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Stubbs the Zombie Cheats for Xbox
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Stubbs the Zombie Xbox Cheats

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Stubbs the Zombie

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Glitch: Fall through walls 98%
When you eat sum1's brain from behind them, if they are close up
to a wall facing it, sometimes they will fall forward through the
wall and disappear. If you are not close up to the wall, you can
still see their legs. When they get up as zombies, they will be
pushed back through the wall onto the floor where they should have
fell. This also works with solid objects such as barriers, fences,
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Designer comentary 98%
Win the game once and play through again and you will find little hippo heads
in all the levels walk over them to hear commentary.
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Bonus sequence 96%
Play the Stubbs vs. Chief Masters Dance Battle and get a "Perfect"
rating to see a bonus sequence with a hovering limousine.
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Funny hand gesture 96%
When you throw your hand, occasionally it will put its middle finger
up to you. This also happens when you jump as the hand.
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Developer commentary 96%
Collect the hidden hippo heads in Insane mode to hear a developer
commentary track.
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Funny comments 96%
Sometimes people will say funny things, such as:

"You're gonna die! Again.."
"Let me give you a hand!"
"I loved that arm!" (cry)
"Aw, my mother gave me that arm!"
"Not the face!"
"I see a Zombie."
"Have some punch!"
"I'll show you hard science!"
"Forget science! Kill! Kill! Kill!"
"My beautiful mind!"
"Why did I choose science? I could've been a talk show host!"
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Glitch: Stretchy body 94%
When sum1 dies on an edge (for example, the edge of a cliff) with
a part of their body hanging over, that part of the body will
stretch and ooze down to a certain length and remain there.
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Funny Moment 50%
When you have to kill the chainsaw guy in the mall you have to do this:Make him stand near the railing.Then use the bowling head.He will fall off and end up on the bottom floor.Wait a bit and then he will run all the way to the floor you're on.
By: zombiekid(1184)
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Andrew Monday Glitch 50%
Destroy those defence shields.Then hit Andrew Monday a bunch of times.After that clip where you defeat him he will get dizy and then he will faint.
By: zombiekid(1184)
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