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FIFA 14 | Creating Shooting Space
FIFA 14 | Five Star Skills Moves
EA SPORTS FIFA 14 | 4-2-3-1 Formation
FIFA 14-Celebrations & Skill Moves
FIFA 14 | Advanced Free Kicks
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EA SPORTS FIFA 14 | Ball Possession Under Pressure
Cut the Rope: Triple Treat Trailer
Nintendo 3DS - Cut the Rope: Triple Treat
The Sims 3 Roaring Heights - Official Gameplay
The Sims 3 Into the Future - Bug Collecting in Dystopia
The Sims 3 Into the Future Launch Trailer
Official Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Apocalypse Gameplay
The Sims 3 Movie Stuff Trailer -- Part 2 -- Horror
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Big Figures Trailer
The Smurfs 2 The Video Game:
The Sims 3 | Dragon Valley Has Hatched!
The Sims 3 | Dragon Valley Trailer
The Smurfs 2 Official Game Trailer
Aliens: Colonial Marines Tactical Multiplayer Trailer
The Sims 3 | University Life
Aliens: Colonial Marines - Concept to Game - Alien Hive
Aliens: Colonial Marines Story Trailer
Aliens: Colonial Marines - Survivor Trailer
Transformers Prime The Game | Official Wii U Debut Trailer
The Sims 3 | Plumbobs Are Forever
Ghost Recon : Future Soldier - The ghost squad is deploying on PC!
LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes - Talking Minifigs Trailer
Ghost Recon Future Soldier - Inside Recon #3 - Guerilla
LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heroes
Aliens: Colonial Marines Suspense Trailer
Ghost Recon : Future Soldier - Documentary Trailer
Ghost Recon Future Soldier | Launch Trailer
Ghost Recon : Future Soldier - Bodarks : a threat to the Ghosts
Ghost Recon Future Soldier -Multiplayer Reveal Trailer
The Amazing Spider-Man VGA 2011 Trailer
Aliens: Infestation Trailer
Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns Trailer
Let's Create! Pottery DSi Trailer
X-Men: Destiny GamesCom 2011 Powers Trailer

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Sims 2

Rating: 3.5/5 VOTE

More aliens 98%
To get more aliens on your save, set the system clock forward by one
minute. Load your saved game and walk around for a minute. Save the
game, then set system clock back to real time. The bellhop should
say that you are a time traveler and that the aliens have launched a
full scale attack. As soon as you see the clock, touch it or you
will lose all your sanity.
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Getting things finished faster 94%
To get things done faster, change the internal clock on your DS
system. This trick works well if you want to get rooms built faster.
Instead of waiting the normal 8 hours, just set your clock ahead
8 hours. If you need money get guests to stay, set clock forward
the desired number of hours or days.
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Getting things finished faster 93%
To get things done faster, change the internal clock on your DS
system. This trick works well if you want to get rooms built faster.
Instead of waiting the normal 8 hours, just set your clock ahead
8 hours. If you need money get guests to stay, set clock forward
the desired number of hours or days.
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How to create milkshakes etc 67%
To make a milkshake you need to tip over a cow and then right at the moment it falls and its on its side milk it, to get chocolate milk or milkshake buy a chocolat bar from the lion lounge and give it to the cow as a gift than tip it over and milk it to get a chocolat milkshake but if you want just regular chocolat milk than give the cow a chocolat bar as a gift and milk it.
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Allien invasion 60%
Easter egg: use the clock to fast forward a lot of time ( optional ) the desk worker should say something about you being alive.
Easter egg 2: then go back time and he will call and you and say that your a wicked little time traveler and that theirs an alien invasion and you'll see a video of the emperor and a clock going back and there will ba\e an alien invasion
By: whatsthat(179)
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Time traveling!! 50%
DO ****NOT**** time travel if you do it makes a alien invasion then you have to walk like how you would if you were captured by the aliens!
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Lights and blockades 50%
When you talk to Jerry at the very beginning and he tells you to go to the hotel if you go right to the dessert you cant go in and if you go around the back of the hotel the lights will still be on until you walk in the lobby
By: whatsthat(179)
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Pick me up 50%
When you loose all your sanity and you mop around grab the super soaker and you will go full speed until you leave the room then you must re-equip
By: whatsthat(179)
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Milk shake 50%
Tip cow then milk
chocolate milkshake
give cow chocolate then tip then milk
By: whatsthat(179)
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Help me 50%
How do you move furniture into a different house nintendo ds
By: kentuckyhorse(2)
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100000xp 50%
Sell all the stuff that you got go to the penthouse
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Bigfoot! :D 43%
To get Bigfoot go to the room directly across from the sfae, move around the boards and it will open, go downstairs and find bigfoot, then he will walk around the hotel:)

Don't worry he doesn't wreck stuff.
By: gymsock(624)
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Pick romance!!!! 42%
When first starting your game or starting a new game no matter if you get girl or boy when you are done designing your sim there will be money friend romance and somethings you pick to increase your sanity. pick romance cause its more easy and more people are often in love with you and you will raise your sanity higher.
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The sims 2 42%
Get the vol and print money and get all the rooms ok .SKATE
By: skate(225)
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Great stuff 40%
Set you re time to any year and go to the store and new stuff careful thier aliens outside
By: DEATH467(8)
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Time traveling 40%
When you time travel and you start walking like an alien get out your water gun and press B to walk or run as if you didnt travel in time
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Real or fake, you vote 40%
Please vote
Sims 2 cheat video Cheat Video
By: whatsthat(179)
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X & y 28%
Hold L+R nd press X the more you press the more it zoom's in!

Do the same but instead press Y to zoom back outt!

I think it's cool, lol xx
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Rollin in cash 20%
When you have a master like Franky or Ava or optimis, skip a long time then do all the missions for them to leave and they will pay you for the full log time.
By: whatsthat(179)
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Money and Sanity 17%
What you do is sell the things in your room then always go to the penhouse if you need any sanity
By: thelegalong(33)
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Sims 2 389594Jimmy the neck is in the desert and wont let me go there! help what do I do to get rid of him?!?!? Answers: 6
Sims 2 393909Can somebody please tell me how to get to the asian emporium on sims 2 on the ds? I have looked every1 xx Answers: 5
Sims 2 420917Where do you put a piece of the mummy Answers: 4
Sims 2 536678I want a metal detector does anyone know where I can find one ? x Answers: 2
Sims 2 679612How do I get rid of the mole king?! Answers: 3
Sims 2 274081How do you defeat aliens? I know you use the water gun, but everytime I get near an alien I'm blasted back into my room. Answers: 9
Sims 2 395687Where can I find spade Answers: 2
Sims 2 434906When I try to give Frankie Fussile the copper and silver and lead rock, he only takes the rock. What do I do? Answers: 5
Sims 2 615912How do you build more rooms? Answers: 3
Sims 2 705872Were is the hotel lobby in Sims 2? because optimum Alfred said he was there and I could not find him were I thought the hotel lobby was. Answers: 4
Sims 2 760610I have completed all of the mission for Frankie Fusilli to leave and Penelope Redd has been to arrest him but he is still in the penthouse and there is no sign of Ava appearing. Has anyone had this before and could you tell me how to get rid of him. Thanks Answers: 1
Sims 2 800259Don't you get a car when you find all the plates? Answers: 1
Sims 2 398630Where is the hotel reactor Answers: 4
Sims 2 406995What do they mean bye pallet? Answers: 2
Sims 2 575499There is an icon of an alien above my sims head. She keeps dying.. What does it mean and how do I get rid of it? Answers: 2
Sims 2 591742I am stuck in a black room but it says saloon rooms. How do I get out?! Answers: 1
Sims 2 592058How to fix the metal detector Answers: 2
Sims 2 603070How do you get a lime and mango on the sims 2 casterways Answers: 1
Sims 2 651111What do you do when you get the sarcophagus mummy says put somewhere safe where only you can access it Answers: 3
Sims 2 666667How do I save people from jimmy the neck on Sims 2? PLEASE HELP! Answers: 4
Sims 2 688759How can we defeat the robots in Nintendo ds the Sims? Answers: 3
Sims 2 702120What do I do after i've got jimmy the neck in jail? Answers: 1
Sims 2 715096Where do you get ava's lipstick? Answers: 1
Sims 2 733673Should I give Ava the cowbell? PLEASE HELP Answers: 2
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