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Super Robot Wars Alpha 3 Cheats for PS2
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Super Robot Wars Alpha 3 PS2 Cheats

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Super Robot Wars Alpha 3

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Birthday secret 100%
When chossing your character, change their birthday and blood type into
11th November and B type blood. Your character will start off with 2
useful seishin with the cost of only 10sp. The 1st one is giving anyone
100% accuracy and the next one is only deal 10 damage is a round. The last
seishin that will appear in the list will be love for the cost of 50sp
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Glitches 100%
Unlimited Energy Bug Trick
In SRW, whenever you move while flying , your energy will drop. Which
means when you move 1 space = -1 nrg.
Say Unit A has 130 of 140 EN. It can move 11 spaces. You select the full
11 spaces to move. At the end of that movement, the game would deduct the
11 EN for it's move. If you waited until the movement was over and then
cancelled it, it' will deduct 11 EN and then add 11 EN. The bug occurs
when you cancel though. If you wait until Unit A has moved 10 of the 11
spaces you sent it to move and then cancel it, you get 10 EN. So you'd be
at 140/140 EN. If you sent it 11 spaces and stopped it at 5 spaces, you'd
get back 5 EN.
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