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Warriors,the Cheats for PS2
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Warriors,the PS2 Cheats

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Free items 100%
Go to a Flash dealer, and buy some Flash. Now, start to beat up the
Flash dealer. When he fights back, hold R2 and issue the command
"Wreck 'em all! ". When you and your team have killed the Flash
dealer, he will drop the cash that you gave him, and sometimes some
extra Flash.
To get free items, just beat up the dealer. They will drop at least
one item that they are selling. For free Flash, pay $40 for 2
Flash, then beat him up to get the 3rd Flash for free, plus the
money you just gave him. Once you can carry 4 Flashes, use the
same technique, but pay for 3 to get the fourth for free. For
free paint, you can only carry 9 paint cans. Buy 8 and get
the ninth for free by using the beat-down method; you will also get
your $40 back. For free knives, when you are able to pay for knives
from a dealer, it is best that you do not spend more than $150. Each
knife is worth $50. Pay for 3 and get the fourth for free. ***
the beat down method does not work for when you need information
from the bums sitting on the ground. Do not give them no more than
$2. To get it back from them, do not beat them down. Instead mug
them for it.
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Increasing stamina 100%
There is an area once you get inside of the Warriors hideout where
you can work out. You will be able to do chin lifts, sit ups, push
ups, and a heavy bag. At the end of each chapter you will be able to
workout to increase your stamina. However, you will not be able to
start working out until after Chapter 3. There are 10 ranks for
each exercise. They are as follows, with "R" being rank, and "/"
being within seconds.

Chin Ups: R1=5, R2=5/11 sec., R3=10/21 sec., R4=10/19 sec.,
R5=10/17 sec., R6=15/32 sec., R7=15/29 sec., R8=15/26 sec.,
R9=20/40 sec., R10=20/35 sec.
Sit Ups: R1=5, R2=5/11 sec., R3=10/21 sec., R4=10/19 sec.,
R5=10/17 sec., R6=15/32 sec., R7=15/29 sec., R8=15/26 sec.,
R9=20/40 sec., R10=20/35 sec.
Push Ups: R1=5, R2=5/11 sec., R3=10/19 sec., R4=10/17 sec.,
R5=10/15 sec., R6=15/28 sec., R7=15/24 sec., R8=15/20 sec.,
R9=20/30 sec., R10=20/25 sec.
Heavy Bag: R1=10/25 sec., R2=10/23 sec., R3=10/21 sec., R4=10/19
sec., R5=10/17 sec., R6=15/33 sec., R7=15/31 sec., R8=15/29 sec.,
R9=15/27 sec., R10=15/25 sec.
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Armies Of The Night mini-game 98%
Win the game under the Bopper or greater
difficulty setting. A playable Armies Of The Night arcade machine
will now appear at the hub. It features a side-scrolling 2D game in
the style of Double Dragon. One or 2 players can control Swan and
Ajax as they try to rescue Mercy, who has been captured by the
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Ghost characters 98%
Complete the Armies Of The Night mini-game to unlock
Ghost Swan, Ghost Ajax, Ghost Cyrus, Ghost Fox and Ghost Cleon.
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Turnbull AC's Chase 98%
Use the method to escape them. You must continuously hold L2 to
remain ahead of them. You also need to try to keep the controller
toggle pulled towards you dead center The button sequence is:
Triangle, X, Triangle, X(2), Triangle(3).
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Unleash The Fury difficulty 98%
Get a 100% completion under the Hardcore Soldier difficulty. In this
mode, you control the Baseball Furies in the original story line,
with increased difficulty.
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Bonus Coney Island missions 98%
Win the game to unlock bonus Coney Island
missions. In these missions you can uncuff yourself without keys and
rage with use of Flash.
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Point requirements 98%
Each level requires a certain amount of points to unlock soldiers
for your create a gang, an arena, or bonus rounds for when you are
at home at Coney. You must also complete the Bonus Objectives as
well. Use the following key: "HSN" is high score needed; "SU" is
soldiers unlocked; "AU" is arenas unlocked; and "BO" is bonus

Chapter 1 (New Blood): HSN = 5,000, SU = 1.
Chapter 2 (Real Live Bunch): HSN = 2,000, SU = 10.
Chapter 3 (Pay Back): HSN = 17,000, SU = 22, BO = 3.
Chapter 4 (Blackout): HSN = 12,000, SU = 24, BO = 2, AU = 1.
Chapter 5 (Real Heavy Rep): HSN = 7,000, SU = 12, BO = 2, AU = 2.
Chapter 6 (Writer's Block): HSN = 8,000, SU = 18, AU = 1.
Chapter 7 (Adios Amigo): HSN = 7,000, SU = 15, BO = 2, AU = 4.
Chapter 8 (Encore): HSN = 2,000, SU = 2, AU = 1.
Chapter 9 (Payin' The Cost): HSN = 1,000, SU = 14, AU = 1.
Chapter 10 (Destroyed): HSN = 8,000, SU = 4, BO = 1, AU1.
Chapter 11 (Boys In Blue): HSN = 9,000, SU = 10, BO = 1, AU = 3.
Chapter 12 (Set Up): HSN = 15,000, SU = 29, BO = 3, AU = 1.
Chapter 13 (All City): HSN = 15,000, SU = 18, BO = 1, AU = 1.
Chapter 14 (Desperate Dudes): HSN = 7,000, SU = 18, BO = 2, AU =
Chapter 15 (No Permits, No Parley): HSN = 10,000, SU = 7, BO = 1.
Chapter 16 (Home Run): HSN = 2,000, SU = 1, AU = 1.
Chapter 17 (Friendly Faces): HSN = 2,000, SU = 13, AU = 1.
Chapter 18 (Come Out To Play): HSN = 2,000, SU = 20.
Flashback A (Roots): HSN = 9,000, SU = 18, AU = 1.
Flashback B (The Best): HSN = 6,000, SU = 2, BO = 1, AU = 1.
Flashback C (Heavy Muscle): HSN = 9,000, SU = 13, BO = 2, AU = 1.
Flashback D (Scout's Honor): HSN = 9,000, SU = 29, BO = 1, AU = 2.
Flashback E (Sharp Dressed Man): HSN = 11,000 SU = 28, BO = 1, AU
= 1
Flashback Coney Turf: SU = 2, BO = 17 (will be completed over
Armies Of The Night arcade game: SU = 12, AU = 3 (arcade game must
be completed to get soldiers and arenas).
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Credits mini-game 98%
Win the game. You can play as the Riffs and fight
against the Rogues on the beach during the ending credits.
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R1 R2 L1 X DOWN L1
By: Extensa(282)
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Go to other territoires 13%
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Be differnt gangs 11%
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