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Pokemon Puzzle Challenge Cheats for GBC
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Pokemon Puzzle Challenge GBC Cheats

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Pokemon Puzzle Challenge

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Unlock Characters 100%
Unlockable How to Unlock
Bellossom On normal level or higher, before fighting Clair, defeat your
opponent in less than 30 seconds to face Lass. Defeat her and you will get
Pichu Play challenge mode on normal or harder. Last for at least 4 minutes
on any round before reaching Clair. A Pokefan should challenge you. Defeat
her to get Pichu.
Pikachu Make a 6-block combo before fighting Clair on normal or higher
level and you will fight a Gentleman. Defeat him to get his Pikachu.
Sentret Make a 7-chain before fighting Clair on normal or higher level and
you will fight Beauty. Defeat her to get her Sentret
Togepi Make a 10-block combo before fighting Clair on normal or higher
level and you will fight a Pokefan. Defeat him to get his Togepi.
Marill Make a 4-chain before beating Clair on normal or higher level and
you will fight a swimmer. Defeat him to get his Marill
Igglybuff Complete Challenge on Easy.
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Secrets-More Options 100%
On the option screen hold select and press A, some more options will appear
below the gallery option.
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Intense Mode 100%
To open up intense mode on challenge, highlight super hard mode then press
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More Records 100%
While in the record screen, press and hold Select+A and you get more records.
Now you can display how much combos, chain you got and how much blocks your
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Max. Speed Increase 100%
At the beginning, right when Pikachu smiles, enter:
B, A, Left, Left

This will increase the speed drastically if you're on speed 99. Normally,
anything at or above 50 will continue at speed 50.
Cheat Effect
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Super Hard Mode 100%
Highlight ''Hard'', then hold select and press A button.
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NOTE 94%
Game boy color
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