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UFO: Aftershock Cheats for PC
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UFO: Aftershock PC Cheats

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UFO: Aftershock

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Note 100%
CAREFUL! Game doesnīt stop while you have opened console, so be aware to have
the game paused.
Cheat Effect
? Gives you an oversight of all possible codes
add_resources XX, YY, ZZ Gives you XX, YY, ZZ resources (Letters stand for
build_all Instantly finishes all projects in Bases
full_stores You get all Items in your base storage
win_mission Mission you started is instantly won
untouch Soldiers are immortal
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Activate Cheat Menu 96%
Rightclick the Desktop Icon of the Game and add: enable_system_console=true
to the target path.
e.g.: C:ProgramFilesUfoAftershockUAS.exe enable_system_console=true
There must be a "blank" between the added words and the target destination path
Then you save the settings and normally start the game.
Ingame you can now open the System Console by pressing the ":" button on
keyboard (german it is the "ö" button on keyboard)
Now you can enter codes in the commandline and edit nearly all settings by only
opening the System Console.
You donīt need to edit savegames or something else complicated.
The Console works in Strategical and Tactical game, with different Codes
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