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Sonic Rush Cheats for NDS
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Sonic Rush NDS Cheats

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Sonic Rush

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Unlock Sound Mode and Time Attack 100%
Unlockable How to Unlock
Sound Mode Beat Game
Time Attack Beat Game
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Position 100%
Ok. so start up your spin dash but before you let go keep holding the down arrow key on your d pad and press y or x. youll notice that you havent peformed a spin dash and still be in the same position.

Please note:this works with blaze.
also this does not unlock or achieve anything.
and you cannot do this in sonic rush adventure
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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Unlockable Character 95%
Unlock Blaze as a playable character
Unlockable How to Unlock
Blaze Defeat the 1st boss
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Easy boss beat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 83%
As sonic its easy seriously.
1. (and boss 5)when he bangs his head on the ground jump on the cockpit(glass and its the same for the others)now repeat this 5 times (same on the others)
2.still easy but this guy has two attacks one jumping on you and two is where you can attack when bashes his head on the ground run out of the way and attack by jumping on his head and repeat
3.still easy but the only problem is you dont jump on him when he throws the wrecking balls at you jump on them when they are not spiky but he jumps on some of the rebounds
4. his diffuculty is meduim but when he has the wrecking ball uncovered from the electric forcefield hit it then the glass
5.same as number one
6.not so easy but when he jumps onto the ground he attacks and you can attack but you have one second to attack
7.blaze she is so hard but jump on her and her strongest attack is
lava fumes.
8.when he bashes his hand on the ground hit them then jump over the green pounds then run up his arm and hit his head
ps on the final zone boss you can run and hit his head without stopping on the first three if your lucky
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Alternate ending 63%
Get all of the chaos and sol emerals and you will see a red dot on the character seletion and its a final fight between nega eggman and eggman Vs super sonic and super blaze Good luck
By: ninjamaster(480)
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Special Stage!!!!!!!!!! 56%
Jump up on the star with the circle around it and if your boost metre has yellow on it or red then hold the Y button and see if you can get onto special stage!See if you can pass it. WHAT WILL YOU FIND?
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Chaos emeralds 55%
When playing with sonic you will notice that you dont get chaos emeralds like you do when playing with Blaze
what you have to do is
when playing a level watch out for these handle things that you can grab ahold of
but make sure you have lots of speed boost
look at the speed boost bar at the side
when holding on to it press x or y this will open up a new mission area where you have to collect rings while running, this can be trick on the first try
you are told how many rings you have to get
the first time will be in the hundreds the second time the target will double
dont think that just because you got the first lot that it will be just as easy

later in other levels enemies will appear
tap them with the stylus this will beat them

well good luck
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Characters and how to unlock them. 43%
Blaze: Finish 1st boss battle

Super sonic: Get all chaos emeralds

Burning blaze: Get all chaos emeralds

Extra: Get all chaos and sol emeralds
By: sonichog4(89)
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Sonic rush 29%
Go to your options and click on your player data and press r,r,l,l,a,b,x
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Be careful!!!!!! 25%
In the final special stage, be very careful! There is mostly every trap & enemy. Note: On other special stages, also be careful.
By: gamewizard953(82)
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Beat the game by doing nothing 24%
Go to the menu screen press (y x b y x L r y x b )
By: souljanic(65)
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Invincible/speical stage 22%
Go to the press start menu and press up down up down left and right buttons
By: armds(20)
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All you have to do is insert the sonic rush cartrige in the DS section and insert sonic advance in the gameboy section turn on your DS go to sonic rush at the title screen press
B x x x y y y x x x B then press start go to time attack and you will have sonic advance characters NOTE: this does not work on story mode.
P.S. the sonic advance characters you can play as are tails,knuckles, amy ,cream,and shadow
By: sonichog4(89)
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Sonic Rush 830638On Blaze, zone 1, act 2, there is a section where you have to get on to a ledge that's really high up. How do you get on it? Holding down whilst on the red thing doesn't work and nor does pressing B or R. Answers: 2
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