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Blitz: The League Cheats for PS2
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Blitz: The League PS2 Cheats

Rating: 3/5 VOTE
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Blitz: The League

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Cheat mode 100%
Select the "Extras" options at the MAIN MENU, then enter one of the
following codes.
Two player co-op mode:
Enter CHUWAY .
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PasswordsCheat 100%
Use these at the cheat code entry,
CHUWAY Two Player Co-op
PIPPED Double Unleash Icons
CLASHY Super Clash Mode
BIGDOGS Super Unleash Clash Mode
ONFIRE Ball Trail Always On
BOUNCY Beach Ball
NOTTIRED Stamina Disabled
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Stamina disabled 100%
Ball trailer always on:
Enter ONFIRE .
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Beach ball 100%
Enter BOUNCY .
Double unleash icons:
Enter PIPPED .
Super clash mode:
Super unleash clash mode:
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Training mode bonuses 100%
Complete all training goals to unlock new game modes
and reveal how other new modes are unlocked.
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Game modes 96%
All Or Nothing: Score in one set of downs or turn it over.
BigHead: Big heads.
Bonecrushers: Bone breaks in almost all hits.
Buttafingaz: Every hit causes fumble.
Cyberball: Robot football with no downs and exploding ball.
David vs. Goliath: Big players versus smaller faster players.
Deuces Wild: Safeties and 2 pointers are 2 points, everything
else worth one point.
domination: Make it take it.
Lucky 7's: Every play you have the ball deducts one point from a
No Injuries: No injuries
Pain: Touchdowns, dirty hits, and unleashed hits will score
Windbreakers: Farts.
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Help 55%
If you wanna save your rookie from getting taken out by Q.sands then when you play nightmare.
then keep punting te ball when you get it to save him.
I beat the game without my rookie but you should still try it.
(he comes back 4 the final game)
By: parismac8(239)
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Chuway 50%
Chuway-2 player mode
By: parismac8(239)
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Champs 29%
Champs-autimatic win in campain
By: parismac8(239)
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Blitz: The League 541554How do you unlock the cheerleader's Answers: 1
Blitz: The League 574434How do I get a team captain for offence? Answers: 2
Blitz: The League 369272In season mode how do you build up you'r defence and overall stats Answers: 2
Blitz: The League 359026How do you win campaign mode without playing it Answers: 2
Blitz: The League 543174How do I turn on the cheats after I put them in? Answers: 1
Blitz: The League 142532How to play two player on session Answers: 1
Blitz: The League 39214How do I get money for equipment ? Answers: 2
Blitz: The League 97144How can I improve the team Abilities all together Answers: 1
Blitz: The League 72133Is there any way to get more money a lot of money. Answers: 2
Blitz: The League 79694How can you get your stats up or can you? Answers: 1
Blitz: The League 393162How do I unleash? Answers: 1
Blitz: The League 133756Is there any way to play 2 player in campaign, like a cheat or something? Answers: 1
Blitz: The League 97934How do you up date your whole team altogether Answers: 0
Blitz: The League 260408Can any body tell me how to beat reign Answers: 1
Blitz: The League 784805How do you do unleash ] Answers: 0
Blitz: The League 911648After I win the Division I Championship, why cant I play another season? Answers: 0
Blitz: The League 929836How to visit the suplement screen to find zoltax Answers: 0
Blitz: The League 848Were is the supplement screen Answers: 2
Blitz: The League 177688How do you get the autimatic win in campaign mode to work because there isnt a cheat box for that cheat. Answers: 1
Blitz: The League 177680How do I get the atutimatic win in campaign mode to work like what code do I put it in. Answers: 6
Blitz: The League 610749To win the campange you type in CHAMPS, but were do you type it in at? Answers: 1
Blitz: The League 744240It says enable the win in campaign mode code but what does that mean you go to extras right ? and do what? Answers: 0
Blitz: The League 586835Where do I type in champs for the automatic wins in campaign mode Answers: 1
Blitz: The League 738815On blitz for ps2 how do you put in the code ''champs'' and don't say go to extras I want step by step Answers: 2
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