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Nicktoons Unite! Cheats for PS2
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Nicktoons Unite! PS2 Cheats

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Nicktoons Unite!

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Destroying Vlad's generators 100%
To destroy Vlad's generators, you 1st need to freeze the middle
generator with Timmy's freezing power. While the middle generator is
frozen and the power streams stop, you must hit the side generators
until they are destroyed. Keep freezing the middle generator and
hitting the side generators until all the generators are destroyed.
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Defeating Vlad 100%
Make sure you use Danny to take control of Jack. Hit Vlad's shield
until it is down and continue to hit. Now, get out of Jack and get
purple orbs. Take control of Jack again and continue this until he
is defeated.

This fight does not require much strategy. He will 1st put up a
shield and Danny's dad will appear 1st over Shadow Danny's dad.
Now, keep attacking Vlad until his shield drops and punch away.
After that he will leave and start shooting a series of shadow
balls. Dodge them and go to the staircase. Get the health and
energy. He will come back and raise his shield. Continue the same
process twice to defeat him.
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Character combos 98%
In certain levels you will need cooperation between characters. Use
SpongeBob to throw a Bubble Bomb to the other side. Then have Danny
turn invisible and glide. Get out of invisibility, then pick up the
bomb. Run to where you need to us it.
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Defeating the giant Fleebot 98%
When the Fleebot jumps to the ground, jump so you do not get hurt.
Now, use Danny's Ghostly Wail until he jumps to heal. Jump to the
drums and punch it so that he falls. If you still have energy, use
Danny's Intergibilty to get health and energy orbs when possible.
Now, continue to use Ghostly Wail, Continue doing this as long as
possible and you should win.
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Defeating Crocker 98%
This may require one or 2 additional players. You will start on
the lower level of the big wand (there are 3 levels) and have a
large area to work with. When the fight starts, Crocker will be
shooting Wish Stars that follow you. Hopefully by this you point you
have upgraded Danny Phantom's Ghostly Wail to the highest level, as
it is the most effective against Crocker. If you are playing with
another player, have them use Timmy Turner because of his long range
attack. However, make sure that you are always pointing at Crocker
or you will lock onto the energy poles. Once you lock on to Crocker
with Danny, he stays locked on as long as you keep the attack held.
It is also helpful to have another player there to keep the Grunts
off your back. After you drain Crocker's health, use Timmy's Freeze
Glove to freeze an energy pole and use Danny to punch it. If you are
fast, you may be able to get two. When you destroy the 4 poles,
you will go up a level and must destroy 4 more. By this time,
Crocker will start using the energy draining Wand Bombs and the Toy
Bomb which turns you into a Grunt if you are hit. The last level is
smaller than the 1st two, and the energy poles are harder to
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Defeating Walker 98%
Use Danny's punches on Walker, using the shield when needed. Do not
worry about the other ghosts. Your friends will help. However, just
in case gather health and energy orbs when needed. Walker is strong.
You should have no problem if you do not like Danny. Use Jimmy's
Tornado Blaster. He will go down slowly, but it is worth it. Make
sure you do not use Timmy or Sponge Bob. They are too weak. Remember
to use shields when needed.
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Defeating Plankton 96%
Wait for Plankton to come down and land in front of you. Now, use
Spongebob to make Bubble Bombs and throw them at Plankton when he is
standing up and you can see his belly. This will knock him down for
a little while so you can hit and weaken him. Repeat these steps
until he is defeated.

When you 1st start, Plankton will drop down. Now, use either
Timmy's or Danny's best attack until he jumps to the top get some
energy and health orbs. Now, switch to SpongeBob. Before Plankton
jumps down again use a Bubble Bomb on the shadow. That is where he
will drop. He will inject it and cause him to flip over. Now,
attack him. Get the health and energy orbs as invisible Danny.
Continue doing this until Plankton is defeated. *** After damaging
him severely, he will start shooting an energy beam which will hurt
you. If you watch where he goes you can easily avoid it.
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Pause the game and hold L1 to enter the following:
By: CyberMan001(5)
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Pause the game and hold L1 to enter the following:
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Pause the game and hold L1 to enter the following:
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