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Shining Force Neo Cheats for PS2
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Shining Force Neo PS2 Cheats

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Shining Force Neo

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Completion bonus 100%
Win the game and save. Load the cleared saved game
file to start just before fighting the final Boss. Instead of
begining the battle again, exit and return to the cemetery. The
fence that previously blocked your way there is gong. Enter the area
that it protected to find a bonus dungeon.
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Easy Force Art upgrade 98%
At the end of the Runes of Oblivion there should be 4 Snake
Portals. Complete the Boss after these 4 Snake Portals to make
returning to the map easier. After the Boss is dead, go back in the
entrance above the 4 Snake Portals then return back outside to
them. These 4 portals will always be here. Each trip to them is
worth 5,000 energy. Equip a high damage weapon with Haste to one hit
the portals for even easier energy farming. Also, after you have
raised the Cursed Castle, the enemies on all maps become more
difficult, and these portals will start dropping roughly twice their
normal amount of energy (about 15,000 per trip). In one hour you
should be able to harvest over 1 million energy. This makes energy
farming extremely easy.
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SecretsBonus 98%
Win the game and make a Clear Data save. Now when you load this data you
will be returned to right before fighting the last boss. Get out and go back to
the cemetary to see that a fence that was once there has disappeared. Go to the
now accessable area to reach a secret bonus dungeon.
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