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Crash Superpack Cheats for GBA
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Crash Superpack GBA Cheats

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Crash Superpack

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Unlockables 100%
Random Unlockables
NOTE: The unlockable portals will pop up when you get close to them, they
are like the bonus portals. UnlockableHow to Unlock
! Sheep (Card)Link 2 copies of Spyro Orange
Death From Behind (level)Complete everything including Gem Hop.
P Sheep (Card)Complete Death From Behind
R Sheep (Card)Complete Sheep Chase
S Sheep (Card)Complete Sheep Shearin'
Sheep (Card)get 100 gems on gem hop
Sheep Chase (level)Complete everything including Gem Hop.
Sheep Shakedown (level)Complete everything including Gem Hop.
Sheep Shearin' (level)Complete everything including Gem Hop.
Y Sheep (Card)Complete Sheep Shakedown
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Secret Passwords 100%
On the Spyro Orange game mode screen, press the L and R buttons together
to activate the code entry screen.PasswordEffect
V1S10NS100 gems
T4P10C4200 gems
B41S0KVchange spyro's flame into flying sheep
V4N1LL4get a hidden trading card
S0YB34Nget a hidden trading card
SH33Pturn enemies into sheep
G3MZturn entire game grey
SP4RXturn entire game orange
P0RT4Lturn entire game purple
SPYR0turn spyro orange
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Passwords 100%
Secret Passwords
On the Crash Purple game mode screen, press L and R together to activate
the code entry screen. PasswordEffect
C4M0"Gung ho bandicoot"
CR4SH100 wumpa fruit
G3CK0200 wumpa fruit
C0FF33500 wumpa fruit
WH1STL3mayan jungle trading card
PH0N3T4Gsewers trading card
SW1NGS3Tspyro party U.S.A mini-game
STR4WB3RRYtoss bombs by pressing "R"
K1LL4ZTurn crash's pants green
TR4V1Sturn entire game grey
C0L1Nturn entire game orange
L4MPP0STturn entire game orange
WVMP4FR00Tturn entire game purple
PR3S3NTZturn entre game grey
CVTZView all cutscenes
CR3D1TSwatch the credits
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How to climb the vine 100%
To climb the vines by holding the direction you need go and b so its easier
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