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NBA Live 06 Cheats for PS2
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NBA Live 06 PS2 Cheats

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NBA Live 06

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Unlockable Jersey 100%
193KSHU88J ... Boston Celtics
9922NVDKVT ... Cleveland Cavaliers
XWETJK72FC ... Denver Nuggets
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Cheats Shoe Codes Set 2 100%
743HFDRAU8 ... Jordan XIV shoes white/red
67YFH9839F ... Jordan XIV shoes white/green
144FVNHM35 ... Jordan XIV shoes black/red
ZXDR7362Q1 ... Jordan Melo 5.5 shoes white/varsity maize
5223WERPII ... Jordan Melo 5.5 shoes white/baby blue
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Cheats Shoe Codes Set 3 100%
743HFDRAU8 ... Jordan XIV White/Red
ZXDR7362Q1 ... Jordan Melo 5.5 White/Varsity Maize
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Unlockable Jerseys Set 2 100%
9922NVDKVT ... 05-06 Cavaliers Alternate Jersey
193KSHU88J ... 05-06 Celtics Alternate Jersey
XWETJK72FC ... 05-06 Nuggets Alternate Jersey
PSDF90PPJN ... 05-06 Pacers Away Jersey
SDF786WSHW ... 05-06 Pacers Home Jersey
JANTWIKBS6 ... 05-06 Pistons Alternate Jersey
DRI239CZ49 ... Adidas A3 Garnett 3 shoe
AI9BUBBA7T ... Answer IX Retro and video
258SHQW95B ... Black TMAC-5
JZ3SCARTVY ... S. Carter 3 shoe
HGS83KP234P ... White TMAC-5
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Shoe Passwords 100%
Password Effect
DRI239CZ49 Adidas a3 Garnett 3 Shoe
HGS83KP234P Adidas T-Mac 5 (white)
258SHQW95B Adidas T-Mac 5 (black)
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Shoe Codes 100%
DRI239CZ49 ... A3 Garnett Shoes
JZ3SCARTVY ... S. Carter 3 Shoes
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Unlockable Jerseys Set 3 100%
2J9UWABNP1 ... 2006 All Star Game West Home Jersey
234SDFGHMO ... 2006 All Star Game East Home Jersey
XCVB5387EQ ... 2006 All Star Game East Away Jersey
39N56B679J ... 2006 All Star Game West Away Jersey
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Cheats Shoe Codes 100%
DRI239CZ49 ... A3 Garnett Shoes
JZ3SCARTVY ... S. Carter 3 Shoes
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Unlock Pacer Jerseys 100%
PSDF90PPJN ... Away Jersey
SDF786WSHW ... Home Jersey
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Unlock Pistons Alt. Jersey 100%
JANTWIKBS6 ... Pistons Alternate Jersey
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Unlockables 98%
HGS83KP234P ... White McGrady 5
2585HQW95B ... Black T-Mac 5

Unlockable Jordan XX
2345MJ#1 ... Jordan XX
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Unlock Answer IX Commercial 96%
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Indiana Pacers New Jerseys 96%
Password Effect
SDF786WSHW Home jersey
PSDF90PPJN Away jersey
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NBA Live 06 947253How can you brake the backbored Answers: 0
NBA Live 06 974628Unlock legends? Answers: 0
NBA Live 06 192242Is there anyway you can get Micheal Jordan? Answers: 1
NBA Live 06 678220How do I make a hookshot? Answers: 0
NBA Live 06 85612What are th shoes for? Are they just for show or do they effect a player's skills Answers: 0
NBA Live 06 346227How do you do a cartwheel in a dunk contest Answers: 1
NBA Live 06 80934Can you unlock michael jordan Answers: 0
NBA Live 06 31769How and were do I type the code Answers: 2
NBA Live 06 63389How do u do a slam dunk Answers: 1
NBA Live 06 85692How do I get cheat to make my team steal shoot trees and dunks and simply be unstoppable like everyine that play on line with thier unstoppable teams I need to be a contender Answers: 1
NBA Live 06 104328How do I trade players? If the other team doesn't want to trade, but I do??? Answers: 2
NBA Live 06 55946I would like to know if there is a code to enter where it makes all the special dunks just one button and like nba jam can u shatter the backboard or get on fire?? Answers: 0
NBA Live 06 92883How do you do the seven twenty in the dunk contest Answers: 1
NBA Live 06 155295How you throw the ball to the screen Answers: 1
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