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Crash Tag Team Racing Cheats for Xbox
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Crash Tag Team Racing Xbox Cheats

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Crash Tag Team Racing

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Japanese Crash 100%
Press X, B, X, B at the main menu.
Crash's Baby costume:
Collect all the Die-O-Ramas.
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Crash's Evil Crash costume 100%
On Mystery Island, look behind Cortex to find an owl-shaped lamp.
Use the body-slam switch to raise the lamp, then enter the revealed
cave and run to the right. Chat to the Drone at the top of the small
island and buy the costume/outfit for 2,000 Coins.
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Crash's Skeleton costume 100%
Chat to the Astro Land worker near the stunt arena and buy the
costume/outfit for 4,000 Coins.
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Von Clutch 100%
Give Von Clutch one Power Crystal at Midway.
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Crunch Bandicoot 100%
Give Cruch Bandicoot 2,500 Coins at Midway.
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Nina Cortex 100%
Giver Nina Cortex the keys at Midway.
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Pasadena Opossum 100%
Give Pasadena Opossum one Power Crystal at Midway.
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Third tier kart weapons 100%
Spend one Power Crystal at Midway to buy the following character's
3rd tier kart weapon from them: Coco, Crash, Crunch, N. Cortex, N.
Gin, Nina, Pasadena, and Von Clutch.
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N. Gin 100%
Give N. Gin the Green Plutonium at Midway.
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Evil Crash Costume 100%
On the title menu, hold L + R and input X,B,X,B to unlock the Evil Crash Costume
By: ckjkj(1291)
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Blocking Fire Guy Power-ups 100%
If ever you are in 1st in a race and there is a lot of Fire Guy activity, there's an easy way to avoid them. Just pick up an exploding chicken or TNT monkey, and throw it back as soon as you see a set of crosshairs turn red from a Fire Guy closing in. You will destroy the Fire Guy and avoid damage completely!

You can also shoot it if you are the gunner of a clashed car, but this proves difficult with some weapons.

Also, this works with any power-up, but it's most convenient with insta-kill power-ups like Fire Guys.
By: ckjkj(1291)
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Funny sounds! 100%
At the loading screen press B for Crash to fart and A to burp! its really cool!
By: ckjkj(1291)
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Tips to get all small diamond 100%
Go first in all race,first score in all mini games,find all chicks mission,go to all hard place and complete a bonus game
By: Bruce Wilson(1411)
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Gem in hapily ever faster 40%
The gem in hapily ever faster is where you see a long rope of hair on a wall. Go up to it and press Y or X and you should see a worker fall down then you get the secret gem.
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