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SpongeBob SquarePants: Lights, Camera, Pants! Cheats for PS2
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SpongeBob SquarePants: Lights, Camera, Pants!
PS2 Cheats

Rating: 3/5 VOTE
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SpongeBob SquarePants: Lights, Camera, Pants!

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Game tips 100%
On the goo-ladiators, you must charge your shots to make your enemy out of the line to the goo, and don't forget to brake by pressing square or circle.

on the order up, if there are 2 same orders, press and hold X, then, you will get two. but, don't hold X too long. It might be 2 foods.

Like this on facebook, then i'll give you some lucky video+50 cents!

Facebook: Mauritz Talakua
By: Hackmaster257(372)
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Unlockable Levels 96%
Unlockable How to Unlock
Two Up Beat And Win Loot Scootin' With Over 300 Points
Loot Scootin' Beat Tethered & Weathered, Mother Of Pearl and Hook, Line
and Cheddar On Gold
Mother Of Pearl Beat Bronze Mode
Hook, Line And Cheddar Beat Silver Mode
Tethered & Weathered Beat Gold Mode
Rock, Paper, Scissors Beat And Win Loot Scootin' With Over 300 Points
Auditions In Single Audition Mode And Tournament Mode Beat/Play That
Particular Audition You Want To Unlock While In Story Mode
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Action Figures 95%
Unlockable How to Unlock
Beat Loot' Scootin "The Big Golden Spongebob" Action Figure
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Movies 93%
Unlockable How to Unlock
Unlock The "Bronze" Movie Beat Bronze Mode And It Will Play With That
Unlock The "Silver" Movie Beat Silver Mode And It Will Play With That
Unlock The "Gold" Movie Beat Gold Mode And It Will Play With That
Unlock "Make Your Own Movie" Beat Loot Scootin' With Around 300 Points At
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Cheats 72%
All action figures:
Enter 977548 as a code to unlock all action figures.
Silver Story mode challenges:
Enter 486739 as a code to unlock the Silver Story mode challenges.
Hook, Line, And Cheddar mini-game:
Enter 893634 as a code to unlock the Hook, Line, And Cheddar mini-game

Enter it at Rewards Section on Bonus Section.
By: IndonesianGamer(475)
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Flip and cacth button and secret 60%
There are three oven,all oven will show something.The items just patty and chum patty.If patty you must click X to throw the patty.Dont make the patty black or ash,it will make you get 5 or nothing point and make you not perfect.If there is chum patty,just click O to get point before the C.patty jump.secret is perfect per one must cacth all patty,flip all patty,and throw C.patty per one hour
By: Bruce Wilson(1427)
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Bounce parcels button 60%
The audition is very easy.You just focus and walk where all parcels go down and bounce it to the K.K.Storage
By: Bruce Wilson(1427)
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Good Hints 55%
Make it last....On Rope Burn if your colors do not match the other players colors it is easier and move faster before it changes colors!

Win more roles......On new game pick easy and put everybody else silly!

Watch it over and over.......After beating Bronze or others go to main menu and somehow you can watch the movie again!

Shorten difficulty......Never at new game make one character smart and not the others!

Jellyfish fields donation......When you get to the fields the first game when you have to shoot Jellyfish in the robot sighs never shoot it at any buddy's Else's!

Bronze mode warning.......On bronze mode at the end of each 3 games you must have at least 12000 popularity points and if you get like close to 12003-12300 practice more in silver mode you must have 12750!

Hear it.......On Machine Meltdown the computer will tell you when the generator is running low so keep a close ear so the machine does not stop!
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Stop Frustration 54%
To stop frustration here are tips......... 1.Always save the game. 2.Just save the game every 3 games. 3.If you get less popularity points then supposed too shut off the game and turn it back on and do it again. 4.The more you try the better but don't try super super hard that will bring you to fail and frustration. 5.Take short brakes to stop frustration. 6.Don't go to story mode for a while. Thanks.Thanks hoped these helped.
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Enter silver mode easily without mencard 40%
First,click story mode, new proggress.When the bronze cup image come,exit to the main menu.Then,click extras,reward,codes,enter 4-8-6-7-3-9.Then exit to the main menu again and click story mode,continue.Finally,you can enter silver mode
By: Bruce Wilson(1427)
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Unlock gold story mode 33%
Type in 897614
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Gold replaying all the time! 30%
This a weird glitch. beat silver. play flippin' out gold. do code 893634 to lock silver. then do code again to unlock it. play gold and try flippin' out. but when you're done, he will complain about popularity points and you already have to restart auditions!
By: Gamemaniac1360(438)
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Play a dog named zipzap 23%
Zipzap is a poodle with a air dome,suit,and boots
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