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Gunz The Duel Cheats for PC
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Gunz The Duel

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Unlockable Game Modes 92%
Berserker Level 21+, play in Expert Channel
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SecretsTyping in Color 92%
Bring up the chat bar, and type ^(insert number). Then type your message. The
color varies on the number you imput.
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Secret Levels 89%
Ruins Level 11+, Veterans/Expert channel
Dungeon Level 21+. Expert Channel
Castle Level 21+. Expert Channel
Port map 21+, Expert Channel, KGUNZ only.

Gunz The Duel
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The Shoot Stab TSS 59%
This only works with a shot gun up close sword distance
first get close to enemy
Then Take Out A ShOT GUN
Finnaly Repeat over and over happy tricking
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Wanna Learn the Butterfly Really fast ?! 53%
Change youre Flip ( nogms ) to Shift. And change youre Block ( Defence ) to Right mouse buttom. If you finish that ? .. Here are the Steps : Jump - Dash - Slash - Block . And repaid all the time.
Practice allot and you will Handle it !
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How to moon walk!!!!! 53%
Ok hi ladys and gents im chance. you will start out walking forward then as your walking press enter you will atou maticly start moving forward by itself then get the mouse and make 180 degree turn and you will start moon walking
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Gunz: A Style That Isnt to Hard 51%
If K-style Isnt working try d_style its Slow on Killing But its helpful always. For example if you had low yellow or red hp in a game use d-style its easy you BAERLY ever get hit its also veryusefull in quests the same way it is ingame
By: immortal2323(44)
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How to jump off walls 50%
Go up to a wall and jump and jump and click
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Gunz 48%
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/kick 48%
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How to jump sheild or jump attack 43%

jump block:space + shift

jump attack:space + left click
By: edmon36(59)
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Cheats 42%
Alt+i = information
alt+a =SetAp 500 AP LOCK
alt+c =Levelup
alt+u =sword uppercut
alt+s = massive strike insane massive
alt+l =melee strike lawnmower
alt+q =disable any/all alt+vKey combination hacks
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Fake kick 40%
If you want fake kick type /vote kick then type in a name
By: wildrick(92)
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EliteGunz 40%
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Rs 38%
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To get Pro in Gunz 34%
Ask people to teac how to k style,or just watch tutorials and practice
By: 26adrian26(64)
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Lvl up fast in gunz 30%
Go to shower room deathmatch and kill every1 rawrr ima noobv,,,
By: goten393753(73)
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Level up fast in gunz 22%
Level up fast in gunz
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