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Astonishia Story Cheats for PSP
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Astonishia Story PSP Cheats

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Astonishia Story Cheats

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Astonishia Story

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Armor Glitch 93%
This will only work if your characters are not yet equipped with armour. This is
very simple, all you need to do is buy just one armour for the character you
want this to work for and make sure he has no other armour equipped. Once you
have bought the armour of your choice save your game, then equip the armour and
then oad your game. You will notice that your characters defence stays the same
as if he has still got the armour equipped but he has not, then simply repeat
the process and there you have it, infinite defence increase.
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Astonishia Story 334617How do I get the Alerd Crystal from Maradia? Answers: 2
Astonishia Story 312046Why dont arour glich work for me when lioyd dont heve enny equiped Answers: 1
Astonishia Story 346566How do I get to the south side of bluedeep mountain? Answers: 1
Astonishia Story 361683How do I complete the astonishia story its har Answers: 0
Astonishia Story 380433How do you make the landslide near Midiara town move to reveal a path? Answers: 1
Astonishia Story 599911How do you get the sidequest 6 to work the bath scene in lezail's house? I never get an opportunity to explore after the cutscene Answers: 1
Astonishia Story 689447How can I get inside the barren land cave? Answers: 0
Astonishia Story 959191Where is the secretswitch in bluedeep cave? Answers: 0
Astonishia Story 970389How to find the first quest in maradia that galangan boy's father said Answers: 0
Astonishia Story 305407How do I solve the magical element puzzle on hakshiman island? Answers: 1
Astonishia Story 173521How do you stop Meteor Strike? Answers: 1
Astonishia Story 73797How do I get the oxyns? Answers: 1
Astonishia Story 108589Wheres alreded runby Answers: 1
Astonishia Story 89465How long must I wait for the legendary sword to be finished? Answers: 4
Astonishia Story 231979How to find the 3rd onyxens Answers: 1
Astonishia Story 689448After I have found the 3rd onyx, how can I get inside the barren land cave? Answers: 2
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