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Sniper Elite Cheats for PS2
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Sniper Elite PS2 Cheats

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Sniper Elite

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Unlockable: Make Your Rounds Silent 86%
Enter "Stealth" as your profile name.

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Explosive Rats 86%
Use a profile named Ratbomb to make rats walking grenades. They explode when
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Explosive Bullets 85%
Use profile name panzer.

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Bonus Mission 79%
Complete the game at any difficulty setting.
By: Klasz(269)
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Third Person View 79%
Hold R2 button until the camera icon appears in the top right corner then press up or down to zoom
By: Klasz(269)
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Stages unlocked 64%
Enter reb00 as a name to pick a levil
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ENTER warriorofpower AS A NAME
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Sniper Elite 261790I'm still having trouble getting pass the guard in the pillbox by the alley. He always see me, how do I kill him before I go to the cathedral? Answers: 3
Sniper Elite 290074Where do you have to sit and hide to assassinate bormann without the soldier runing to the phone saying the area is hostile? Answers: 2
Sniper Elite 376165Objective 5 in the stage asassinate bormann I was finding my way out but I cannot see the alternate route to go out to go to the next stage. Answers: 1
Sniper Elite 445617I have a hunch but am still not do I get to use a knife? is it on a specific level? or is it when you run out of ammo completly? Answers: 1
Sniper Elite 524010How to upgrade zoom in with the sniper scope Answers: 1
Sniper Elite 652665How I get unultimate weapons Answers: 0
Sniper Elite 879843How can I do to captain fled donīt see me? I canīt pass that mission! when should I stay ans wait for him? Answers: 0
Sniper Elite 229970Can you zoom in with the sniper scope Answers: 1
Sniper Elite 369851Were is way to find the nearest route get out in the objecive 5 assasinate bormann Answers: 0
Sniper Elite 516795What do I do when I put in the cheat reb00 but it does not unlock god mode ect. Answers: 2
Sniper Elite 116514How will I get a medikit Answers: 1
Sniper Elite 164492How do you blow up the doors to get into the HW Plant Answers: 3
Sniper Elite 59049How do I get to The Cathedral without raisng the alarm? I am in the alley. near to the pillbox Answers: 2
Sniper Elite 266580I have action reply to code ,and is written new game code or code new,how want entry code new , to action reply when I entry not accepted he said? help supply final and first move ? Answers: 0
Sniper Elite 249921When I play easy I can win, but when to lavel difficult I always die ? what is kode to infinite life ? Answers: 1
Sniper Elite 306997What is the secret mission and how do you get on to it? Answers: 1
Sniper Elite 236527On the level Destroy Katyushas, how do I complete objective one? Answers: 1
Sniper Elite 266585In game ,ace combat zero: the belkan war ,me have been able cheat for health ,tapi i do not know purpose y and a, his cheat hold l r accents y ,up,a down when kode that enter have a sword sound , help supply know what is that y, and a. Answers: 0
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