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Tomba! 2 - The Evil Swine Return Cheats for PSX
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Tomba! 2 - The Evil Swine Return PSX Cheats

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Tomba! 2 - The Evil Swine Return

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The Last Evil Pig 100%
Climb down the right chain under the drawbridge in the Pipe Area (going towards
the hot water area), it is opposite of the chain that has the Mudball on it.
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1/2 of courage song 100%
When the guy asks you to get him clay in the mine level get a piece of mud and
go to the laundry place. There you can clean it and recieve a piece of clay.
Take it back to the guy to get a pot. Then go to the house across from this one
and give the guy in there that pot. He'll teach you half of the courage song.
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3 Cogs 100%
The 1st cog is above in the tiny mouse's house. The 2nd cog is in the
kujara shed, get the cog by pressing up then circle. The 3rd cog is in the
circus town. This cog maybe only seen under the pig tribe.
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Evil Earth Pig Location 100%
This one is way up high in the Kujara Ranch area. Use the poles left of the
ladders to swing your way up to the seesaws. It should be between them in the
air, near the red birds.
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Evil Flame Pig Location 100%
Drop down into the water in the Forest Entrance and swim (need Swimming Pig
suit) left into a tunnel under where the blue ghost guardian was before.
*Ghost Pig's Curse must have already been dispelled, or else you will just fall
into the water and drown.
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Evil Ghost Pig Location 100%
In the Pipe Area, climb the chains just before the entrance of the Trolly
Entrance. Use the Flying Squirrel Suit and fly off to the right side, under the
long steam pipe.
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Get Hidden Weapons 98%
There are 4 hidden weapons in the game. They are: Torch Hammer, Glacier
Boomerang, Doka Pin, and Pig Ball. To get the 1st three, complete the 3
towers(excluding the Golden Tower). To get the Pig Ball, you must give the man
at the Circus Town 30 pieces of ice candy.
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Evil Water Pig Location 98%
Climb onto the 1st red roof in the Waterfall of the Heavens area. It should be
located on the right side of it.
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1/2 of Strength Song 98%
In the Ranch Summit area there will be a door near the beginning that is blocked
by 3 ice blocks. Use the fire hammer(from santa) to break the blocks and walk
in. The 3 girls from before should be standing there. Chat to them and play
their game of hid and go seek. One is where the 1st ice pig was(throw the
snowball in the bottom hole to push her out the top). The 2nd is down the ice
slide. The 3rd is all the way on the right of the ranch screen (hop from the
long icicle to the other icicles). After you find them all, go to where they
first were, and they will ask you to play detective with them, play it. After
you guess all 3 of their questions right, they will teach you half of the
song of strength.
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Evil Ice Pig Location 98%
In the same room as the "Other Side of the Waterfall", complete the room in the
Water Temple. It should be floating in the air.
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Hidden tower locations 50% the cliff right part of the second town the bridge where you can found birds in third town the place where you found the rock turtle in fourth town

You must sing one different song for each of the gates to enter the tower
By: patrick airleon(106)
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