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Katamari Damacy Cheats for PS2
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Katamari Damacy PS2 Cheats

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Katamari Damacy

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Comets 100%
To unlock a comet you have to beat each level under a specific time
limit.UnlockableHow to Unlock
Finish in under 12 minutes.Make a Star 8 Comet
Finish in under 15 minutes.Make a Star 9 Comet
Finish in under 20 minutes.Make the Moon Comet
Finish in under 3 minutes.Make a Star 2 Comet
Finish in under 4 minutes.Make a Star 3 Comet
Finish in under 7 minutes.Make a Star 4 Comet
Finish in under 8 minutes.Make a Star 5 Comet
Finish in under 8 minutes.Make a Star 6 Comet
Finish in under 8 minutes.Make a Star 7 Comet
Finish in under a 1 minute.Make a Star 1 Comet
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Eternal Stages 100%
UnlockableHow to Unlock
Eternal 1Build up the ball past 1m30cm before the time runs out in
Make a Star 4.
Eternal 2Build up the ball past 25m before the time runs out in Make
a Star 8.
Eternal 3Build up the ball past 800m before the time runs out in
Make the Moon.
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See What the King is Saying 100%
When you start a stage, the King will say "sending things to earth - "
when he does that, open the disc tray and do not close it (or close it
without the disc) and you will hear more things the king is sending to
earth. They are pretty funny. When you are finished, just close the tray/
put in the game disc.
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More Balloons on Collection Menu 100%
When you collect at least one of every object in the game, thus completing
the Collection, the King of All Cosmos will give his praise as well as
more balloons to carry the Prince on the Collection Menu.
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Royal Warp 100%
When you get pushed through the floor by a moving object such as the swing
with bears on it on Make A Star 4, The King will warp you to another area
of the level for your safety and give a short speech about the Royal Warp.
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Moon Memorial 100%
UnlockableHow to Unlock
Moon Memorial (movies, sounds, music, endings, etc.)Complete the
Make the Moon stage.
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Hit Your Friend With A Washing Pan 100%
After beating your friend in Space Mushroom, press triangle while the King
Of All Cosmos is talking, to drop washpans on their head.
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Secrets 98%
Hidden movie
After completing the moon, do the stage again and make the moon into
stardust. This gives you a movie of the little boy saying how rich people
are different.
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Easter Eggs 98%
Happy New Years Message
Set your PS2's date to just before midnight on December 31. After midnight
passes, you will receive a message from the King of All Cosmos.
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