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Matrix: Path Of Neo Cheats for PS2
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Matrix: Path Of Neo PS2 Cheats

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Matrix: Path Of Neo

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Bonuses 100%
Collect the hidden briefcases to unlock various bonuses. *** Some
briefcases are given as rewards for completing hidden objectives.
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Weapons and pepole 100%
This info will tell you witch weapon is best to kill who so you can be a real matrix player patorl office (nick, po) any specail attack.. with circle and triangle next a police patrol (pp) is a d.e desert eagle daul. 1 shot one kill well.. 2 shot , you may think that a m14 grenade launcher will do the work.. well not for some.. commando radio officer (Cro) best weapon to kill..... belni 12- weakest point, specail attacks (another words doing specail attacks one him wotn do as much damage) now heavy armoured police) weapon to kill.... belni 12) weakeast point M4 grenade launcher smiths weakest point m4 grenade launcher strongest weapon to kill m4 these tips should help you in the game
By: bazooka(77)
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Matrix pepole. 100%
This info and all my other infomation in other fourms will help you in the game getting started and more, the matrix pepole (these are the pepole and police that live in matrix) first one patrol officer, hes a officer with no weapon, just patorling a place or 2... name po strenght 10 (10 hits to kill you) nickname pao . 2nd is the pp police patorl just a orandry police man with a gun he carrys a standard issue pistol a rap222 (pistol dont exsist irl) nick name pp. 3rd a swat team member partly skilled but every intellegent carrys a smg-mp5 nickname stm next commando this person is a commando very skillfull, carrys a belleni-12 shotgun nickname clo commandor leader officer next is his little freinds armored heavy swat this swat team member is a heavy armored guy with a shield you have to press triangle to knock it out nick name rstm riot swat team member next (securt member only found in one map (cillviallin) this cillvian is a ownage one he carrys guns and all his name is kap he can be found in subways and other such, he carrys a m14 grenade launcher and a m4- assault rifle next trinty is 3rd best in the matrix, she is pretty much always behind your back. weapon carry often found with a pistol and smg next is patrova or sumthin HE is a weapon specailist, found with daul smgs and likes to look cool .... next is morphus morphus is a skilled member of the matrix, 2nd best and theirs ofc neo your neo he has power to save the world and yet, he doesnt no that just wasting his life away at a computer in a office. he dosent no what he can be teached, and so on. thats were smiths come in they come to kidnap and kill him b4 he increases his power to own them.. talking of smiths lets get going name, agent nick name smith these are clones of other, but these are so strong powerful yet dumb and unskillfull learn their moves time to tme seeing other pepole. ther not as strong as you exspect. (fin)
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Tips n tircks 100%
Tips n tricks this info about tricks and stuff will help you thro the game, if your fighting a smith and he wont die, you want him to be stunned? first thing a smith attacks you he does it so fast press sqaure, he takes a hop or to backwords when he does apporach with l1 holded down and then press circle untill his arms go up into the air then press triangle and to stun him just simply shoot him or attack him repidly shooting will make him busy dodging the bullets so a good tip is to appoarch with shooting then fight. another tip if you have all weapons in the game apart from exspolsive or meele weapons and your in alot of danger with loads of police heres what to do, 3 things one you can equpit a dual of any weapon (best with daul smg) then run out l1 and jump into the air close to your enemy and FIRE! like such. 2nd way if your pinned down and officers and stuff are coming from the left and right and your hiding behind a pole what should you do? if its a support stand get a shotgun and see witch pepole come round first if they come from the left take cover on the other side of the support stand then attack the other pepole that you would be seeing from your side and then just simply attack the others any way you like 3rd way exsplosives dont always kill their target, a exsplosive weapon is best used when theirs more pepole than 1 now for tricks if your opponent will not stay down use a specail attack by pressing x or circle or l1 circle and then triangle... next standard attacks. standard attacks are less painful for your opponent so always use l1, if you are in a mess with loads of pepole never run out their kicking their butts shoot them its eazy you stay in cover and your not in the open, but if you need a weapon just lure one to your postion ko him and take his gun and shoot another take his do it again and again...
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Un combo 100%
To do this un combo it is pretty simple a unlimited- combonation.

I was playing the game and I carryed on hitting without the opponet fighting back

suprised as I was their is 1 thing in matrix path of neo their is cheats but they

only tell some

we discover the rest

any way that or its a glitch

idk if it works any more or it might just be my ps2

first sneak up on your opponet and do the 5 combo - (ps you have to unlocked the 5 combonation before using the un-combo) while doing the 5 combo do it twice and

then just use a spec attack (specail attack)

i discoverd it on the roof with trinity and the scene with loads of agents then your opponet will go repeadly in the same move your opponet will freeze you can push him arond of the edge but 1 thing you have to be careful of do not do a special attack when he freeze

cuz then you do the same and have to reset ) : have fun
By: bazooka(77)
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Game data, 100%
This writing will give you infomation about the game first thing is your health bar, if it all the green bar, goes black then it means you are on low health or be damaged, health packs can restore your health fully or alot. 2nd is your focus bar press l1 to use it makes owange and cool lookin specail attacks look for a symbol to restore it and kicking and killing pepole gets it up even more. ( completing levels will get the bar higher up, so it takes longer to run out of it) 3rd weaponry first weapon the stantard issue pistol its accaury is medium (on the tutorial of weaponry, it says the accurcy but its wrong I tell you real) its power is low (it does more damage at close range) and its range is also medium (but you can get dual verisons that makes its accaury high power medium and range high) d.e desert eagle heavy pistol range medium power high accuary( spelt wrong again) low (two of them makes it the best pistol) next the smg submachine-gun mp5, its power is medium fires rapidly and its acc is medium and range high (dual verison exsists) next is the m4 assault rifle, power high acc, (acc is short for accaury) medium range high, cannot get in dual verison next the m14 grenade launcher power high acc high range low next is the benli-12 semi automatic shotgun its power is high its range is low and its acc is totaly LOW!, its more affetive at close range. last step is the objects (first a sword) a sword mechettia, or sumthin its a japans most famous blade, on the game its deadly fast and sharp power high. thats about it, range n/a acc n/a next the broom a wooden stick is a logn powerd wepaon its power is medium and yet again the range and acc is is n/a.. thats about it from I know I makeing /made fourms on about problems if your stuck and how to fix, one more thing to attack (attacking) to stanard attack a 3x combo or a 4x 5x combo, press the triangle as many times as you can thats stanard attack thers so many more I cannot read through them all, so you can just find them out for your selfs pay attetion to signs that pop up they'll tell you the new moves when you buy a attack the yellow fist means you already bought it or unlocked the other one is whiteish it means you can buy it their others, and other attacks, own that game and find them specail attacks gl!
By: bazooka(77)
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Learning matrix path of neo for beginers 100%
Hi this info will tell the new pepole to matrix path of neo ps2 how good the game is
game: matrix: path of neo (ps2) :

if your wondering it does have cheats

so lets begin the first start you have to pick a tablet I forgot witch one but
i think it was the red one - if not it just restarts
any way in the game you can pick up most objects that have a slight greenish glow
pick it up and then you can use the weapon to battle not only do you have objects/items
you have weapons. in the traning area you are teached most of this weaponry objects controls etc.... any way cheats now - blades and items/objects sometime break down
a sword/mechetti degrades slightly and then it breaks. a wooden broom/stick etc
do the same thing. complete the game on eazy to unlock the cheat to open the cheat book go to menu extra - cheats. their is more than objects their is weapons if you wanna just

give the enemy some hell barraging bullets you need this cheat all the time your weapon
runs out of ammo - complete the game on medium to unlock this cheat

for dog and noclip ( dog = god mode unlimited health) (noclip = ghost walk through anything incase your wondering the game is a very good game for kicking pepole down

you unlock specail moves for exsample you have 60 different type of modes to get
PER round you get 1 point. lets talk about special attack - a special attack is a move that a person does and it is unbelively powerful and cool. press l2 or l1 ( I forgot) to ativate it
if you look at the top of your screen you see a YELLOW bar with a symbol next to it at the first day of the game it starts small if you defeat a bad guy it grows and you press l1 or l2
and when you attack your moves are powerful and cool you can also upgrade the lenght/
how long it lasts of the bar if you buy a certain power from the 5 circles* the name of where you buy your stuff its 5 circles but theirs 10 or so I dont no rly you can buy different moves aswell .

Feel free to look at my other cheat comments.

if you need more assistance - I got quite a few
By: bazooka(77)
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The One mode 98%
Complete the 1st level (Lobby Dreams) without dying
to unlock The One difficulty setting, which is the hardest
difficulty setting.
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Dojo: Dive through walls 98%
In the Dojo when finding the Killing Blow, you can get through doors
easier without slashing them by diving through them with Square. You
can also tell the difference between fake and real doors by doing
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Completion bonuses 98%
Win the game under the easy difficulty setting to
unlock the "Unbreakable Melee Weapons" and "Bullet Reflection"
options. Win the game under the normal difficulty
setting to unlock the "Vampiric Health" and "All Weapons" options.
Win the game under The One difficulty setting to
unlock the "Infinite Health" option.
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Glitch: See through leaves 98%
In the intermission sequence in the garden, Trinity says "Keep your
blade sharp". They turn to face the camera, and you can see Neo's
hair through the leaves when they cover his head.
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Types of cheats 50%
First cheat is the weaponry cheat it gives you a few of the best weapons in the game it is unlocked by completing the game on eazy. (i only no a few cheats my cheats do not work) 2nd cheat the sword cheat it will simply make your sword or weapon impossablie to shatter btw you have to equipt one to make it work, last cheat for me> theris more but I still need to unlock them I dont copy my stuff off of other webisties, any way its god mode the word god-mode has been up to about all games so, its common for most gamers it means full health what I mean by that is that you cant get killed because it gives you unlimted health,! thats all I know.
By: bazooka(77)
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How to beat ending boss and smiths on the rooftop with trinty 50%
To beat ending boss it is simple their two attacks from him when you fly around him, first he claps his hands to dodge it just simply press sqaure button and the other is were he swoops his left/right arm up dodge it by pressing sqaure atfer time he'll get angry lifting his arms up into the air then hold down x to attack! so on you'll be on a other side of the city, just hold circle and x( I forgot controls but these should be right) to charge up power punch btw press l1, then all that atfer them dodgeings and stuff he'll lift his arms up again keep dodging and superpuncheing , then you'll do the final attack same as first one, ofc. but this time when he swoops his arms up agents fly out so just simply, press triangle rapidly. gl,! 2nd part how to beat smiths with trinty and neo on the roof 4 simple and cool lookin ways, number one kick him over the edge that'll kill him becarefull tho, it can kill you (its tricky) to kick him over the edge just press circle then triangle, (l1 first ofc) 2nd way ever notice them glass rooftops simply just kick him into one of them, and it'll smash next way want him to die with exsplosions? good next to the stairs that leads up to the heli pad is a Fire extinguisher shoot hit and it'll kill him be close to it ofc..!
last but not least if you stuggle to pay the electric bill you might not wanna do this ^^ simply kick or push him into a electrical box shoot it when he is in it or close thats all but meele attacks dont kill him.
By: bazooka(77)
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Challendge glitch 17%
When you are at the dojo were you have to fight the man that is bald .When he takes you to the obstacle course that leads you to the telephone fail the challendge 3 times and then you will go to the next level.
By: zombiekid(1184)
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