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Ape Escape: On The Loose Cheats for PSP
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Ape Escape: On The Loose PSP Cheats

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Ape Escape: On The Loose Cheats

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Ape Escape: On The Loose

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Ape Ping Pong: Bonus characters 100%
Complete tournament mode and defeat Specter and Yellow Pipotron to
unlock them in tournament or training mode
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Easier water movement 100%
On any level, instead of swimming through water that is going
against you, keep jumping against it to get to places easier.
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Specter Boxing: Attacks 100%
Press Circle to evade an attack.
Press X for an uppercut.
Press Square for a quick light jab.
Press Triangle for a slow heavy jab.
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Glitch: Wrong button instructions 100%
When you go to save the game, go to the view monkeys section (the
floppy disk with a monkey on it). To view a monkey, you are
instructed to press X, but instead you can also use Circle.
Highlight a monkey and press either X or Circle. Move to the last
monkey you have (you must have over 2 pages), then move back to
the 1st monkey. There will be an "L" at the bottom left hand
corner of the screen but you cannot move back with L. To exit this
glitch, press R once and when you press L it will be gone.
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Specter Boxing: Combos 100%
Press Right + X for a dash uppercut.
Press Right + Square for a clockwise spin jab.
Press Right + Triangle for a counter clockwise spin jab.
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Catching apes 98%
If an ape is in front of you, hit it with a stun club. Immediately
after it falls down, use the net to catch it.
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Bonus level 98%
Capture all apes in all other levels to play a bonus level. Defeat
Specter to capture him and view the ending.
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UFOs 98%
If monkeys see you and jump into their UFO, equip your slingshot and
shoot it down. When it falls, the monkey will be temporarily
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Glitch: No sound 98%
In the main game, collect 40 Specter Emblems then enter the Ape Ping
Pong mini-game. Select tournament or practice mode then perform a
power hit. Immediately afterwards, pause game play. You will hear
the sounds from the rest of the power hit. After you resume the
game, you will see the power hit cut seen, but there will be no
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SnowKidz Snowboarding mini-game 98%
To unlock the SnowKidz snowboarding mini-game, collect 10 Specter
Emblems. You can find these on every stage. To accelerate, press the
Analog-stick Up or hold D-pad Up. Players are Professor, Spike,
1-Ton, and Natalie. You will see a gauge at the bottom of the
screen. When you collect glowing bananas, your gauge will fill and
will give you a boost of speed. To increase your gauge, hold X and
release. This will make you jump. While jumping, hold or press
Circle or Triangle. You will perform a trick and increase your
gauge. *** To get higher up, jump while on a hill of snow.
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Specter Boxing: Extra characters and survival mode 98%
When you complete Specter Boxing, extra characters will become
available. The extra characters include the Boss monkey, Specter.
You will also unlock survival mode, and you will only be able to
play as the Blue Pipotron in this mode.
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Jake Attacks mini-game 96%
Collect 30 Specter Emblems.
Specter Boxing mini-game:
To unlock Specter Boxing, collect 20 Specter Emblems. Characters are
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Safe Falls 96%
Just as in the Playstation version, when you are falling from
a high height that will cost you a life, quickly press Start,
then Square, and choose "Yes".
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Ape Ping Pong mini-game 96%
Collect 40 Specter Emblems.
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Hint specter boxing help 78%
Once you get to specter just hit him and try to stay away.after that if he hits you just jab him a few times and me it works!
By: cheatperson(269)
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Hint for specter 50%
The monkey head is easy just run back and forth get closer then hit it with stun club.the full robot is harder but still hit the hands when glowing then they blow up and you can hit the head.
By: cheatperson(269)
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