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Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen! 4 Cheats for GC
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Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen! 4 GC Cheats

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Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen! 4

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Easter Eggs 98%
GNT 3 savegame
If you have a GNT3 Savegame in your Memory Card, you will start the game
with omake section unlocked, and all the VS handicaps.
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Unlockables 96%
Some things to unlock
UnlockableHow to Unlock
Cancel in Combos to do other combosPress Y at a certain time in a
Damage Level 4Beat the S-rank mission where you have to do 30 Super
Difficulty 4unlock shadow mode then beat B-Rank mission: beat 50
shadow, A-Rank mission: beat 100 shadow, and S-Rank mission: beat
200 shadow
Gallery in omake(you wil see Kakashi putting up posters)Beat Story
Mode Part 1,2,3,and4
KabutoBeat S-Rank Mission Strongest Rival Kabuto(using Tsunade)
Comes availabe after unlocking Tsunade
KisameBeat S-Rank mission Strongest Rival Kisame(using Gai) Comes
available after unlocking Itachi
Kyuubi 2 NarutoBeat S-Rank mission Strongest Rival Kyuubi 2
Naruto(using CS2 Sasuke) Comes available after unlocking CS2 Sasuke
Mission ModeBeat Story Mode part 1
Shadow ModePlay survival 20 times(go in and die, exiting wont work)
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Unlockable Characters 94%
The following characters can be unlocked by completing the said number of
missionsUnlockableHow to Unlock
AkamaruComplete 25 Missions
AnkoComplete 50 Missions
Awakened HinataComplete 100 Missions
HakuComplete 40 Missions
IrukaComplete 15 Missions
ItachiComplete 55 Missions
KarasuComplete 35 Missions
KimimaroComplete 30 Missions
MizukiComplete 20 Missions
OrochimaruComplete 65 Missions
SarutobiComplete 85 Missions
Sasuke: Cursed Seal 2Complete 120 Missions
TayuyaComplete 10 Missions
TsunadeComplete 75 Missions
UkonComplete 5 Missions
ZabuzaComplete 45 Missions
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