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Animal Crossing: Wild World Cheats for NDS
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Animal Crossing: Wild World NDS Cheats

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Animal Crossing: Wild World Cheats

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Animal Crossing: Wild World

Rating: 4.5/5 VOTE

Fishes 100%
The following is the complete list of fish, their location, times to catch them, and the selling prices.

Angelfish: 3,000 Bells; river (rare) May to October, morning, evening, night.
Arapaima: 10,000 Bells; river (rare) July to September, morning, evening, night.
Arowana: 10,000 Bells; river (rare) June to September, morning, evening, night.
Barbel Steed: 200 Bells; river all year, all day.
Barred Knifejaw: 5,000 Bells; ocean (rare) March to November, all day.
Bitterling: 900 Bells; river November to February, all day.
Black Bass: 300 Bells; river all year, all day.
Blue Gill: 120 Bells; river all year, noon.
Blue Marlin: 10,000 Bells; ocean (rare) July to Sept, all day.
Carp: 300 Bells; river all year, all day.
Cat Fish: 800 Bells; pond May to October, morning, evening, night.
Char: 3,800 Bells; waterfall Mar to June and September to November, morning, evening.
Cherry Salmon: 1,000 Bells; river March to June and September to November, morning, evening.
Clownfish: 650 Bells; ocean April to September, all day and May to August, noon.
Coelacanth: 15,000 Bells; ocean during rain or snow (rare) all year, morning , evening, night.
Craw Fish: 250 Bells; holding pond April to Sept, all day.
Crucian Carp: 120 Bells; river all year, all day.
Dab: 300 Bells; ocean October to April, all day.
Dace: 200 Bells; river all year, morning, evening, night.
Dorado: 15,000 Bells; river (rare) June to September, morning, noon, evening.
Eel: 2,000 Bells; river June to Sept, morning, evening, night.
Football Fish: 2,500 Bells; ocean (rare) November to March, morning, evening, night.
Freshwater Goby: 300 Bells; river (rare) all year, morning, evening, night.
Frog: 120 Bells; holding pond May to August, all day.
Gar: 6,000 Bells; pond (rare) June to September, morning, evening, night.
Giant Snakehead: 5,500 Bells; pond July to August, noon.
Gold Fish: 1,300 Bells; river (rare) all year, all day.
Guppy: 1,300 Bells; river (rare) April to November, noon.
Hammerhead Shark: 8,000 Bells; ocean (rare) June to September, all day.
Horse Mackeral: 150 Bells; ocean all year, all day.
Jelly Fish: 100 Bells; ocean August, all day.
Killifish: 300 Bells; holding pond (rare) April to August, all day.
King Salmon: 1,800 Bells; river (rare) September, all day.
Koi: 2,000 Bells; river (rare) all year, morning, evening, night.
Loach: 300 Bells; river March to May, all day.
Ocean Sunfish: 4,000 Bells; ocean (rare) April to September, morning noon, evening.
Octopus: 500 Bells; Ocean September to January and March to July, all day.
Olive Flounder: 800 Bells; Ocean (rare) all year, all day.
Pale Chub: 200 Bells; river all year, noon.
Piranha: 2,500 Bells; river (rare) June to September, noon, night.
Pond Smelt: 300 Bells; pond December to February, all day.
Popeyed Goldfish: 1,300 Bells; river (rare) all year, all day.
Puffer Fish: 240 Bells; ocean July to September, all day and August, all day.
Rainbow Trout: 800 Bells; river March to June and September to November, morning, evening.
Red Snapper: 3,000 Bells; ocean all year, all day.
Salmon: 700 Bells; river September, all day.
Sea Bass: 160 Bells; ocean all year, all day.
Sea Butterfly: 1,000 Bells; ocean December to February, all day.
Seahorse: 1,100 Bells; ocean April to November, all day and May to September, noon.
Shark: 15,000 Bells; ocean (rare) June to September, morning, evening, night.
Squid: 400 Bells; Ocean December to Aug, all day.
Stringfish: 15,000 Bells; river (rare) December to February, morning, evening, night.
Sweetfish: 900 Bells; river July to September, all day.
Tuna: 7,000 Bells; ocean (rare) November to March, all day.
Yellow Perch: 240 Bells; river October to March or November to February, all day.
Zebra Turkey Fish: 400 Bells; ocean April to November, all day and May to September, noon.
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Fishing tourney EASY WINS!!! :) 100%
Easy. about 5-7 days BEFORE the tourney spend all day fishing (Including night time)
And hopfully you will catch a rare fish. When you do, sell the rest and wait til' the tourney
and enter the fish. BOOM! EAQSY WINS! :)
By: evilgirly10181(159)
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Turantula's (sorry if it's spelt wrong) 100%
If you get bitten by a turantula or scorpion you will get sent back to your house and I think they come out in july and august ound about nine o clock HOPE THIS HELPED :)
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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Golden slingshot 100%
Shoot 15 balloons with regular slingshot then shoot golden balloon with golden treasure chest
By: redhott01(25)
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Money $$$ Money 98%
Keep hitting rocks with an ax or shovel until finding a special one that gives a bag of Bells. Keep hitting it until the bags stop appearing. *** This only happens once per day.
A good way to get started in the game is to purchase a fishing rod or bug net. Set out to catch fish. If it is rare or at least worth 1,000 bells, keep it. If not, throw it back. You can also collect seashells of the same value. If catching bugs, catch them by listening to their sounds or watch for their colors. You can also look for treasure or many other things to collect money.

At 12:30 on any day, walk along the beach shore and look for fruit.
Any fruit you find along the shore is worth 500 Bells.

Dig up fossils in your town. Have Blathers check them, then sell them to Nook. Most are worth up to 2,000 Bells.
Get the Golden Shovel and use it to bury money. It may grow into a tree that will grow Bells, depending on how much money was buried.
Go to the bank and access your account. Save all the money you have into the account. Save the game and turn off the DS. Change the date to 10 years later and your money will go up, depending on how much is in there. It usually goes up 99,999 Bells.

Take your Golden Shovel and dig in random spots. Eventually you will dig up 100 Bells.

Find a star on the ground. Dig it up with your shovel and sell it to Tom Nook. If it is a fossil, chat to the museum owl. Make sure you do not donate it, even when he asks if he can keep it. Sell it to Tom Nook for a few thousand Bells.

Change the system date to January 1st to get mail from your Mom with 10,000 Bells.
Insert any amount of money into your savings account, as long as it is about 50,000 Bells. Save the game and turn off the Nintendo DS.
Go to the DS settings and change the date to the year 2099. When you resume the game, you will have a letter stating that you have received 99,999 bells. This has automatically been added into your account. *** You will receive many weeds. *** It is better if you change the DS date to the year 2000, play the game, save, then
change it to the year 2099. You will get best advantages by doing this. If this did not work, it may be because of several reasons.
For example, you may not have earned interest in your savings.

To get more money for fruit, go to your friend's town. Instead of
only 100 Bells you will get 500 Bells.

When Joan the turnip peddler comes to your town (every Sunday morning), ask her if she has Red Turnips. If she sells them to you, plant them immediately. Water them every day for a week, and dig them up on Saturday. They will sell at Nook's shop for 16,000 Bells.

Buy a Fishing Rod and fish at the ocean around night time when it snows or rains. When you see a giant fish shadow, it will be a living fossil fish, worth 15,000 Bells.

Every day, go to the beach and look for shells. Do not bother picking up the Sand Dollars, Dall Tops, Venus Combs, or anything else worth less then 500 Bells. Just pick up the shells called "White Scallop" and "Pearl Oyster". They are the rarest kind. Also when you check, you might find a Coconut at the beach shore, or a Otter (sailor), and he might give you some random furniture.

Go to an online friend's town. Pick their fruit and plant it in your town. You can make more money from the fruit when it grows.

Go to a friend's town and pick their fruit and grow it in your town. Dig out a weed and plant it there, or chop down a tree and it will grow 50 to 100%. If you plant it when it is crowded, it will only grow to be a short (tiny) tree. You can sell the fruit to Tom Nook for 500 Bells each.

Whenever you get a fruit you do not have in your town, plant it.
After you have planted it, water it. This even works on coconuts that you find on the beach, but they need to be watered more.

Plant a fruit from another town in your town (not your native fruit). Keep planting them until you have an orchard (fifty or more trees). You should have your pockets empty when you go to collect
them (to maximize efficiency). After your pockets are full, sell
then to Tom Nook for 500 Bells each. You can get 7,500 Bells for
each pocketful of fruit.

Shake trees until a hive of bees appear. Now, take out your net and
catch them. Each bee is worth 4,500 Bells.

Take out your shovel and hit rocks with it until it spits out Bells.
Keep hitting it. It can go up to 20,000 Bells. If you want to get
all the bells, dig 3 holes away from the rock, and hit it. This
will push you back but you will still hit the rock because the holes
are there.

Eventually you will find a coconut. Your mom may also mail you and
include fruit with the letter. Bury them. After five to 7 days,
they will become trees. Shake them, and you will get more of that
fruit. Sell them to Tom Nook, for 500 Bells.

To get coconut trees, find a coconut on the beach then plant it
within 10 shovel spaces from the ocean. Keep planting the fruit you
get from the trees. Soon will have a friendly tropical beach. You
can also sell the coconuts for 500 Bells.
Get a fruit that is not native to your town. Plant it and go ahead
in time Bury those fruits you find and go ahead in time again.
Repeat this, then eventually sell all the fruit.
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K.K. Slider: Songs 98%
On Saturday nights between 8:00 p.m. and 12:00 midnight, go to The
Roost cafe in the basement of your museum. Chat to K.K. Slider. You
can have him pick a song for you or you can request a song. He also
gives the song to you if desired. These are all of his songs:
Gamedeity426, Vincent Wallace., Collin Shumate, Sergio Najera, and

Agent K.K
Aloha K.K.
Cafe K.K.
Comrade K.K.
Forest Life
Go K.K. Rider
I Love You
Imperial K.K.
K.K. Aria
K.K. Ballad
K.K. Blues
K.K. Bossa
K.K. Calypso
K.K. Casbah
K.K. Chorale
K.K. Condor
K.K. Country
K.K. Cruisin'
K.K. D & B
K.K. Dirge
K.K. Dixie
K.K. Etude
K.K. Faire
K.K. Folk
K.K. Fusion
K.K. Gumbo
K.K. Jazz
K.K. Lament
K.K. Love Song
K.K. Lullaby
K.K. Mambo
K.K. Marathon
K.K. March
K.K. Metal
K.K. Ragtime
K.K. Rally
K.K. Reggae
K.K. Rock
K.K. Rockabilly
K.K. Safari
K.K. Salsa
K.K. Samba
K.K. Ska
K.K. Song
K.K. Soul
K.K. Steppe
K.K. Swing
K.K. Tango
K.K. Technopop
K.K. Waltz
K.K. Western
King K.K.
Lucky K.K.
Marine Song 2001
Mountain Song
Mr. K.K.
My Place
Only Me
Rockin' K.K.
Senor K.K.
Soulful K.K.
Steep Hill
Surfin' K.K.
The K. Funk
To the Edge
Two Days Ago

*** The "Forest Life" song is the theme from the original Animal
Crossing on the Gamecube. The "K.K. Song" is actually music from
Mario Paint.
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Fleas: 98%
If you ever see black dots jumping off and onto one of your animal friends, hit the animal with a net and you will have caught a flea.
The animal will not become angry with you, it will just simply turn and look at you.
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Golden Shovel: 98%
Bury regular shovel in the ground. When dug up after 24 hours, it
will be a Golden Shovel.
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The Money Tree 97%
Bury some money with the Golden Shovel to grow a Money Tree.
The higher amount of Bells you bury at one time, the higher the chances the tree will grow.
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Snowman furniture: 97%
During winter, find the 2 snowballs in your town. Roll them to a medium size, then stack the snowballs by walking one into the other one at the bottom left of your town. If you manage to make the snowman in the most extreme lower right square, and make him
perfectly, you will be awarded 2 Snowman furniture instead of just one.
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Presents: 97%
In the beginning of fall, your mom will send you a present. It can
be an acorn, a cherry, and other things to help you in your game.
To get free presents every 10 minutes, make sure the time ends with
a "4" (for example, 3:54). Go to the very top of your town. On the
top screen, you may have to walk along the top of your town to find
it. Get your slingshot and shoot the balloon the present is hanging
on. If timed correctly, the balloon will pop and the present will
fall down.
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Saving rewards 97%
Save the listed amount of bells at the Post Office to get the listed reward.
Box of Tissues1,000,000 bells.
Pelly's Picture100,000,000 bells.
Phyllis' Picture500,000,000 bells.
Piggy Bank10,000,000 bells.
Town Hall Model999,999,999 bells.
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The Money Rock 97%
Hit every rock you find around town with either a shovel or an axe until one of them drops bells. Every day, the rocks will recharge.
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Lyle: Selling Accident Insurance 97%
Lyle will be outside your door every Saturday, offering insurance until you buy it. After that, if you ever trip, fall in a hole, or get stung by a bee, the next day he will have sent you 100 Bells for each accident.
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Free items 97%
Look in the sky during a perfectly clear night. Tap a shooting star when it appears to get a special gift the next day.
When the animals say "I love you, I love you not", always choose "No", "I love you" and "i love you" for a free item.
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Donation rewards 96%
Donate the listed amount of Bells to Boondox to get the
listed reward.
10,000 BellsGreen Feather
200,000 BellsBlue Feather
500,000 BellsYellow Feather
800,000 BellsRed Feather
1,100,000 BellsPurple Feather
1,400,000 BellsWhite Feather
6,400,000 BellsRainbow Feather
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Restock items 96%
Buy an item from Tom Nook or the Able sisters. Change the system
date forward or back in time then return to the same day you
purchased the item. It will be restocked as if you never bought it.
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Keep turnips longer: 96%
To keep turnips longer then a week, put them on top of a table
inside your house. They will stay fresh until you find a good price
to sell them.

*** You must surround the part of the table with items before you drop the turnips so that the turnips do not go on the floor. It is best to put 100 turnips on each spot so that you can get more on the table.
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Crazy Redd: Entering his tent 96%
To enter Crazy Redd's tent you must give a cheat-password the 1st time and become a member. You can usually find the cheat-password by talking to some of the villagers.
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Crazy Redd: Detecting forged items 95%
Pay attention to Redd's body language. If a yellow star shaped
object appears on his eye, then most likely the item is forged.
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Golden Roses: 95%
Plant red roses next to one another until black roses appear. Use
the Golden Watering Can to water dying black roses. They will appear
as golden the next day.
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Furniture themes 95%
*** Most items are available in Tom Nook's store or Redd's tent.

Western theme
Western Fence, Storefront, Cow Skull, Tumbleweed, Saddle Fence,
Wagon Wheel, Watering Trough, Well, Desert Cactus, Covered Wagon.
Wallpaper: Western Vista
Flooring: Western Desert
Boxing theme
Ringside Table, Boxing Barricade, Judge's Bell, Weight Bench, Red
Corner, Blue Corner, 2 Neutral Corners, Boxing Mat, Speed Bag,
Wallpaper: Ringside Seating
Flooring: Boxing Ring Mat.
Construction theme
Iron Frame, Wet Roadway Sign, Orange Cone, Traffic Cone, Striped
Cone, Jackhammer, Saw Horse, Detour Arrow, Handcart, Manhole
Cover, Cement Mixer, Steam Roller
Wallpaper: Blue Tarp
Flooring: Closed Road
Space theme
Flying Saucer, Lunar Rover, Asteroid, Satellite, Space Station,
Moon, Rocket, Lunar Lander, Spaceman Sam, Space Shuttle
Wallpaper: Lunar Horizon
Flooring: Lunar Surface
Mad Scientist theme
Medicine Chest, Lab Chair, Amazing Machine, Complex Machine, Lab
Bench, Florence Flask, Unknown Machine
Wallpaper: Lab Wall
Flooring: Lab Floor
Pirate theme
Helm, Ship Compass, Barrel, Anchor, Keg, Ship Cannon
Wallpaper: Sea View
Flooring: Ship Deck
*** Available only through Pascal.
Mossy Garden theme
Bird Feeder, Bug Zapper, Picnic Table, Birdhouse, Hammock, Tiki
Torch, Backyard Pool, Barbecue, Lawn Chair, Mr. and Mrs. Flamingo,
Sprinkler, Garden Gnome, Lawn Mower, Bird Bath
Wallpaper: Backyard Fence
Flooring: Backyard Lawn
Nursery theme
Rocking Horse, Cradle, Wobbelina, Elephant Slide, Baby Bed, Dolly,
Train Set, Clackercart, Merry-Go-Round, Stroller
Wallpaper: Playroom Wall
Flooring Playroom Rug
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House upgrades 95%
The following upgrades for your house will be available after you
pay back a certain level of debt.
First house expansion19,800 Bells
Second house expansion120,000 Bells
Upstairs room298,000 Bells
Left room598,000 Bells
Right room728,000 Bells
Back room848,000 Bells
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Money Tree 95%
First get a golden shovel by buring a shovel in the ground and fast forwarding a day then bury 100 bells in the ground with your shovel.Water for 5 days then becomes a money tree!!!
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Golden Watering Can: 95%
Keep the environment perfect for sixteen consecutive days to get a
Golden Watering Can from Pelly or Phyllis.
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Harriet: More haircuts 95%
Get a haircut from Harriet on consecutive days until you have had
all 6 of them. The next day, get another haircut from her and he
will offer the haircut styles for the gender opposite that of your
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Jacob's Ladder flowers 95%
Get your town to "Perfect" status from Pelly or Phyllis. One Jacob's Ladders flower will appear at random somewhere in your town while it is in "Perfect" status.
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Crazy Redd: Passwords 95%
Use the listed responses to access Crazy Redd's tent.
Kevin Bravo, Greg Galligan, and Beaver75.
Ask and you shallBe charged
An open walletIs often empty
Bottom dollarTop dog
Crazy ReddIs 35
Even robbersHave safes
Fan in one handCash in other
Foot in the doorEye on prize
For my fansShop here again
Get an EducationOr win it big
Give 2 centsAsk for change
Head in the sandFind something
Hot and coldMoney makes it
I'm all aloneBut I have cash
Life expectancyRedd is 35
Look at peopleWallets full
Look backWhat did you miss
No moneyMeans no fun
Roses haveHigh prices
Rough childhoodLax adulthood
Spoiled rottenBean curd
Talk is cheapSo is Redd
Thankless taskGoes unpaid
The grass is greenerOn my side
The penIs cheaper
Tom NookOne ugly fellow
What smells?Bean curd.
What's insideIs fabulous
When the cat's goneMice shop
Why buy the cowBuy milk here!
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Stop animals from moving 95%
Chat to animals when they are in their house, and their things are
in boxes. Keep chatting until they say something like, "I'll have to
think this over:" or "Maybe I should stay:" This works well with
Mabel (the bear) or Ribbot (the robotic frog).

When a neighbor is moving (there are boxes in his house), start
talking and choose "Don't go" or "That can not be" until he starts
saying "Maybe I'll reconsider" or something similar.
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Golden Fishing Rod: 95%
Catch one of each type of fish.
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Hairstyles 95%
Have a friend visit your town and buy something from Nook's store.
You will get notification that he is upgrading and you will get Nookington's. In Nookington's, there will be a hairdresser. It will cost 3,000 bells to get a haircut. The hairdresser will ask you 3 questions to get your true hair style. The following is a list of all the hairstyles, colors, and how to get each style. She will
ask you 3 questions with 2 different answers for you to chose.
By choosing either A (the top answer) or B (the bottom answer) you will get a different haircut. Note. If you chat to her enough you will be able to get both male and female hairstyles.

AAABuzz cut
BBBSpiked up
AABStarting Hair
BABLong and Wavy
ABASingle Spike
BAABig Spike
ABBBowl Cut

BBA2 Pigtails
AAAStarting Hair
BBB3 Pigtails
ABBShort + Bangs
BABSingle Pigtail

There are 2 sections of hair colors. The hairdresser will ask you what you color you are feeling. There will be 2 responses, "Warm" and "Cold".

SafeLight Brown

MysteriousDark Brown
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Event List 95%
Fishing TourneyEvery 3rd Sunday in January, March, May,
November and December from 1200 Noon to 6 p.m.
Bug-OffEvery 3rd Sunday in June-September from 1200 Noon to 6 p.m.
Fireworks ShowEvery Saturday in August from 7 p.m. to 12 p.m.
Flower FestSecond week if April.
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Paper 95%
Complete the listed tasks to unlock the listed paper, which cannot be bought or found.
Academy: Sign up with the HRA. When they send your scores, it will be on the Academy Paper.
Bottle: Buy a bottle and paper from Tom Nook. Write a letter in the bottle and throw it into the ocean. The reply that you get will be on Bottle Paper.
Formal: Win an special event (for example, a tournament). The note accompanying your prize will be on Formal Paper.
Fox: After becoming a Crazy Redd tent member, his weekly cheat-password will arrive on Fox Paper.
Insurance: Buy accident insurance from Lyle. After you need to use the insurance, your settlement in will arrive with a note written on Insurance Paper.
Nook: Order an item from Tom Nook's catalogue. When your order will be accompanied with a letter on Nook Paper.
Snowman: Make a snowman, and the gift that it sends you will be accompanied with a note written on Snowman Paper.
Town Hall: Deposit money in your Post Office bank account. The monthly statements are written on Town Hall Paper.
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Party Poppers 95%
Speak to Tortimer on New Year's Eve.
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Trophies 95%
Bug trophy: Catch the biggest bug in the Bug-Off.
Fish trophy: Catch the biggest fish in the Fishing Tourney.
Flower trophy: Create the best garden in the Flower Fest.
In order to easily get the Flower Trophy and defeat all the
competition in your town, plant lots of Purple and Black colored
flowers. These flowers are rare, and Tom Nook does not sell them. To
get them, go around your town and look for them growing. They will
grow randomly once a week. When you find one, pick it and put it in
your dresser. When it is time for the Flower Fest, take the
collection from your dresser and make your entire garden out of
them. You will win the contest and receive the Flower Trophy.
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Tom Nook: Shop point rewards 95%
Buy as much as you can in Nook's shop. Not only will his selection get bigger, but you will get points for every purchase. Get enough purchases to become a member. Keep spending at Nook's shop to accumulate PIM points, and rewards at the following levels.

300 PIM pointsNook's Cranny model and store membership
3,000 PIM pointsNook' n Go model and 5% discount
10,000 PIM pointsNookway model and 10% discount
20,000 PIM pointsNookington's model and 20% Discount
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K.K. Slider: Multiple songs on Saturday: 95%
Every Saturday night, K.K. Slider comes to the cafe in the museum,
from 7:00 p.m. to Midnight. You can request a song, once each
Saturday night. However, if you have more than one character/player,
you can request a song for each of them. After getting the song you
want, save, and switch to the next person. You can do this once per
character per Saturday night.
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Flowers 95%
Chat to Tortimer during the Flower Fest for free flowers.
To get free flowers and win the Flower Fest, go to your neighbor's house and take their flowers. You will be able to just pick the flowers up. To get more, go to your neighbors' houses every day. You can do this every day and win the Flower Fest.
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Keep animals in their homes 95%
Go to the gate then ask Copper to open them for DS to DS visitors.
After the gates are open, all animals in your town can be found in
their homes, making deliveries and looking inside their houses
easier .
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Sparklers 95%
Chat to Tortimer during the Fireworks Show.
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Tortimer reference 95%
Go to the Post Office and chat to Pelly at the Civics part. If you look at the background, you can see a bit of Tortimer's face behind a counter.
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4-Leaf Clover 95%
A 4-Leaf Clover may randomly appear with weed patches that are dug up. They can be used as a bookmark in your house or as a hair accessory.
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Roman Candles 95%
Chat to Tortimer during the Fireworks Show.
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Mush furniture 95%
Get acorns at the Acorn Festival. Give Cornimer the listed number of acorns to get the listed Mush furniture piece.
Mush Bed170 Acorns
Mush Chair40 Acorns
Mush Closet80 Acorns
Mush Dresser60 Acorns
Mush End Table10 Acorns
Mush Lamp25 Acorns
Mush Stand100 Acorns
Mush Stool5 Acorns
Mush Table120 Acorns
Mush TV140 Acorns
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Sable: Become friends: 95%
Go in the Able Sisters store. Find Sable near the sewing machine and
chat to her every day until she starts being friendly.
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Change the Inventory Background 95%
Grab any shirt and drop it in the invisible space in the lower left corner of the menu.
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All animal crossing ds characters 94%
Agent S
Big Top
Kid Cat

If you want the rest, please rate my cheat good. thanks
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Resetti Rumor 94%
Description: When you hear people say "If you do not save it 2 times, then you will see Ressetti. If you keep hitting every rock in town, then you will get a hole. enter the hole and you will see Ressetti." do not beleive them. I tried it a billion times. I did it and well, all I got was a whap in the face by Ressetti's yell. If you want to try, go right ahead. But I'm just telling you, do not waste your time, because it DOESN'T work. I hope this helps!
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Golden Axe 94%
Give a Scallop Seashell to Pascal. This requires some trading. Start by purchasing a Red Turnip from Joan. Trade it to Wendel for a Turban or Country Guitar when he appears in town. If Wendel gave you a Turban, trade it to Sahara for a Massage Chair or Red Vase when she comes to town. If Sahara gave you a Massage Chair, trade it to Tortimer on the next holiday to get the Scallop Seashell.
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Golden Slingshot: 94%
Shoot fifteen items out of the sky. A Golden Slingshot will appear
in the sky. Shoot it down to collect it.
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Making sum1 mad 93%
To make sum1 in your town mad at you, walk into them for a long period of time and push them around. If done correctly, they will become mad and steam will shoot out of the top of their head. They will not remain mad for too long.

To make a neighbor mad, hit the, with a net. This will take some time, but if done correctly steam will shoot out of their head.
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WiFi downloads 93%
The dates Nintendo releases it is "downloads" are as follows:
1/12/06: Coin
2/14/06: Flagpole
3/16/06: Brick Block
4/18/06: Fire Flower
5/20/06: ? Block
6/22/06: Super Mushroom
7/24/06: Starman
8/26/06: 1UP Mushroom
9/30/06: Cannon
10/01/06: Firebar
11/03/06: Koopa Shell
12/05/06: Mushroom Mural and Block Floor (1 Year Anniversary)
1/07/07: Greenpipe
2/09/07: Pikmin
3/11/07: Blue Falcon
*** You must have an account with and have your
Nintendo WiFi ID linked with it. For instructions on how to do this,
go to
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Blathers: Become friends 93%
Chat to Blathers when he looks sad to find out that he does not like bugs. Keep talking to him on consecutive days until he is done talking about his phobia.
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Feung Shei 93%
To gain Feung Shei, or luck, place certain colored items in certain
spaces of your house. [Screenshot ]
East: Yellow
South: Green
West: Red
Blue Bed
Blue Table
Classic Sofa
Snowman TV
Flying Saucer
Lunar Lander
Striped Cone
Steam Roller
Cement Mixer
Judge's Bell
Picnic Table
Elephant Slide
Oil Drum
Mama Bear
Samurai Suit
Cash Register
Jasmine Bonsai
Lucky Gold Cat
Lefty Lucky Cat
Lucky Cat
Tea Vase
Flowery Painting
Rare Painting
Common Painting
Gold Stereo
Hi-Fi Stereo
Gold Econo-Chair
Mountain Bike
Bug Trophy
Fish Trophy
Flower Trophy
Mummy's Casket
Alarm Clock
Odd Clock
Basic Yellow Bed
Pineapple Bed
Clothes Closet
Diver Dan
Mush Bed
Mush Stand
Mush Table
Mush TV
Iron Frame
Orange Cone
Traffic Cone
Detour Arrow
Saw Horse
Red Corner
Tiki Torch
Lawn Mower
Garden Gnome
Red Drum
Haz-Mat Barrel
Giant Dharma
White Golf Bag
Clear Model
Red Armchair
Red Sofa
Apple TV
Maple Bonsai
Quince Bonsai
Red Vase
Metal Guitar
Nice Painting
Trash Bin
Red Boom Box
Red Clock
Basic Red Bed
Life Ring
Fire Hydrant
Candy Machine
Gas Pump
Miniature Car
Executive Toy
Vacuum Cleaner
Green Bed
Green Bench
Green Chair
Green Counter
Green Desk
Green Dresser
Green Lamp
Green Pantry
Green Table
Green Wardrobe
Ranch Armchair
Ranch Couch
Ranch Tea Table
Desert Cactus
Tall Cactus
Round Cactus
Bird Bath
Train Set
Ship Cannon
Green Drum
Baby Panda
Deer Scare
Green Golf Bag
Green Lava Lamp
Hospital Bed
Pear Wardrobe
Pear Dresser
Grapefruit Table
Lime Chair
Azalea Bonsai
Hawthorn Bonsai
Holly Bonsai
Mugho Bonsai
Ponderosa Bonsai
Pine Bonsai
Iris Chair
Iris Table
Froggy Chair
Lily-Pad Table
Mugho Bonsai
Rock Guitar
Coconut Palm
Corn Plant
Weeping Fig
Lady Palm
Fan Palm
Rubber Tree
Snake Plant
Retro Fridge
Jade Econo-Chair
Billiard Table
Mahjong Table
Tennis Table
Festive Tree
Big Festive Tree
Sleeping Bag
Basic Green Bed
Book's Cranny
Museum Model
Table Lamp
Clothesline Pole
Red or yellow
Apple Clock
Music Box
Red or green
Watermelon Chair
Watermelon Table
Tulip Chair
Tulip Table
One-Story Model
Two-Story Model
Mansion Model
Yellow or green
Melon Chair
Lemon Table
Daffodil Chair
Daffodil Table
Glow Clock
Treasure Chest
Tea Set
The following items are lucky no matter where you place them in your
G Logo
Luigi Trophy
Mario Trophy
Angler Trophy
Fishing Trophy
Spring Metal
Autumn Metal
Samurai Suit
Tanabata Palm
Treasure Chest
Tissue Box
House Model
Manor Model
Post Model
Piggy bank
Festive Tree
Big Festive Tree
Birthday Cake
Bug Trophy
Flower Trophy
Garden Gnome
Ivory Piano
Lefty Lucky Cat
Lovely Phone
Lucky Black Cat
Lucky Cat
Lucky Gold Cat
Music Box
Piggy Bank
Racoon Figurine
Samurai Suit
Treasure Chest
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Golden Bug Net 93%
Catch one of each type of bug.
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Glitch: Move through stairs 93%
Push one of your visitors to the stairs. If done correctly you
should have run through it.
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Tom Nook: Restock shop 93%
Save your game and then go to your phone. Select "Reset Clock" and change the date. Nook will have all new furniture in his shop.
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Free furniture 93%
Sometimes when you go to the Town Hall, the recycling box may have furniture that you need. The lost and found at the Main Gate also may have free items. Chat to Booker, the dog on the left, to get to the lost and found.
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Tom Nook: Bulletin board message 93%
When you have to write the bulletin board message for Tom Nook, you
can type just one letter and he will accept it to be there.
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Selling items 93%
When you try to sell items to Tom Nook or Mabel they will only give you 25% of the original price that they sold it to you for.
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Glitch: Run through friend 93%
When connected with any of your friends, go into any building and run at full speed at each other. If done correctly, you should run through them.
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Birthday Cake: 93%
Someone in your town will give you a Birthday Cake when the game is played on your birthday.
Use the following trick to get unlimited Birthday Cakes. To get a lot of lucky items, set the system date to your birthday. Then change the date forward then back. If done repeatedly, you can get unlimited Birthday Cakes. After getting the desired amount, save the game and set the date back to the actual date.
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Highscore for HRA 93%
Items that makes you have a Highscore for HRA:
- Animals pic
- Model of buildings
- Examinated fossils (If you get 1 set of dinosaur fossil, put it in order!)
- Thropies
- Items that put in right place
- Items sets
- Snowman furnish
- Mushroom furnish
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Prises of shells 92%
Venus comb - 150B
Porceletta - 30B
Sand dollar - 60B
Coral - 250B
Dalls top - 90B
White Scallop - 450B
Pearl oyster - 1,400B
By: discodiva(272)
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Visitors in the town 92%
WENDELL- Gives you designs if you give him fruit or turnips.
PASCAL- A sea otter that gives you rare things. Randomly comes: seen rarely.
JOAN- Gives you turnips and seeds if you buy them.
REDD- Owns a tent that sells things. Sometimes he sells fake paintings.
KATRINA- Ask her your fortunes. Don't actually, she doesn't clear bad luck! Not true!
KATIE'S MOM- Mother of Katie the Kitten. Get Katie to her mom!
KATIE- A kitten that has lost her parents.
GULLIVER- Owns a U.F.O. Flies in the skyat 32 min. past the hour. Shoot him down!
POSTMAN PETE- The one that delivers all the letters.
SAHARA- The delivery camel. If you help deliver stuff, you will get stuff.
GRACIE- The fashionista. Gives you makeovers and gifts. Rarely seen at random times.
LYLE- Coaxes you into buying insurance. Buy it! He will be on your doorstep at times.
DR SHRUNK- Gives you emotiocons. He rarely appears at random times.
WHISP- The ghost that asks you to return his lamp. Comes on Monday nights.
JINGLE- A reindeer-comes on Christmas Eve from 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM-gives you furniture
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Glitch: Red Tulips 92%
On a random day after connecting to Wi-Fi, you might receive a letter in the mail that is totally blank. The letter contains a present that is a glitched Red Tulips furniture item. Do not place it in your home. If you do, the tulips will disappear and the location where you placed them cannot be used ever again. When you get these tulips, it is best to delete the message, or plant them outside, then pick them up again. They will then become normal red tulips. If you place them in your house, it is recommended that you restart your town.
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Museum Model: 92%
Donate the most items to the museum by the time it is completed.
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Easy fruit 92%
Send a letter to a villager with a gift in it. They might send you fruit. Most of the time the fruit is not native to your town; plant it for even more money.
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Balloon present 92%
Balloon presents always arrives when the time ends in a "4" and the
wind is heard.
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Tom Nook: Shop progression 92%
The following are the expansions for Tom Nook's shop and how to obtain them:
Nook's Cranny: Available at start.
Nook 'n Go: Spend 25,000 Bells worth of merchandise.
Nookway: Spend 65,000 Bells worth of merchandise.
Nookingtons: Spend 240,000 Bells and have a visiting friend buy something from Nook.

*** This version of the store includes a hair salon.
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Home point rewards 92%
Get the listed number of HRA points to win the listed reward.
One story house model70,000 points
Two story house model100,000 points
Mansion model150,000 points
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Big Dot Shirt: 92%
Go to the pattern page, then choose a design and drag it to the bottom left hand corner. Look at your pockets and a Big Dot Shirt will be there.
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Gamecube reference 92%
Buy the Pink Box. On the top shelf of the box is an Indigo Gamecube
with a controller. There are a few Gamecube games on the bottom
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Songs 92%
Go to Town Hall, chat to Pelly in the right booth, and select "Town Tunes". To play the following songs, lower case letters indicate low notes, capital case letters are higher octave notes.

Bolero Of Fire from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
f d f d A f A f

Come As You Are by Nirvana
a a b c _ f c f c c b a G a a z

Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne
a a e a f a e a d c b c d c b g

Epona's Song from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
D B A _ D B A

Imperial March from Star Wars
e e e cge cge

In The End by Linkin Park
d A _ A _ f _ e _ e _ e _ e f d

Jingle Bells
e e e z e e e z e g c d e _

Jurassic Park Theme
C B C _ g _ f _ C B C _ g _ f _

Mary Had A Little Lamb
E D C D E E E [little screaming face] D D D [ srceaming face ] E G G Z

Minuet Of Forest from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
d D B _ A B A or d D B A B A

Mortal Kombat Theme
a a c a d a e d _ c c e c f c g f

Nocturne Of Shadow from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
C _ B B d B A f

Prelude Of Light from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
D A _ D A B D

Requiem Of Spirit from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
d _ f _ d _ A f d

Saria's Song from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
f A B _ f A B

Serenade Of Water from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
d _ f _ A _ A _ B or d f A A B

Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple
g _ a _ b _ _ g _ a _ c b _ _

Song Of Storms from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
d f D _ d f D

Song Of Time from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
A e f _ A e f

Speed Of Sound by Coldplay

Sun's Song from from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
A f D _ A f D

Super Mario Brothers Theme
e e _ e _ c e _ G _ _ z g z z z

The Exorcist Theme
d _ e _ c d _ f _ G _ e f _ d

The Legend Of Zelda Theme
A _ e _ _ A A B C D E _ _ z z z

The Simpsons Theme
F_ _ A _ G _ D C _ _ A_ F_ D

Thunderstruck by AC/DC

YMCA by The Village People
e _ _ d _ e d z z d _ _ c _ d c

Zelda Forest song
F A B _ F A B E D _ B C B G e _

Zelda's Lullaby from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
B D A _ B D A

Zeldas Lullaby
A _ _ C _ G _ F G A _ _ C _ G _
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Coconuts 92%
Look on your beach every day you might find a Coconut.
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Finding items in rocks 92%
If one of your neighbors is staring at a rock, there usually is
something in it (for example, a Pill Bug).
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Getting more flowers 91%
Place two different flowers together wait 1 or 2 days and you should have anew coulored flower.
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Determine if animals are home: 91%
Every day at 6 p.m., the animals that are in their homes will turn
their house lights on. This makes it easier to know if they are
inside or outside.
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Easier fishing and bug catching 91%
You must walk when fishing, and creep when catching bugs.
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Gulliver: Appearance times 91%
Gulliver always flies above your town at 32 minutes past the hour,
at any hour.
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[Glitch] Unmarked package 91%
If Action Replay codes for the game too much, Nintendo will send you an unmarked package. This is extremely annoying because afterwards Tom Nook will not trade with you until you deliver it. However, you cannot deliver it. You must start your town over or use Action Replay to sell your hacked Royal Crowns to the Able Sisters or on Wi-Fi.
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Set roof color 91%
The color of the room on your 1st house is the same as the
Nintendo DS menu color when you move into it. You can choose any
color desired by 1st changing the Nintendo DS menu color before
moving in.
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Golden Timer: 91%
Obtain the Golden Axe, Golden Bug Net, Golden Fishing Rod, Golden
Shovel, Golden Slingshot, and Golden Watering. Tortimer will give
you the Golden Timer.
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Changing time 91%
if you change the system time to certain extremes you will be punished by nature. When you turn on your game, there will be hundreds of weeds everywhere which will require a long time to clear. The only upside is that you may find a 4 leaf clover.
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Alternate inventory background 91%
Find a pattern that you like on a shirt. Drag the shirt over the invisible space on the lower left corner of the touchscreen and drop it there.
Alternatively, go to the patterns section of your inventory. Choose a desired pattern, then drag it to a similar invisible space in the lower-left corner of the touchscreen and drop it there.
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Mario references 91%
Get a Pinball Machine. Zoom in and place it so that it is facing away from you while you are facing down. Look carefully at the designs. You can see Mario on the bottom part and the Mushroom Kingdom on the top part.

In the clothes shop, sometimes they will sell a Luigi hat. It will be called "Lil Bro's Hat".

The Arcade Machine (Furniture) has a picture of the Mario brothers on it, fighting.
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Get rid of bee stings without medicine 91%
Go home, then go up to the attic and sleep. Turn off the Nintendo DS, then turn it back on. Mr. Ressetti will not appear, and the sting should be gone.
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Getting more firecrackers and roman candle from the Mayor 90%
At the fireworks show,the Mayor will be out,so then ask him for the firecrackers,he will give 2 firecrackers at 1 time,if you want to get more empty your 2 firecrackers from your pocket and ask him again,keep doing that until you get 10 firecrackers altogether because that is all the firecrackers that the Mayor have.
By: Puiwen(98)
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Become the purple pellicans friend 90%
Everyday at 9:30-to 10pm Pyhliss will be down at the Roost -the place under the museum-
Talk to her for about 3-4 times everyday. Eventually, she'll become good friends with you.
Have a good friendship with her. She's my friend and you will be amazed!
By: Master of Games(1058)
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How to: Gulliver (in the UFO) can be shot down out of the sky. After you give him his 5 parts, he
gives you a gift. But he has a certain limit on his gifts (14). On the 15th time fixing up
his UFO, he'll tell you that he's out of gifts (uh-oh). He says the next time he comes
here, he'll have an idea of something to give/do to you. So, wait until the next time he
comes over. Shoot him down (for the 16th time) and collect his parts. He will say he knows
how to reward you, and you will find out tomorrow. When you go outside your house,
Gulliver will greet you and ask you to follow him. He will bring you to his ship and you and
him will get in it. He will take off and after a minute of seeing stars, you will land on the
moon. You will not find much, you can see craters and the earth, but not much else. The only
interesting thing is this weird plant. It has 1 piece of fruit, shake it off. You will
find that the whole "tree" falls down. You can pick up the fruit and the "tree". The
"tree" can be used as furniture and the fruit picked, so you can harvest more "trees".

Warning: Don't sell the fruit. It's only 1,000 bells and you'd have to revisit the moon
(on your 32nd, 48th, 64th, etc. time of helping Gulliver you will get the same offer. It's
basically a repeat, of the pattern you have already followed, so ya) to get a new one. The
"trees" are cool in the house, and fit well with the space theme. They have an eerie green
glow, and they have purple "bark". Very alien like.
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Saharah: Picture: 90%
Get all carpet and wallpaper from Saharah. She will then give you a gift, which is a picture of her.
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Another Neighbour List 90%
Oops! I forget some! here is:
- Nibbles
- Rolf
- Octavian
- Sally
- Snake
- Tiffany
- Pippy
- Nan
- Mathilda
- Rhonda
- Tank
- Vesta
- Rodeo
- Patty
- Truffles
- Lucy
- Whitney
- Pecan
- Static
- Rosie
- Monique
- Olivia
- Marcel
- Walker
- Portia
- Pate
- Robin
- Yuka
- Savannah
- Victoria
- Roscoe
- Ribbot
- Puddles
- Margie
- Pierce
- Punchy
- Tabby
- Pinky
- Pango
I'll will find more!
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Mario Bros. reference 89%
In Pierce's (the buff blue eagle) room, open the refrigerator. The
text "What are Luigi's clothes doing in here?" will appear.
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Ballon presents 88%
Balloon pressies always arrive when the time ends in a "4" and the wind can be heard
By: benurbanowicz(8)
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Glitch: Ghost fish 88%
Sometimes when you are fishing in the river, fish might swim away
from your bait and into the cliff face itself.
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Become Friends: Sable 88%
To become friends with Sable, you have to talk to her everyday at Able Sisters and soon she will start to talk to you and tell story's.
By: Brendantaco2(8)
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Become REALLY REALLY REALLY friends with another resident in town. 87%
Here are some ways.

1.Talk to them while there holding a net or rod, then they'll ask for a competition to catch something first.WIN


3.When sick by them medicine.

4.send them letters.They LOVE letters.

Hope they helped.Oh yeah When your Good friends with someone theyll send you a pic of themselves.
By: i am cool(441)
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Be a billionair in one day 87%
There are a lot of cheats that tell you how to earn a lot of bells but this one is better! You know your mom sends you 10,000 bells every new year! You may know the cheat to skip ahead a year to keep getting 10,000 bells. But what about weeds! And all the people in your town! You do not want there to be weeds everywhere! And you do not want your tows people to move either do you? Well guess what, I found out a way to keep getting ten thousand without all that nonsense!

Step 1:Make it January 1'st of any year and receive the letter from your mom. Take the 10,000 out and toss the letter!
Step 2:Now make it it the day before Jan 1'st such as December 31'st in the year before the year you were in!
Step 3:Zoom ahead to Jan 1'st again! Recieve the letter from your mom again. Get the ten thousand bells again and toss the letter again.
Step 4:Keep repeating step 1 then 2 then 3. You will get ten thousand bells less than every 5 minutes! AMAZING! So now do you believe that I can tell you a way to become a billionair in a day! So be sure to check out new cheats by pokemonsters for this game and for others.


P.S. I know you all love this cheat so be sure you click on helpful for this cheat.
Also I have a good reason why you should say this cheat is helpful! If I have more than 300 saying this cheat is helpful i'll tell you all my real name next cheat! Also I WON'T write another cheat until I have 300 helpful votes for helpful cheats! I NEED THE ENCOURAGEMENT!
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Legend Of Zelda series references 87%
Go to a neighbor's house that has the Kiddie set of furniture. This is the set with the floor that looks like puzzle pieces. Find the long dresser that takes up 2 squares. Press A or tap yourself while facing it to open the drawer. A message box will pop up, reading "You found 10 rupees! Lucky! Too bad you can not use them in this town."

In the back of Katrina's tent is a trident.
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Definite Tree Growth!! 86%
If you want a tree to grow with absolute definity, here are a couple of options:
1. Chop down a tree and plant a fruit in the hole where the stump used to be.
2. Plant a fruit in a random place and plant a 4 leaf clover beside it.

The first way requires no watering. The second way does.
By: Gamergirl1233(34)
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By: 4evaluv321(103)
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Attacking Insects! 85%
During the nights of June, July, August, and September watch out for the scorpion and the tarantula. If you see them get your net out and slowly creep up on them, if you scare them or miss they will attack you and you will become unconscious and wake up in front of your house.
By: Twilight(189)
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Painting trick 85%
When you buy a painting from Redd, take it to Tom Nook, then look at the bottom of the furniture catalog. If the painting is there, it's real, if not, it's a fake. If it's fake, give it to somebody with a nice long letter to stop them moving. They will not know it's a fake and probably won't move (NOTE: They will PROBABLY not move, that is not a guarantee)
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Go to the town gate and ask Cooper to open the gates for DS to DS visitors. After the gates open, all of the animals in your town will be inside their own houses. Then you can use the map and just go to their house and give them their package, making deliveries easier.
I hope this helps!
Happy playing!
By: coolness1800(493)
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How to make sure you win the Flower Fest (Animal Crossing Wild World) 85%
When the Flower Fest beggins on April 1 go and
Steal everybody elses flowers and plant them
Mainly around your house. If you have to many
Flowers then instead of stealing the flowers use
a shovel to dig everybody elses flowers up.
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When balloons come and STUNNING secret 84%
When you shoot down a balloon, you want it to come down, right? That's right. But if you shoot it down next to a river, then it might fall in. It will fall in and your charecter will have a stunned look on his/her face. Unless you want this to happen, don't shoot balloons down by a river. Trust me. It happened to me when I was having a bad day. I can remember :o(. So don't!

Balloons come at every hour that ends in a 4. Example: 6:04, 8:34, 12:44, 9:54, exc. Remember when they come, and get your slingshots ready!
By: coolness1800(493)
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The best Do's and Don'ts 84%

Do send gifts to friends:
They send you back

Do help them out:
They give you a picture

Do Shoot stuff from the sky:
Amazing stuff could be up there

Do donate gifts to the musem:
Show it off

Do but lotsa stuff from Nook:

Do save up money in you savings:
Intrest + Time = $$$$$$

Do hit rocks with a shovel:
Shoots out money


Dont buy from Red:
Rip off

Don't shake trees:
Not worth it

Don't get insurance:
Also rip off

Don't play for more than 4 hours:

Don't get bitten by a mosqito while fishing:
= Epic fail
By: CheatMasterTaco(588)
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Cheating Bug-Off! 83%
If you've caught a bird-wing butterfly (very easy to find) during the summer period, don't sell it! Wait for the Bug-Off competition to come, and then show it to Mortimer (Town Mayor) and he'll measure and declare it to be the biggest bug to be caught so far!
By tomorrow, you'll be announced the winner of the Bug-Off competition and you'll recieve a trophy through mail....
You don't have to catch the bird-wing butterfly on the day of the competition, you can keep it in your house until the day and hand it over to Mortimer and he and the rest of the town will be none the wiser!
By: xoSweetGirlxo(611)
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Multiply flowers 83%
Plant the same type of flowers in a row,First plant 2 of the same type of flowers together,example,like tulips,then like next day,the flowers will multiply more and more
By: Puiwen(98)
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Dorado 83%
Every Summer at June-September, you're see a large shilouette at river. Cast your Rod (I mean your tool, fishing rod but NOT Rod the pirate lookout neighbour rat!) wait.. and... TA DA! Dorado! Do you love a golden Color? Name it Goldie or Goldy (I mean... GOLDIE NOT AT IN YOUR TOWN!) (When you become a pet) It is pretty rare and much at summer
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Fleas 83%
When a black dot jump on an animal head, talk to them, they says a itchy phrase like: "Eeyack", "Itchy", "Eechy". Swing out your net & a flea! they look at you so talk with it again & it say: " My apologies! I don't know if I have a flea! But, I have washed myself for a years!"
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How to change the background of your pockets!!!!:) 82%
This is a really simple hint for beginners:

1) go into your pockets and then into designs.

2)drag your chosen design into the invisible space at the bottom hand corner.

3) whoa!now your background is your design instead of boring polka-dots!

-Charlotte Hubble
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How to change your pockets backround 82%
1. Go to your designs.
2. Pick your favorite design that you have.
3. Pick up the design. and drag it to the lower left corner until you see a green box surrounding the design.
4. Let go of the design.
Now you have a different background for you pocket!
By: luvpuppy3(16)
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Tom Nook: Home 82%
Go to the back of Tom Nook's shop between 12:00 and 2:00 p.m. Use a shovel to hit the back wall 3 times then the hit the front entrance once. You will be able to enter and see Tom Nook in pajamas with a teddy bear.
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Attacking insects!!!! 82%
1. Mosquito
Attacks: Bite you when fishing: EPIC FAIL!
2. Cockroach
Attacks: Messes your home!
3. Ant
Attacks: Your turnip that have put on ground in front of your house can be eaten!
4. Scorpion
Attacks: Poison you!
5. Tarantula
Attacks: Poison you!
6. Bee
Attacks: Stung you & makes your face WEIRD N WORST!
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Unlockables 81%
Unlockable How to Unlock
Golden Fishing Rod Catch every type of fish once.
Golden Bug Net Catch every type of bug once.
Golden Slingshot Shoot 15 items out of the sky, then you get it if you shoot it down.
Golden Shovel Bury a regular shovel in the ground, and then dig it up a full day later. It will then be golden.
Golden Watering Can Keep the environment perfect for 16 days in a row. Pelly or Phyllis will reward you with the golden can.
Golden Axe Trade a scallop seashell to Pascal for the golden axe.

Nook Store UpgradesSpend or sell the said amount of money at nooks store and he will remodel and make the store larger.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Nook 'n' Go (lvl 2) Spend 25000 bells
Nookway (lvl 3) Spend 90000 bells
Nookingtons (final upgrade) Spend 240000 bells and have a friend shop at the store

Donating to BoondoxBoondox is apperantly a town that's so poor they eat YOU'RE suppossed to help them out. Give them enough and you'll reap the rewards...may not be worth all the bells, but it's for a good cause...right?

Unlockable How to Unlock
Green Feather Donate 10,000 Bells
Blue Feather Donate 200,000 Bells
Yellow Feather Donate 500,000 Bells
Red Feather Donate 800,000 Bells
Purple Feather Donate 1,100,000 Bells
White Feather Donate 1,400,000 Bells
Rainbow Feather Donate 6,400,000 Bells...(ouch)

Post Office Savings Acount Rewards.Unlockable How to Unlock
Box of Tissues Save 1,000,000 bells.
Piggy Bank Save 10,000,000 bells.
Pelly's Pic Save 100,000,000 bells.
Phyllis's Pic Save 500,000,000 bells.
Town Hall Model Save 999,999,999 bells.

How to get the scallopThe scallop is used to get the golden axe from Pascal. Pascal walks around by the beach at a random time, once a week. First, you need to buy a red turnip from Joan. Next, give it to Wendel the next time he comes to town. Wendel should give you the Turban or Country Guitar. If you get the Turban, take it to Sahara when she comes to town. Sahara should give you either the Massage Chair or Red Vase. If you get the Massage Chair, let Tortimer have it the next holiday and he should give you the scallop. Then just wait for Pascal to sho wup and give him the scallop.

But if you got the Country Guitar, give it to K.K. Slider to get K.K.'s Pic
And if you got the Red Vase, give it to Crazy Redd in exchange for the Safe. Give the safe to Tom Nook for the Tom Nook Pic.

TrophiesThere are certain trophies that can be obtained only after you've done well in certain community activities. The Fishing Tourney takes place on every third Sunday of January, March, May, November and December, from 12-6PM. The Bug-Off takes place every third Sunday of June-September, from 12-6PM. The Flower Fest takes place on the second week of April. Do well in these competitions to win these rare items.

Unlockable How to Unlock
The Fish Trophy Catch the biggest fish in The Fishing Tourney
The Bug Trophy Catch the biggest bug during The Bug-Off
The Flower Trophy Create the best garden during The Flower Fest

Fireworks Show ItemsThese items can only be obtained during the Fireworks Show. The Fireworks Show takes place every Saturday in Augest, from 7-12PM. Speak to Tortimer during that time to obtain these items.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Sparklers Speak to Tortimer during the Fireworks Show
Roman Candles Speak to Tortimer during the Fireworks Show

Party PoppersSpeak to Tortimer any time during New Year's Eve. He'll give you Party Poppers to help celebrate the occasion.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Party Poppers Speak to Tortimer during New Year's Eve

Receive Birthday Cake ItemLog into your town on your birthday and get a Birthday Cake item from one of your neighbors.

PTM RewardsWhen you buy things at Nook's shop, your PTM point total goes up. When you reach a specific point total, it will result in a new level of membership. Later Nook will send you a letter with a present congradulating you on reaching the new status.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Nook's Cranny Model Reach Membership Status (300 Points)
Nookington's Model / 20% Store Discount Earn 20,000 Store Points
Nookway Model / 10% Store Discount Earn 10,000 Store Points
Nook' n Go Model / 5% Store Discount Earn 5,000 Store Points

HRA Bonus ItemsOnce you have reached enough points, the HRA will send you a letter saying you have earned a pirze, which is a model of your house.

Unlockable How to Unlock
One-Story Model Earn 70,000 points
Two-Story Model Earn 100,000 points
Mansion Model Earn 150,000 points

Special paperSome paper in the game you can not buy from Nook or find lying around, you have to do certain things.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Bottle paper Purchase a bottle with paper from Tom Nook, write a letter and drop it into the ocean. You shall receive a note back and can now use the bottle paper
Nook paper Order something from your catalogue from Tom Nook. When your order arrives a letter written on Nook paper shall be attached
Town Hall paper Deposit some money into your bank account at the Post Office, and when you recieve monthly statements they shall be on Town Hall paper
Fox paper Become a member at Crazy Redd's tent, and you shall receive the password to enter his tent every week, written on fox paper
Insurance paper Sign up for accident insurance with Lyle. Get stung from bees or buy a forged painting to get a settlement in the post with a note on insurance paper
Snowman paper Roll up snowballs large enough to make snowmen. When completed the snowman will send you a gift and a note in the post written on snowman paper
Formal paper Win an event during the year such as the fishing tourney and your prize shall come with a note written on formal paper
Academy paper Sign up with the HRA, and your scores shall arrive on academy paper

Special clothing patternsTwo items of clothing you can not buy or get given directly from Gracie.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Work uniform Keep the work uniform that Tom Nook gives you until you have completed all chores, at the beginning of the game
Moldy shirt Sometimes Gracie will attach a moldy shirt to her evaluation of your fashion trend

Mush FurnitureCornimer will give you mush furniture for a specific amount of acorns. The only chance to get acorns is at the Acorn Festival.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Mush Stool 5 Acorns
Mush End Table 10 Acorns
Mush Lamp 25 Acorns
Mush Chair 40 Acorns
Mush Dresser 60 Acorns
Mush Closet 80 Acorns
Mush Stand 100 Acorns
Mush Table 120 Acorns
Mush TV 140 Acorns
Mush Bed 170 Acorns
Forest Floor 230 acorns
Forest Wall 200 acorns

HousesHere are some of the Upgrades for your house

Unlockable How to Unlock
First house expansion Pay off 19,800 Bells in the Town hall
Second house expansion Pay off 120,000 Bells in the Town hall
Left room Pay off 598,000 Bells in the Town hall
Upstairs room Pay off 298,000 Bells in the Town hall
Right room Pay off 728,000 Bells in the Town hall
Back room Pay off 848,000 Bells in the Town hall
By: baxter155(95)
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Pellys RAGE!!!!!!! 81%
Have U ever seen pete flying?...good because if U shoot pete down with UR slingshot every
time U see him, talk 2 him. pelly will get maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! talk 2 her at
the post office and have a verry weird conversation verrrrrrrrrrrry weird!
By: Master of Games(1058)
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Mr. Resetti: Home 81%
Restart the game at least 2 times to have Mr. Resstti appear.
Next, use a shovel to hit all the rocks until one cracks. Hit that
rock again then enter the hole that appears to find Mr. Resetti's
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The Lost Kitten 80%
If you end up getting Kaitlin(Katie's mom) or Katie(Kaitlin's daughter) in you're town you have to reunite them, by doing that, you must vist another town. Meaning, you go to one of your friend's town and your friend and you have to work together to bring them together. It's more easier for the friend or you who has Katie, the baby, to bring it to the mother. This is because the baby will follow you wherever you go. To reunite the mother and baby you must take the baby into your friend's town that has the mother in it. Once you reunite the mother and baby you will recieve a letter in the mail and a gift.

Apple Tv 400 Bells
K and K's picture ------
Lily-Pad Table 400 Bells
Lovely Phone 2,600 Bells
Music Box 1,050 Bells
Papa Bear 550 Bells
Papa Panda 120 Bells
Portrait 50 Bells
By: MaddiexPaigexo(31)
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Trophys 80%
Bug trophy: Catch the biggest bug in the Bug-Off.

Fish trophy: Catch the biggest fish in the Fishing Tourney.

Flower trophy: Create the best garden in the Flower Fest.

In order to easily get the Flower Trophy and defeat all the
competition in your town, plant lots of Purple and Black colored
flowers. These flowers are rare, and Tom Nook does not sell them. To
get them, go around your town and look for them growing. They will
grow randomly once a week. When you find one, pick it and put it in
your dresser. When it is time for the Flower Fest, take the
collection from your dresser and make your entire garden out of
them. You will win the contest and receive the Flower Trophy.
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Free Items! 80%
Check in the recycling bin(at the town hall and it's the green box)and in the lost and found every day and you will probably find at least 1 thing.

Note:Don't check the recycling bin on Monday and Thursday!The stuff will be gone.
By: CheatmasterML(899)
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Mario bros. Reference 80%
Buy an arcade machine and zoom in to it.You can see Mario and Luigi fighting.
By: CheatmasterML(899)
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3rd Neighbours list 80%

You can has their photos when you Best Friends with them
So 1st Neighbour list 2nd Neighbour list & 3rd Neighbour list
just for complete your photos list! Happy Hunting!-) lol
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Get a 1 dollar makeover!!! :] 79%
Gracie is a giraffe who comes to your town randomly if you talk to her she will rate your clothing and give you a fashionista badge to know if she like your fashion sense she will either say: your a redneck and to look it up in the dictionary,
or: she will say she has to pay her respects to the one and only true fashionista!

which ever one you get it doesnt matter you can still get that 1 dollar makeover.
once she gives you your fashionista badge, keep tapping on her till she starts to talk to you and she will tell you to give her money then she will give you a makeover

PS: just give her 1 dollar!
By: conaair(183)
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Important info about when an animal comes to your house 78%
I suggest to have the complete set of whatever theme you have.Also you should make sure it is in a reasonable layout:

So it doesn't block any doors.
If you can't get everything in the set then make sure you have at least the table and a bed.
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Get someone out of town! 78%
Tallk to someone you hate a lot or hit someone a lot with a net for 4 or more or less days.
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If they dont have anything 78%
If the villagers don't have anything in there hands there most likely to ask you for a favor
By: lizoriz(204)
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Skin Tone 78%
If you are always playing under the hot sun in the game,your skin tone will be darker,I experience it before,so wear a cap or a hat for your player.
By: Puiwen(98)
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Bugs 78%
The rare bugs that can be caught on the coconut tree is the atlas beetle and the goliaht beetle,it costs over 5000 bells.
By: Puiwen(98)
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How to win flower fest! 78%
Open the gates, Steal neighbours flowers and then put patterns around there houses

:) enjoy
By: Conn(124)
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Turnips that never spoil! 78%
To get turnips that never spoil, put them on a table. They won't spoil! You have to put them on a table, the floor won't work.
Hope this helps!
By: coolness1800(493)
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Easy tips for the flea market 78%
On just about every saterday in each month, there will be a flea market. (cheack the bulliton board about a week early to see if there will be one) Here are some useful tips.

1. if there is something that you want to get from someone's house, but they are never inside, just change the time to eather 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 o'clock am (whenever they wake up in the morning) and charge into there house. You can change the time by going to the title screen, go to comtinue, then tap the phone on the shelf above the beds. after, change the time back to normal or whatever you want.

2. bones and stuff from fossles can be sold for LOTS of money, at least 9,000 bells most of the time!

hope I helped : P
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On the acorn festivall you will find cornimer infront of the town hall. he lookes alot like
tortimer right? well go inside town hall and tortimer will not be at his desk! weird huh? plus cornimer will call you sprout by mistake. witch means cornimer is just the mayor in a big acorn.
By: evilgirly10181(159)
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How to make a fossil sticking 78%
If you found 1 set of a fossil
- Tripceratops head
- Tripceratops body
- Tripceratops tail
So put in order
you house can be a museum!
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Cool things to name your town. 76%
If you don't know what to name your town, here's some suggestions:
Sweet County
(your favorite animal) world
(your name here)land
Disney Land
Disney World
(Your favorite place)
(your friend's name)BFFtown

Here's something funny...
I didn't understand that I was supposed to be naming my town, so I accidentally named it shopping. LOL! Now I have a town named shopping. Heehee, don't make my mistake!
Hope this helps!
Happy Playing!
By: coolness1800(493)
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Get a portrait 75%
At anytime during the game a lost kitten named katie may wander into your town she will say that she has lost her mommy and will want you to take to another town, if you take her to her mom in the town she is telling you to take her, then the next day she will send you a letter with a gift in it and it will be a portrait. ( you can also get other items from her like a apple t.v.)
By: conaair(183)
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Get extreme bugs 75%
Right, for this cheat you need a net,a coconut and patience

you have to be this far in the game and you need to have to sides to your town.
you have 298,000 to pay off off of tom nook, you have nookway and it has to be summer time.

go to the left hand side of the beach (if you can a corner) dig a hole and bury the coconut (you can bury this anytime of the day)
Wait or time travel to the next three or four days.

then until its night time, best way is after midnight say one, two or three,

you go to the right hand side and catch any sort of bug.

then you go to the coconut tree and there are enormus bugs worth 15,000-60,000

just last night I caught an atlas beetle and a elephant beetle..

i got 56,000 bells for the two of them.

but, you have to tip-toe not to scare them off....! good luck!
By: punchy1(7)
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Oboid and other boids 75%
If you have more than 4 boids inn your room you cant have more than 4 on
at the same time
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If you talk to Ceser or camofrog (If there in your town) Talk to them at lest 52 times a 75%
Go to the left station of Town Hall, click any employee and click town tunes. Now you can
edit the tune that plays whenever you talk to someone or sometimes when you enter a
building. Drag the frog face up and down to get lower and higher notes. Here are some
examples of the many tunes you can create (lower case letters stand for the lower form of
the note, higher case stands for the higher form, and underscores stand for the middle):

"Come As You Are" by Nirvana

a a b c _ f c f c c b a G a a z

"Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple

g _ a _ b _ _ g _ a _ c b _ _

Theme from The Exorcist

d _ e _ c d _ f _ G _ e f _ d

"Imperial March" from Star Wars

e e e cge cge

"YMCA" by The Village People

e _ _ d _ e d z z d _ _ c _ d c

"In The End" by Linkin Park

d A _ A _ f _ e _ e _ e _ e f d

Jingle Bells

e e e z e e e z e g c d e _

Theme from Jurassic Park

C B C _ g _ f _ C B C _ g _ f _

Theme from The Legend Of Zelda

A _ e _ _ A A B C D E _ _ z z z

Theme from Mortal Kombat

a a c a d a e d _ c c e c f c g f

Them from The Simpsons

F_ _ A _ G _ D C _ _ A_ F_ D

Theme from Super Mario Bros.

e e _ e _ c e _ G _ _ z g z z z

Theme from the Forest in Zelda

F A B _ F A B E D _ B C B G e _

"Bolero of Fire" from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

f d f d A f A f

"Epona's Song" from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

D B A _ D B A

"Minuet of Forest" from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

d D B _ A B A or d D B A B A

"Nocturne of Shadow" from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

C _ B B d B A f

"Prelude of Light" from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

D A _ D A B D

"Requiem of Spirit" from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

d _ f _ d _ A f d

"Saria's Song" from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

f A B _ f A B

"Serenade of Water" from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

d _ f _ A _ A _ B or d f A A B

"Song of Storms" from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

d f D _ d f D

"Song of Time" from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

A e f _ A e f

"Sun's Song" from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

A f D _ A f D

"Zelda's Lullaby" from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

B D A _ B D A
By: Master of Games(1058)
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Animals Look Like 75%
Wendell is the Walrus (Look at "W" on Wendell)
Blathers is the Barn Owl that always checking fossils
Brewster is the Pigeon that is serve some Coffe
Katrina is the Fortune Telling Panther but doesn't too cleary do that
Redd is a Red Fox that sometimes sells a fake paintings
Resetti is a Mole that always pooping out when you not save!
Phyllis & Pelly is a Pelican. Pelly is daytime postal clerk & Phyllis is night shift postal clerk (Also founded in The Roost cafe at museum basement)
Gulliver is a Alien owns a UFO. Shoot it down!
Pascal is the Beaver, everyone that says Sea Otter is wrong. It founded in seas on beachs
Postman Pete is Pelican that send some letters
Lyle is the isurance salesman ferret. It send some letters to you because you have a damage! He founded in front of your house
K.K. Slider is white Jack Russell Terrier that sings song to you!
Blanca is faceless anggora cat. Paint new face for her!
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Hobbies 75%
Don't you hate it when people with fishing rods and bug nets challenge you and its super hard?

I have this cow named Tipper and she is a pain with her bug obsesion well when they ask you to catch a rare bug or a higher valued bug catch the pill bug it wins everytime.
Also be prepared and store them around so when it comes up you always have one.

The same with fishing but its a little harder because you cant see what type it is...

Fossils...PUT THEM IN A DRAWER! you will always have them for blathers to identify so when a friend wants one you dont have to go spilunking....

The purpose of helping them out is that they give you gifts and pictures of themselves..
By: CheatMasterTaco(588)
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Rid your VERY hate villagers OUT! 75%
1. Use net & swing at your hatest animal (When it doesn't have fleas...) Repeat until it angry
2. Bury some pitfalls, get it from Booker the Bulldog, bury on near they house. DON'T STEP ON IT!
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Second Player 75%
If you have a new roomate, your pockets and wadrobe is empty. You can get another song by K.K. Slider. Here is a little K.K. Slider's song:
- Forest Life*
- K.K. Calypso
- K.K. Salsa
- K.K. Bossa
- K.K. Waltz
- K.K. Ragtime
- K.K. Casbah
- Rockin' K.K.
- K.K. Mambo
- K.K. Song**
** K.K. Song is a Mario Bros theme.
* Forest Life is a Theme Song of Animal Crossing gamecube
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No need for medicine for bee stings 75%
All you have to do if you get stung by a bee is just simply save your game. When you go back on the bee sting will be no more!
By: yellowflare2000(6)
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Pockets changing 75%
To change the back ground you go to the patterns or normal pockets then:For normal pockets:Go to the normal pockets by pressing Y.Then drag a shirt design to the bottom left corner till you see a small green circle go around the shirt pattern then just drop it.

For pattern pockets:Press either Y or X then press the pencil icon where your patterns are.Then drag one and to the same for the normal pockets above.
By: CheatmasterML(899)
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Gulliver NO alien 75%
Gulliver is NOT alien. It is a Seagull using a astronaut helmet, have an extra large camera hanging on his belt. Shoot it so you can found the answer!
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Get a golden shovel fast 75%
To get a golden shovel fast buy 2 shovels then bury one.Then save the game and fast forward 1 day.Then switch back on the game.Using your other shovel,dig up the shovel and viola,a golden shovel!
By: CheatmasterML(899)
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Catch a spider quickly 75%
Wanna a spider? Follow these eazy steps!:
- Get an axe
- Chop an empty tree
- A spider! Pull out net quickly & TA DA! Spider!

- Buy an axe when your store level is start to nook n go
- If you chop empty trees, there maybe not spider but a money, bee or furniture
- Creep when catching a bug, OK?
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Every day more than 10000 bells 75%
To get 10000 bells or over every day you must find at least 2 fossils every day and sell them to Tom Nook!At least 2 fossils are buried each day.
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How to be friends with Sable 75%
To become friends with Sable,go to Able Sister everyday and talk to Sable every day until she starts saying nice things to you.
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