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Pokemon Blue Guide Cheats for GBC
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Pokemon Blue Guide GBC Cheats

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Pokemon Blue Guide

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DO NOT fight the following trainers 100%
The Youngster with a Slowpoke (level 17) on the road to Bill's house(Route 25).
He is the fourth trainer after you cross Nugget Bridge.
The Gambler with 2 poliwags and a poliwhirl (all level 22) between Lavender
Town and Saffron City (Route 8). He is standing just east of the entrance to
Saffron City, facing north toward the door of the Underground Path.
Make sure you have a pokemon that knows FLY. Make sure you have a level 5 or 6
pokemon and a pokemon that knows SLEEP on your team. Stock up with pokeballs.
Now Save your game before you enter Route 8 since saving after this point will
disrupt the procedure.
On Route 8, stand in front of the door of the Underground Path (don't let the
gambler see you or you will need to restart where you last saved). Walk down one
step and IMMEDIATELY press start. If you succeed, the menu will pop up before
the Gambler "sees" you. Go to the Pokemon list and fly to Cerulean City. The
Gambler will see you just before you fly away. Your Start button will no longer
function. Go north across Nugget Bridge and head east until you find the
Youngster described above.
If you walk right up to the Youngster, the game will lock up, so you will have to
let him see you and walk up to you. Defeat his Slowpoke(afterwards your start
button will work again), then fly to Lavender Town. Head west into Route 8. As
soon as you enter the narrow path, the menu will pop up by itself. Press B to
exit. . . and a wild Mew should appear. Mew will be at Level 7 and its only
attack will be Pound. Once you've caught Mew, you can save without any ill
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Infinite Steps in Safari Zone 100%
This trick is very simple. Find a patch of grass in there. Stand in it and just
tap the directional pad lightly just so you would turn without walking. You
should encounter a pokemon and catch it if you would like.
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Invisible pc 100%
In Celedon city, there is a hotel in the bottom right-hand corner of the city.
In the hotel go to the northern-most portion on the right-hand side, take 2
steps back then one step up and you will be able to access the pc.
Catch Safari Zone Pokemon w/o Safari Balls
First go into the Safari Zone (SZ). Go into the area with the pokemon that you
want(e.g. Scyther). After you're there, fly to Veridian City, and chat to the
old man. Have him show you how to catch a pokemon, then fly to Cinnibar Islands.
Surf up & down the right coast, and eventually SZ pokemon will battle you there.
If you need other SZ pokemon, just keep swimming up & down the coast. The effect
of this glitch doesn't affect your saved game. If you get tired of swimming,
don't get out of the water: instead, save right where you are. When you resume
your journey, the SZ glitch will still be in effect. This glitch works with any
area, not just the SZ.
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Duplicate Pokemon 100%
You need a link cable, 2 pokemon games, and 2 gameboys for this trick. On 1
gameboy, have a strong pokemon that you both want. On the other, have a weak
pokemon that your willing to give up for the other one. Enter Trade mode and
trade pokemon. On gameboy 1 (the one with the good pokemon), turn off the
gameboy right before it says ''Trade Complete!''. The 2nd GB should say ''Trade
Complete!'' on it. If done correctly, the bad pokemon on GB 2 should be deleted
and replaced with the good pokemon. The good pokemon on GB 1 should still be
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Duplicate items 100%
To get WELL 99 of an item, put the item you want duplicated in the sixth item
slot. Make sure you have the Fly HM, then Fly to Viridian City. Chat to the old
man that stopped you in the begining of the game( kind of to the north) When he
asks if you are in a hurry, say no and watch him catch a weedle.

Then Fly to Cinnabar Island, and use the SURF HM. Surf along the right COAST,
Not in the water, if you surf in the water it won't work.

Now, use SURF until you run into a Pokemon called ''M'', ''Missingno.'', Or a
Pokemon over level 100 Once you see one of those, kill it or just simply run

When fighting a high level M if you have a slow pokemon and it attacks you are
screwed, as it has a VERY high attack, you can beat him by simply using a quick

after you win/run look at your sixth item it should look VERY weird with wird
symbols and such, don't worry all it means is you have over 99 once you use it
up alot it will stop using symbols and once the supply gets back to 99 it will
show up as ''99''
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Mew number 2 98%
People dont know that there are 2 ways to get Mew, but there are. Dont fight any body in the 2nd gym. Defeat all the people on the bridge where you get the golden nugget, and then go to the guy standing near the middle of the bridge to the left of the one that you just got off of. Press start before you fight him, and fly or teleport to the poke center. Now, fight the 1st person in the 2nd gym. Your start button should work now, but dont save it, because it will skrew up the game. Walk up the bridge with the 5 people on it, the one that you get the nugget form, and in about 5 steps, your menu will pop up. Press B, and then you will fight a level 7 mew. It dies easy and only knows pound, so putting it to sleep and then poisening it is a good idea. It is easliy caught with a regular poke ball, but its health has to be low.
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Glitch City 98%
Glitch City is a weird glitchy town that you can unlock (and get to) by doing
the following in this order:
-Go to the Safari Zone (in Fuchia City)
-Enter Safari Zone (pay the 500 bucks)
-Go out of the Safari Zone and when the guy asks you if you want to leave, say
-Repeat the last step
-Save your game when you are in the Safari Zone, and turn it off
-Turn the game back on and leave the Safari Zone (the guy shouldn't ask you if
you want to leave)
-Go to Cinibar Island and surf half on land and half on water, DO this until a
message pops up- ''PA-Ding-Dong, Time's Up! Your Safari game is over!''
- You will then be transported back to the Safari Zone
-Exit the Safari Zone building and you will be in Glitch Town
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Get a diploma 98%
To get the diploma catch all 151 Pokemon and go and see Professor Oak in his
lab. He will then give you the diploma.
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ONLY way to get mew 96%
Restart your game and play until you get HM02 Fly from the house west of Celadon
City (or just win the 3rd gym and get the badge that lets you use fly out of
battle and trade pokemon that know fly to the new game).
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Alakazam WITHOUT Link Cable! By LORD OF MEW:) 90%
In the beginning of the game (for Blue), name yourself anything with an upper-case V as the third letter. In Red, the same implies except it must be the second character.
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2nd +3rd way to get missingno 67%
I found This out on my own and no one knew about it! Do the mew glich, but this time fight the gambler That is west of the S.S. Anne and he says "I never win".then teleport back to the town with nugget bridge. Then go to nugget bridge and your menu shall pop up by its self! press b. Another way is to is do the same thing but this time with the sailor guy that says " I like fiesty kids like you" and get out of the ship. go right behind the guy that asks to see your ticket and teleport back to the city with nugget bridge and go on nugget bridge.your menu shall pop up by its b.
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Funny Menu Glitch (Ha!Ha!) 57%
Okay, everyone knows how to do the mew glitch, right? Well, when you're performing it, also save at the place where the menu pops up. (i.e., when you come back, the menu will pop up. Actually SAVE there.)If it's a POKeMON that doesn't really matter to you (like if you find a Blastoise but you already chose Squirtle for your starter), restart (DON'T choose New Game!) When you choose "Continue", you'll come back to where you were, then the menu will pop up!Note:Random POKeMON won't show up after that.

This cheat was submitted by LORD OF MEW:)
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Catch mr.mime in pokemon blue! 50%
Do the mew glitch but this time fight the person that say's win lose or draw. beet him and teleport back to the to the city with nugget bridge walk on that bridge and your menu shall apear by its self press b and tada! wild mr.mime should be there.
By: mewlick(204)
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To many mewtwos 50%
First you must catch mystryum or m block and mew2 then go to your pc and try to getrid of it then your game sall freeze TURN IT OFF then repeat about 9 times and you should have in your pc all mew2s sorry I cant remember the weird thing is that they all start at lv 1 and the original mew2 is gone so is mystrium or m block
By: mewlick(204)
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Locations of HM's 50%
The first HM (Hidden Machine), CUT, is given to you by the CAPTIAN when you rub his back. The second HM is FLY and is given to you by a girl hiding near Cycling Road in Celadon City. The HM for SURF is in the Safari Zone in Fuschia City-just find the Secret House. STRENGTH is also there-give the GOLDEN TEETH to the Warden. FLASH is given to you by Prfesser Oak's Aide when you catch 10 kinds of POKEMON. This cheat was submitted by LORD OF MEW:)
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Glitch:Extra Powerful Kangaskhan**** 50%
To do this glitch, you will need:
>A POKEMON that knows FLY
>A POKEMON that knows SURF
>Master Ball (infinite)***
>Rare Candy (preferably infinite)
>Poke Doll*
>Space for one (1) POKEMON**

>First, you must put the Master Ball as the sixth item in your items "pocket." FLY to Viridian Citywalk up to the Old Man.
"Are you in a hurry?"
>After he catches the Weedle, FLY to Cinnabar Islandor to Fuscia City and SURF to Seafoam Islands, your choice.
>You might want to save now.
>SURF up and down a few timesthe first POKEMON you'll see will either be from the last place you visited, a POKEMON over Lv. 100 (example: if you named yourself "R?m?Z?r" in the beginning, you'll find a Lv. 230 Bulbasaur or Squirtle), an M.' or Missingno. If you have an infinate Poke Doll it will be great for strong POKEMON over Lv. 100 such as Bulbasaur... to get away from them. If you find a Missingno., run or kill it. After that, your Master Ball should read, "(glitch)9" or "(glitch)8" next to it-it depends mostly on the Level of the Missingno. If you find a POKEMON called (glitch)M.'(glitch), capture it with the Master Ball. Nickname it, "KANGASKHAN" as it will be that later on. Then you'll be fighting a Ditto for some reason (it will be invisible this time). Just run to save time unless you don't have a Ditto yet. WARNING:Catch a glitched POKEMON ONLY if it is above Lv.0! Catching a Missingno. at Lv.7-255 is vital! If you catch a Lv.0, it will say, "Yeah! ####M#### was caught!" If this happens, turn your system off IMMEDIATELY. If you save after catching a Lv.0 and/or try to store it in PC, this WILL lock your game, making it impossible to save any new games in the future!
>Give it a Rare Candy. It will grow to Lv.81, then say, "What? KANGASKHAN is evolving!(NOTE: You will see a picture/sprite of Kangaskhan the entire time it is evolving.)" (evolution music) "Your KANGASKHAN evolved into KANGASKHAN!"
>Store it in PC.SAVE.
>FLY to Indigo Plateau and heal your POKEMON, then withdraw Kangaskhan. You'll notice something intriguinging... not only has it gone down to Lv.61, but its HP bar goes farther than usual. AWESOME! (NOTE: You can also teach it FLY! Simply give it the HM02 before the Rare Candy.)
**Optional, but highly reccomended
***An Ultra Ball may also be used, but Master Ball is better
****More powerful HPwise, not Attack/Defense/Speed/Specialwise.
This cheat was submitted by LORD OF MEW:)
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Old Man on Roof 50%
First you activate the missinggo. cheat then go to cinnabar Island surf on the East side and go up till your leveldoor to the gym [you must not have the secret key to open the door or it won't work]then go back onto land it should say somthing like the door is locked dont do anything look at the top right hand corner the old man from the Island will be there on the roof!
By: Mike357(4)
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Pokemon blue rescue team-AR code for health 43%
D3000000 02115444
f2115442 00000002
d2000000 00000000
By: master97(6)
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Infinite mews 41%
Lol..... the two mew cheat things cool..... but i got a better one, UNLIMITED MEWS!!!!! and UNLIMITED MONEY. NO joke:
don't battle: guy next to bridge, guy with lv 17 slowpoke OR guy on deck 2 of the boat in cabin 2 witha lv 23 pikachu(note: to get off the boat but not send it away.... lose a battle).
place nugget in 6th place, then procced: go to the guy standing near the middle of the bridge to the left of the one that you just got off of. Press start before you fight him, and fly or teleport to the poke center. Then, go up to the boy with a lv 17 slowpoke.... LOOSE to him, you will be warped to the pokecenter. go to the bridge, the menu will appear. press B. and battle mew. repeat until you have enough mews. then do it again EXCEPT use the guy i mentioned on the boat, loose to him. missingno will be there instead of mew, beat it, switch nuggets with a pokeball, and repeat cheat.
try this with what ever trainer you feel like.... loose then win. you'll often get 2 different pokemon (easy way to boost pokedex early)

WARNING: if you get in a battle with a trainer instead of a pokemon on the bridge.... turn off immediately, otherwise you will never be able to do the cheat again...... this means its a good idea to save before doing the cheat eatch time.
By: Atlas(28)
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Saving Money In Game Corner (Red or Blue) 36%
Instead of wasting time to buy coins in the Game Corner, just talk to people and continulously walk around while pressing A. Hold SELECT while playing slots. Try to catch the POKEMON you can get without buying them from the Prize Exchange.This cheat was submitted by LORD OF MEW:)
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When near a boulder like thing turn to it and press the A button if there is a fossil there you will find it.
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Duplicate pokemon and item (THE EASY WAY) 17%
First you put the item like (master ball) on the pokemon
then go to the poke center and go the the withdraw box
withdraw the pokemon(s) and when it says saving shut it off.
turn it back on and you should have the pokemon in your bag and in the computer

*BUT.. there is a flaw you can do it many times but if you do it to many times it will start deleting them
By: tomesgolwitzer(58)
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