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Total Overdose: A Gunslingers Tale in Mexico Cheats for Xbox
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Total Overdose: A Gunslingers Tale in Mexico
Xbox Cheats

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Total Overdose: A Gunslingers Tale in Mexico

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Unlockables 100%
UnlockableHow to Unlock
Being able to play as Ram (The main chracter)Finish the mission "The
Good Son".
Being able to play as Ram's brotherFinish the mission "The Father".
Being able to replay all missionsComplete all game missions.
Dual PistolsCollect 10 gun icons.
Dual RiflesCollect 20 gun icons.
Have DEA and military vans drive the streets (Locked)Finish the
mission "Make Elvez Sing".
Having a bike spawn in the Bull RingFinish the mission "Kill The
Having racing cars drive the streetsFinish the mission "Steal the
Having unlocked DEA and Military vehicles drive the streets (most of
them will become unlocked, some will remain locked)Finish the game.
Health upgradeYou get a health upgrade for every 10 health icons you
Infinite GrenadesCollect 80 gun icons.
Infinite Pistol ammoCollect 60 gun icons.
Infinite rocketsCollect all 100 gun icons.
Inifinite ammo for grenade launcherCollect 90 gun icons.
Inifinite Swan Off Shotgun ammoCollect 70 gun icons.
Stamina upgradeYou get a stamina (adrenalin) upgrade every 10
stamina icons you collect.
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Glitches 98%
Indestrustable Taxi Cab
If you steal an occupied cab (the ones that offer to take you from city to
city, no matter the car model) by shooting the driver and taking it, the
cab will be indestructible while you are in the driver's seat. Even if the
cab takes damage while you are out of it, it will still remain
indestructible once you jump back in it, even it is has cosmetic blemishes
or broken windows. However, if you wander too far away from the car, a
taxi driver may re-appear in the driver's seat, but the cab will be where
you left it. You will have to kill the driver again if this happens.
This vehicle works wonders for those Day Of the Dead and The Mad Wrestler
challenges. You can just plow over them and earn your bonuses the easy
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