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Peter Jackson's King Kong Cheats for PS2
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Peter Jackson's King Kong PS2 Cheats

Rating: 4/5 VOTE
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Peter Jackson's King Kong

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Unlockable List 98%
These are the unlockables in the game, which have been verified against the
official game website ( for accuracy...
5% Game CompletionWeta Artworks: Environments Part 1
15% Game Completion"Old Movie" Filter
25% Game Completion*Weta Artworks: Environments Part 2
50% Game CompletionWeta Artworks: Creatures
75% Game CompletionWeta Artworks: Kong Part 1
100% Game Completion"High Contrast" Filter
100% Game Completion*Horizontal Flip
20,000 Points Scored**Weta Artworks: Kong Part 2
50,000 Points Scored**Weta Artworks: Environments Part 3
75,000 Points Scored**Peter Jackson Interview
100,000 Points Scored**Weta Artworks: Kong Part 3
150,000 Points Scored**Weta Artworks: Kong Part 4
200,000 Points Scored* / **Philippa Boyens Interview
250,000 Points ScoredSave Kong...

* - Only works in conjunction with "Online Code" - see
** - Only once youíve gotten a 100% completion rate does the scoring system take
On the MAIN MENU hold L1 + R1 and input DOWN, CIRCLE, UP, SQUARE, DOWN, DOWN,
UP, UP. When the shoulder keys are released, an extra cheat menu will appear.
While playing, input the following codes via the cheat menu for the following

8wonder ... Invulnerability (damage visual still present).
GrosBras ... One-hit deaths on.
KK 999 mun ... Space between each word. Adds 999 rounds to current weapon
lance 1nf ... 1 is numeric one, space between words. Press reload to summon
KKcapone ... Current weapon becomes submachinegun.
KKtigun ... Current weapon becomes handgun.
KKsn1per ... 1 is numeric one. Current weapon becomes bolt action rifle.
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View screenshot 98%
Hint: Point Scoring System
The scoring system that in the game exists only after youíve obtained 100% in
the game, have saved your file, and go back to the "Play" option in-game. With
it, you can not only judge how well you play the game (the high score on each
stage is 20,000 points, which is actually rather difficult to attain on many
levels), but it also has a greater use - it enables you to unlock things in the
game, including a brand new ending. The system works something like this:
Each level in the game when going for a score is the same as it was before you
win the game. Your score is partly earned and partly inherent. In other words,
some of your score is given to you, but other parts of it are earned. The only
"given" here is your "Chapter Bonus" which varies from stage to stage. Itíll
usually make up at least half of your score, however. The other points are
divvied out like this:
Big Predators Killed+5,000 Points
Big Predators Killed+1,000 Points
Big Predators Killed+500 Points
Bullets Used-100 Points
Spears Used-20 Points
Deaths-5,000 Points
Injuries-1,000 Points
Friends Injured-1,000 Points
Attacks Attempted (KK)-25 Points
Time Per Second (KK)-10 Points

* Please note that some of these scores are halved on some stages, depending on
the circumstances.
Keep in mind that any enemy that one of your party members killed does not get
added to your score, but they can help you kill something... as long as you
deliver the killer blow.
The scoring system is fun, and itís a good way to gauge your skill level, but
you only need to obtain 250,000 points throughout all of the levels to unlock
the hardest-to-unlock feature of the game. Beyond that, itíll be up to you to
keep on using the score feature for nothing other than personal gratification.
Of course, you can also go onto to enter your score there
(via in-game passwords), where you can judge yourself against other gamers, get
secret codes to insert back into the game, and unlock all there is in the game.
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Input the following codes on the MAIN MENU for higher game functions 98%
KKst0ry ... 0 is numeric zero. Unlock all chapters.
KKmuseum ... Unlocks all extras.
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How to auto stop 100%
When you are wit the ball and your opponent is following you can auto stop by pressing R2
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How to off game wit ur pad 100%
Enter the cheat or hints here!hold L1,R1,L2,R2 and your Right analog and Left analog together while your analog lite is on.Is only with analog pad nd only wit first pad.
By: Adewuyi adenike(198)
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How to control keeper cursor 100%
Enter the cheat or hints here!u will press L1+triange wen d cursor z on d keeper head den you wil move it where your opponent wich to put it
By: Adewuyi adenike(198)
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KKsn1per 89%
Your current gun becomes a sniper rifle.
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How to control keeper cursor 50%
When the opponent 4s with the ball press R1 with traingle
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Quick reaction by the goalkeeper 50%
When the opponent is with the ball press and hold triangle
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