura,
carrot, eggplant, bamboo shoot, fish(s,m&L)
Omelet - frying pan, salt, whisk, milk, oil, egg
Omelet Rice - frying pan, salt, whisk, milk, oil, egg, rice ball
Pancakes - frying pan, whisk, sugar, flour, honey, oil, butter, milk,
Pickles - knife, salt, soy sauce, cucumber
Pickled Turnip - knife, sugar, salt, vinegar, soy sauce, turnip
Pineapple juice - mixer, salt, sugar, honey, pineapple
Pizza - knife, rolling pin, oven, sugar, salt, flour, ketchup,
cheese, tomato, onion, mushroom, fish(m&L)
Popcorn - frying pan, salt, corn, butter
Potato Pancakes - knife, frying pan, salt, soy sauce, potato, onion, oil,
flour, egg
Pudding - knife, pot, oven, sugar, cornflakes, egg, milk, strawberry,
wild grape, pineapple, apple
Pumpkin Pudding - knife, pot, oven, sugar, milk, honey, egg, wine, pumpkin
Pumpkin Stew - knife, pot, sugar, salt, vinegar, soy sauce, honey,
grape juice, wine, pumpkin
Raisin Bread - grape juice, wild grape, honey, bread
Relaxation Tea - pot, sugar, r.tea leaves, honey, black grass, blue grass,
purple grass, green grass, indigo grass, white grass
R. Tea Leaves - knife, frying pan, weed, red grass, orange grass,
yellow grass, indigo grass, blue grass, purple grass,
green grass
Rice Gruel - pot, salt, rice ball, orange grass, blue grass, green grass,
indigo grass, white grass, purple grass
Roasted Rice Cake - frying pan, all seasoning, rice cake, butter, oil
Salad - knife, salt, vinegar, soy sauce, tomato, truffle, green
cheese, cucumber, cabbage, potato, mayonnaise
Sandwich - knife, butter, bread, cucumber, tomato, hard-boiled egg,
cabbage, cheese, mayonnaise
Sashimi - knife, soy sauce, fish(m&L)
Savory Pancake - knife, frying pan, salt, soy sauce, flour, oil, egg,
fish(L), mushroom, carrot, cabbage, eggplant
Scrambled Eggs - frying pan, oil, whisk, egg, butter, mayonnaise
Spring Sun - toy flower, moondrop flower, pinkcat flower,
blue & red magic grass
Stew - pot, salt, flour, milk, potato, corn, carrot, fish(s,m&L)
Stir Fry - knife, frying pan, salt, soy sauce, spinach, truffle, oil,
cabbage, onion, tomato, carrot, green pepper
Strawberry Jam - pot, sugar, strawberry, honey
Strawberry Milk - mixer, sugar, salt, honey, milk, strawberry
Summer Sun - fish (s,m&L), fish fossil, pirate treasure
Sushi - vinegar, sashimi, riceball
Sweet Potatoes - pot, oven, sugar, butter, egg, sweet potato
SUGDW Apple - apple, HMSGB & AEFPE apple
Tempura - frying pan, salt, soy sauce, flour, oil, mushroom, egg,
cabbage, carrot, cucumber, eggplant
Tempura Noodles - pot, salt, soy sauce, miso, tempura, noodles, onion,
fish(s&L), truffle, carrot, cabbage
Tempura Rice - sugar, salt, soy sauce, rice ball, tempura
Toast - oven, sugar, bread, butter, honey, strawberry jam,
apple jam, grape jam
Toasted Rice Ball - oven, salt, soy sauce, miso, rice ball
Tomato Juice - mixer, salt, tomato
Truffle Rice - salt, soy sauce, truffle, riceball
Turbojolt - pot, white grass, orange grass, red magic grass, honey
Turbojolt XL - mixer, turbojolt, green grass
Vegetable Juice - knife, mixer, sugar, salt, cucumber, cabbage, tomato,
Vegetable Latte - knife, mixer, sugar, salt, cucumber, cabbage, tomato,
carrot, milk
Wild Grape Juice - pot, wine, wild grapes, purple grass
Winter Sun - emerald, moonstone, sandrose, diamond, alexandrite,
pink diamond, mythic stone
By: john cena619(78)
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In spring,summer and fall go to the forest collect all the flowers and ship them.In winter go to the mine and collect some things and then go to the beach with the fishing rod and collect fishs.This is how I raised my money to 1 lac......

THATS ALL I HAVE.GLAD TO HELP....................
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When your person gets pregnant in your game it will take about two months before the baby will come. About one month after you get pregnant when you talk to your husband he will say something different. Also if you ask the doctor for a check up he will say "The baby is coming soon." But before that he would say "It's going to be a while until the baby comes." So thats how you know if baby will come soon or not.
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Easy way in mines 87%
First save the game.and find a ladder down
after you find it load the game.
return to the place where it used to be a ladder
you will find the ladder at the same place!
By: findaname(16)
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Easy Money 87%
When you check your mailbox, sometimes there appears a letter named congratulations!
now you carry van's favorite but instead of giving it to van, sell it to won and you now have added 48,000-57,000G!!!
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Your horse can enter horse race festival in year 1! 86%
Just enter the codebreaker(82002618 FFFF 8200261A FFFF)and your horse has maximum
heart and have crown.DO not remove the code untill you compete your horse in the horse
race festival.I sure you will win in the copmetition.when you win,you will get power berry.
By: john cena619(78)
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Mystery flower 83%
If you win the won challange,you will got a mystery flower.
it cost 87.000
but,if you get 10 and give it to the harvest goddess,you will got a rare flower
it cost 1.000.000(yaaayyy!)
By: mamen(49)
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Helpful Hints Gotz not working :o 82%
I thinks it year 3 gotz will not want to work anymore the only way to get him back to work is give in honey or mountain stew Honey is better since it is in your farm in the tree near the pond!
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Doctor 82%
Okay so I know a lot of people say that doctor(odd name) is one of the easiest guys in the game and let me tell you something, their right! Doctor is basicily the easiest guy(so is Rick).

To get doctor to fall in love with you just give him the following things.

Spring: Blue herb.

Later in Spring(when you have a cow): Milk and a blue herb.

Summer: Milk, blue herb and a grape.

Fall: Milk, blue herb and a apple.

Winter: Milk and a white herb.

Talk to him twice a day. Get a check up everyday, buy medicien whenever you can and be friends with Elli.

I hope these tips work!

By: rhandy344(276)
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Easy money ever!!!!!!! 82%
You just enter the code (82004224 5509) in codebreaker and you sold it to won.make sure you make friends with him first.just give him copper,silver,gold or mystrile.or you use this code instead (8200458C FFFF).when you sell the item it worth 50,000,000 be rich with doing this.

from john cena 619
By: john cena619(78)
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Townspeople Birthdays 81%
In Spring the people who have birthdays are:

Bold (The Purple sprite)=Spring 4
Kappa and Harvest Goddess=Spring 8
Saibara=Spring 11
Staid (The Blue sprite)=Spring 14
Elli=Spring 16
Barley=Spring 17
Lillia=Spring 19
Aqua (The Aquamarine Sprite)=Spring 26
Sasha=Spring 30

In Summer the people who have birthdays are:

Popuri=Summer 3
Harris=Summer 4
Cliff=Summer 6
Basil=Summer 11
Timid (The Green Sprite)=Summer 16
Ann=Summer 17
Kai=Summer 22
Thomas=Summer 25
Zack=Summer 29

In Fall the people who have birthdays are:

Gotz=Fall 2
Stu=Fall 5
Hoggy (The Yellow Sprite)=Fall 10
Manna=Fall 11
Chef (The Red Sprite)=Fall 14
Karen=Fall 15
Doctor=Fall 17
Carter=Fall 20
Anna=Fall 23
Rick=Fall 27

In Winter the people who have birthdays are:

Gray=Winter 6
Doug=Winter 11
Ellen=Winter 13
Duke=Winter 15
Won=Winter 19
Mary=Winter 20
Nappy (The Orange Sprite)=Winter 22
May=Winter 26
Jeff=Winter 29
By: 000mew000(62)
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If your game frezzes! 80%
If your game freezes you can go to the main menu (or whatever you call it.) by pressing all the buttons on your game boy.(This works for everything.)
Get your index finger on your right hand and press the L and R button,The get your thumb on your right hand and press the A and B buttons.Then get 2 of your fingers on your left hand and press the START and SELECT buttons.Do this and
your game should unfreeze!

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How to marry won 80%
Won heart event

(Black Heart) Event #1: The Flower Vase
- Once you have accumulated 5000G and have your first house extension,
Won will appear at your doorstep and offer to sell it for that amount.
You can't marry Won if you don't buy the vase. Don't worry 'coz if you
turned him down the first time, he'll come back a season later to sell
it again. The vase can help you rejuvenate if you put flowers in it.

(Purple Heart Event) Event #2: Apple Mayhem
- Walk in Zack's House and you'll see Won musing over a lot of the
"special" apples (SUGDW, HMSGB, AEPFE). It had been knocked to the floor
somehow...only...Won can't tell which is which! He decides to pick 'em
up before someone finds out that he can't tell the difference (too late
chump! Zack's with you!) but then, he is shocked to find you standing
at the door. Realizing you saw the whole thing, he picks up an apple
and gives it to you, hoping to bribe you into shutting up. Then, you
are kicked out the door.

(Blue Heart) Event #3: The Selling Feature
- Once you've increased your friendship to Won at a certain level, walk
inside Zack's house and he'll tell you that you can now bring stuff to
him so he may buy it. This is probably his most important and useful
event, as you can increase your fortune quickly. See GOLD-DIGGER part
of this guide (scroll above).

(Yellow Heart) Event #4: Apple Shuffle
- Go inside Zack's House and you'll find Won, standing with three of
the "special" apples in front of him. Won will name each (SUGDW, HMSGB,
AEPFE) and shuffle them. You'll then be asked to guess which apple
is the one he calls for. If you guess right, you'll play again. Guess
wrong the first time and you don't win anything. The first game is for
free but next time, you have to pay him 100G per game. The prize you get
from this game is a 'Mysterious Ticket', which allows you to play
another game which is something similar to a slot machine. Also, if you
play the "Apple Shuffle" game and win 10 times in a row, won will say
that you're no ordinary farmer and instead of giving you the mystery
tickets, he'll give you 1 Mystery flower, which is worth a lot. This
flower will be worth even more if you give 10 of it to the Harvest
Goddess, who'll exchange it for a gift, worth 1 MILLION G if you sell
it to Won.

now you can marry with him.
By: john cena619(78)
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How to have a baby!! :o 77%
When your married and your Husband/Wife every morning give your Husband/Wife their Faviourite food a while later You/Your wife will be pregneat your wife/You Will say to You/Your Husband that they are sick the doctor will say that Your/they are pregneant then keep given them there faviourite food to your Husband/Wife and one day you will wake up and the doctor will be there and elli unless your married to them the doctor says 1 more push will do it than you will get to name your baby I had a girl but you might have a boy!
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Doctor's Likes 77%
If you feel interest to Doctor,easy to be close with him.He likes everything healty like grass,buckhweat flour,bamboo-shoot,poinous mushroom,and many more. If there some mistake with my languange,please forgive me...
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Baby Birthday 77%
If you get married on 2 Spring (wear code), your baby will born on 2 Winter

I can't English, cause I'm from Indonesia, sorry
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Winter Mine!!!! :o 75%
There is a winter mine where kappa is suppose to be and if you dont know where that is all you have to do is go to the bottom of your farm and you will see a bridge go across that bridge then go straight there will be like a V when you go When you are walking you will see water but if your going there in winter you will see ice go there there will be the mine when you hit those rocks in that mine you will get topaz amythest and ect they are realtively valuablle!
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Stary Night! Woohoo~~! 75%
Okay, this is the tips.
When the bachelor's heart is green or higher, you could have a dinner with them at 24th of Winter
If you want to try have a dinner with all the bachelor, save the game first at 23rd before Mayor gives you the invitations so you can load the game later to have a dinner with other bachelor.
I got 3 invitations :3 (Doctor, Cliff, and Gray. Too bad because Rick's heart is still blue, and Kai doesn't here), and I tried them all. (amazing :D)

1st. Cliff.
He'll waiting for you at wine cellar at 6 P.M and the dinner will be only two of you at your house.
(the comment: "having a dinner with Cliff. It was lovely. - yes it is :D)

2nd. Doctor.
You'll have a dinner with Doctor and Carter (I wonder why it's not Cliff besides Doctor that invite Carter) and he'll wait for you at Clinic at 6 P.M.
(the comment: "Having a party with Doctor and Carter. It was fun!")

3rd. Gray.
Of course Grandpa will accompany the dinner. Don't be dissapointed :P. He'll wait for you at the shop at 6 P.M.
They get fight (as always) because Grandpa asks you about the tools and Gray said, "Stop talking about works!"
(the comment: "Having a party with Gray and Grandpa. It was nice!")

Andddddddd the heart rate will goes HIGHEEEER! :DD
Good luck! :D
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Easy Money 73%
If you have a horse compete him in the horse race...

and dont forget to bring a basket...

trade it to a brooch...

BROOCH can cost 2,000 g and put it all in the basket...

you can get a 60,000 in one day but you need a matured horese...

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How to marry kappa 71%
Throw a cucumber or two in his lake then someday when you go to the confessions you may choose I wanna mary kappa(dunno what happens next)
By: yaziquel(205)
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Easy way to win won challange 71%
First you must remember the name of all apple.. for example,hyper miracle bla-bla-bla
(i dont remember the name) you call it H and the angle pure bla-bla-bla
(i dont remember the name) you call it A. if won start shuffleling the apple,look at H and A
dont look at the super bla-bla-bla apple. for example the A is on the left and the H is on the center,if won ask the super bla-bla-bla apple,it means you answer right.easy?
sory for saying bla-bla-bla.
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Mini Games (H. Goddess) 71%
Press R1 and Analog key at the same time, in the 1 - 3 days of spring.
if correct, H. Goddess will appears on the screen on your tv. Before that, save the game first. H. Goddess will ask you a question.
Sorry, I can't English, coz i'm from indonesia.
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Get a powerberry from Kappa 71%
If you throwing a cucumber to the lake,you will see Kappa.He not say anything.just ".....".Throw again for the second time.She will say"you annoying"and if you throw everyday.He always say like that.And IF you throw cucumber for 8-10 day,He will give you blue power berry.NOTE:you dont have to throw cucumber 2 times ^_^.
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Have everything! 71%
This cheat will let you have all house upgrades everything from the shopping network! practicaly everything for marriage except for blue feather and the red heart thig and be sure to turn this off after you use this or else your game will hang

82005000 009A
82005001 FF9A
82005003 5500
82005004 FFFF
82005005 FFFF
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Favourites of Rick, Gray, Cliff And a secret place of the church 70%
ricky-he loves egg , especially high quality. The others where you think he really
appreciates he doesn't really like, it's to make love with him! especially when you give eggs!

1st favourite - High quality egg
2nd favourite- Egg
3rd favourite- chocolate (many boys like chocolate)

gray- he likesanything found on the mine except for junk ore! He also like chocolate but not as much as he likes jewels or mine items

1ST favourite - Jewels (can be won in the horse the race if you bet)
2ND favourite - ores (not junk ore!)
3RD favourite - Chocolate! (found in the supermarket)

cliff- he likes food or milk, cause he came from a poor family!(no wonder he appreciates food so much!)

1ST favourite - Milk (from cow)
2ND favourite - Honey ( from farm)
3rd favourite - Chocolate or Rice balls ( from supermarket)

( If you give a boy Chocolate in a thanksgiving day with his heart black or purple, you might think he won't appreciate it but he will, on the next year he will be the one to give you cookies or chocolate)


Be friends with the priest, he likes honey, egg and milk! When he thinks of you as his friend he will lets you go to a secret door beside the piano. You will find 3 truffles there which together are equal to =$900. You will not be able to see any truffles during winter. But you still have to continue giving him things!
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Strategy 69%
At three o'clock on most days, you can walk into the room on the left of where Carter usually stands in the church. Once there you may get cursed tool blessed, say hello, or confess. If you confess that the townspeople do not like you and it says "The Harvest Goddess has forgiven you", then your popularity will increase slightly. This also works for other confessions. Basically, if you are "forgiven", whatever you confessed to will be reversed. For example, if you are "forgiven" for working too hard, your stamina will increase.

If you throw an object onto the ground, it is considered littering. Anytime you do so it will decrease your popularity with the townspeople slightly. To keep the people around you happy and the town pretty, make sure you throw away all unwanted items in the trash can in Rose Square or you can simply go to your backpack, select the trash, and press Select to throw away the item.

There are five men to choose from to marry. They are Cliff, Gray, Doctor, Kai, and Rick. In order to get one to like you, you must give him gifts and talk to him. Giving one gift per day is suggested, just to budget. Each man likes and dislikes different things, and loves to get presents on their birthdays. The following is a list of the bachelors' information. The name beside "Marries" is the girl that the bachelor will marry if you do not try to marry him. Once the man you want to marry hearts turns bright red, you can buy a Blue Feather and propose.

Pumpkin seeds
Ship a total of 100 Corns, Tomatoes and Onions on your Shipping List. Pumpkin seeds can now be bought at the Supermarket.

Spinach seeds
Ship a total of 100 Sweet Potatoes, Eggplants and Carrots on your Shipping List. Spinach seeds can now be bought at the Supermarket.

Strawberry seeds
Ship a total of 100 Turnips, Potatoes and Cucumbers on your Shipping List. Strawberry seeds can now be bought at the Supermarket.

Cliff's biography
His birthday is Summer 6, and alternately Summer 10. If you do not marry him, he will marry Ann. On Fall 17 Duke (the wine man) will ask you to help harvest grapes. He says that you may bring a friend. If you do not bring Cliff, he will leave the game permanently, due to lack of money.

Cliff's items
His special item is Curry Rice. His favorite items are Tempura recipes, Pizza, Omelet recipes, Stew recipes, Mushroom Rice, Curry recipes, Cheese Fondu, Sushi recipes, Sandwich, Savory Pancake, Greens, Bamboo Rice, Scrambled Eggs, Happy Eggplant, Miso Soup, Latte recipes, and Grilled Fish.

Cliff's schedule

Sunday to Saturday (before job): 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. Inn 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Church 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Inn.
Sunday to Friday (after job): 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. Inn 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Church 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. Inn
Saturday (after job): 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. Inn 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Church 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. Inn

Cliff's heart events

Black: Church on Tuesday or Thursday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Purple: Church after the Fall wine harvest on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Blue: Town screen north of your farm towards where the Winery is located on Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. after Fall wine harvest. He will give you a flower decoration that he made.
Yellow: Winery house on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Cliff's rival events

Black: Second floor of the Inn, Spring night, any day except Saturday after 6 or 7 p.m.
Purple: Church before Fall 1 Year 1
Blue: Inn on Year2 on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Yellow: Winery Storehouse Year 4 after Wine Harvest on any day except for Saturday between 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Doctor's biography
His birthday is Fall 17. After marriage, Doctor will still continue to work at the clinic. If you do not marry him, he will marry Elli.

Doctor's items
His special item is Milk (any size). His favorite items are Large and Medium Fish, Honey, Tomato Juice, Veggie Juice, Wild Grape Juice, Poisonous Mushroom, wild Grasses, Hot Milk, Elli Leaves, Fish Sticks, Bamboo Shoots, Wine, Mixed Latte, Veggie Latte, Mixed Juice, and Colored Grass.

Doctor's schedule

Thursday to Tuesday: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mineral Clinic
Wednesday (sunny): 7:30 a.m. to 10:20 a.m. Mothers Hill 11:40 a.m. to 1 p.m.-Clinic 1:40 p.m. to 4 p.m. Library 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Mineral Clinic
Wed (rainy): 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. Church 10:20 to 1 p.m. Clinic 1:40 p.m. to 4 p.m. Library 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Mineral Clinic

Doctor's heart events

Black: Clinic on Monday, Thursday, Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Purple: Clinic on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday.
Blue: Clinic on any day except Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. He will give you the Minus Ion (a back massage).
Yellow: Clinic on Friday, Saturday, Monday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Doctor's rival events

Black: Clinic any day except Tuesday or Wednesday.
Purple: Ellen's house on Monday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Blue: Clinic on Year 2 on any day except Tuesday or Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Yellow: Beach on Year 4 on a sunny Wednesday from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Gray's biography
His birthday is Winter 6, and alternately Winter 23. After marriage, he will keep working at the Blacksmith's. If you do not marry him, he will marry Mary.

Gray's items
His special item is Baked Corn. His favorite items are Apple Pie, Branches, Cake recipes, Chocolate recipes, Ice Cream, Curry Bread, Curry Rice, Omelet Rice, Perfume, Facepack, Savory Pancake, Candied Potato, all accessories, all ores, and all jewels.

Gray's schedule

Friday to Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. Inn 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. Blacksmith 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Library 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Inn.
Thursday: 6 a.m. to 7a.m. Inn 7:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. M Hill Top 11 a.m. to 12p.m. Blacksmith 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Library 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Inn.
Monday: 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. Inn 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. Inn.

Gray's heart events

Black: Blacksmith on Sunday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday Blacksmith from 10:10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Purple: Second floor of the inn on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Blue: Walk out of your Farm House on Thursday at 6 a.m. to 12 p.m.. He will give you a necklace.
Yellow: Blacksmith on Thursday at 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Gray's rival events

Black: Blacksmith on any day except Monday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Purple: Library on any day except Monday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Blue: Mother's Hill Peak on Year 2 on a sunny Sunday, Tuesday, or Friday from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m.
Yellow: Library on Year 4 on Thursday or Saturday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Kai's biography
His birthday is Summer 22, and alternately Summer 17. Any event with Kai happens in Summer. After marriage, he will stop leaving the village at the end of the Summer. After the ceremony is over he will ask if it is all right to open his Seaside Lodge. If you tell him "No" then he will stay inside of the house and never leave. If you tell him it is okay, Kai will leave the house at 8:00 a.m. and return at lunch time. He then leaves for the Lodge and comes home at 8:30 p.m. every day, except for Sunday when his lodge is closed. On Sundays he will stay at home all day. Kai will have his lodge opened all year round instead of just during the Summer season. If you do not marry him, he will mary Poupuri.

Kai's items
His special item is Pineapple. His favorite items are Flour, Curry recipes, Omelet recipes, Pumpkin recipes, Oil, Large Fish, Perfume, Corn, Onion, Toast, Pineapple Juice, Bread, Pink Diamond, French Toast, Wine recipes, Tomato, Eggs. He dislikes Bamboo Shoots, Rice Cakes, Soba Noodles, Mushroom, Sweet Potato, Truffle, Poison Mushroom, Turnip, Wild Grass.

Kai's schedule

Monday to Saturday: 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. Inn 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. Beach 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Seaside Lodge 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Beach 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Lodge 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. Inn.
Sunday (sunny): 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. Inn 1:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. Beach 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Inn.
Sunday (rainy): 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Inn

Kai's heart events

Black: Beach on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. (or 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.)
Purple: Lodge on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday whenever it is open.
Blue: Beach on Friday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. He will give you a seashell.
Yellow: Beach on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Kai's rival events

Black: Beach on a sunny day from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Purple: Beach on a sunny Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday from 9 7 p.m.
Blue: Beach on Year 2 on a sunny Sunday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Yellow: Poultry Farm on Year 4 from 11:30 to 4 p.m.

Rick's biography
His birthday is Fall 27, and alternately Fall 23. If you do not marry him, he will marry Karen.

Rick's items
His special item is the Spa Boiled Egg. His favorite items are Omelet recipes, Chocolate recipes, any size Mayonnaise, any size Egg, any size Cheese, Large Fish, Strawberry Milk, Honey, Chicken Food, Popcorn, Wine, Wild Grape Juice, Pudding, Corn, Cornflakes, Bodigizer, and Turbojolt.

Rick's schedule
He can be found at the store bench in the morning, the Poultry Farm the rest of the day, and the Inn at 8 p.m.

Rick's heart events

Black: Poultry Farm on Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Purple: Poultry Farm on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Blue: Poultry Farm on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. He will give you his watch.
Yellow: Inn on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday from 8:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Rick's rival events

Black: Leave the spring mine on a sunny Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Purple: Walk out of Gotz's house on Sunday, Monday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Blue: Walk out of spring mine in Year 2 on a sunny Wednesday, Friday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Yellow: Walk out of the poultry farm in Year 4 on a sunny Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

The following is a list of what the townspeople like, if you want to be their friend. All of the townspeople like chocolate, with the exception of Karen. Most girls and women also like flowers.

Carter (Priest): Honey, grapes, chocolate (any sweets)
Gotz (Woodcutter): Honey, eggs (anything from your farm)
Grandpa (runs Yodel Farm): Buckwheat noodles
Karen (Supermarket girl): Wine, popcorn (hates chocolate)
Mary (Library girl): Flowers
Poupuri (Chicken girl): Flowers
Tommy and May (Elli's little brother and Grandpa's granddaughter): Honey

Item prices

Turnip: 60G
Potato: 80G
Cucumber: 60G
Strawberry: 30G
Cabbage: 250G
Tomato: 60G
Corn: 100G
Onion: 80G
Pumpkin: 250G
Pineapple: 500G
Eggplant: 80G
Carrot: 120G
Sweet Potato: 80G
Spinach: 80G
Green Pepper: 40G
Egg: 50G
Spa-Boiled Egg: 80G
Golden Egg: 100G
Mayonnaise: (S) 100G
Mayonnaise: (M) 150G
Mayonnaise: (L): 200G
Milk (S): 100G
Milk (M): 150G
Milk (L): 200G
Cheese: (S): 300G
Cheese: (M): 400G
Cheese: (L): 500G
Wool: (S): 100G
Wool: (M): 400G
Wool: (L): 500G
Yarn: (S): 300G
Yarn: (M): 700G
Yarn: (L): 800G
Small Fish: 50G
Medium Fish: 120G
Large Fish: 200G
Apple: 50G
Honey: 50G
Bamboo Shoot: 50G
Wild Grape: 50G
Mushroom: 70G
Poison Mushroom: 100G
Truffle: 500G
Blue Grass: 100G
Green Grass: 100G
Red Grass: 110G
Yellow Grass: 120G
Orange Grass: 100G
Purple Grass: 120G
Indigo Grass: 100G
Black Grass: 10G
White Grass: 150G
Junk Ore: 1G
Copper: 15G
Silver: 20G
Gold: 25G
Mytrile: 40G
Orichalc: 50G
Adamantite: 60G
Amethyst: 60G
Agate: 62G
Fluorite: 65G
Peridot: 68G
Topaz: 70G
Ruby: 75G
Emerald: 80G
Diamond: 100G
Moon Stone: 55G
Sand Rose: 60G The Daily Poll
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The greatest cheats, guides,tips and hints of all (part 2) 67%
820025D8 000F: Have The Villa, The Beach House & The Mountain Cabbin

82002BC8 FF01: Have Improved Barn

820027CC 009A: Have Frig, Bathroom, Shelves and ALL Upgrades on house
820027CD FF9A
820027CF FF00
820027D0 FFFF
820027D1 FFFF

820029E8 FFFF: Have Upgraded Chicken House

Stage 2:

82004E0C 000F: Have The Villa, The Beach House & The Mountain Cabbin

820053FC FF01: Have Improved Barn
020053FD FFFF

82005000 009A: Have Frig, Bathroom, Shelves and ALL Upgrades on house
82005001 FF9A
82005003 FF00
82005004 FFFF
82005005 FFFF

8200521C FFFF: Have Chicken House Upgrade

>C://VIII/Affection Modification/

Stage 1:

320044A6 FFFF: Instant Marrage To Karen!

320044D2 FFFF: Instant Marrage To Elle!

32004526 FFFF: Instant Marrage To Ann!

32004416 FFFF: Instant Marrage To Mary!

3200435A FFFF: Instant Marrage To Popuri!

820045a6 FFFF: Instant Marrage To The Harvest Goddess!

820045F0 FFFF: Max Affection From The Red Harvest Sprite

82004614 FFFF: Max Affection From The Orange Harvest Sprite

82004638 FFFF: Max Affection From The Yellow Harvest Sprite

8200465C FFFF: Max Affection From The Green Harvest Sprite

82004680 FFFF: Max Affection From The Blue Harvest Sprite

820046A4 FFFF: Max Affection From The Purple Harvest Sprite

820046C8 FFFF: Max Affection From The Aquamarine Harvest Sprite

320044A5 00FF: Red Heart For Karen

320044D1 00FF: Red Heart For Elle

32004525 00FF: Red Heart For Ann

32004415 00FF: Red Heart For Mary

32004359 00FF: Red Heart For Popuri

820045A4 FFFF: Red Heart For Harvest Goddess

Stage 2:

32006CDA FFFF: Instant Marrage To Karen!

32006D06 FFFF: Instant Marrage To Elle!

32006D5A FFFF: Instant Marrage To Ann!

32006C4A FFFF: Instant Marrage To Mary!

32006B8E FFFF: Instant Marrage To Popuri!

82006DDA FFFF: Instant Marrage To The Harvest Goddess!

82006E24 FFFF: Max Affection From The Red Harvest Sprite

82006E48 FFFF: Max Affection From The Orange Harvest Sprite

82006E6C FFFF: Max Affection From The Yellow Harvest Sprite

82006E90 FFFF: Max Affection From The Green Harvest Sprite

82006EB4 FFFF: Max Affection From The Blue Harvest Sprite

82006ED8 FFFF: Max Affection From The Purple Harvest Sprite

82006EFC FFFF: Max Affection From The Aquamarine Harvest Sprite

32006CD9 00FF: Red Heart For Karen

32006D05 00FF: Red Heart For Elle

32006D59 00FF: Red Heart For Ann

32006C49 00FF: Red Heart For Mary

32006B8D 00FF: Red Heart For Popuri

82006DD8 FFFF: Red Heart For Harvest Goddess

>C://IX/Other Mods/

Stage 1:

320025E0 yyyy: Midify Weather

Stage 2:

32004E14 yyyy: Midify Weather

Outcomes (Modify Weather):


0000: Sunny

0001: Rainy

0002: Snowy

0003: Stormy (Can't leave house)

0004: Blizzard (Can't leave house)

Stage 1:

320025EB 0078: Stop Time

320025E9 00yy: Change Date

Stage 2:

32004E1F 0078: Stop Time

32004E1D yyyy: Change Date

*NOTE*: you should copy the stage 1 and stage 2!
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Having troubles for tea party? 67%
If they gave you the invitation on a festival day don't worry cause you can give it to them at any day in spring
By: yaziquel(205)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Birthdays 67%
Bold: Spring 4 (alternate date Spring 9)
Harvest Goddess: Spring 8.
Saibara: Spring 11
Staid: Spring 15
Elli: Spring 16 (alternate date Spring 20)
Barley: Spring 17
Lilia: Spring 19
Aqua: Spring 26
Sasha: Spring 30

Popuri: Summer 3 (alternate date Summer 10)
Harris: Summer 4
Cliff: Summer 6
Basil: Summer 11
Timid: Summer 16
Ann: Summer 17 (alternate date Summer 22)
Kai: Summer 22
Mayor Thomas: Summer 25
Zack: Summer 29

Gotz: Fall 2
Stu: Fall 5
Hoggy: Fall 10
Manna: Fall 11
Hoggy: Fall 10
Chef: Fall 14
Karen: Fall 15 (alternate date Fall 23)
Doctor: Fall 17 (alternate date Fall 19)
Carter: Fall 20
Anna: Fall 23
Rick: Fall 27

Gray: Winter 6
Doug: Winter 11
Ellen: Winter 13
Duke: Winter 15
Won: Winter 19
Nappy: Winter 22
Mary: Winter 20 (Alternate date Winter 25)
May: Winter 26
Jeff: Winter 29
By: AngelGurl(121)
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Easy money 67%
Make friend with won and play the apple it until you won give you the [flower].collect until 9 and give to harvest godness. you will have 1,000,000!
By: najaahi(17)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Sleeping over! 67%
If you're friends with all your rivals (Elli, Karen, Popuri, Mary, Ann), at night when you already bought the big bed ( I got it on winter) at 9 PM they all (yup, ALL of them) will come to see your big bed and want to sleep over. But apparently the big bed is not to big to 5 girl (of course!) so, they're going back home. They're cuuutteeeee :3
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Marry doctor in 1 month 67%
Thing that his like


Blue Grass
Green Grass
Red Grass
Yellow Grass
Orange Grass
Purple Grass
Indigo Grass
Black Grass
White Grass

milk=he like better quality

list of milk:
Milk (S)
Milk (M)
Milk (L)
Milk (G)
Milk (P)
Milk (X)

his event


- Mon/Thu/Sat 9AM-4PM Clinic
- Walk inside the Clinic and you'll walk over to Doctor's desk. He'll
ask if you're a patient but then realizes you're the new farmer. He
introduces himself and says you're free to come visit any time. He
starts talking about his job a bit and how he wants to make medicine
for people. He then tells you of a new medicine he brought from another
town and asks if you'd like to test the improvised version for him.
Say "O...Okay". The medicine doesn't taste too good but it energizes
you and makes Doctor happy.

- Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon Clinic
- Doctor welcomes you in and says that he has a new medicine for you
to try. You start to panic and are given the choice to ask what it is
or just flee for your life! If you ask what it is, the Doc will be
extremely happy and give you the much more effective version of the
medicine you had last time but once you drink it, you'll pass out for
a few. The Doc apologizes and Elli tells him he shouldn't be giving you
those meds anymore. Leave it to a woman to feel another woman's pain.

- Any day except Wed 9AM-4PM Clinic
- You must have an empty slot in your rucksack. Once you step in the
clinic, Elli will welcome you in. She'll ask a bit about your farm
life and says that Doctor has something to give you. Ask what it is
and she'll tell you to go to the Doctor's office. He's happy that you
came and he tells you about an unconventional therapy that's been making
waves across the city and he wants you to be the first to test it.
He gives you a Negative Ion Item and says that it'll help you relax in
the same way as a pleasant walk in the mountains.

- Fri/Sat/Mon 9AM-4PM Clinic
- Elli will call you over and ask that you talk to Doctor for her. She says
he's been acting strange lately and she couldn't get him to talk. You agree
and go over to Doc's desk. He is surprised that you and Elli are worried
about him, but he explains that he's been thinking about how uneasy his
patients are around him. He asks for some advice. Tell him to open his heart.
He'll like the suggestion and blurt out that he's never told anyone of his
worries before, but he finds you easy to talk to and wonders why it is so.
He'll later say that you inspire him. How sweet :)

you will marry in know time
By: john cena619(78)
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Getting money easily 64%
During the Spring and Fall horseraces, bring your basket. Bet all your money on all the horses. (I suggest putting the most money on the horses that have the least bets) After you get all your medals, buy truffles. Put each one in the basket until you run out of room. Then put them in your rucksack. You MUST leave one space in your rucksack open, so that you can take the basket home. I did this, and got about 19,000G!
By: HarvestMoon131(217)
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Mystery flower 64%
When you be friend ellen, sometime in summer go to her house nd she will tell you about a white flower nd she wants to see it bfore she dies or something nd she'll tell you were to find it
By: yaziquel(205)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Get a horse! 64%
Hey did you find yourself dreaming of riding a noble steed?Well Ill tell you how to get that steed.Just go to barley's house (Yodel Farm) and buy a bushel (or a cow or sheep if you want) then the next day Barley will come to your farm and ask you to take care of a horse. This isnt your noble steed yet. Go out and buy a brush from Saibara (The blacksmith) and brush and talk to hte horse everyday.In 1 year Barley will come back and tell you that he grew up if you dont take care of the horse he will take him away, If you did take care of your horse Barley will put a saddlebag on your horse and you will have your noble steed!Now, go get yourself a horse!

By: LadyIcee(957)
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Expand your farm 63%
Expand your house(2nd expansion) then talk to the woodcutter and select the expand your farm
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Get the mystic tools and teleport gem 63%

you must enter the code at the codebreaker

Here are the basic Mythic tools plus an extra Teleport stone
for your toolchest. WARNING! Remove code immediately after

82002958 0107
8200295A 0117
8200295C 010F
8200295E 011F
82002960 0127
82002964 012F
82002966 014D
By: john cena619(78)
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Super easy money 62%
Well it takes time but first befrend won you can give him any thing but gold works more nice then youl unlock some events: first:when gotz is inside(ofcourse you can only go inside when he does)he will give you an apple second:he will buy stuff from you then the last is he will let you play apple shuffle game o yhea the record sell for 89000 to 17000 ok so the thing is he is a secret bachelor so you can marry him but you have to be super friends with him and buy a vase from him too bu he is the wierdess bachelor
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

10,000 Steps 62%
Hey! Here's something you should know about the pedometer on Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town the GBA game. Since Thomas gives you a pedometer at the begininning of the game, walk with it in your rucksack until you reach 10,00 steps. Then, once you reach it, you'll see the Harvest Goddess appear and tell you a secret message.. Try it!
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Gameshark Codes 62%
[M] Must Be On

Codes must be used
on continued game.

Have Loads of Gold

Have 50,000 Gold

Earn 50,000 each Day

Stop Time

Speed Up Time [Hold B+L]

Have all Recipe Entries

Have all Houses

Well Stocked Shelf

Well Stocked Fridge

Well Stocked Tool Box

Always Snowing

Always Raining

Always Sunny

Infinite Stamina

Infinite Water

Infinite Feed

Infinite Fodder

Infinite Lumber

All Tools Upgradable

Property Upgraded

Max Slots in Rucksack

Infinite Tool In-Hand

Till Whole Field [Sel+L]

Quick Pregnancy

Instant Child (Note 1)

Child Fully Grown

Remove from Rucksack:
All Items [Strt+L+R+Up]

All Tools [Strt+L+R+Dwn]

Always Healthy

Produce (G) Items

Infinite Feed Boxes

Barn Animals:
Always Healthy

Produce (G) Items

Infinite Feed Boxes

Max Affection:











Married to:








Harvest Sprites:
Staid Codes:
Maximum Skills

Maximum Affection

Infinite Work Days

Nappy Codes:
Maximum Skills

Maximum Affection

Infinite Work Days

Bold Codes:
Maximum Skills

Maximum Affection

Infinite Work Days

Chef Codes:
Maximum Skills

Maximum Affection

Infinite Work Days

Aqua Codes:
Maximum Skills

Maximum Affection

Infinite Work Days

Hoggy Codes:
Maximum Skills

Maximum Affection

Infinite Work Days

Timid Codes:
Maximum Skills

Maximum Affection

Infinite Work Days
By: AngelGurl(121)
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Puppies 60%
Befriend Barley and them your dog(not a puppy)everyday especially Hannah and one day barley will come to your house and borrow your dog.
By: yaziquel(205)
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Tea party with the sprites!!! 60%
Every sprite should have atleast 3 hearts then someday in spring they'll give you an invite nd give it to your fave sprite
By: yaziquel(205)
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Get Cliff"s Heart to Grow! - black to purple 60%
Ok, so this was a random event! I was very surprised when it happened. (i was so surprised that I forgot a lot of this cheat!) I think it was friday, and I think it was raining (your gonna have to experimate on this one!) At, the inn, go in @ 2. Duke and Doug will be fighting. Ann will ask you to help her stop it. I don't know what happens if you say no. If you say yes the men will say that they forgot what they were fighting about. Then, if you talk to Cliff, his heart will b purple. it might not be friday. It's one of those days where cliff says he's eating out with Duke and Manna.
By: hmmfomtgal(5)
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Easy marry cliff ever!!!!! 60%
Just enter the code in codebreaker(82004508 FFFF 8200450A FFFF). but you must need unlock your house to lvl 2 just enter this code in codebreaker.

820027CC 009A
820027CD FF9A
820027CF FF00
820027D0 FFFF
820027D1 FFFF

and your house is biG!

PS:you must remove the house codes after you put it.
and you must remove the husband code after you put it
By: john cena619(78)
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Golden lumber curse 60%
Dont put golden lumber out side or use to build a pen and not picking it in one day,because when you do that,the affection of town peoples get down or lower
By: cheat2win(58)
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Jewel Of Truth 59%
I found three of the Jewel Of Truth.
1. In the dog house,
2. In the Horse water tank
3. On the light post between the Church and Town Square
4. When the upstairs part of the library is finished go to the middle bookcase and a Jewel Of Truth will fall out.
By: Thumbsup(13)
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Heart events 58%
Did you know you have to get all of the heart events to get married,well whoever told you that is LYING! you only need 3,well that's how I married cliff all though we've only spent 6 days togheter,after the 3 heart events I asked him and he said something like this (wow, lets go to your place and talk about it...)then he says (it would be an HONOR to be your husband.)and 1 week later I got married!hope this helps all of you!
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

When Cliff Leaves 58%
If you don't give Cliff the job at Aja Winery,he will leave Winter 29.

(Your Welcome)

Rena Out!
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Ellen's love letter 57%
If you befriend Ellen and enter her house while Elli is at home,you will see a scene where Elli finds a love letter on a bookshelf while looking for a medical textbook she had borrowed from the docter.The letter is to Ellen from her late husband,and she'll read it aloud to you.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Marring pepole (house stuff) 57%
Okay This might not work with the other bacholers but I married GRAY :) Pepole say you need to remodle windows,mailbox,doghouseand get a bathtub but you don't.I'll I did was upgrade my house (2) bought everything from the shopping network and gray said yes (If it don't work remodel window) Hope it works
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Easy Way 2 Get Married Quick!! 55%
Start giving the guy of your dreams gifts every day starting at about Spring 3 or 4.If it's Gray,you'll get married in about 2 years.I don't know about anyone else but,you have to watch out with Cliff he will marry Ann in no time.(My sis tried 2 marry Cliff.)

P.S. Lillia's husband does NOT get back in year 10.(I made it 2 year 11.)

Rena Out!
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Ticket to another city 50%
Give a honey to jeff(solder in the supermarket)then go to him 3:30 p.m. an event will happen(this event will give you a ticket).
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Something you don't have to do 50%
There is a cheat that is labeled "Having a baby" but you don't have to give your husban/wife something.Instead,after a month of being married you (or your wife) will be pegnant.

Rena Out!
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Kai! 50%
U can marry kai without him ever going to work nd never leave the cty,cause he'll ask you after marriage
By: yaziquel(205)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Doctors Real Name- Debate 50%
Doctors real name has been known as Trent or Tim. Trent came from the Harvest Moon DS series, a doctor from Mineral Town that visits occasionally for festivals. People assume he is just known as Doctor in (M)FoMT. I personally do not know where people got Tim from, I assume from a similar situation as HM DS. Maybe his name is Doctor Trent. Maybe Doctor Tim. Maybe (this is what I think) Doctor Tim Trent. Decide for yourself.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Frozen lake without winter 50%
25R7T01Q 00FF
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

How to get married what you need!!! 47%
To get married you need all the heart scenes house upgraded twice big bed blue feather
yea it gr8

I bring you your cheats like 3 guys you can secretly marry :D
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

999,999,999 Gold: 45%
82004090 E0FF
0000E882 000A
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Many cheats to help your money making needs:) (requires gameshark) 41%
1.must be on 2. 50000G a day 3.all chicens have G eggs 4.infinate water
0000E882000A 720000A80000 720000A80000 32006A2B0080
100D1BF80007 82004E60C350 420052500500
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Win at any festivals :} 40%
I am a very BIG fan of HM's.And I have sooooooooo many cheats and hints about winning on horse festivals,cow,sheep,chicken,dog and cooking just have a full untensil kitchen.U also need a 4-10 hearted dog and livestock.first event is Spring/Fall 18 horse race to win well of course you need a full rucksack and a basket empty.Save your game before you go to the town square or beach.put your basket besside you.Then,place a bet.Here is a hint dont bet on the the horse which has a great amount of bets because if there is tooo many bets then too many people will cheer for that horse and the contestant can't concenstrate much and loose why not try the least
when it is your turn well I know its easy to win .just keep on pressing A until the heart is violet then when its not keep pressing A
WHen your done and won mayor will give you a powerberry and 5k medals use all your medals for broaches and necklaces until your basket is full
when your rucksack is have no choice but to throw away in the garbage the item and instead carry the basket and put in the shipping and the one in your bag
By: dragon98(5)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Fishing rod 40%
Thinking of getting a fishing rod?Go to Zack house(at the beach) on the first 4 days when you started your game.It will start with a scene saying that his friends left a fishing rod at his house.Than he will decide to give you the fishing rod for free.If you missed this 4 days than you will have a difficut time getting any fishing rod.Enjoy!)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Butter 40%
U can get it by putting any size of milk into the mixer nd TADA!
By: yaziquel(205)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Marry someone else! 38%
You can marry Won, Kappa, or that guy who judges the cooking competition. If you marry Kappa, he will not live with you.
By: HarvestMoon131(217)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Baby plan! 38%
Falling star only appears every 5 yrs. so if you want a boy wait for year 5 bfore you get married
By: yaziquel(205)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Taking care of the baby 33%
When the baby falls out of bed you can get to her or him nd give him or her some apples,honey nd milk of any size
By: yaziquel(205)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

How to evade storm 33%
You always save the game before sleep right?
tomorrow morning,you always see the weather report,right?
if the weather report say tomorrow is storm,you don't have to call the harvest sprite
just load the game.If you see the weather report,(tomorrow morning)it sometimes will say other weather for tommorow
for example:
you save the game before sleep on monday-summer.on tuesday,you see the weather report say,tomorrow the weather is storm.then load the game.then wake up on tuesday.see the weather report. it will(sometimes) say sunnny.
By: mamen(49)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town (GBA) 27%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Clue for H. Goddess game 27%
9 is the highest so just choose lower when this appears
0 is the lowest so do the opposite
By: yaziquel(205)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

You have a 2nd floor house free 27%
Give two gift to woodcutter(any gift)then the next day he will working on your house.
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

3 guys u can secretly married if u have girl HM 23%
You Can Marry Thomas (Mayor) The Gourment And Kappa

When you marry them your baby will look the same

If you marry Mayor Harris Will be your son

Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Max stamina 20%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Get other plenty hints!!!!!!!! 20%
Go to the guide of the boy version of this game
By: yaziquel(205)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Cheat 18%
82004580 00ff
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Cheat Harvest Moon GBA 17%
Infinite Cash:
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Max money 14%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Tips for Beginners to save money! 14%
If you're beginner and you don't use cheat for money at all (not like me. *hee-hee* :3) this is the tips for you to save money:
because if you forget to feed your animal just for one day, they will begin to 'not happy' and then sick. And it will cost you more to buy the medicine.

2. Plant all the seed.
It works a lot. Well, it's kinda boring sometimes, but believe me its really works.

3. Dig.. diggggg~~! :3
You should diiiiiiiiiiig over the mine. And if you're lucky you'll get a bunch of money teeheeeee.

4. Collect all things!
You should collect all things and when you become best friends to Won you could sell the things to him. :DD

hope I helped.
:3 :3
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Cheat money 13%
Cheat money
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Infinity health 12%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Harvest moon friends of mineral town 11%
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

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