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Nicktoons Unite! Cheats for GBA
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Nicktoons Unite! GBA Cheats

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Nicktoons Unite!

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Passwords 98%
Enter these passwords at "Continue" to access the following levels:
Password Effect
JAZMINE Level 2 : Fenton Lab
PAULINA Level 3 : Vlad's Chateau
SKULKER Level 4 : Bikini Bottom
PATRICK Level 5 : Chum Bucket
MERMAID Level 6 : Plankton
SCALLOP Level 7 : Timmy's Home
BABYSIT Level 8 : Dimmsdale Dump
GODDARD Level 9 : Crocker's Locker Room
ESTEVEZ Level 10 : Jimmy's Lab
LIBERTY Level 11 : Subterranean Caves
SKYLARK Level 12 : Prof Calamitous' Lab
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Nicktoons Unite! 326895How can I destroy the bosses? theyre hard Answers: 3
Nicktoons Unite! 947813In level 1 how do you destroy the portals? Answers: 0
Nicktoons Unite! 81472How do you get past the Chum Bucket stage? What does it take to kill the metal crab? Answers: 2
Nicktoons Unite! 89922Can't get to the 5th resident Answers: 3
Nicktoons Unite! 76806How do you destroy the portals? Answers: 3
Nicktoons Unite! 68295We are in Crockers castle. We just used phase shift to carry the box and get to the two levers. How do you get to the second lever? We can't make it even if we fly. Answers: 2
Nicktoons Unite! 247253I am in Crocker's Fortress. I am trying to get all the rainbow colors by redirecting the light. How do you get the star switch that Timmy has to shoot? The crates are too short. Answers: 0
Nicktoons Unite! 474134I am in Crock-er's fortress I cant get over a certain hole that I cant jump over I can only get Danny over what about the others? Answers: 1
Nicktoons Unite! 631066We are at the high school, in the building how do you get through the wall to get to the other portal? Answers: 0
Nicktoons Unite! 49034How do I get the cleff boy chin wonder costume? Answers: 1
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