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World Championship Poker Cheats for PS2
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World Championship Poker PS2 Cheats

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World Championship Poker

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Never lose 100%
When you sit at a table and the cards are dealt, save the game
before betting. You can then move all in or bet the maximum amount.
If you lose the hand, just exit out of the game, and load your saved
game. When you are back at the table, you will have the same cards
as before, and the outcome will be the exactly same as it was when
you lost. Simply fold instead of betting. Also, if you save the game
and decide to fold but realize you would have had a monster hand,
just reload the game and play the hand. The outcome will be the
exactly the same again.

Once you start a tournament and you are winning, save your progress
and continue. If you find yourself losing, quit but do not save.
Reload your game from where you saved. Be aware that if you saved in
the middle of a hand, most of the time the hand turns out the same
-- if you lost the hand you saved in, when you resume, just fold.
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Change view 100%
Press R3 during your turn. The camera will change to 1st player
mode. Press R3 again and you will only see yourself. Press R3 again
and it will return to normal.
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Money $$$ Money 100%
Play Sit & Go at the maximum allowable entry fee with 2 players,
no limit, and the game of your choice at the novice level. Go all in
as soon as you have even a marginal hand. Your opponent will do the
same if you go in with only your dealt cards. If you win, save the
game and play again at the maximum allowable entry fee. If you lose,
turn off the system. You will have not lost any money and can try
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