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Cabelas Dangerous Hunts Cheats for Xbox
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Cabelas Dangerous Hunts Xbox Cheats

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Cabelas Dangerous Hunts Cheats

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Cabelas Dangerous Hunts

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X-ray scope 100%
Complete all challenges and open all charters in career mode to get
an X-ray mode when you zoom in on scopes.
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Glitch: Walk meter does not decrease 100%
After begining the hunt, walk up to a tree or in the bushes. Press
Black then select the tent. Press A. You will be told that you
cannot use this here. Keep pressing Black and A five or 6 times,
then continue. Your walk meter will not go down.
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Lighter weight to carry 100%
Choose everything that you want for your equipment, and do
everything else based on the game type. When you choose "Hunt",
press Black, choose the heaviest thing, and press A. Now, do this
repeatedly. When you have taken out everything, put everything back.
When you run, it takes it down much slower as if you have nothing.
Hint: Rifle selection:
When selecting your rifle in action zone, it is best to get an
automatic. You will be able to shoot faster and will not get
attacked as much.
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Money $$$ Money 96%
Buy a gun that comes with expensive ammunition. Sell all of the
ammunition, then sell the gun. You should get the money for the gun
and ammunition at full price each, which is more than you paid for
the gun.
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Movement and Unlock X-Ray Scope 44%
Cheat: Movement
October 07, 2004

When choosing items to bring along for the hunt, after choosing a game type, go to “Hunt” and remove everything from your character. Then put everything back. The game doesn’t recognize the weight of everything that was replaced and your character will move as if he has an empty pack.
Unlock X-Ray Scope
January 15, 2004

Clear the game on any difficulty to unlock x-ray vision while using the scope.
By: efhilt(544)
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Unlockables and Cheats 42%
Cheat mode:
Begin your game with launcher.exe -cheats command line. While playing the game, push ~ to see the console window, then submit the one of the codes below to enable that cheat code. Now push ~ again to close the console window.

What the code does Code
Toggle God mode ---------godmode
Get indicated amount of money--------givemoney
Toggle no clipping ------------noclip
Freeze all animals -----------freezeanimals
Invisible hunter -----------makeplayersinvisible
View from indicated animal ----------animalcamera
All quests unlocked -------unlockallquests
Unknown ---------------givetime
Unknown ------------setweather
Unknown -------------blindanimals
Unknown ---------teleportanimalhere
Unknown ---------------settimemultiplier
Unknown -------------equipazweapon
By: efhilt(544)
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