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Pokemon Pearl Cheats for NDS
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Pokemon Pearl NDS Cheats

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Pokemon Pearl

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Eevee Times 2 ways to get an eevee 100%
One way to get an eevee is from Bebe. Go to Hearthhome City and go to the house next to the Pokemon Center. You will see a girl at a laptop. go speak to her (Needed : National PokeDex) She will ask you if you want the eevee. Say yes and it will be updated to your National Pokedex and Pokemon Bag. Keep in mind you need the National Pokedex and a slot for the eevee.
Another way to get an eevee is by breeding.
For example, A Male Flareon and a Female Ponyta.
or A Female Flareon and Male Ponyta.
when the time is right you will get an egg. run up and down the road until it hatches and Voila! an eevee!
You can evolve it into these types:
Espeon Happiness at daytime
Umbreon Happiness at nightime
Flareon Fire Stone
Jolteon Thunder Stone
Vaporeon Water Stone
Leafeon Leveling at the moss stone in Eterna Forest
Glaceon Leveling at the ice stone at Mount Coronet.
Hope this helped!
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3 ways to capture Arceus 100%
One way to capture Arceus is the Spear Pillar. Get the Azure Flute from a Green Guy at Oreburgh Poke Mart and Go to the Spear Pillar.
right when you get there say Yes to play the Azure Flute. Some Stairs will appear. Go up then and your character stops. They walk over and see Arceus. Be sure to save because Arceus is a pain in the neck.
Lower Arceus`s health or throw a Master Ball at the beginning of the battle. Another way is Action Replay. Use action replay and select Arceus. then walk in grass and Arceus will appear. The last way is unbeilevable. Go to an area (not sure the route or name only know what it looks like pretty sure its Pokemon Platinum because a character from Platinum is there.) then just walk in the grass and unbeilevably Arceus Appears. Keep in mind the 3rd step is for Pokemon Platinum! the other 2 steps are Pokemon Pearl and Diamond.
Hope this helped in all 3 games!
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Lot's of Eevee's!!! 88%
One you have the National Dex go to Bebe and get her Eevee (mine was female) then, take it, and another normal type Pokemon and put them into the daycare center. (I evolved my Eevee into a Flareon Before I put it in the daycare center and I put it in with a male ponyta) then wait for there to be an egg then when you get the egg from the daycare man go and move 9,216 places. (It took me 9,435 to hatch all twelve of mine, but not at same time of corse). Then when it hatches do what you want you can evolve it into

.Vaporeon (Water Stone)
.Jolteon (Thunderstone)
.Flareon (Firestone
.Espeon ( Happiness at daytime)
.Umbreon ( Happieness at Nighttime)
.Leafeon ( Level up at mossy rock in eterna forest ne'er beginning of forest)
.Glaceon (Level up at snowy rock on route 217)
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Rock Climb 87%
Go to route 217 and go left. when you see a hikers house, go behind it there is a pokeball get it and it is rock climb
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How to get new eveloutions( froslass,dusknoir,gliscor,mamoswine,gallade,electivire 86%
Froslass:use dawn stone on female snowrunt.

dusknoir:make dusclops hold reaper cloth and trade it.

gliscor:make gligar hold razor claw and level it up between 8:00pm and 4:00am.

mamoswine:catch a swinub(to get swinub once you beat the elite 4 talk to dawns sister one day she`ll tell you there's a mass outbreak of them)make swinub evolve into poliswine teach poliswine ancient power level him/her to level 33.

gallade:give a male kirlia a dawn stone.

electivire:make electabuzz hold the electirizer and trade it.
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Get a glaceon and leafeon without having to trade 86%
First of all, you need to get an Evee, get one from a trade or one from Bebe. In order for your Evee to evolve into ANY of the two, you need to make them super happy or like you a lot.

If you want Leafeon, go to that mossy looking rock in the Eterna forest and use a rare candy to level it up and TaDa.

If you want Glaceon, go to that frozen rock near Snow poit city, or route 217, and use a rare candy and level it up.

Hope I helped. But remember that your evee has to like you a lot.
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Fuego/items 86%
This isnt really a cheat but i thought it was cool. go by floroama n go by the bridge on rt. 205. surf to the LEFT of the bridge. keep on going n you will be at fuego iron works the spin things might be annoying but there are some great items! plus, downward from fuego's is a forestlike entrance. go in and there u r at the top of the "meadow". there are more items! yay! if u surf to the right of the bridge there are more items! items galore!
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Miragating pokemon 86%
If you have pokemon Emerald, with all the regis, delete all the hidden machines (HM)moves. because you cant mirigate pokemon with HMs, so delete em at the move deleters house(lilycove in Emerald)(make sure the pokemon you wanna mirigate are in the PC). then, save thegame, and turn the DS off. turn it back on, this time go on pearl or diamond, and click mirigate from emerald.(u need the natinal pokedex). go to pal park, then click A at the man at the counter. after you mirigate the pokemon, then put them in the PC from Emerald,he'll let you in. catch all the pokemon you mirigated(the regis), then after that, theyll call you back in. he'll say do you wanna put the pokemon you just caught in the PC? or summit like that, click yes. Go to your PC, click bebe's PC, then go in all the boxs looking for the 6 pokemon you mirigated. if you did this with the regis, you can go into snowpoint temple, then catch regigas. WARNING you can only mirigate pokemon once a day, so pick carefuly!
This is my first cheat, as I only just got added, so plz rate me.!
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Easier way to get accessoires 86%
Go to Veilstone city, take the route to the gym but before you get there, there is a staircase, go up there, go in the 1st house, chat to the lady. She will ask you if you would let her massage one of your pokemon. When she's done, she will find an accessorie. There is another way for easy accessories. Go to Hearthome City, go to amity square, in order to get inside amity square, you got to have any of the following pokemon {Pikachu, Clefairy, Psyduck, Pachirisu, Happiny, Buneary, Drifloon, Jigglypuff, Torchic, Skitty, or Shroomish}. You have to take a certain amount of steps in order to get an accessories. You have to face the pokemon, press A, it will say "look [name of pokemon] is holding something". For some pokemon, it may take 100 steps, for others it takes 200 steps, or a few pokemon it takes 300 steps. The accessories you get will really help you in contests.Hope I helped.
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Riolu egg 86%
First, make sure that you have an open space for a pokemon, then go to Iron Iland and go in the cave. Go to the right side and help the guy get to the end and he will give you an egg, when it haches, it will be a LV1 Riolu.To evolve it into a Lucario, it must be happy and in the day, and it will evolve. Hope this helps!
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Catch all the unknown 85%
Ok under veilstone city theres a guy in a cave and he says go and catch all the unknow and i'll dig and we'll see who can get done faster: After catching all the 26 unknown in solacoen ruins go back to him and he'll have already dug a cave, go through it and there will be 2 new unknown just run around until you run into them. One is a in the shape of and exclamation point (!) and the other a question mark (?).
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Rotom 85%
First, you need to see the 2 "ghosts" in the olod chatuea house.
The 1st ghost = As soon as you eneter the house, chat to the statue in the center of the room. Then go to the room right next to the atstaue, and u should see an old man float away.

The Secobnd Ghost = go to the top floor room (the one with all the rooms in it) and go to the secon from last room on the right side, and u should see a little girl walk out. then at around midnight, go to the room with the T.v on the l;eft side, chat to the t>v, push it, then u should be in a battle with rotom( hes only lvl 15) so hes easy to catch
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How to find Rotom? 84%
Visit the Old Chateau after obtaining the National Dex during the hours of 22:00 and 4:00, and then go into the room with the TV. Check out the TV and you might encounter Rotom.(Level 15, Only one). If no, try again. Hint: When battling with Rotom, make sure that you do not use Normal, Fighting, Poison, Electric, Flying, Ground(Because it is Levitate), Bug and Steel type attacks to battle it.
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Drifloom 84%
To get drifloom, (drifloom is allowed into amity square) just go on a friday to the valley windworks across from floaroma town and a level 22 male/female drifloom should be there. if it is not a friday, simply change the day on the menu screen.
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How to get Spiritomb 84%
A lot of people are frustrated because they can not catch Spiritomb.
Well, remember that crumbling tower thing south of Solaceon Town?
If you go west from Hearthome City, go through the little building, and go south as soon as you can, there will be one of those "Black Belt" trainer guys.
However, he isn't a trainer. Chat to him to get the Hallowed Key.
Now, chat to 32 people underground. (Not those Hiker guys that trade stuff for Spheres-they do not count.)
An easy way to do this is to get a friend, go underground, chat to him, then go back up, go back down, chat to him - (It does take a long time, but it is faster than meeting with him every week or so and talking to him once!)
Once you do that, go to that crumbling pillar south of Solaceon Town. Press A on it, and a message will come up saying that you place the Hallowed Key into the tower.
The Hallowed Tower is restored!
Now, press A on it again (you may need to do this at night) and Spiritomb will appear.
You only have 1 chance to catch him!
NOTE: You can also dig up the Hallowed Key underground once you get it from that black belt guy.
I am not sure if you must chat to 32 more people underground again for a 2nd chance, as I caught him the 1st time I saw him and saw no need to catch him again.
So there you have it- Spiritomb! He's Ghost/Dark like Sableye, so nothing is supereffective against him. Plus, Psychic and Fighting- type moves have no effect! He starts at Lv25 though, so you probably want to level him up a bit before you do a lot of battling with him.
I am not sure if you must win the Elite Four before you catch him or even get the Hallowed Key.
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Leafeon and Glaceon 84%
This video will show you how to get Leafeon and Glaceon.
Pokemon Pearl cheat video Cheat Video
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How to get giratina 84%
First you need a national dex.Once you have got one there will be a path next to vielstone city known as spring path.Go down there and you need rock climb.Then you will see a cave.Go inside it and find a piller with no3 on then go to on door and if you are lucky you will see a big pokemon standing there.Save 1st before you battle it becase it is extremally hard to catch if you dont have a masterball.
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Darkrai and Shaymin!!!!! 83%
(You need action replay) First, to get darkrai turn on walk throuh anything and go to canalave. chat to the sailor who takes you to fullmoon (where you see cressilia) than use action repay to run east for a while. Than ull reach new moon island. go to the clearing and ull see darkrai! save and embrace battle. hes lv 40 so dont use a lv 100! He nos hypnosis, nightmare, pursuit, and the last one I forgot. His special ability is bad dreams, wich take away health whenever there asleep. For shaymi, go to the pokemon league go right throgh the small trench and yoll wind up on Route 224. try to avoid the trainers and go up to reach a polished stone. Go north and you will reach seabreak path. it is very long so get your bike and go into fourth gear. after about 1 min. then yoll reach flower paradise. Thats were he is.
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Rare pokemon for girls! 83%
If you want a cute pokemon eeg 1st go to a pokemon center.Look in your boxes and look
for a picachu.Make sure you have an action replay.Go to Route 225 and catch 5 pokemon.
Use your action replay to get a manaphy.Put it in the daycare with a ditto and you will have a Phione eeg.Hatch it and it will know great moves!Use your picachu in a double battle with 2 trainers.Put picachu in your 1st space and Phione in second.After the battle your Phione will Level up and learn moves like Volt Tackle or others!This cheat only works with a Picachu.
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How to get Giratina 83%
To get Giratina you have to win the elite 4 and get the national dex.Then on route 214 theres a new place called spring path. You enter there then theres grass if you want to catch some strong pokemon then bring ultra balls. you need the HM rock climb so bring a pokemon that knows it. So theres a uturn spot then you will need to use rock climb. Then you will enter a cave theres alot of tunnels so go through them until you see a big pokemon.
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How to get a lucario 83%
Ok this is what you do. you sail to iron islandand get deep in the cave. you find sum1 named riley. you win the cave and riley gives you an egg. it hatches as a riolu but evoleves into lucario.
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Firstyou need a manaphy and pearl.Put manaphy in Wi-Fi for a weak pokemon.After you put it up 4 trade,wait until sum1 takes your offer.Then every time you go on to Wi-FI,
if you offer a weak pokemon 4 a strong it will accept.Message me if you need help on the
cheat master fourms.
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WOW! What a dusk ball! 83%
If your wanting to catch AZELF (wanting, not really catching) you shoud use dusk balls! They really work! When I used ultra balls they didn't work too good even when its HP was low, but when I used one dusk ball and I had AZELF! (also AZELF had low HP)

PS.(This should on UXIE too, but unlucky for me I pressed a something when I was talking to my lilttle bro and my game said: UXIE dissapired in the caven.
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How to get magby 83%
Go to starkmountain (at night)go to the cave and there will be magby.hope I help
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How to get Drifloon 83%
You wait till friday and go to froaroam town were you keep going right until you see a drifloon standing there and he is level 21
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How to get Gligar 83%
Insert emerald in the game slot go under the bridge from Eterna to oreburgh and in the grass you find it
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Chatot Chatter 82%
If you do some exploring and talking to people, you will eventually encounter someone who says Chatot can learn human words. Once you obtain one (after trading with a girl in an early town) and get it to about level 20, it will learn the move Chatter. Once it learns Chatter, go to your Pokemon menu and select "Chatot". It will show Chatter along with a summary, switch, etc. Then, press A and record what you want it to say into the DS microphone. Not only will Chatot say what you said whenever you use the move Chatter, but it will become its cry. Note: This is not permanent, so you can change its Chatter as often as desired. Also, the speech will be slightly distorted so it will not sound exactly as you said it. The recorded sound lasts for only one day, so you will have to re-record it.
By: baxter155(95)
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Great ball cheat 82%
Get a great ball (or other balls) and find a pokemon use the ball and as soon as it opens say gotcha into the mic and press b+down. it really works on full health pokemon (sometimes not garunteed)

I caught PALKIA on full health 1st try its really good (i used a great ball)
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How to catch Heatran! 82%
You can only do this if you have beaten the Elite Four.Go to Survival Area and head for Stark Mountain. Enter the cave. You will meet Buck and you will have to guide him through the cave towards the treasure. When you get to the enterance where the treasure is,he'll take the treasure and exit the cave. Exit the cave using an escape rope(if you have one)and bike or fly back to the survival area. Go to the house next to the Pokemon Center and chat to Buck. He will return the treasure. Go back to Stark Mountain where Buck took the treasure in the 1st place, and there is Heatran! I suggest you use Dusk Balls to catch it.
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Getting all Pokemon: 82%
You cannot catch all Pokemon in this game. You must trade them from
your Game Boy Advance Pokemon games. In this game, you can get all
the fourth generation Pokemon, but only about fifty original
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Pokemon mantion statue 80%
In the pokemon mantion there is this statue with someone guarding it. well if you want to see what it is. the guard takes a break at 2am-5am. giving you the chance to touch and see what it is. if you don't want to wait till then. trick your ds by going into your settings and setting your clock to 2am.
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The easiest way to catch Mesprit and Cresselia 78%
In order to do this you will need a Golbat that knows Mean Look or a Spinarak that knows Spider Web(I think Wobbufet has an ability that does the same and lasts for the whole battle).Find one of the two and use Mean Look or Spider web to prevent them from escaping,lower their HP and start throwing balls.

Thanks for reading this cheat!
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How to get Latias in pearl 77%
First catch at least 4 legendaries.Then go to Hearthone city.Catch a Buneary then walk with it until you reach 9,999 steps.Run back to the pokemon center and speak with a girl near the counter.She will talk with you.Listen to her and then go to Twinleaf town.Catch
4 starlys and fly to Fullmoon Island.Wait 'till night .There will be a light in the sky.Some thing will fly over you.Get a flying pokemon and go to Sangem town.It will land in the water.Look for it.You MUST do ALL of these instructions or else it will NOT work.
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Sparkling Plants 76%
If you water a plant. Change you game and stare at the plant. Chances are your plant will die if you do not water it. It will sparkle when it grows. It only happends at 5:00 and at noon.
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Catching Giratina (Legendary Pokemon) 75%
1-Beat the Elite four and the Pokemon Champion.
Take Pokemon that know HM6-Rock Smash and HM8-Rock Climb)
2-Fly to Veilstone City.
3-Take Rt. 214 south toward Lake Valor/Pastoria City.
4-Keep to the right side of the road.
5-You'll see a path to the right. Turn into it and then just follow it. Keep going straight through the trees and then cross the grass, and climb up the wall.
6-Go to the left. There are some Lv. 50-60 Pokemon in the grass on the way you might want to catch (Bibarel, Chimecho, etc.)
7-Then use Rock Climb down the hill and go into the adjacent cave. Go straight through all the doors. After about 15, you'll see some wild Pokemon (Bronzongs & Golbats). You might need to use Rock Smash several times, and then at around 23, you'll see Giratina. Go up to it, press A and then you'll battle. I have the code on Action Replay for 999 Master Balls, so that's what I used, but Ultra Balls/Dusk Balls should work.
PS-When you catch it, it will be Lv. 70.
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How to get in the ribbon club 75%
You know the ribbon club at the resort area? do you wish you could just go in? fret not if you get 10 ribbons for one Pokemon and put them at the front of your team you can enter also once you become a member you can always go in even if your head Pokemon has no ribbons at all
By: pokemaster619(55)
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Slaking: Use giga impact with choice band for MORE POWER!
Glaceon: Have it hold wide lens and use blizzard for WAY more accuracy.
Tangrowth: Use sunny day to speed him up and use his WICKED power whip.
Alakazam: use calm mind then psychic for EXTREME damage.
Tyranitar: Use curse to raise physical stats then use stone edge.
Rypherior: Use protect or detect on ally pokemon when Rypherior uses earthquake to protect it from ally recoil.
Heracross: Use endure to withstand ANY attack then use reversal for ALL-OUT DAMAGE!
gengar: put foes asleep with Hypnosis then use dream eater to do serious damage AND heal itself with half the damage. DOES NOT EFFECT DAMAGE!

Exclusive strategies
Muk: Use minimize 4-6 times, use screech twice, and toxic once. THESE MUST HIT. Then use focus punch and this should happen:
increasing poison damage
little chance of hits
lowered defense for BADDER HIT!
Electrivire: Use double team 4-6 times, thunder wave once. This should effect the opponent:
Decreased speed
5% chance or hits
a bad defense
Heatran: Use lava plume for burn, fire spin for extra damage, Magma strom for MORE extra damage, and keep using iron head to make the pokemon flinch. What should happen:

Fire spin damage
Magma storm damage
burn damage
up to 2 flinches.
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Easily beat the elite four 75%
I can tell you a good team for facing the elite four!

Aaron: Dustox: Any flying type level 55+
Buitifly: Any flying type 55+
Heracross: Strong flying type 60+
Drapion: Best flying type you can get 60+
Vespiqueen: Strong flying type 60+

Bertha: Quagsire: A good grass type 55+
Sudowoodo: A good water 55+
Golem: A strong water type 60+
Wishcash: A strong grass type 60+
Hippowdon: A strong water type 60+

Flint: Rapidash: Any water type 60+
Steelix:A strong water type 60+
Drifblim: A strong electric or dark type 60+
Lopunny: Strong fighting type 60+
Infernape:Strong water type 60+

Lucian: Mr. Mime: Good dark type 60+
Girafirig: Good dark type 60+
Medichan: Strong flying 60+
Alakazam:Strong dark 60+
Bronzong: Best fire you can find 65+

Cynthia: Spiritomb: I like strong water or ground 60+
Roserade: Strong flying 60+
Gastrodon: Strong grass 65+
Lucario: Best fighting you can find 65+
Milotic:Best grass you can find 65+
Garchomp: Best dragon you can find 70+

Hope this helped! :]
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Hidden cave 74%
So many people wonder how to get the rare garchomp well here's how

go to the oreburgh place and go the the bicycle road enterence.go to the left with a pokemon that has cut and a pokemon that has flash.keep going through this place until you get to the eend with a cave obiously being dont go in this cave.go to the left under the bridge and press your self up against the wall. scan the wall and you will eventually sink in and find the hidden cave where you can get gible. hope this helps!
By: hansup180(32)
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Elite Four Team Weaknesses 74%
Dustox is weaek against Fire, Flying, Psychic, Rock
Beautifly is weak against Rock, Fire, Electric, Ice, Flying
Vespiquen is weak against Rock, Fire, Eliectric, Ice, Flying
Heracross is weak against Flying, Fire, Psychic
Drapion is weak against Ground

Quagsire is weak against Grass
Sudowoodo is weak against Grass, Water, Fighting, Ground, Steel
Golem is weak against Grass, Water, Fighting, Ground, Steel, Ice
Whiscash is weak against Grass
Hippowdon is weak against Grass, Water, Ice

Rapidash is weak against Water, Ground, Rock
Steelix is weak against Fire, Water, Fighting, Ground
Drifblim is weak against Electric, Ice, Rock, Ghost, Dark
Lopunny is weak against Fighting
Infernape is weak against Water, Ground, Flying, Psychic

Mr. Mime is weak against Bug, Ghost, Dark
Girafarig is weak against Bug, Dark
Medicham is weak against Flying, Ghost
Alakazam is weak against Bug, Ghost, Dark
Bronzong is weak against Fire

Spiritomb has no real weakness
Roserade is weak against Fire, Ice, Flying, Psychic
Gastrodon is weak against Grass
Lucario is weak against Fire, Fighting, Ground
Milotic is weak against Grass, Electric
Garchomp is weak against Ice, Dragon
By: conor4100(832)
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How to hatch eggs faster 74%
If you have a Pokemon with the ability flame body or magma armour Pokemon eggs hatch faster (also works for diamond and platinum)
By: pokemaster619(55)
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Another Odd Keystone 74%
The item Odd Keystone is vital for catching a Spiritomb. There's one you get from a black belt on Route 209 (is it?) and one in Twinleaf Town. Just use Surf near the pond there, surf to the trees on the left, press A and you'll find an Odd Keystone there. If you want to find one the hard way, look for one in the Sinnoh Underground.
By: conor4100(832)
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One very good tip for how to get rare pokemon 74%
You will need
max repel:
poke radar :
one pokemon that nose sweet scent :
national pokedex :
and lots of ultra balls :
use the national poke dex to look up the pokemon you want then walk fly or surf to were that pokemon can be found now use the max repel ok now use your pokemon that nose sweet scent ok now use your poke radar ok by now I bet you want to no why did you use your max repel right? well you see it works so that you can walk or run in the tall grass no pokemon can attack you that way you can get to all the pokemons that you find with your poke radar............. trust me it works! oh and you can find a lot of shinys! if you read this thank you! :)
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Secret Pokemon from Hoenn, Johto, and Kanto. 73%
Here is how to find pokemon from the different regions, Johto, Hoenn, and Kanto:

1. Get the National Pokedex.

2. Go to Sandgem town.

3. Go in the house with Dawn's little sister and an old guy.

4. Talk to Dawn's sister.

5. She will say, "Oh, what did that new report say again? Oh, yes! There is a swarm of ________ in Rt. ________."

She will say a pokemon from a different region. Fly to the route she said they were in. You will find TONS of the mentioned pokemon!
By: CheattopiaBen(631)
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How to get pokemon that need to be traded w/o trading! 73%
This cheat is beast.
1.Register a friend code in pal pad
2.Go to GTS in Jubilife city
3.Put a pokemon that needs to trade to evolve in (kadabra, machoke, graveler,etc.)
4.Save and turn off
5.Remove your pokemon from the GTS
6.The screen should say "what?____is evolving!"
This cheat should work even with pokemon that need to be traded with items if you equip the items to the Pokemons!
By: LeafeonsRule(35)
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Legendaries Galore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 73%
Are you ready to find every single legendary pokemon in the sinnoh region? Oh yeah, before battling these pokemon SAVE and make sure you have enough pokeballs. Well here you are.
1.ROTOM!-To get the rare thunder type pokemon go to the old Cheatu(in Eterna Forest).Go to the T.V. DURING THE NIGHT!(Night is 8p.m.-4a.m.)Press a on the T.V. and you will be battling ROTOM!(He's only level 15 so don't kill him.) His moves are Uproar,Double team,Thundershock, and Confuse Ray.Now that's the right way on how to catch ROTOM!
2.UXIE ,AZELF,and MESPRIT!- To get these pokemon you must have beaten team Galatic at the Spear Pillar. Next you go to all three lakes of the Sinnoh Region.(You must have a pokemon that knows the move SURF.) After that you surf to the middle of a lake. You should find a cavern. GO INSIDE!Do it at all three lakes. They're all level 50.
But I don't know their moves.Here's sometyhing else you might need to know. MESPRIT will fly all over SINNOH. So you'll need a pokemon that s MEAN LOOK because as soon as you find MESPRIT it will flee.
3.DIALGA/PALKIA!- To get one of these go to the Spear Pillar. You must battle team Galatic.(They're not as easy as you think). You must beat the boss of team Galatic. Next you can capture DIALGA or PALKIA. They're level 47. palkia knows Special Rend and three other moves. DIALGA knows Roar Of Time and three other moves.Here is a big tip.PALKIA IS BETTER! I only said that because I have a Palkia level 100. It's moves are Draco Meteor,Special Rend,Aura Sphere, and Surf.
4.Heatren!- To get Heatren you must get the rock in Stark Mountain. Then go to Survival Area. Talk to Buck(The guy you got the rock with). He'll give you the rock back. After that go to Stark Mountain and go to where y are in yourou first got the rock. You'll see a big pokemon is standing in front of you.IT'S HEATREN! It's at level 70. It's an awesome fire legendary. It's moves are Iron Head, Fire Spin, Lava Plume, and Scary Face.
5.REGIGIGAS!-He's the fourth of the regis. To get him you must have mingrated the other three regis from EMERALD, RUBY, or SAPPHIRE.Next make sure the regis Regice, Regirock, and Registeel are in your party. Now go to Snowpoint Temple.( You will be able to go in after you beat the pokemon league.) Get to the bottom floor. You will see a BIG statue. It will turn into REGIGIGAS ONLY if you have the other regis in your party. It is level 70. It's moves are Confuse Ray, Stomp, Superpower, and Zen Headbutt.
6.GIRATINA!-To get his AMAZING pokemon got to Turnback Cave.(You can go here after beating the pokemon league).BE AWARE IN TURNBACK CAVE! The wild pokemon in there are at least level 55.ALSO BE AWARE BECAUSE THAT CAVE IS A HUGE MAZE AND IT'S SUPER HARD TO GET TO GIRATINA'S ROOM. Now when you do get to battle him he's level 70. His moves are Shadow Force, Heal Block, Earth Power, and Safeguard.
7.CRESELLIA!-To get her beat the pokemon leauge. Then go to Canalave City. Next go inside the house next to the sailor. Talk to the women then talk to the sailor. You will be able to go to Fullmoon Island. GO THERE!
Next go inside the forest in Fullmoon Island. Cresselia will fly away. It's doing the same thing Mesprit is doing. Anyway Cresellia is level 50. it's moves are Mist, Aura Beam, Future Sight, and Slash.
BONUS! 8. MANAPHY and PHIONE!-You must beat the special mission on pokemon ranger. Transfer the Manaphy egg. When it hatches BREED MANAPHY WITH DITTO.(To get DITTO use the pokeradar on ROUTE 218).
It will be a Phione.

Well everone who has read this Do not fear! I'LL be back soon with tips on how to get more pokemon!
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Get the mystery gift 73%
Go to jubilife city, and then enter the television station. Go to the third floor, and look for a boy and girl standing next to each other. Talk to the boy and say ''EVERYONE HAPPY'' and ''WI - FI CONNECTION'', and he will give you the mystery gift. Dont go to your bag because its not in there. When you go to the menu where you start playing is where it is.
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Where to train pokemon without exp share! 73%
To train pokemon, trauin here if they're these levels:

Lv1-5:rt 201
Lv6-10:Valley windworks(avoid drifloon: hes lvl 22)
Lv10-20:Mt Coronet
Lv20-30:rt 218
lv30-35:iron island
lv35-45:rt 222
lv45-60:Stark mt
lv 60+:Pokemon league

Despite my comment to not using the exp share, giv it to them to gain even more exp points(make sure they no good attcks my gallade is only about lvl 30 and hes on rt 222)
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How to get Magnezone 73%
To get Magnezone get a Magneton and Level it up at Mt. Coronet and your 3in1 will now be 1 big fat thing lol.
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How to get JOLTEON,VAPOREON,FLAREION in pearl 73%
Simply just get 3 evees and give one a FIRE STONE ,WATER STONE and a THUNDER STONE (and im not yet shure that the fire stone will work on evee beacause I haven't tried it yet )
By: Razor33(242)
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Easy find,rare Pokemon! 71%
After getting the National Dex,go to Sandgem Town.Go to Dawn's/Lucas's house. Talk to
his or her sister.She will say something about seeing a Pokemon from the TV at a location.
Fly to that location and walk on the patch of grass.For example,Pidgey at Route 228.No action replays and Pokeradar needed.Best of luck!

Elite Four need to be (D.E.F.E.A.T.E.D.)!

Have fun!
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Solaceon Ruins Wall Writing 71%
If anyone is wondering what in the name of Palkia the writing on the walls in Solaceon Ruins says, look no futrher! If you look closely, the letters look like Unown! Anyway, here ya go.
On the first floor, it reads-
These are directions to the very heart of the Ruins. Follow them, and the Inner Sanctum wall reads-
Yeah, I don't get it either. But! And this is a big but!*snickers at funny phrase*After you read it, the Unown should appear! Of course, the only ones I can find by running around are "D" Unowns, but if you use Sweet Scent or a Honey while in the Ruins, you'll probably find all 26. To make them super easy to catch, get a bunch of Dusk Balls.
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Problems entering the big house in resort area? 71%
To enter the special establisment in resort area, you need 10 ribbons.
You can collect ribbons by winning contests, beating the elite four etc.
Find ONE pokemon you wan't to have many ribbons, then when you got 10, enter the special house, and: voila! You're in!
By: metaz(226)
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Eon? 71%
1st you have to migrate a Ditto (or get 1) then get an Eevee from Bebe after you get the national poke-dex. Then evolve it then go to The day care Lady and give your Ditto and you're ?eon. Then an Eevee will hatch and keep repeating till you have them all.
Flareon- Give a Firestone
Vaporeon- Give a Water Stone
Jolteon- Give a Thunder Stone
Espeon- Get friendship at day
Umbreon- Get friendship at night
Leafeon- Gain friendship at Eterna Forest near the Mossy Rock
Glaceon- Gain Friendship at the area near Snowpoint near the cold roc
By: jamespongebob(136)
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Low on money? 71%
Go to harthome city.
Go below the city, outside the pokemon mansion, it's 2 peolpe there.
Make one of your pokemon hold amulet coin(or that other item that doubles the money),
if you have beaten them before, use VS-seeker. And after a few battles, their pokemon should be in lvl. 60,and if you win, you'll get 24.000!
By: metaz(226)
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Bad Egg 71%
If you use the Action Replay TOO much and you push "L" and "R", you will get bad egg.
I got Bad Egg once now I have to start over. T_T well, try to never to use the
Action Replay too much.
By: abby5079(20)
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Ghost Gang 71%
You must have the HM Cut, as well as the Forest Badge, to find this easter egg. Use Cut on the trees near the exit to Eterna Forest to discover a path to a mysterious mansion. There are two rooms that hold spooks: One is the dining room downstairs and the other is upstairs on the far right, but you can only see it from the adjacent room to the left.

If you have a GBA game in slot 2 of the DS or the National Dex, you can get a Haunter and Gengar in the room with the "eyed portrait" that seems to look at you if you back away from it, or a Rotom in the 2nd floor TV (respectively).
By: conor4100(832)
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Hey!!You Stupid Sailer!!! wait for me!!! 71%
Your are gonna need an action replay and put on your run anywhere cheat then go to canalave city then go BEHIND the sailor then talk to him BUT,MAKE SHURE YOUR'E BEHIND HIM THEN NOW he'llgo in his ship and leave all alone in the water,but eventualy.......... you will reach the island.
By: Razor33(242)
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Go to Eterna city go left and there will be an entrance a forest when you look up there will be a bush use cut go up,and there is the old chatue go to the chatue at after noon or at mid night,go to the room that have the tv talk to it and you battle rotm is at lv.15.hope I can help:).
By: pace23(157)
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How to get alot of rotoms 71%
First you need a rotom and ditto then 2 empty spaces in the daycare , put ure' rotom and ditto in the daycare in solceon town then swtich your poke tech app and use ure' bike and go up and down until you see an egg,then talk to the daycare man he'll give you a rotom egg.u can repeat this to get alot of rotoms. pls.rate me 10points.
By: Razor33(242)
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How to get togekiss 70%
You need to togepi on route 230 and when it evoleves into togetic use a shiny stone to evole togetic. by togekiss rocks
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Mystery Gift 70%
If you've heard that you can only get the god pokemon (Arceus) by going to an event or getting an action replay code, it's not true. Go to Jubilife City and head for the TV Station. Go to the third floor and go to the space. Talk to the guy there and he will ask you about your opinion on TV. Say 'yes' and in the first two slots put "everyone happy". Then, for the feedback, put "wi-fi connection". He'll say some stuff and give you a mystery gift. Press X and hit 'save'. Turn off your DS and then turn it back on. When you get to the main menu, hit 'mystery gift' and then 'recieve gift'. Choose which way you want to get your give and once you get it, continue your game. Go to a pokemart and as you walk inside, press l+r. If you see a guy in green, talk to him and he'll give you something. If you get a flute, go to Spear Pillar and play the flute. Stairs will appear in front of you. Save and then go up the stairs. You will see Arceus near the end of the stairs. Talk to it and it will battle you. It is the strongest wild pokemon ever and it is at level 80. This also works with Darkrai, Shaymin, amd Manafy. I'm still working on this cheat and I'm sure if it works. Hope it does! And good luck to all of you who try to obtain these amazing pokemon. Happy hunting!
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Shaymin (action replay or edge needed) 70%
Put on your run anywhere in action replay or in edge,then go to route 224.(u know the one w/ the polished rock)head north u'll see a very long long long...etc. path use your bike in about 1 minuite ull get there in "Flower Paradice"u'll see Shaymin. (my coz used his edge I helped him get Shaymin so he owes me his Rilou!) P.S.HOPED I HELPED PLS RATE ME 10
By: Razor33(242)
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How To Get Drifloon: 70%
Go to the valley windworks on a friday at any time. There will be a Drifloon standing outside. It will not be in the grass. It will be level 22. Be careful, catch it the first time or it escapes! If it is not a friday, just change the day on the options menu (not on the game, the small button on the bottom of the game options screen, and then go back!
By: badboyblp(13)
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How to get LEAFEON and GLACEON 70%
Get two EEVEES then to get glaceon go to route 217 give EEVEE rare candy or level it up, to get LEAFEON same thing but in the moss rock in entrna forest.
By: Razor33(242)
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Underground: Big Spheres 70%
Go to the underground at first chance and get some spheres. Bury them and leave them for a few days/weeks. Come back, dig them up and you can buy anything and everything that the underground merchants can sell.
By: Ebrie3(211)
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Get free pokemon everyday without no action replay or gts really!!!! 69%
First to get rare or non rare pokemon everyday for free you just have to go to sandgem town, then go to dawns house talk to their little sister she will tell you where there are swarms of rare pokemon all you have to do is go to the place she tells you to go and catch them since I found out I have caught Makuhita which evolves into Hariyama,absol, skitty wich evolves into delcatty,and smoochom which evolves into jynx there are different pokemon evryday all you have to do is ask her and go to place and catch it however if you dont find the pokemon on your first try in the grass keep on trying you will 100% sure find it and all of the pokemon she tells you about you cant catch normally in the grass and some of them are not even on your pokedex its so easy! I couldnt believe it when I found out!
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More Fossils! 69%
You must have got the Mining Kit and have completed all of the Miner Man's challenges before doing this. So, getting bored of looking for gems and fossils underground? After reading this cheat you won't! It's simple really. Ever wonder why you can only get 1 fossil in the underground? Well guess what? You can get more! Simply beat the Pokemon League and get the National Pokedex. Then, go back underground and dig. You can get 5 new fossils. They are Omanyte, Kabuto, Aerodactyle, Lileep and Onorith. Once you get a fossil, take it to the Fossil Man in Orghburg City to revive your fossil and get a new Lv. 20 Pokemon!
By: CheattopiaBen(631)
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How to get bagon/ditto in pearl 69%
NOTE:(you need the National Dex and poke radar)

BAGON:go to celestic town then go east to route 210, USE POKE RADAR!the first wild pokemon you see make it faint (unless its bagon).

DITTO:go to canalave city go to route 218 track it down w/your pokeradar.
By: Razor33(242)
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Catching cresselia easer 69%
After you have gone to fullmonn island get a golbat that has the move mean look.
when you find it get her health done to red and use a duskball or a ultraball to catch it
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Easy way to get odd keystone 69%
Here is a super easy way to get odd keystone.Go to twinleaf and surf in the little patch of water.go to the left in the water and press A.You will find the hidden odd keystone!
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How to get rotom in pokemon pearl 69%
At night time go to the old chateau. then go up the stairs in to the middle back door. go inand go to the room with the TV and press the A butten when you are facing the TV and rottom will come out.

(try doing this aurond PM 9:00. thats what I did
By: madmax(89)
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CRANIDOS!!! without AR 68%
First, either find a friend with Diamond or go to the GTS in Jubilife. Then, trade an OK pokemon for their OK Cranidos. If you go to the GTS, put a weak pokemon (lv.5 or so) up for offer and ask for a 9 or under Cranidos. Most likely, you'll get one. Also, at lv.30, Cranidos and Sheildon evolve into Ramparados (totally AWESOME!) and Bastiodon (Meh.).
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How to catch churebi! 68%
First you need to put some honey in a tree[i put it in etanre city].Then travel to far places like beating gym leaders.Then go back to the tree and wa-la!its a level 7.
By: manaphy12(17)
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Ditto is the best pokemon ever! 68%
If you get a ditto put him/her into battle and use transform to turn into the pokemon your battling.You also get the same moves as them but only on 5pp.I once battled a ditto with palkia and ditto turned into palkia!Also if you put a ditto in the day care with any pokemon of your choice apart from legendaries you can breed with it .I caught a ditto and bred with a phione. Thank-You for reading by Jamie Rodgers Age 9
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Don't sell the special plates you find. They can be held by Arceus 68%
If you wan't to make your Arceus to look cool,don't sell the special plates you find. Arceus will change type to match the held plate. He will also change colour
Some plates:
-Sky plate, flying
-Mind plate, psychc
-Dread plate, Dark
-Spooky plate, Ghost(that's the coolest)
-Stone plate, rock
-Icicle plate, Ice
-Fist plate, Fight
And some more plates that I don't remeber the names of.
My Arceus is shiny and is holding spooky plate! VERY cool!
By: metaz(226)
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Shaymin at lv 30 (NEED AR) 67%
Use the run anywere AR run pass pokemon lendgen Rout 224 look for a big rock run pass it into water look for a flower path get on bike go donw the path for 1 min or 2 you find the flower parides look for shaymin their don't forget about master ball chaet at the bottom at 50% on this website
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Are you stuck on a part 67%
If you are stuck on a part or trying to beat the elite four well all ya have to do is go to youtube or google and type MARRILAND pokemon diamond adventure (marriland is in lower case letters) and it will show you vids of pokemon diamond adventure from the start to the end (and of course there in different clips
By: UNIT626(100)
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Money, Money, Money 67%
If you are low on cash and have the national pokedex, go to Turnback Cave. Catch giratina. Look at the place where he was standing and you will see an item. It is the rare bone. Take it then exit the cave then go in again. Look again at that spot and you will find another rare bone! Keep on repeating these steps. After a few tries you will start to find stardusts instead of rare bones. These do not sell for as much but still sell for a lot. Hope this helps.
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Locario 67%
After beating the fifth gym leader, you can SURF to the city that is next to Jubilife City X3. Be sure to have an empty slot in your Pokemon party. When you arrive, go across the bridge and down to the boats to sail to Iron Mountain.

There is a guy named Riley at the mountain that wants to cross the mountain with you. Take him along and fight through the mountain until you reach Galactic Grunts 1 and 2. Riley has a L34 Lucario. The grunts have a Glameow and Goldbat. Provided you win, Riley will give you an egg that hatches into an L1 Roilu after you travel 6500 steps (or so).

You can clear the step counter application for the Poketech and use that to count your steps. Roilu is the pre-evolved form of Lucario and when it loves you in the day time it will evolve. Feed Roilu its favorite flavor (Poffin) or train it to L30. If you have the friend application, check that to see if Roilu likes you or not
By: conor4100(832)
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Leafeon and Glaceon 67%
If you have two evees that you want to evolve then use this cheat!

if you want leafeon go near the grassy rock in the eterna forest and level up with rare candys or battle!to get glaceon go near the icy rock on route 217 and level it up by battling or use rare candys.

to get glaceon go near the icy rock on route 217 and level it up by battling or use rare candys.

Hope this helps!I'm new at this so please comment!
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Giratina (where he is found) 67%
I have been looking at cheats on the internet and I thought this info was useful.
After you get your national pokedex a new area beside veilstone appears.Find the lake on Spring path near this will be turnback the third pillared room on the left is where
he is.....
i hope you find this info useful 2.
By: Key Key(19)
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2 for the price of 1 (geting ninjask and and shedninja) 67%
If you have nincada do this,give nincada a pokeball AND make SHURE THAT THERES AT LEAST 5 OR LESS POKEMON IN YOUR PARTY,then level it vp to 20 it will evolve to ninjask then look in your pokemon party shedninja will be there.
By: Razor33(242)
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Where to drifoon 67%
You see drifoon at wind works at lvl.15 and the date has to be Friday if it is not Friday simple change the date to Friday.
By: onesermas(10)
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Happiny Egg 67%
Go to hearthome city then go to solaceon town stop at the sign that has the arrow pointing to solaceon town then talk to the hiker near it he will give you an egg it is a happiny egg

also a quick way to hatch eggs is there is a path that lead from the crumbling tower to the place that sells moo moo milk go up and down that so many times till you get a message that says oh? then the egg will hatch

p.s. you have to beat all the that see you first before it is a empty path

this my first cheat pls rate it
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First go to Heartthone city.Go near a pokemon center and you will see a guy.He will chat to you about stuff.
He will ask you a question.If you answer him right he will give you a manaphy on LV.50!

Mew Cheat:
go to sangem town.then chat to lucas.get a pokeradar and go yo route 224.then use the
pokeradar in the grass.go to the patch that is closer to you.then you will see a mew.
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Secrets of the old chateau (not rotom) something really creepy! 66%
When you go into the chateau go into the door that is directly infront of you (the room with the long table).before you enter it be ready to press up on the directional buttons straight after you go in. then you will see the ghost of an old man waking acroos the other end of the table reaaaaly scary you will have like less than a second to press the up button if you dont do it properly it wont work.

secondly do the same thing with the room with a purple picture with red eyes. again press the up button the second you enter the room then you will see in the next room a ghost of a girl wandering and then she leaves the room.

i found this creepy and you can do it as many times as you like!
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Quik weavile 65%
Catch a sneasel and attach a razor claw,at night level it up once and it should evolve
By: pacdude3000(116)
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How to get strong pokemon in wild 65%
Get a flying pokemon fly to fight area you will need surf and rock climb when you land go right and loook around until you find a lake use surf go to a house then go up then you will run into land keep on going then go up a mountainand there will be tons of strong pokemon.
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Rare Candies Galore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 64%
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hello. That's right. It's pokemonsters back with the greatest cheats. If you have seen my other cheat Legendaries Galore! CONGRATULATIONS! But I hate to change the subject but ARE YOU READY FOR SOME RARE CANDIES! I bet you are. All right. To get this to work you'll need one POKEMON that has the ability pickup. Meowth and Phanphy always have the ability pickup. Aipom, Pachurisu, Munchlax, Ambipom, Zigzagoon, Linoone, and Teddiursa have a 50% chance of having the ability pickup. The other 50% chance of what there ability is going to be is another ability which is not pickup. Next you train your pokemon with the ability pickup to L.V. 50(TIP-DO NOT LET ANY OF YOUR POKEMON EVOLVE AND PACHIRISU DOES NOT EVOLVE SO IT'S ABILITY WILL STAY THE SAME FOREVER.) Now your hard work is done. !LUCKY! The next and the final step is battle wild pokemon. OK. Now I know your thinking this cheat is horrible it didn't tell a thing about getting Rare Candies.
But I just told you how to get them.Now I know you think I'm !CRAZY!BUT I'M NOT! You see,I have a pokemon pearl guide book but it doesn't tell you any of the wonderful cheats I find on this Website. But I did find out in my guide book that if you have a L.V. 50 pokemon with the ability pickup it's chances of finding rare candies are bigger. That's why I have a L.V. 100 PALKIA, RHYPERIOR, AND CACTURNE I used RARE CANDIES!
NOTE 1-I don't really care for my cacturne,I mean first his moves are horrible and second his attack is really
NOTE 2-A trick to get even more rare candies is to have your party full of pokemon that are L.V.50 and have the ability pickup. That way any of the pokemon in your party can pickup rare candies.
NOTE 3-Even if you don't pickup a rare candy you will probably pickup a MAX REVIVE, A FULL RESTORE, A DAWN STONE, A DUSK STONE, A SHINY STONE, A REVIVE, OR AN ULTRA BALL! Now I know you looked at this cheat for rare candies but those are still praetty good items. Right?
NOTE 4-I also hope I helped you get a better bond with your pokemon and made them stronger A LOT STRONGER by using this cheat.
NOTE 5-I also hope you like all the other cheats I made.
NOTE 6-DON'T FORGET! I may make the cheat !MONEY GALORE!
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How to Evolve with Friendship Evolution Fast 64%
It's really simple. In the pokemon mansion which is south of hearthrome there is a maid slaking off if I remember who will give you a soothe bell. Say you want to evolve eevee, then give it a soothe bell, feed it poffins until it says eevee cant eat any more and then battle with it. Say the eevee is a lv. 20 then battle with it against Lv. 20, or Lv.21 pokemon until eevee gains a level and do it at the right time. Im about 95% sure it will work. Trust me, I used this strategy on a riolu, and an eevee and they both evolved.
By: roseagius(22)
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Elite 4 but you only battle one!!! 64%
First, you need to have the walk or run anywhere cheat on. Then, when you go to the elite four, you will come in through a door, walk on the outside of each room and go through the door. This will enable you to only having to beat the master. THIS CHEAT IS ONLY GOOD IF YOU WANT TO BEAT THE ELITE FOUR VERY FAST!
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Free Berries!!!!!! Super rare !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 64%
1.First fly to Pastoria city 2. then go to the the farthest south of the city then head west 3. then u`ll see a house and if there be 2 girls go talk to the one sitting in the chair she will give you a berry . she will give you 1 berry every day you go to the house.
By: game master422(222)
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How to catch dialgia in diamond if you killed it!!!!!!!cameron-Z 64%
If you killed dialgia/palkia when team galatic takes them back to life ,every time you beat the pokemon leage he will return at spear piller(same with palkia)
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Pokemon base stat 64%
BULBASAUR 45 49 49 45 65 65
IVYSAUR 60 62 63 60 80 80
VENUSAUR 80 82 83 80 100 100
CHARMANDER 39 52 43 65 60 50
CHARMELEON 58 64 58 80 80 65
CHARIZARD 78 84 78 100 109 85
SQUIRTLE 44 48 65 43 50 64
WARTORTLE 59 63 80 58 65 80
BLASTOISE 79 83 100 78 85 105
CATERPIE 45 30 35 45 20 20
METAPOD 50 20 55 30 25 25
BUTTERFREE 60 45 50 70 80 80
WEEDLE 40 35 30 50 20 20
KAKUNA 45 25 50 35 25 25
BEEDRILL 65 80 40 75 45 80
PIDGEY 40 45 40 56 35 35
PIDGEOTTO 63 60 55 71 50 50
PIDGEOT 83 80 75 91 70 70
RATTATA 30 56 35 72 25 35
RATICATE 55 81 60 97 50 70
SPEAROW 40 60 30 70 31 31
FEAROW 65 90 65 100 61 61
EKANS 35 60 44 55 40 54
ARBOK 60 85 69 80 65 79
PIKACHU 35 55 30 90 50 40
RAICHU 60 90 55 100 90 80
SANDSHREW 50 75 85 40 20 30
SANDSLASH 75 100 110 65 45 55
NIDORAN♀ 55 47 52 41 40 40
NIDORINA 70 62 67 56 55 55
NIDOQUEEN 90 82 87 76 75 85
NIDORAN♂ 46 57 40 50 40 40
NIDORINO 61 72 57 65 55 55
NIDOKING 81 92 77 85 85 75
CLEFAIRY 70 45 48 35 60 65
CLEFABLE 95 70 73 60 85 90
VULPIX 38 41 40 65 50 65
NINETALES 73 76 75 100 81 100
JIGGLYPUFF 115 45 20 20 45 25
WIGGLYTUFF 140 70 45 45 75 50
ZUBAT 40 45 35 55 30 40
GOLBAT 75 80 70 90 65 75
ODDISH 45 50 55 30 75 65
GLOOM 60 65 70 40 85 75
VILEPLUME 75 80 85 50 100 90
PARAS 35 70 55 25 45 55
PARASECT 60 95 80 30 60 80
VENONAT 60 55 50 45 40 55
VENOMOTH 70 65 60 90 90 75
DIGLETT 10 55 25 95 35 45
DUGTRIO 35 80 50 120 50 70
MEOWTH 40 45 35 90 40 40
PERSIAN 65 70 60 115 65 65
PSYDUCK 50 52 48 55 65 50
GOLDUCK 80 82 78 85 95 80
MANKEY 40 80 35 70 35 45
PRIMEAPE 65 105 60 95 60 70
GROWLITHE 55 70 45 60 70 50
ARCANINE 90 110 80 95 100 80
POLIWAG 40 50 40 90 40 40
POLIWHIRL 65 65 65 90 50 50
POLIWRATH 90 85 95 70 70 90
ABRA 25 20 15 90 105 55
KADABRA 40 35 30 105 120 70
ALAKAZAM 55 50 45 120 135 85
MACHOP 70 80 50 35 35 35
MACHOKE 80 100 70 45 50 60
MACHAMP 90 130 80 55 65 85
BELLSPROUT 50 75 35 40 70 30
WEEPINBELL 65 90 50 55 85 45
VICTREEBEL 80 105 65 70 100 60
TENTACOOL 40 40 35 70 50 100
TENTACRUEL 80 70 65 100 80 120
GEODUDE 40 80 100 20 30 30
GRAVELER 55 95 115 35 45 45
GOLEM 80 110 130 45 55 65
PONYTA 50 85 55 90 65 65
RAPIDASH 65 100 70 105 80 80
SLOWPOKE 90 65 65 15 40 40
SLOWBRO 95 75 110 30 100 80
MAGNEMITE 25 35 70 45 95 55
MAGNETON 50 60 95 70 120 70
FARFETCH'D 52 65 55 60 58 62
DODUO 35 85 45 75 35 35
DODRIO 60 110 70 100 60 60
SEEL 65 45 55 45 45 70
DEWGONG 90 70 80 70 70 95
GRIMER 80 80 50 25 40 50
MUK 105 105 75 50 65 100
SHELLDER 30 65 100 40 45 25
CLOYSTER 50 95 180 70 85 45
GASTLY 30 35 30 80 100 35
HAUNTER 45 50 45 95 115 55
GENGAR 60 65 60 110 130 75
ONIX 35 45 160 70 30 45
DROWZEE 60 48 45 42 43 90
HYPNO 85 73 70 67 73 115
KRABBY 30 105 90 50 25 25
KINGLER 55 130 115 75 50 50
VOLTORB 40 30 50 100 55 55
ELECTRODE 60 50 70 140 80 80
EXEGGCUTE 60 40 80 40 60 45
EXEGGUTOR 95 95 85 55 125 65
CUBONE 50 50 95 35 40 50
MAROWAK 60 80 110 45 50 80
HITMONLEE 50 120 53 87 35 110
HITMONCHAN 50 105 79 76 35 110
LICKITUNG 90 55 75 30 60 75
KOFFING 40 65 95 35 60 45
WEEZING 65 90 120 60 85 70
RHYHORN 80 85 95 25 30 30
RHYDON 105 130 120 40 45 45
CHANSEY 250 5 5 50 35 105
TANGELA 65 55 115 60 100 40
KANGASKHAN 105 95 80 90 40 80
HORSEA 30 40 70 60 70 25
SEADRA 55 65 95 85 95 45
GOLDEEN 45 67 60 63 35 50
SEAKING 80 92 65 68 65 80
STARYU 30 45 55 85 70 55
STARMIE 60 75 85 115 100 85
MR. MIME 40 45 65 90 100 120
SCYTHER 70 110 80 105 55 80
JYNX 65 50 35 95 115 95
ELECTABUZZ 65 83 57 105 95 85
MAGMAR 65 95 57 93 100 85
PINSIR 65 125 100 85 55 70
TAUROS 75 100 95 110 40 70
MAGIKARP 20 10 55 80 15 20
GYARADOS 95 125 79 81 60 100
LAPRAS 130 85 80 60 85 95
DITTO 48 48 48 48 48 48
EEVEE 55 55 50 55 45 65
VAPOREON 130 65 60 65 110 95
JOLTEON 65 65 60 130 110 95
FLAREON 65 130 60 65 95 110
PORYGON 65 60 70 40 85 75
OMANYTE 35 40 100 35 90 55
OMASTAR 70 60 125 55 115 70
KABUTO 30 80 90 55 55 45
KABUTOPS 60 115 105 80 65 70
AERODACTYL 80 105 65 130 60 75
SNORLAX 160 110 65 30 65 110
ARTICUNO 90 85 100 85 95 125
ZAPDOS 90 90 85 100 125 90
MOLTRES 90 100 90 90 125 85
DRATINI 41 64 45 50 50 50
DRAGONAIR 61 84 65 70 70 70
DRAGONITE 91 134 95 80 100 100
MEWTWO 106 110 90 130 154 90
MEW 100 100 100 100 100 100
CHIKORITA 45 49 65 45 49 65
BAYLEEF 60 62 80 60 63 80
MEGANIUM 80 82 100 80 83 100
CYNDAQUIL 39 52 43 65 60 50
QUILAVA 58 64 58 80 80 65
TYPHLOSION 78 84 78 100 109 85
TOTODILE 50 65 64 43 44 48
CROCONAW 65 80 80 58 59 63
FERALIGATR 85 105 100 78 79 83
SENTRET 35 46 34 20 35 45
FURRET 85 76 64 90 45 55
HOOTHOOT 60 30 30 50 36 56
NOCTOWL 100 50 50 70 76 96
LEDYBA 40 20 30 55 40 80
LEDIAN 55 35 50 85 55 110
SPINARAK 40 60 40 30 40 40
ARIADOS 70 90 70 40 60 60
CROBAT 85 90 80 130 70 80
CHINCHOU 75 38 38 67 56 56
LANTURN 125 58 58 67 76 76
PICHU 20 40 15 60 35 35
CLEFFA 50 25 28 15 45 55
IGGLYBUFF 90 30 15 15 40 20
TOGEPI 35 20 65 20 40 65
TOGETIC 55 40 85 40 80 105
NATU 40 50 45 70 70 45
XATU 65 75 70 95 95 70
MAREEP 55 40 40 35 65 45
FLAAFFY 70 55 55 45 80 60
AMPHAROS 90 75 75 55 115 90
BELLOSSOM 75 80 85 50 90 100
MARILL 70 20 50 40 20 50
AZUMARILL 100 50 80 50 50 80
SUDOWOODO 70 100 115 30 30 65
POLITOED 90 75 75 70 90 100
HOPPIP 35 35 40 50 35 55
SKIPLOOM 55 45 50 80 45 65
JUMPLUFF 75 55 70 110 55 85
AIPOM 55 70 55 85 40 55
SUNKERN 30 30 30 30 30 30
SUNFLORA 75 75 55 30 105 85
YANMA 65 65 45 95 75 45
WOOPER 55 45 45 15 25 25
QUAGSIRE 95 85 85 35 65 65
ESPEON 65 65 60 110 130 95
UMBREON 95 65 110 65 60 130
MURKROW 60 85 42 91 85 42
SLOWKING 95 75 80 30 100 110
MISDREAVUS 60 60 60 85 85 85
UNOWN 48 72 48 48 72 48
WOBBUFFET 190 33 58 33 33 58
GIRAFARIG 70 80 65 85 90 65
PINECO 50 65 90 15 35 35
FORRETRESS 75 90 140 40 60 60
DUNSPARCE 100 70 70 45 65 65
GLIGAR 65 75 105 85 35 65
STEELIX 75 85 200 30 55 65
SNUBBULL 60 80 50 30 40 40
GRANBULL 90 120 75 45 60 60
QWILFISH 65 95 75 85 55 55
SCIZOR 70 130 100 65 55 80
SHUCKLE 20 10 230 5 10 230
HERACROSS 80 125 75 85 40 95
SNEASEL 55 95 55 115 35 75
TEDDIURSA 60 80 50 40 50 50
URSARING 90 130 75 55 75 75
SLUGMA 40 40 40 20 70 40
MAGCARGO 50 50 120 30 80 80
SWINUB 50 50 40 50 30 30
PILOSWINE 100 100 80 50 60 60
CORSOLA 55 55 85 35 65 85
REMORAID 35 65 35 65 65 35
OCTILLERY 75 105 75 45 105 75
DELIBIRD 45 55 45 75 65 45
MANTINE 65 40 70 70 80 140
SKARMORY 65 80 140 70 40 70
HOUNDOUR 45 60 30 65 80 50
HOUNDOOM 75 90 50 95 110 80
KINGDRA 75 95 95 85 95 95
PHANPY 90 60 60 40 40 40
DONPHAN 90 120 120 50 60 60
PORYGON2 85 80 90 60 105 95
STANTLER 73 95 62 85 85 65
SMEARGLE 55 20 35 75 20 45
TYROGUE 35 35 35 35 35 35
HITMONTOP 50 95 95 70 35 110
SMOOCHUM 45 30 15 65 85 65
ELEKID 45 63 37 95 65 55
MAGBY 45 75 37 83 70 55
MILTANK 95 80 105 100 40 70
BLISSEY 255 10 10 55 75 135
RAIKOU 90 85 75 115 115 100
ENTEI 115 115 85 100 90 75
SUICUNE 100 75 115 85 90 115
LARVITAR 50 64 50 41 45 50
PUPITAR 70 84 70 51 65 70
TYRANITAR 100 134 110 61 95 100
LUGIA 106 90 130 110 90 154
HO-OH 106 130 90 90 110 154
CELEBI 100 100 100 100 100 100
TREECKO 40 45 35 70 65 55
GROVYLE 50 65 45 95 85 65
SCEPTILE 70 85 65 120 105 85
TORCHIC 45 60 40 45 70 50
COMBUSKEN 60 85 60 55 85 60
BLAZIKEN 80 120 70 80 110 70
MUDKIP 50 70 50 40 50 50
MARSHTOMP 70 85 70 50 60 70
SWAMPERT 100 110 90 60 85 90
POOCHYENA 35 55 35 35 30 30
MIGHTYENA 70 90 70 70 60 60
ZIGZAGOON 38 30 41 60 30 41
LINOONE 78 70 61 100 50 61
WURMPLE 45 45 35 20 20 30
SILCOON 50 35 55 15 25 25
BEAUTIFLY 60 70 50 65 90 50
CASCOON 50 35 55 15 25 25
DUSTOX 60 50 70 65 50 90
LOTAD 40 30 30 30 40 50
LOMBRE 60 50 50 50 60 70
LUDICOLO 80 70 70 70 90 100
SEEDOT 40 40 50 30 30 30
NUZLEAF 70 70 40 60 60 40
SHIFTRY 90 100 60 80 90 60
TAILLOW 40 55 30 85 30 30
SWELLOW 60 85 60 125 50 50
WINGULL 40 30 30 85 55 30
PELIPPER 60 50 100 65 85 70
RALTS 28 25 25 40 45 35
KIRLIA 38 35 35 50 65 55
GARDEVOIR 68 65 65 80 125 115
SURSKIT 40 30 32 65 50 52
MASQUERAIN 70 60 62 60 80 82
SHROOMISH 60 40 60 35 40 60
BRELOOM 60 130 80 70 60 60
SLAKOTH 60 60 60 30 35 35
VIGOROTH 80 80 80 90 55 55
SLAKING 150 160 100 100 95 65
NINCADA 31 45 90 40 30 30
NINJASK 61 90 45 160 50 50
SHEDINJA 1 90 45 40 30 30
WHISMUR 64 51 23 28 51 23
LOUDRED 84 71 43 48 71 43
EXPLOUD 104 91 63 68 91 63
MAKUHITA 72 60 30 25 20 30
HARIYAMA 144 120 60 50 40 60
AZURILL 50 20 40 20 20 40
NOSEPASS 30 45 135 30 45 90
SKITTY 50 45 45 50 35 35
DELCATTY 70 65 65 70 55 55
SABLEYE 50 75 75 50 65 65
MAWILE 50 85 85 50 55 55
ARON 50 70 100 30 40 40
LAIRON 60 90 140 40 50 50
AGGRON 70 110 180 50 60 60
MEDITITE 30 40 55 60 40 55
MEDICHAM 60 60 75 80 60 75
ELECTRIKE 40 45 40 65 65 40
MANECTRIC 70 75 60 105 105 60
PLUSLE 60 50 40 95 85 75
MINUN 60 40 50 95 75 85
VOLBEAT 65 73 55 85 47 75
ILLUMISE 65 47 55 85 73 75
ROSELIA 50 60 45 65 100 80
GULPIN 70 43 53 40 43 53
SWALOT 100 73 83 55 73 83
CARVANHA 45 90 20 65 65 20
SHARPEDO 70 120 40 95 95 40
WAILMER 130 70 35 60 70 35
WAILORD 170 90 45 60 90 45
NUMEL 60 60 40 35 65 45
CAMERUPT 70 100 70 40 105 75
TORKOAL 70 85 140 20 85 70
SPOINK 60 25 35 60 70 80
GRUMPIG 80 45 65 80 90 110
SPINDA 60 60 60 60 60 60
TRAPINCH 45 100 45 10 45 45
VIBRAVA 50 70 50 70 50 50
FLYGON 80 100 80 100 80 80
CACNEA 50 85 40 35 85 40
CACTURNE 70 115 60 55 115 60
SWABLU 45 40 60 50 40 75
ALTARIA 75 70 90 80 70 105
ZANGOOSE 73 115 60 90 60 60
SEVIPER 73 100 60 65 100 60
LUNATONE 70 55 65 70 95 85
SOLROCK 70 95 85 70 55 65
BARBOACH 50 48 43 60 46 41
WHISCASH 110 78 73 60 76 71
CORPHISH 43 80 65 35 50 35
CRAWDAUNT 63 120 85 55 90 55
BALTOY 40 40 55 55 40 70
CLAYDOL 60 70 105 75 70 120
LILEEP 66 41 77 23 61 87
CRADILY 86 81 97 43 81 107
ANORITH 45 95 50 75 40 50
ARMALDO 75 125 100 45 70 80
FEEBAS 20 15 20 80 10 55
MILOTIC 95 60 79 81 100 125
CASTFORM 70 70 70 70 70 70
KECLEON 60 90 70 40 60 120
SHUPPET 44 75 35 45 63 33
BANETTE 64 115 65 65 83 63
DUSKULL 20 40 90 25 30 90
DUSCLOPS 40 70 130 25 60 130
TROPIUS 99 68 83 51 72 87
CHIMECHO 65 50 70 65 95 80
ABSOL 65 130 60 75 75 60
WYNAUT 95 23 48 23 23 48
SNORUNT 50 50 50 50 50 50
GLALIE 80 80 80 80 80 80
SPHEAL 70 40 50 25 55 50
SEALEO 90 60 70 45 75 70
WALREIN 110 80 90 65 95 90
CLAMPERL 35 64 85 32 74 55
HUNTAIL 55 104 105 52 94 75
GOREBYSS 55 84 105 52 114 75
RELICANTH 100 90 130 55 45 65
LUVDISC 43 30 55 97 40 65
BAGON 45 75 60 50 40 30
SHELGON 65 95 100 50 60 50
SALAMENCE 95 135 80 100 110 80
BELDUM 40 55 80 30 35 60
METANG 60 75 100 50 55 80
METAGROSS 80 135 130 70 95 90
REGIROCK 80 100 200 50 50 100
REGICE 80 50 100 50 100 200
REGISTEEL 80 75 150 50 75 150
LATIAS 80 80 90 110 110 130
LATIOS 80 90 80 110 130 110
KYOGRE 100 100 90 90 150 140
GROUDON 100 150 140 90 100 90
RAYQUAZA 105 150 90 95 150 90
JIRACHI 100 100 100 100 100 100
DEOXYS 50 150 50 150 150 50
TURTWIG 55 68 64 31 45 55
GROTLE 75 89 85 36 55 65
TORTERRA 95 109 105 56 75 85
CHIMCHAR 44 58 44 61 58 44
MONFERNO 64 78 52 81 78 52
INFERNAPE 76 104 71 108 104 71
PIPLUP 53 51 53 40 61 56
PRINPLUP 64 66 68 50 81 76
EMPOLEON 84 86 88 60 111 101
STARLY 40 55 30 60 30 30
STARAVIA 55 75 50 80 40 40
STARAPTOR 85 120 70 100 50 50
BIDOOF 59 45 40 31 35 40
BIBAREL 79 85 60 71 55 60
KRICKETOT 37 25 41 25 25 41
KRICKETUNE 77 85 51 65 55 51
SHINX 45 65 34 45 40 34
LUXIO 60 85 49 60 60 49
LUXRAY 80 120 79 70 95 79
BUDEW 40 30 35 55 50 70
ROSERADE 60 70 55 90 125 105
CRANIDOS 67 125 40 58 30 30
RAMPARDOS 97 165 60 58 65 50
SHIELDON 30 42 118 30 42 88
BASTIODON 60 52 168 30 47 138
BURMY 40 29 45 36 29 45
WORMADAM 60 59 85 36 79 105
MOTHIM 70 94 50 66 94 50
COMBEE 30 30 42 70 30 42
VESPIQUEN 70 80 102 40 80 102
PACHIRISU 60 45 70 95 45 90
BUIZEL 55 65 35 85 60 30
FLOATZEL 85 105 55 115 85 50
CHERUBI 45 35 45 35 62 53
CHERRIM 70 60 70 85 87 78
SHELLOS 76 48 48 34 57 62
GASTRODON 111 83 68 39 92 82
AMBIPOM 75 100 66 115 60 66
DRIFLOON 90 50 34 70 60 44
DRIFBLIM 150 80 44 80 90 54
BUNEARY 55 66 44 85 44 56
LOPUNNY 65 76 84 105 54 96
MISMAGIUS 60 60 60 105 105 105
HONCHKROW 100 125 52 71 105 52
GLAMEOW 49 55 42 85 42 37
PURUGLY 71 82 64 112 64 59
CHINGLING 45 30 50 45 65 50
STUNKY 63 63 47 74 41 41
SKUNTANK 103 93 67 84 71 61
BRONZOR 57 24 86 23 24 86
BRONZONG 67 89 116 33 79 116
BONSLY 50 80 95 10 10 45
MIME JR. 20 25 45 60 70 90
HAPPINY 100 5 5 30 15 65
CHATOT 76 65 45 91 92 42
SPIRITOMB 50 92 108 35 92 108
GIBLE 58 70 45 42 40 45
GABITE 68 90 65 82 50 55
GARCHOMP 108 130 95 102 80 85
MUNCHLAX 135 85 40 5 40 85
RIOLU 40 70 40 60 35 40
LUCARIO 70 110 70 90 115 70
HIPPOPOTAS 68 72 78 32 38 42
HIPPOWDON 108 112 118 47 68 72
SKORUPI 40 50 90 65 30 55
DRAPION 70 90 110 95 60 75
CROAGUNK 48 61 40 50 61 40
TOXICROAK 83 106 65 85 86 65
CARNIVINE 74 100 72 46 90 72
FINNEON 49 49 56 66 49 61
LUMINEON 69 69 76 91 69 86
MANTYKE 45 20 50 50 60 120
SNOVER 60 62 50 40 62 60
ABOMASNOW 90 92 75 60 92 85
WEAVILE 70 120 65 125 45 85
MAGNEZONE 70 70 115 60 130 90
LICKILICKY 110 85 95 50 80 95
RHYPERIOR 115 140 130 40 55 55
TANGROWTH 100 100 125 50 110 50
ELECTIVIRE 75 123 67 95 95 85
MAGMORTAR 75 95 67 83 125 95
TOGEKISS 85 50 95 80 120 115
YANMEGA 86 76 86 95 116 56
LEAFEON 65 110 130 95 60 65
GLACEON 65 60 110 65 130 95
GLISCOR 75 95 125 95 45 75
MAMOSWINE 110 130 80 80 70 60
PORYGON-Z 85 80 70 90 135 75
GALLADE 68 125 65 80 65 115
PROBOPASS 60 55 145 40 75 150
DUSKNOIR 45 100 135 45 65 135
FROSLASS 70 80 70 110 80 70
ROTOM 50 50 77 91 95 77
UXIE 75 75 130 95 75 130
MESPRIT 80 105 105 80 105 105
AZELF 75 125 70 115 125 70
DIALGA 100 120 120 90 150 100
PALKIA 90 120 100 100 150 120
HEATRAN 91 90 106 77 130 106
REGIGIGAS 110 160 110 100 80 110
GIRATINA 150 100 120 90 100 120
CRESSELIA 120 70 120 85 75 130
PHIONE 80 80 80 80 80 80
MANAPHY 100 100 100 100 100 100
DARKRAI 70 90 90 125 135 90
SHAYMIN 100 100 100 100 100 100
ARCEUS 120 120 120 120 120 120
DEOXYS (Atk) 50 180 20 150 180 20
DEOXYS (Def) 50 70 160 90 70 160
DEOXYS (Spd) 50 95 90 180 95 90
? 60 79 105 36 59 85
? 60 69 95 36 69 95
By: The rubish(422)
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Sparkly diamond dust 64%
Every year on january 12th you shold visit snowpiont city,because instead of snow falling there will be sparkly diamond dust falling.
By: Key Key(19)
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How to get UMBREON and ESPEON 64%
Get two eevees make them both happy, rare candy one at night and one at day boom you have umbreon and espeon (TIP:its easier said than done)
By: Razor33(242)
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How to choose Deoxys' form? 63%
Be sure you have a Deoxys. Go to Veilstone City and go to the meteorites at the right. If you have a Deoxys you will hear it cries. If there is: Touching the meteorite boosted the speed of a certain Pokémon, you get the Speed Form. If it's: Touching the meteorite raised the offense abilities of a certain Pokémon, its the Attack Form. Touching the meteorite boosted the defense of a certain Pokémon, its the Defense Form. And if it's: Touching the meteorite balanced out all the attributes of a certain Pokémon, it's the Normal Form. Hope this works!
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How to find Cresselia 63%
After obtaining the National Pokedex, talk to the boy in Canalve City and then talk to the sailor to sail to Fullmoon Island. Talk to the Cresselia there and it will run (teleport) away,( you can obtain the Luna Wing arter Cresselia run away), so you will have to chase it using your Marking Map Poketch app in Sinnoh region. (Only one, Female) at Level 50. Hint: Better not let it poisoned or burned because it will not use Refresh and it will fainted. After that, no more any Cresselia to capture again.
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Turnback Cave 63%
Turnback Cave can only be found after getting the National Dex. Turnback Cave is located in Spring Path (the fourth and secret lake of Sinnoh), in Route 214. You can find the legendary Ghost/Dragon type Pokemon Giratina here. Unlike its Japanese version, Turnback Cave is actually a random generated maze, in which there are square-shaped rooms with four doors, one on each side, along with some rocks. Every time you enter a room, it is practically impossible to turn back to it (hence the name). There are special rooms with pillars. The goal is to pass through three of these pillars located randomly every time you enter into another room before entering into a total of thirty rooms. If you are lucky enough to pass through three of these pillars, you will find a room with a huge pillar and a wild Giratina standing in front of it in the center. Note: Be careful it is level 70. Once you catch/defeat it, take any door from the room. It will lead you to the main room, in which you have the option of leaving the cave through the door at the south in front of the stone tablet, or to try to generate the map again to get to the room in which Giratina was found. Though Giratina will not appear again, there are rare items you can get from the room. Depending on this criteria, you get a certain item or event:

Cross through three pillar rooms and not any other room: Reaper's Cloth (used to evolve Dusclops into Dusknoir).

Cross through three pillar rooms and any other room: Rare Bone (can be sold in the Pokemart for as much as a Nugget).

Cross through thirty rooms in total without crossing through three pillar rooms: Get to the starting room.

Inside Turnback Cave, you can randomly find Pokemon between level 40 and 60.
By: baxter155(95)
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Pokemon Level Up fasty 63%
ALl you have to do is put your pokemon that you wan t to raise in day care center and then keep your d.S on and charged for 8 hours and more and that's it hihg pokemon level

P.S please vote good on this
By: Alex6230(486)
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How to change deoxys 62%
First you need a deoxys then you go to vielstone city then you go to the meteors on the east side then one changes defense one is attack on is speed and one is the on that changes it back to normal form.
By: jcowan5(19)
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Pokemon mine!!!! 62%
Go to route 224,and use the poke-radar in the patch of grass that looks like a staircase or corner filled with grass.You would find Dusclops,Shuckle,and revengeful Floatzel.PS:There would be revengeful Floatzels' only if you have caught a Cressalia LV. 50 and it's a boy.Also the Floatzels' are going to be LV's 50-54.
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How to get into the GTS(Global Trade Station) 62%
First you hav to set up your Wi-Fi connections. you set them at the main menu of your pokemon game . where it ses WFC settings click on that and then on the SSID thing you put DEFAULT. then you go to the GTS in Jubilife City then it will let you in. (but first you hav to hav at least 1 gym badge.

If this was helpful vote this helpful.
By: pokemonmstr(61)
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Every pokeball cheat [works best on net ball] 62%
Press x when just before the ball opens up y when it hits the ground x when it wobbles the first time y when it wobbles the second time and x when it wobbles the third time
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Arceus a long eventless process 61%
Go to the Battle Tower in the Fight Area and beat it 5 times in one day and then go to the Pokemart in the Fight Area and a man will be there and he'll give you the Azure Flute then save go to the Spear Pillar make sure you have all of the plates listed here Draco Plate, Dread Plate, Earth Plate, Fist Plate, Flame Plate, Icicle Plate, Insect Plate, Iron Plate, Meadow Plate, Mind Plate, Sky Plate, Splash Plate, Spooky Plate, Stone Plate, Toxic Plate, and the Zap Plate (you can dig them up underground) then at the Spear Pillar on the first picture before the stairs play the Azure Flute and a long staircase will apear out of nowhere go up the stairs and save at the top and (make sure you have alot of Ultra or through the Action Replay Master Balls Tip: If you catch Arceus without a Master Ball he'll be holding a ? Plate the most powerful plate that powers up all moves including Curse which has no type ) Arceus will be there WARNING: MAKE SURE YOU SAVE AND HAVE LOTS OF ULTRA BALLS IF YOU WANT THE ? PLATE OR MASTER BALLS IF YOU DON'T.
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Darkari (need AR 60) 61%
This is the best explaining I can do. To get Darkari you need to go to Canclave City after you beat the Elite Four.
Then go across the bridge, down to the lowest house. There is a kid inside saying something like " Darkari... Darkari is watching me... Help!" Then talk to the mom and she gives you something. Go outside to a boat and the sailor should ask you if you want to go to Fullmoon Island. He'll take you there. Then use the run anywhere hack and run right for dear life! Last you will find an island. Go into the woods at this mysterious island and there is Darkari! (:

P.S. He is only on level 40
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Poke balls 61%
Buy 10 pokeballs to get a rare premier ball
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MASTER BALLS MUST READ help u a lot 60%
If you want lots of masterballs you will need a PICACHU male and a Picachu female AND a masterball.
First you go to the pokemon daycare and give Picachu female a masterball and put her with picachu male then walk a LOT when they breed the egg when it hatches it will be holding another master ball do it as many times as you want! hope this helps (i had 20 masterballs but my Evil COUSIN erased my WHOLE game With 456 pokemon in my pokedex)
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How to get accesories or berrys,for free and no labor!(pokemon pearl) 60%
To get berrys or some accesories all you need to do is....walk.first you need to go to amity doing that you need a:buneary pikachu happiny or other cute pokemon.i perfer a buneary because you can catch it in eterna forest when you got your cute pokemon go to hearthone city and go to amity square.get your cute pokemon and theres a lady that will let you walk with your pokemon around amity sq. every 100 or 200 steps turn to your pokemon and press the a button (A) it will say your pokemon is holding will be a berry or an accesory.u can use this skill over and over again.i hope I helped u.enjoy your berry or accesory!
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Get HMs Easely 60%
Are you tired of barrowing your friends pokemon that know an HM or two that you just can't find?Well I have a solution get that same pokemon that your firend gave you and put them in the "Day Care" then take the egg from the old guy out side the "Day Care" then when it hatches the newly hatched pokemon should have the same HMs as the one you put in the "Day Care".Then you can give the original pokemon back to your friend.What a simple solution.
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Evolving Pokemon by trading 60%
An easy way to evolve Pokemon that can only evolve by trading is to use the Global Trade Station (for example, to evolve Pokemon such as Haunter to Gengar, Monchoke to Monchamp, Kadabra to Alakazam, etc.). Fly to Jubilife City, and go to the Global Trade Station. Talk to the woman at the counter, save the game, and enter. Select "Deposit", then deposit the Pokemon that you wish to evolve. Request a Pokemon that is great such as level 100 female Piplups. Seek a desired Pokemon. Once you have found any Pokemon that you can trade for, trade it. After you have successfully made a trade, go to "Summary", and take back your Pokemon. As soon as they come back, they will evolve, just like when someone trades them to you. This trick will work on all Pokemon that evolves by trades.

For easy trade evolutions, you need a wireless network or a wireless hotspot. Get the Pokemon that you want to evolve though trade. Fly to Jubilife City, and go to the Global Trade Station. Put up the trading Pokemon to be evolved. Make sure you ask for rare Pokemon. Seek a desired Pokemon. After finding the Pokemon and trading it, go back to the Pokemon you had. Offer to take it back, and it will evolve. For example, offer Scyther with Metal Coat in the Global Trade Station. Go to seek Pokemon, put up Ditto for a Lapras, do this trade, and you now have a Lapras. Go back to the offer Scyther, and take it back. The Scyther should have evolved to a Scizor
By: baxter155(95)
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Rebattle your rival 60%
On saturdays+sundays at battle park entrance is your rival. p.s good for raising pokemon exp.
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Good money 60%
If you have the nashinal pokedex go to battle tower and get 6 points on your card then get zinc,protien,hp up ect. then go to the blue roof shop and sell them and you get $4900 for each on so it's pretty much 6 times 4900

enjoy your money

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Evolving evee 60%
Get an evee and go to eterna forist and somewere ther is a mose rock levl yo evee up one lv (nere mose rock ) and it will evolve in to lefron to get glaseon go to snow pont cite and go to the rout wer the bilerd bit is you will find a ice rock do the same as to do to get lefron lv up at rock
By: chimchar999(30)
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(sorry if some dont work)
Code: Effect:
94000130 FCFF0000 Line 1
B21C4D28 00000000 Line 2
B0000004 00000000 Line 3
0000AA3C EDB88320 Line 4
2000AA68 0000000A Line 5
D2000000 00000000 Final Line
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geT every legendary code

User Avatar Brickmaste..

Rating: 48

put in this code and go2 the mining museum and hold L+R and the fossil guy will give ya a the pkmn wich you put in
94000130 FCFF0000
B21C4D28 00000000
B0000004 00000000
10001170 00000###
D2000000 00000000

now put in 1 of these numbers where the ### is

Raikou-0F 3
Magmor tar-1D3
Palkia-1 E4
Manaphy -1EA
Arceus-1ED (4 those that dont know thos plates like fire plates n ice plates r 4 arceus)

these work 4 both diamond and pearl and they r at lvl 20 wen you get em

u can also find the number of more pkmn by starting with bulbusaur-001 then blastiose-009 and caterpie-00A beedrill-00F then pidgey-10 so it starts at 1 then finishes at 9 then switches 2 A and finishes at F

enter the numbers and letters where### are
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caTch trainers pokemon

User Avatar pmon-champ

Rating: 38

if you have an ction replay ds put in this code!
Code: Effect:
9223b5fa 000021011223b5fa 00002100 d2000000 00000000 capture trainers pokemon
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EvEnt Pokemon Codes

User Avatar Kippy

Rating: 12

Event Pokemon Codes
Arceus Event - Press L+R when walking into PokeMart

94000130 FCFF0000
B21C4D28 00000000
B0000004 00000000
0000AA3C EDB88320
2000AA68 0000000A
D2000000 00000000

Manaphy egg Event - Press L+R when walking into PokeMart

94000130 FCFF0000
B21C4D28 00000000
B0000004 00000000
0000AA3C EDB88320
2000AA68 00000007
D2000000 00000000

Darkrai Event - Press L+R when walking into PokeMart

94000130 fcff0000
b21c4d28 00000000
b0000004 00000000
0000aa3c EDB88320
2000aa68 00000008
d2000000 00000000

Shaymin Event - Press L+R when walking into PokeMart

94000130 FCFF0000
B21C4D28 00000000
b0000004 00000000
0000AA3C EDB88320
2000AA68 00000009
d2000000 00000000
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geT any pokemon on pokemon pearl (and others, I think)


Rating: 0

action replay code, after entering it in your action replay, on pokemon pearl, etc., go to menu on pokemon game, but before pressing bag, hold L and R, then open bag at same time. master balls will replace any item in the first line, so make sure something worthless, like Honey's there, find the pokemon's National Dex number, subtract it from 493 ( the number of pokemon in the national dex) then throw away that number of master balls (u can also use them to catch pokemon) then, hold L and walk into Tall Grass, and if you did your math right, the pokemon will battle with u, and you can use one of the remaining Master balls (they actually work) to catch it. Please rate. heres the code:
Code: Effect:
94000130 fdff0000 Line 1
b21c4d28 00000000 Line 2
b0000004 00000000 Line 3
94000130 feff0000 Line 4
00000890 01ed0001 Line 5
00000890 01ed0001 Line 6
d0000000 00000000 Line 7
da000000 00000892 Line 8
dc000000 00024620 Line 9
c0000000 0000000b Line 10
d7000000 00000000 Line 11
dc000000 00000006 Line 12
d2000000 00000000 Line 13
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MoVe Pokemon in Boxes Easier

User Avatar Alonzo

Rating: 30

When you go to move pokemon in boxes, press Y. Your cursor will turn yellow, red, or orange.
Code: Effect:
Press Y Turn easy mode on
Press Y (again) Turn the easy mode off
Drag (hold A and drag over mutiple pokemon) move multiple pokemon at a time (in easy mode)
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caTch others pokemon


Rating: 30

action replay
Code: Effect:
9223b5fa 00002101
1223b55fa 00002100
d2000000 00000000
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TeAch Any Pokemon Any Move

User Avatar Roar_Chido..

Rating: 18

This is for Action Replay ONLY.
Code: Effect:
9206A1B6 0000D001 Teach Any Pokemon Any Move Code 1
1206A1B6 000046C0 Teach Any Pokemon Any Move Code 2
D2000000 00000000 Teach Any Pokemon Any Move Code 3
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Ultimate Run through walls - Action Replay


Rating: 38

well as you know (those of you who have AR)there is a code already for walk through walls but by using that you cant run... sometimes you can cycle

but here is the way you can run and cycle or just walk

(L+R+B) to actiivate you may have to click a direction button too
Code: Effect:
94000130 fcfd0200
12056c06 00020000
d2000000 00000000
94000130 fcfd0100
12056c06 00001c20
D2000000 00000000
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EvEry Pokeball x999 (Action Replay Code)

User Avatar SosukeUchi..

Rating: 33

94000130 FCFF0000
B21C4D28 00000000
B0000004 00000000
E0000F4C 0000003C
03E70001 03E70002
03E70003 03E70004
03E70006 03E70007
03E70008 03E70009
03E7000A 03E7000B
03E7000C 03E7000D
03E7000E 03E7000F
O3E70010 00000000
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POKEMON MODIFIER(for ar only!)

User Avatar tysonheely

Rating: 21


Pokemon modifier lets you get 439 masterballs,Then you toss away a few and whatever it equals to thats the pokemons pokedex number.So say like I want a abra,his number,is,lets say 30.i toss a few till` all my masterballs is the amount of thirty.i go in the grass.hold the L trigger and no matter what its abra! okay,here`s the code now:

94000130 FDFF0000
B21C4D28 00000000
B0000004 00000000
94000130 FEFF0000
00000890 01ED0001
D0000000 00000000
DA000000 00000892
DC000000 00024620
C0000000 0000000B
D7000000 00000000
DC000000 00000006
D2000000 00000000

Thats the code,heres the instructions:

go to the first bag and hold L Trigger+R Trigger for 6 seconds.Then you will see 493 up another website.go to in national pokedex.
then click on the first blue will see pokemons numbers pick a pokemon you like.then toss a few away till you get the pokemon number you picked.then press and hold L trigger in the grass (and only grass)until a pokemon it the pokemon you picked?....
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GeT every legendary code

User Avatar Brickmaste..

Rating: 48

put in this code and go2 the mining museum and hold L+R and the fossil guy will give ya a the pkmn wich you put in
94000130 FCFF0000
B21C4D28 00000000
B0000004 00000000
10001170 00000###
D2000000 00000000

now put in 1 of these numbers where the ### is

Raikou-0F 3
Magmor tar-1D3
Palkia-1 E4
Manaphy -1EA
Arceus-1ED (4 those that dont know thos plates like fire plates n ice plates r 4 arceus)

these work 4 both diamond and pearl and they r at lvl 20 wen you get em

u can also find the number of more pkmn by starting with bulbusaur-001 then blastiose-009 and caterpie-00A beedrill-00F then pidgey-10 so it starts at 1 then finishes at 9 then switches 2 A and finishes at F

enter the numbers and letters where### are
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PoKemons can give you (max 15).


Rating: 0

You read the title.write which you want down below(max 15).my friends code is 1246 6003 0648.and if you have a flash card here is some cheats of my favourite pokemons.
Code: Effect:
94000130 FFFB0000 D5000000 000001ED B21C4D28 00000000 B0000004 00000000 C0000000 0000000B D7000000 00024620 DC000000 00000006 D2000000 00000000 getting you the pokemon arceus hold select while in the grass.
94000130 FFFB0000 D5000000 000000F9 B21C4D28 00000000 B0000004 00000000 C0000000 0000000B D7000000 00024620 DC000000 00000006 D2000000 00000000 getting you the pokemon lugia hold select while in the grass.
94000130 FFFB0000 D5000000 0000017E B21C4D28 00000000 B0000004 00000000 C0000000 0000000B D7000000 00024620 DC000000 00000006 D2000000 00000000 getting you the pokemon kyogre hold select while in the grass.
94000130 FFFB0000 D5000000 000000FB B21C4D28 00000000 B0000004 00000000 C0000000 0000000B D7000000 00024620 DC000000 00000006 D2000000 00000000 getting you the pokemon celebi hold select while in the grass.
94000130 FFFB0000 D5000000 00000180 B21C4D28 00000000 B0000004 00000000 C0000000 0000000B D7000000 00024620 DC000000 00000006 D2000000 00000000 getting you the pokemon rayquaza hold select while in the grass.
94000130 FFFB0000 D5000000 000001E4 B21C4D28 00000000 B0000004 00000000 C0000000 0000000B D7000000 00024620 DC000000 00000006 D2000000 00000000 getting you the pokemon palkia hold select while in the grass.
94000130 FFFB0000 D5000000 000001E3 B21C4D28 00000000 B0000004 00000000 C0000000 0000000B D7000000 00024620 DC000000 00000006 D2000000 00000000 getting you the pokemon dialga hold select while in the grass.
621C4D28 00000000 02066B90 47004800 02066B94 02000001 E2000000 0000003C 6800480D 490B6840 88011808 9C0D8842 40510C24 20074061 04244041 940D430C 21001C28 F067AA0D 4801FC9B 46C04700 02066B99 000002E0 021C4D28 00000000 D2000000 00000000 All wild Pokemons Are Shiny
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WiLd Pkemon lvl. 100

User Avatar spartenjen..

Rating: 17

You need an action replay...

follow how to enter a code in the AR

i tested and it works 100% of the time...
Code: Effect:
94000130 FFFB0000
D5000000 00000064
B21C4D28 00000000
B0000004 00000000
C0000000 0000000B
D7000000 0002461C
DC000000 00000006
D2000000 00000000
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X995 of all berries ( AR ONLY! )

User Avatar pokemonmas..

Rating: 37

Type in the AR code below and you will get 995 of all berries! Also press L+R before the game starts
Code: Effect:
94000130 FCFF0000 B21C4D28 00000000 B0000004 00000000 D5000000 03E30095 C0000000 0000003F D6000000 00000E4C D4000000 00000001 D2000000 00000000 Gives you 995 of all berries
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SeT Wild Pokemon Nature

User Avatar pyromaster..

Rating: 32

12066DF4 000024XX

XX Values :
00 : Hardy
01 : Lonely
02 : Brave
03 : Adamant
04 : Naughty
05 : Bold
06 : Docile
07 : Relaxed
08 : Impish
09 : Lax
0A : Timid
0B : Hasty
0C : Serious
0D : Jolly
0E : Naive
0F : Modest
10 : Mild
11 : Quiet
12 : Bashful
13 : Rash
14 : Calm
15 : Gentle
16 : Sassy
17 : Careful
18 : Quirky
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UlTimate team (Action Replay)

User Avatar pokefreak4..

Rating: 13

This will give you the ultimate team (My team) in Pal Park. Sorry for the length!
94000130 FCFF0000 B21C4D28 00000000 B0000004 00000000 E000BC94 000000EC F9FBF9FA 2D290000 AA06655C 75B0015E EFEEC7AA B19EE9E4 88A9801A 258E7F54 3ADF847A 90354F24 CEE8D945 A41E0991 FA433D68 BF7FECCA 396E9672 0C2ECCA8 7CBBB876 8EDA3A56 7D452B86 26274085 B6CE6EB3 C2E60538 6F7178FF 3AB96E2E 8D02476D 8175B607 9D51FCBD 469003DC B2C679F5 FA1B00E6 3F0436CC 0FC11C06 8C372DC1 B30AB693 AA6C07CF 16F72C5A 8912B369 106360C3 F89B3774 FFADD404 DF6F5F6F 44DA50C4 50058424 E7A3943D F372A50F E6F194CC CAAD8097 C263743E F8C14716 6D96E5A6 71ACE6CB 33A51C70 B38A2314 4EF398B5 EDF2EADC 392764D1 3BA0A251 F7779833 D25353DA 00000000 E000BD80 000000EC A72F32F0 B71D0000 324B350A DFC845C1 65AAC86B 8E6E7A4C B30873B6 EFFA525A 23911E20 EB099F0F BF4E7CAC 25B83E6E 13BA54A9 521B5C73 57C1545E 6BD6C497 3A125C01 D20A46FC B433A461 3A910B00 55F807D9 AD1C13C9 A2C8C18E ABD51ECB 5B43CB53 B531774C 0C42A55C 67535357 374B92AC AB749323 CAB03E80 D6ED7026 A2E5498D 63A0B6ED FC5EE63E 06690F0C 21AE0215 1A491D2D 5FB00A1D 4A2B7B24 654F8E44 5B40FED1 D1EA5D00 320DAE8D 67E5055C 63C70B26 4E87B4CB 0BF4A707 55AD1F91 830DC0F1 87113C96 DB5ED5EB 87CEEA7D 48305E77 8E23D1F5 D32A2B05 EF76194E 03F413AC 8A9CBD4F 00000000 E000BE6C 000000EC 0E9CD7F6 37E60000 B6F4B288 7086C6AD F2C984CD D7219587 6506EFE7 57E2FDEE 4D00A92B 965082BB FF3B07A2 5648B9F9 31CCCB55 C002370F 44611E7A 5BEB2BBA 6F82B762 0108EFCE F2AD109A 9BB6F423 3C57C98E 80593AD6 6676BDE5 739881EA A80B1CE4 6170D4F0 DAFC0D8A 65D2A853 863C8CB8 9B4DCC0C B27A4D58 24D039AF 1C67FE07 D572EFE6 576980D9 BCCA4968 C1EDCBDC 427A7B5F A0B73AFE 354B5052 F8F0DBA8 4C9C768F 2551BEAF 199C4618 46E8ECC0 5092E951 DC710A88 7CB9CFBA FD582E31 1B450284 D65A9818 62A82E67 4C6C42C3 3A1076B2 E9DB7E12 253465A3 79B309B3 28508DF8 F56562DA 00000000 E000BF58 000000EC BA60F7F0 D7B70000 9B69909F CD0CC5CF 63317238 55DA6B9D 10269568 E4D6535E 0D22FC40 E154CF01 B3F38B1B 2B179E36 3CE41186 71E4306B 9B253CF7 907EB43E 4B1637DE 4E52FBD1 6459B2AC 5BD48D4E D501598F 7D62957B 63952E84 C96E2FDF 699C463C 7F171EBB 2693C31B 7DBDE377 9C0263C5 07C22E72 58D23985 202998A5 DC1B2F06 6CFFF84B 764A9A75 9D095F20 03A07AC0 016F6978 77E853A1 8AA2AF21 C8E129F5 C4ED20AB 68E3F131 2A05E68E 49E201FE 0B6F3D26 EFF517DF B6029B70 84C84628 7885DDBC 38E7C3D2 709667A0 753CA08E 41CC712F A0D6B71C 1B1FF36A 7EEB70DC AE88E7F7 691F2EA4 00000000 E000C044 000000EC F41233F6 4A2E0000 E20E257D D6D3C0DC A5D38551 E574FC16 18C9222B 8FE6414C B4D0CBA0 A03DE457...

continue ?

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maSter ball x999


Rating: 14

pressl+r to activate need action replay
Code: Effect:
94000130 fcff0000 b21c4d28 00000000 b0000004 00000000 00000f4c 03e70001 d2000000 00000000 masterball x999
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Rating: 14

go to the mineing museum hit l+r when you go in to it and talk to the guy at the counter
Code: Effect:
94000130 fcff0000 b21c4d28 00000000 b0000004 00000000 10001170 000001ea d2000000 00000000 get manphy
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RaNdom codes

User Avatar pokemonmas..

Rating: 37

Some of the codes
Code: Effect:
Bulbasure, Charmander, Squrilte Migrate from pokemon firered or leafgreen
Lutrus/Adment Orbs Go behind to where Palkia/Dialgia was there is a pokeball pick it up it'll be one of the orbs depending on which game it is
Arceus Nintendo event- azure flute, go to the top of Mt. Cornet and play it
Darkrai Nintendo event- Membership pass go to the house behind the pokemon center in Calaven city you take a rest in his bed you wake up on Newmoon Island follow the path to Darkrai
Shaymin Nintendo event- Prof. Oak's letter go to the end of Rt.224
Mystery zone Action replay walk/run everywhere code
Migrate Use Leafgreen, Firered, Ruby, Saphire, and Emrild after getting the nathonl dex put 6 pokemon in the PC for the gameboy games selected here then put the gameboy game in the DS then on Pearl/Dimond go to migrate pokemon, select 6 pokemon from the PC after all of that go to the end of Rt. 221 talk to the man he will give you 6 park balls then you recatch them, but it only takes on shot
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EaSy level up spheres


Rating: 0

First of all go underground then collect a whole bunch of spheres and bury lots of spheres that are the same colour in one place. Trust me it works.
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EaSy catches


Rating: 0

This doesn't always wok and it may take a couple of tries but when you are attempting to catch a pokemon rapidly press A until you either catch it or it or it gets out, keep on doing this until you've caught it but still save before you try. Just for proof I caught Azelf, Zaptos, Articuno, Moltres, Rejice, and Uxie all with only one ultra ball.
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UlTimate berries


Rating: 0

First of all you may need something like a pamtre berry then go to the berry masters house (west of Harthome) and talk to one of the girls and she will give you mulch. I suggest you buy damp mulch. Then go to anywhere you can plant berries. then lay down the mulch and plant the berry after that water it (i usualy give it 2 soaks each and then wait. This may take a while but I got 230 berries starting at 1 in a few days. Hope it helps.
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liGht ball


Rating: 0

you press L+R and you will have 999 light balls. you give light ball to a pikachu. put a girl and boy pikachu in daycare (one has to be holding a light ball) and when they have an egg it will be a pichu with the move volt tackle.
Code: Effect:
94000130 fcff0000
b21c4d28 00000000
b0000004 00000000
00000890 03e700ec
d2000000 00000000
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Rating: 9

Only for Action Replay. L+R to activate. Will take up your the first space in party, so have a sucky pokemon there before you do this. Gives you an awsome Garchomp!
TESTED and works you cannot put it in the pc.
Code: Effect:
94000130 fcff0000 b21c4d28 00000000
b0000004 00000000 e0000304 000000ec
ecfaecf8 c7c50000 17f1c5ba 9689f1a8
33be4086 d60b9357 f561ac5c a4a4d44c
ac29b01d d18f0f06 3727e917 7789fca5
61f93257 e44c3271 e9b3ee9d 8c04a50e
57597cb4 098fccd8 0fad3932 736e2114
0340585c 26afa191 45ae35d4 02ba80d7
ec1d75b0 0f9522f8 bd96367d d611fe2f
fff28e2b 1e34376f c1406cc5 24b6cc48
66f5b2d4 da75fa9d f3e69ada 87d7db9c
b6d048c4 a2ede28d 57cdab56 28a3d715
6132b2fb cc13ef5c c6f84fe5 3bec02fb
8b2835e2 3a050390 afdd79be 780e6f02
f89015f8 5eaeecb5 3fe1ad22 22eb89f9
65971d6b cdce49c2 18e5b979 1a47fb9e
02ee3a7c 4d4d8de2 158bbf7f 00000000
By: sharek salam(19)
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How to get a drifloon 60%
When you beat valley windworks, go there every saturday or sunday. You will see a pokemon. Go up to and it click A and you will battle.

(note:make sure you buy a duskball, its good for catching ghost pokemon)
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How to get accessories 60%
1. Near the gym in Veilstone, in the first house a woman can massage a pokemon in your party then give you an accessory. Only once a day!
2. After getting the national pokedex, go to pal park with a pokemon game in the dual slot. Talk to a lady inside. She will give you one of five things: Crown (fire red), Seafloor backdrop (sapphire) , underground backdrop (ruby) sky backdrop (Emerald).
3. Take a Pikachu, Drifloon, Pachirisu, Clefairy, Happiny, Torchic, Skitty, or Shroomish to ambity square. RESET YOUR COUNTER (app #4). Every 200 steps, talk to the pokemon. It will be holding either a berry or a accessory.
4. Certain people in Jubulife TV or Veilstone shopping mall MAY have a mask. This you need to talk to EVERYONE.
5. If you get 4th prize in Jubulife's TV lottery, you get a backdrop. The more you trade, the better or harder it will get to win.

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How to get "SPIRITOMB" 60%
First go to solceon town then head south,talk to the black belt guy behind the trees he'll give you the ODD KEYSTONE and then go underderground then talk to 32 people (not the hikers who you trade spheres 4 items they don't count)then after you do that place the ODD KEYSTONE in the crumbling tower and it will turn into the hollowed tower and spiritomb will appear p.s. hope I helped
By: Razor33(242)
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Defeating the elite four 60%
Defeating the elite four may seem hard but with my help you can do it on the first try all that you need to do is make sure that you have palkia and some level 60 Pokemon if your palkia is at least lvl 55 you will pretty much ride on that use your spacial rend as least as possible and save it for the elite four champ Cindy (at least I think that is her name I don't remember) have at least 50 hyper potions and depending on what Pokemon you have at least 20-40 revives these can be bought at the Pokemon center right before you enter the room to fight the first elite four person make sure that you save your game before every person so that way you can just turn off the game and restart at the area you were at jic you mess up that is all I can provide to you for now...
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How to get a Gengar! 60%
To get a gengar you must go to snowpoint city and go to the house on the top left corner and talk to the girl sitting at the table she would ask you to trade a haunter for a medicham then if you don't have a medicham then go to acuity lakefront then run around the in grass till you find it then go back to the house and speak to her make sure you have medicham in your party or else you can't trade then you trade and then you have a haunter it's leve 35 the ability is levitate which gives full immunity to all ground type moves for example earthquake that won't have any affect at back to the point once you recive the haunter then take the everstone out of it then keep on training it till it evolves into gengar by JACKHAMMER
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Firrst you need to get a rhyhorn or rhydon from stark mountain then go to canvale city talk to the sailor guy and he will say where do you want to sail pick iron island then sail there then you see the house go inside the house if you beat the 6th gym Byron should be there and talk to him he will give you a metal coat and put it in rhydon or rhyhorn and train it to lv 100 then with the metal coat in rhydon trade it it should evolve then trade back and you have a RHYPERIOR LV 100!BY JACKHAMMER
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Getting Castform+It's best attacks 59%
OK, in order to get Castform, you obviously need the National Dex. Go to Mr. Backlot (A.K.A. the owner of the PKMN Mansion). Save and talk to him. He will say stuff, and twice he'll ask if you're envious. Say yes. he will say "This morning, a cute eyed _________ came up to me and gave me a smooch on my cheek..." If it is not Castform, than switch your DS off and try again. Once he says Castform look for it in the Trophy Garden. It will be about Lvl 18.

The best attacks for your Castform will be:
Weather Ball
Sunny Day
Rain Dance
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Frst you hav to catch a Ditto in a Master Ball then put him in the day care and you get 999 mastr balls
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Rare Hidden Idems (by Jace Mankins) 59%
Here is a easy way to get rare idems such as Rare Candies, Heart Scales, and more. First, you need to find a small rock,(they take up a square space and are commonly found through-out the Sinnoh region)press A on it. Sometimes, you find a rare idem. If nothing comes out of the rock, then there is never anything there and look for another small rock.
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Spiritombs Weakness! Must Read! 59%
First use foresight, miracle eye, etc.This allowes you to hit him with any type of move. now, with fighting types being affective, attack! fighting is super effective to him as long as you use foresight first or els it has no effect.
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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MONEY GALORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 59%
Hey. Hey. Hey. What did I tell you. I'm back! No. No. No. Now don't think anyone stole my idea because it's really me pokemonsters! So now you know if you read Rare Candies Galore I guess you know that the mabye turned to a yes. OK. Let me tell you the short cheat of getting ALL THE MONEY YOU COULD POSSIBLY WANT!
To do this first find a trainer who will give you 9800$$$ now give your pokemon an amulet coin. Now if you battle the trainer 51 times you'd earn 999,600$$$$$
Battle the trainer the amount of times that the chart tells you and you will get the amount of money written next to it.
100 WINS-1,960,000$$$$$ 200 WINS-3,920,000 $$$$ 300 WINS-5.880,000 $$$$$ 400 WINS-7.840,000 $$$$$
500 WINS-9,800,000$$$$$ 600 WINS-11,760,000$$$ 700 WINS-13,720,000$$$$$ 800 WINS-15,680,000$$$$$
900 WINS-17,640,000$$$$$ 1,000 WINS-19,600,000

NOTE 1-If you don't have the amulet coin you will only earn half the money.
NOTE 2-Each time you get to 999,999$$$$$ you will have to spend your money or else you will not be able to earn any more money.
NOTE 3-Make sure you spend your money on GOOD ITEMS! like stat raisers or T.M. 15 Hyper Beam.
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How to get jirachi 58%
Defeat pokemon league 10 times then go to iron Isiand and then go to the stairs on the left and I would use a master ball if you had one or a quick ball,dusk balls and uitra balls you meet at Level 33 good luck catching him by joshua hawking
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How to get shiny with pokeradar 58%
First go to the grass there will be wild pokemon,then you use the pokeradar when a pach of grass golw it will be a shiny pokemon.
By: pace23(157)
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Clone Pokemon 57%
1. Log on to the Nintendo WFC.
2. Select to deposit the Pokémon that you want to clone.
3. Choose a bogus deal for your wanted Pokémon, i.e. a level 100 Abra.
4. When the "Checking GTS Status" box comes up, pay attention to the little clock in the bottom right hand corner.
5. When the clock has gone around 6 to 8.5 times, shut your DS off. There is no surefire way of knowing when to turn it off just keep trying until you succeed.
6. Turn your DS back on. A box will come up saying that your save file is corrupted. DON'T WORRY! This is completely normal.
7. Load up your game and log in to the WFC again. If you did this glitch right, your Pokémon will be both on your game and in the WFC!
8. Retrieve your Pokémon from the WFC. Voila! You now have two identical clones of your Pokémon!

Happy Cloning!
By: MrPokemon(197)
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Happiny Egg 57%
When going out of Hearthome, on the right, there is a hiker who gives you a Happiny egg. You must have a space in your party. Travel with it in your party alot and it wiil hatch.
By: pokemistress(45)
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Arceus Rainbow 57%
Arceus can turn different types and colors from what ever plate it had on.
By: conor4100(832)
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A long but easy way to catch mesprit/ cresselia w/o master ball 57%
This might take long but its worth it. First get their health to yellow somehow. then catch a pinsir. its n that grassy patch just above the resort area. buy false swipe from veilstone and teach it to him. train him so his speed rises a little. go to your half health buddy and use false swipe. then they run away. find them and use false swipe again until their Hp is on 1. now wait till night, and find them. use a dusk ball and mabye youve got them!

PS im not sure if Pinsir can learn Mean look. it would be really helpful if there was a TM of it!
PPS you can tell if their Hp is on one. 2 ways: 1, if you use false swipe and their HP doesnt change, their on 1hp, 2, their alive with no HP
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All pokemon shiny(action replay) 57%
This is for all you that have action replay and want shiny pokemon thisis a short code and is real easy to is the code:12068ac6 000046c0 wola baby.
By: master5of5games(12)
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Amulet Coin 57%
Go to Amity Park in Hearthome (Pikachu, Happiny, Buneary, Cleffa, Pachirisu, and/or Drifloon needed.) In Amity Park, go to the stone towers. Go into the tower on the left. Inside, go left while still in the tower and press A 2-3 times. You'll get the Amulet Coin. If a pokemon in battle is wearing it than at the end of the battle (if you win) you'll get double the money.
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How to catch ledgendary pokemon that run away. 57%
First, you will need to catch a wobofet, from either pokeom leaf/fire red, or diamond/peral. you can get one in one of the 3 lakes. the wobofets have a special ability that makes pokemon not able to flee. get your wobofet to a real high level:50+ and use those on such that run away. also very helpfull when trying to catch latios and other on emerald/ruby/saphire. good luck
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Annoying Status Problems 57%
In the middle of a battle if you're pokemon falls asleep (or gets confused) due to some super annoying move, DO NOT WORRY!

All you have to do is shout into your microphone ''wake up!''

Or if it is confused shout ''snap out of it!''

Of course if you are an intelligent person, just blow into the microphone for a 100% chance of those damn status problems being lifted.
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50 or 100 percent experiance 57%
Ok first you need a lucky egg you can find them on wild chansey
get a pokemon thats special ability is compound eyes it raises the chance of finding items on wild pokemon by 50 percent then equip it to a traded pokemon and it will triple the experiance or double

i used yanma because he has conpound eyes and can use thief to steal the lucky egg from chansey
people say you need the frisk abilty thats not true!

the good chanseys are located at the right outside part of hearthome the one were your goin to solocean
oh and another helpful thing is do you know were that bech is outside of sunyshore theres a beach with a few fisherman go to the very left and hell have lv 52 gyardos that give you 4000 if it has a lucky egg and 5700 experiance if it is traded and haz a lucky egg
By: notsweet(102)
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Get strengh 56%
What you have to do is go to the tower which is on bottom of solaceon go all the way up to the top floor and talk to the old lady on the left and she will tell you some stuff then she will give you strengh.
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Easy Way to get a 99.9% Chance to Catch a Pokemon 56%
Yell [Gotcha!] in the microphone on your DS.You have to be in a battle to do this.Its good use with pokemon level 70 or higher. By:hannahdoog
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Selaceon Town pokemon level up ! 56%
First get the pokemon you want to level up then take it to selaceon town then there is some pokemon roaming free in a garden the house in front of it is very usefull,you go into the house and talk to the old lady behind the counter and she will ask you a few things just keep saying yes and she will take your pokemon in so she can level them up its as easy as pie!

so try it and she will ask you for some money so you can take it back!
By: zinnypearl(8)
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MORE Helpful Hints 56%
Flareon=fire stone
Vaporeon=water stone
Espeon=friendship (day)
Umbreon=friendship (night)
LEAFEON!=LVL up in eterna forest =-)
glaceon=LVL up near ice boulder on rt. 217 =-(

Cresselia and Mesprit:
1.Flee at start of battle
counter=mean look
2.If you fly they'll fly away
Tidbit=they fly in the opposite direction from you
3.Both pure psychic
counter=LV.72 Crobat w/ moves Mean Look, Night Slash, Air Slash, Poison sting
4.Both LV.70
By: LeafeonsRule(35)
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Catching roaming Legendaries 56%
There are two Pokemon that roam the map in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. These Pokemon are Mesprit and Cresselia. The following trick is a fairly easy and effective (but a little time-consuming) way to catch them. Note: These Pokemon will appear as "seen" in your Pokedex before they begin roaming, so you will be able to begin tracking them immediately. Also, you must go through certain parts of the story before these Pokemon appear in the wild. First, raise a Pokemon with a high Speed rating and the False Swipe attack to about level 50. Then, use the Marking Map on your Poketch to find the Pokemon, and engage it in battle. Use False Swipe, and assuming your Pokemon was fast enough, the roaming Pokemon will take damage before fleeing the battle. Repeat this until the target is at 1 HP. The target will retain the damage you inflicted on it the next time you see it. Also, save the game after each encounter. Buy some Quick Balls. They have a better chance of capture if they are used early in a battle. Find the Pokemon again. Note: Do not encounter it in an area that has a damaging weather effect, such as the northern blizzard area, as this will cause the Pokemon to faint and you will lose the chance to meet it again. If desired, you can inflict a status problem on it at this point, but do not give it a status effect that will inflict damage like Poison or Burn, as these will also defeat your target. Find the Pokemon and toss a Quick Ball at it. Because it is the first "turn" in battle and the Pokemon is at a very low HP, the Quick Ball has quite a high chance of securing the Pokemon for you. If it was not caught, the worst that can happen is the Pokemon will run away and you must track it again.
By: baxter155(95)
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How to get Lucario!!! 56%
Go to Canaleve city and talk with the man at one ship.
Press Iron island.
Go in the cave hole time and look if you see someone in blue clothes.
Then talk with him and you go together with Riley.
Then later he ask if you want one Egg.
Say yes but then you need 5 pokemon with you and not 6.
The take it and walk or bike much then break the egg.
Then you have Riolu lv.1
Train him and if you have luck it evolve at lv. 26 in Lucario.
You can use exp. share to lvl him up faster.
And then you have a lucario!
Much luck.
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How to Capture Uxie,Azelf & Mesprit(the EEasy way!) 56%
If you already used your Master Ball on Dialga or Palkia, Buy a Repeat ball at Sunnyshore city or at the Pokemon League poke mart. Then find Uxie first & battle it with a ghost type,& make sure your ghost type is a level 37, have it on yellow or a little red & capture it! Do it the same on Azelf & Mesprit,if you find mesprit.
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How to get a Bagon !!!!!!!!!!! 56%
1.first go to route 210 use defog 2.then go in the tall grass and use a pokeradar3.when you run into a pokemon knock it out 4.and if you see the grass move after defeating the first pokemon go into a patch that is moving and you will run into a pokemon 5. then knock it out unless its a bagon if its not a bagon repeat steps 2-5 . if its a bagon use an ultra ball untill you catch it or use any other ball that is good at catching pokemon . P.S it will be between level 15 and 29
By: game master422(222)
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How to get an eevee [the real way]! 56%
When you obtain the national dex go to hearthome city&go to bebes house&talk to her and she will give you an eevee on lv.5
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How to get dragonite without migrating 56%
Go to the waterfall in mt.cournet then face the waterfall use your super rod then your an owner of a dratini just trade it with a friend back and forth until its a dragonite or do it the long long.....etc. old fasion way TRAIN IT ! oh yeah and you can also use rare candy alot!of rare candy and its only about lv.17,18,or 19. p.s hope this helped you alot!
By: Razor33(242)
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How to get palkia 56%
Go to route 208 there you will find spear piller and you would see
captain jupiter nd mars and the boss of team galactic first det them
then you willbe able to catc palkia level 47 bring ultra balls,quick balls
andone master balls palkia's moves are waterpulse,speciel rend,
ancient power and dragon claw
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