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Rogue Galaxy Cheats for PS2
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Rogue Galaxy PS2 Cheats

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Rogue Galaxy Cheats

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Rogue Galaxy

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Unlockables 92%
Unlocking new levels and items
Unlockable How to Unlock
Ghost Ship level Win the game, and save when prompted. Now go to your
ship and look at the map, you will see the new level
Captains Clothes Complete the Ghost Ship
Dolgen Edge Complete the Ghost Ship
Key of the Underworld Answer the questions in the Seventh Mystery
Ghost Ship Extreme level Use the Key of the Underworld
Kisaras Swimsuit Complete Ghost Ship Extreme
Truth of the King Complete Ghost Ship Extreme
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Rogue Galaxy 263401Where do you find the Star Key? Answers: 3
Rogue Galaxy 229612On zerard in the beggining when you are in prison where do you go because I keep going to the 2nd floor and its not taking me anywhere Answers: 2
Rogue Galaxy 233206How do I get the flash sword ability? Answers: 2
Rogue Galaxy 252195Where do you find the newt things: - Special items: Balmon's Chalice and others? - The sky pirate they talk about in the Info Edge, the one who knows Dorgengoa? - The wings of the Granshee to call and hunt the bird of time and space in Johannesburg? - al the alchemy production blue prints and the items? Answers: 1
Rogue Galaxy 242820I already have the freeze shot, but I need the boots for the water fall...where can I find that boots...?please help? Answers: 5
Rogue Galaxy 298697I notice lots of good insectors during the tourney like the praying mantis or the spider kind... anyone knows where I can catch them? Answers: 1
Rogue Galaxy 298699I got some info about a sword used to be owned by the Star God that can be found in The Ruins in Rosa. But I cant seem to find the sword... anyone knows where I can get it? Answers: 1
Rogue Galaxy 298700I noticed that MIO held a concert... does anyone know when n how do I get to the concert? Answers: 1
Rogue Galaxy 338477How to get to top of tower 1 libra king? Answers: 2
Rogue Galaxy 463334How do you find the key in zerarad Answers: 1
Rogue Galaxy 217601How do I get sun key Answers: 3
Rogue Galaxy 257703How many points do you get for all the quarries and monsters? Answers: 2
Rogue Galaxy 258025How can I bit the star god Answers: 3
Rogue Galaxy 262757Where do you get perfect heal Answers: 1
Rogue Galaxy 266937The mimics are killin me 2 easily how do I defeat them without dying Answers: 6
Rogue Galaxy 269383How you beat the robot with just deego Answers: 3
Rogue Galaxy 273574I want to know if someone has completed fully the hunts? if so how do you unlock the last two? I only got to The Raft to the Underworld but there are two more spaces so what can I do? Answers: 3
Rogue Galaxy 279361How much power does the sword you get from the ghost ship have? Answers: 4
Rogue Galaxy 281773How can I use the stargod power's (any time I want/not in bosses battel)? Answers: 1
Rogue Galaxy 296249How do I get the three artifact thing the cancer king the leo and the scorpian or something like that Answers: 1
Rogue Galaxy 334688Please help I cant defeat the mud wooper on jurika how do you beat him please help Answers: 3
Rogue Galaxy 341347Where can I find the earth key at? Answers: 2
Rogue Galaxy 342414How do I get out of Zerard Prison? Answers: 2
Rogue Galaxy 401634Im stuck in vedan myna,how can I find the morarty family quest? please help me Answers: 1
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